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'^/l. C if.-*' /« 

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r ov / /^., u 

New discoveries in Biography Genealogy 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the EngHsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 

P R I C E O N E S H I L L I N G 

{as from Saturday, Sth January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, Tor the convenience 
of those who prefei: to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION {by post): 

lo 6 per quarter. 
2 1 per half year. 
42;'- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple b.\r), 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2015 


" ^HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 

his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 

We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers m)t able theinselves to get at the documents may ascertain th 
.--lllilQSL'jQLcQDieSupn application to the Editor. 

Jan, to Juno, 1916. 

Certain Winos eont into Plymouth, Dovon* 1564/5. 
A Sale from a Ship/rook of Parcels of Woad, 1564/5 
An Arrest for Debt, 1635 

ThQ Will of Tristram Q7£,YurSt0f Dover, Kent .marine 

2he Will of Hichard G£.UD!:iy,of Colchester, 2ss ex, 

The Will of Jane 3.VJlLI3,of Overt on, oo. Devon ,v?idov.' 


©10 Last D&ye of John I.1ILL^,16G0 

The Character of the Hoverend Ur.YAil/OOD, 1681 

The Last Illness of Thomo LU:<iLEY,Dsq. ,1681 

The ilstate of laiae IiACKLTT or KA.SIC:JT?, 1696 

Criminal Cases v.t the Cld Bailey, 173 2 

General HOK>]YrtOOD robbed by Highv7ayiiien,1733 

The Fraudulent Bankruptcy of John PSHH0T,1761 

The Murder of Thcmna 0GILr£,1765 

The He la ti one of John A:iitC\;Si:ll^lI,1790 

An Affray at Key, Leicester, 1496 

Tolls on the River Severn, 1505 ' 

A Transaction in Su^r,1564 

The Conduct of John i:^VIDGjii,and the maXlng of 

his Will, 1680 
Voya£^es bet^.'/een l/xr.'JioVi and London, 1631 
The Portiono of John TRIPP'S daughters, 1661 
The Identity of Pot or BP^SIi^W , 160 1 
The Partnership betv/oen Peter PHOBY and 

Sir Richard FORD, 1681 


prnMA-TIS P£BSOIUK,vol>I, ,Jsn>to J une , 1916 ,.OQ::Ti:iriS , 

Wine shipped from Bordoaux to Holland, 1682 24 
BoolCB and LlSS^left to Lambeth Library by 

Dr.SHIi)LIX)N,1682 25 

Christ Chiiroh,Dublin,not a Free & Royal Chapel, 1705 26 

A Disputed i^rriage,1700 £7 

A Hishv7ay Hobbort at i<ni£;htsbrid{^o ,1733 28 

John X:iU:£sS and '^The Horth Briton", 1763 29 
!Kie Duel between Lord BYHDIJ and Y/'illiam OHaWOHTK, 

1765 30 

"Hho False Irapris cairnent of Thomas J0]fi:.3tl485>-1509 31 

She Sari of Arandel»s v; ill, 1649 32 

Tho Pretended V/ill of ;aili?jn LONG, 1650 33 

Simon GOSl>IHGaX)i;»S V/ill,1649 34 
!rho Bstate of John I-1AHCH,1650 , 35 

!?he Making of Br^'-an a^/rJii'S Will, 1649 36 

1510 Proof of Richard ALn.VOH^iH'S v; ill, 1649 37 

Hull, Yorkshire, in the Civil Wars, 1649 38 

A Walk from London to Hainmeromithjliiddlocex, 1648 39 

An Expedition to Ireland, 1648 40 

A False wintry in Fleet Registers ,1733 41 

The Cook- lane Ghost, 1762 42 

Sarah mTL^BD and the Parish Apprentices, 1762 43 
Trial of Samuel GILUivUBsq. ; Riots in St. George's 

Fields , Sou th'.vark, Surrey ,1768 44 

Ihe State of I-Iind of Ifergaret AIISj:iLL»1792 45 

An Affray in (ThatchSLin Church, Berkshire, 1503 46 

2ho yill of John DOliLUilR of Rottin^^oon, Sue sex, 1579 47 

Boquests of Francis IIaRD,VIGK,1648 48 

How Thoinaa WHIPPY made his Will, 1648 49 

Adventures of Sir Thomas Qh.VJ^Q'd,164:Q 50 

Joseph RIOTEY'S affection for his Relatives ,1648/9 51 

Kaval Expeditions from Spain, 1649 52 

Old Bernard MITCHELL^S Boquests ,1649 53 

Concerning Arthur GaRFOHTH'S Property ,1651 54 

The Wooing of Alice B0\^'RY,1655 55 


DMl!lAa?IS PKBSOlI^^.vol^ .1. , Jan, to JmiQ ,1916. ,.OOK0SirTS. 

X Suit for Kullity of Ilarriage »1656 56 

Hov7 MrB. Honor BHOWNE imde hor Will, 1682 57 

ISoLQ Conduct of William L;^V3R & ilary UKLIJI,1682 58 

The Groat Zstato of O^oms BC0ia],1682 59 

The Pretended v> ill of 'Hhomag S:iini,1602 s 60 

The Ivlarriage of Justus BURKIN , 1682-^4 61 

How Edrnond ILVJlBiiil made his Will, 1683 62 

ThQ Sstate of Isaac and Jacob PI(i:i3 TON, 1685-84 63 

Lord Gerrard's Domestic Affairs, 1684 64 

pisputo as to Thomas BHO'./KE'B v/ill,1684 65 
How \.;illiam GA,3LL'S *^ill obtained a Codicil,16a5 65 

Sir Thomas ULIPLUGH'S Handwriting, 163 4 67 

Wine from the Canaries ,1634 68 

An Executorship and a Bond, 1634 69 

A Monies His"boroi;i£;h,Buclts, Dispute, 1634 70 

lady LIORDAUIIT'S Will, 1634 7l 

Nicholas HUB'S Trade and Business ,1634 72 
Some Laloham.,LIiddlose2, Parishioners ,1634 

1 Bequest of Lands in Kent, 1634 74 

The Ship the »'Little St. Geor3o",of Bristol, 1654 7 5 

©le Personal Estate of -Villiam J0inTS0N,1634 76 

Slander and liril Speaking" , 1654 77 

Beer for the Founders of iiai^^land,1635 78 

nthes of St.21artin's-in-the~Fields,Lliddx, ,1637 79 

The State of Hind of Joseph /sJ^TDI^V ,1787 00 

Dispute as to Trust Estates of a Charity, 1798 81 

The V/itnossing of a Deed, 1799 82 

Mrs.APPLBTOlI'S Property, 1799 83 

The Debts of Richard V/3LLS,1683 84 

A Voyage of the "Hopev/ell'»,1683 85 
The Vicar of Croydon, Surrey, and his Parishioners, 

1683 86 

The Marriage of Prisoilla PUHCH/^S3,1683 87 

Urn Thomas BOKIIu:.! mde his Will, 16^82 88 

Evidence of the Llarriage of Susan BOY, 1683 89 

Rm John PRiiiTTILIAH'S ^ill v/as Made, 1682 90 



Conoeming the 'v;ill of John PIli:?.CS»1683 91 

Provin{> the Will of Olivor PLriY])i;LL,1662 92 

How Blind Rol^ert KIGlCiiuT left his lJonoy,1682 93 

©le instate of Sir Bionias P0\,L]J,1694 94 

Tho Debts of liogor IiAS3ALL,1722 95 
Depositions as to Premises in Coton alias Cotes , oto. . 

0:<:fordshire,1727 96 
Depositions as to Puckh?im Para in Sevonhainpton, 

GloucostGr8hir(3,1729 ' 97 

An Annuity duo to Brazonose College, Oxford, 1754 98 
Tho Cstato of John 003 TLU??, High Shoriff for 

Gloiicestorshiro , 1695 99 
John KIUGSlIILL^S Estate in Ireland & England, 1695 ,100 

©le Bequests of .^lizaboth LOVi:JOy ,1695 101 

A Protended ■..ill of Smyth K..;LLUY,1697 102 

A Dispute about the V/ill of John GIli:iY,1698 103 
!r!ho Last Days of Bricadior Richard CUlIIlIGlIiU.I, 

l£.t8 of Gogcr,Scotland«docoaGCd,i04 1699 104 

The Porsontil listato of Hobocca ExYD0H,1699 105 

Debts of Richard POWYS :^;8q. ,1744 106 

As to Premises in Kington,Ko3rGf ordshiro, 1745 107 

As to the Hort^ago of Housos in Portcmouth,1746 108 

Dispute as to William 3R00ia:*S ^:ail,1755 109 

A Clandestine Marriage and a Legacy, 1755 110 
Assessment for Ropc^irs of Holbock Chapol in 

Leeds ,Yorkshir9, 1755 111 
How Thanas ILlSTDTGS otlaerv^iso BHIDG.^ ,tnade 

his \Vill,1699 112 

The Elopemont of ^Ifiry L;J:j,1701 113 

A Case of Alleged Bigamy, 1701 114 
The Courtship and Llarrlagc of ijdvmrd Fi:iv.;i0K, 1703, 115 

Bequests of 'willic:jn IC^TlM/'JiLli, 1703 116 

A Voyago to Guinea and Jamaica, 1705 117 

Dispute about Robert s/^;-:jON'S Will, 1705 118 

Lord liACCLJGFIiJLD'S Will said to bo Forged, 1706 119 
Dispute between the Parson and Corporation 

Of 'I; igan, Lancashire, 1710 120 


PI ^^imTIS FL:B50rjLE .Vo l.1., Jan^tg-. rl^A^aSSlIIlH!^' 

llary BAKiTiDS* InJioritanofi at Bra?7nri(>g, 

co.Cum"berland,1759 121 

Narrative of anptain EA^iiHISOH ,1766 123 
Trial, of Viilliam GUj3T for Hi£:}i Treason, 

filing Guineas, 1767 124 
Elizabeth B:;^G./IuiIG(r ::nd hor Apprentice 

Girls, 1767 125 
The Kayor and Aldoimon of Oxford, on thoir loiees, 

reprimand Gd "by tho Speaker of tho Houso of 

Ocirmons for Bribor3r,i76G 126 
Trial of L-Iiijor-Gonoral GAK3.^L for firing; at 

throo Br-iliff 3,1773 127 
The ^, idov/s* Land at Byrill in Lov/ B is hops id e, 

Yorkshiro,1792 128 

Margery LOIIGLi'iY'S Dower ,1559 129 

Descont of Jamos \:riBSTEii»S Lands, 1540 130 
Drilling for Goal at Ovorton Quart enn£;r oh, 

co.LQicGotor,i?4 154C 131 

An Affra.y c.t Bishop's Promo, co. Hereford, 15 40 132 

Trees cut dov.Ti in Illioston, Derbyshire, 1542 134 

Trespass in Goffurth,co. C'amborland,1543 135 

The Ilanor of Llarch IMdon.CxfordBh ire, 15 46-47 136 

As to Rants at Halsall , Lancashire, 1547-53 137 

The Ikirriace of Alice 3IIAii,1543 138 

The Descont of Harrj^ S-^-.LIS3UHY'S Lands, 1543 139 

Tho ICstate of ::kln-und J0DIt:LJ^,1548 141 

A Deed of Gift, 1654 144 

Transactions of Sir William iaTIV"JTOIT,1634 145 
A Church Bate in Stac>:poolo £1 li dor, co. Pembroke, 

1654 146 

Lord LIHD32Y*3 Affairs, 1634 147 

Curate of Mor t lake , Surrey ,1639 148 

Robert UITD.'iiH.OOD and his Family, 1639 150 

The Murder of iliss KITOX by her Lover, 1761 152 

A Bobbery at Lord iLvimiKG'lX)K'S,1764 153 

The Estate of John HAimiSOIT,of Hoon, Derby, 1840 154 

Concemirig a liarria£?e Settlement ,1840 155 



DIU:iI/i.TIS F::riSQIIA.v.,vol. I. ,Jan\mry to JTme,1916,C0HT^:HT3 . 

Who were tho Hoirs at Lav: of Patrick DICKSOK ?,1840 156 

Conoeniing the Manor of lurring, Sussex, 1841 157 

About Somu Uoney In tho Funds, 1841 158 

HhQ D9SC(3nd?i.nts of the Hevorand Jamas DLC0I1,1841 159 

l^he Charactor of lOlizabeth B;.KCI^F?,1640 160 

Hho Taking of the Ship ♦'3t.PGtor",1636 161 

Grazing in Il^ii^r le hone ,i.liddlGs ex, 1637 152 

A ProBenta.tion to tho Hoctcry of yc-oomb,Horts. ,1639 163 

Sir TSionias ED^WDB' Franily Affairs ,1639 ' 164 
B<2ijamin DECHO lata of Bctolph Lrjtie , London, his vrill, 1639 ,167 

A Seat in Clifton Church, 3 omor sot ,1640 16^ 

Joumeya hetA-oen .Hichmond,York r*nd London, 1640 170 

Tho "Bxeter I.Ior chant" in a 3torm,1640 171 . 

"SJho Loss of "'Big Jono" of Ner;/castlo,1640 172 

Concomine the \;ill of «illaain BUIIG}:S,1640 173 

The Punishment of Willmm GOOD.. IH, 1643 174 

One v/ho 2radod by Londin^; out IIonoy,1637 176 

Ttio Colloge HouDO end a Soat in Church, 1636 IT? 
Goings on in Orch«':.rd Streot ,3t.lIargD.rGt 's.'wGotminstor, 

lliiidlo SOX, 1638 179 

Affairs of a Huosia liorchcint ,1639-40 182 

The Consistory Court of York, 1640 184 

Captain William BUSiLBLL of thu %lary Anno ",1640 185 

Tithes and th'^ Rovorond ilr./xMGrjIlJ ,1641 18^ 

Tho Losa of tho "Briatow ilerch.'int",1642 187 

Roguery Scm(?;/herc,1642 - 169 

Lady HEAY'S Marriaeo,1635 

Sir ThOEX^.8 L^^KS'S Inheritanco ,1634 191 

Inoidon tally of tho Ains of Lord ROB^^LRID , 1635 19^ 
Tho Ohamcter of Susan HUDSOII of tho Strand, London, 1638 193 

Mercantile Tr^iriSactiona v^ith St. Male, 1640 394 

Estate of V/illic.m tVi.i^tBH,1640 1^5 

Thtj ImpriBOnrnont of Lord L0F!rUS,1640 196 

Vqyago of "The Sana ritrm", 1641 1^7 

Seiuui'e of the %biry** at Chtir lost am, 16 44-45 199 ^ 

•'The Ployadoo" Jind Vcmetian Soldiers ,1640 201_ 

I>aniae:® to a Cargo of Fruit and Sugar, 1641 ^2 

(VI j iiogroee 

N"6gr08B and the Coast of Guin3a^l64^3 203 

!I5io Custom of .lariiicrs, 164o 204 

Tha Soizuro of ths ♦^Jav Id'%l6 4r5 205 

Rorabout j:h.C03S0i:,th9 3rG\;or,1645 206 

!Ehoims LiUinrS Will Burnud on Purpose, 1645 208 

How Y;i^Iwv'S v/ill wag inado,1639 ' 209 

A Voya^xe from tho Sumory lslando,1640 210 

I Tho ■:icr/OTend Jamos C01^ of iiO,v,::iddlo3 0z,1640 211 

I Bart:holor^3v; ;^^vYT::'3 liicration, 1641 212 

I The "Potor" takon "by an Irion Iian- of -War, 1646 214 

L Suit for nullity of :iarri<xo,1654 215 

\ William IJAiT and John 1NGE.^./S Df:at?i3 , 1637 217 

Tho Vicar of Babtcrsoa's Tithes, 1637 219 
Lord HOLD JIlLr-I>L> , his llorfolk projx^rty d; Annuities » 1640 220 

Sir Biomas OAinfON'G Boquosts ,1640 222 

Char actor of Gylos TO:,iP30II of Sovcnc£.ks , Kent, 1640 224 

\ A Suitor for Alice j1.y:^,1642 225 

llorocco Bound, 1643 226 

The Parliamont^s Amy "before Bristol, 1646 227 

More about Joseph IlUiillLi of London, dooeased, 1646-7 229 

f A Voyage in th^r "Lion^ss^', 1641 230 

S V/illiam ilORIDK'b will, 1640 231 

• GHAY'S Almshouse at iyTunton,Soinorj^:t ,1646 232 

Oxford in tha Civil war: Ur3*B-fuiB:iliXJi:i»3 .^6tato,1646 233 

[ WITKYPOLL: iiiiiVEIMJA : mL-il^VCH J, 1646-7 235 

A Shipbuildor's Affairs, 1647 256 

I The Parish Clerkship of l-Icnlc's I^is borough, Sucks, 1634 240 

Th9 Countoss of Suffolk's .^s tat o, 1659 241 

A Seat in Clifton Churol'i ,co. Gloucos tcr, 1640 242 

i Tithes of Hit ch^nfi eld, Suss ox, 1640 242 

St.Petor's ColleGe,Irthlin(-;borouch,Northnnto, 1639-40 243 

Abraham TiYOK of London,nY3ralr.nt,hia Library, 1640 245 
Th8 Right of Presentation to ./ithsrby H<3Ctory, 

L^icostorahire, 1641 247 

I CuDtom in tho Cloth ?radri,1641 248 



PB^Tia PL:i^01IA.L; , vol. I.Jan wvr:/ to J\mc^^l916,(X)K?}jr^T3 . 

•jjho Oootch ;ie)GimontB in Iroland,1645 249 

Dofvlin{.Ts in '..est Indian To^bacco ,1645 250 

Xniblin In the Civil r7ar,1645 252 

Plpos of Canary c»nd Ch.-'sts of Stigar,1646 253 

Dublin and tho iunp;lish Pari iam^int ,1646 253 

Tostlmony as to Hi^cords, 1637 254 

A ai6Collany,lG35 256 

Coals from liov/castl > ,1642 257 

. At;n';s DTuR^'o Portion, 164 9 257 

iinoliBh Ships am Spanish ooldi*- rs, 1643 258 

2honius L:]Y12]I^iOilP»3 Adninistration.1643 261 

L. Pari ianumtur:^' Coinjuissi on to OoporJia^3:«"in,1645 261 

•stalest ion about Lady QiLuTJ^*3 Will, 1645 262 

HioliaM AL:j^VC*;Jli,!nc rchant of London, 1650 267 

Wcstminstfr Koie:libours ,1650 272 

rihc DODD Family of Bindrid<:o,i3urroy ,1650 276 

John CI Last Trip to London, 1650 276 

Simon GI3:301U Of VJostuins tf r ,1650 280 

Lord DI iL'IDlI'Ii Lotters of Ad^ilnis trat ion, 1651 281 
H07/ MrB.AYSCCUGH j-oado her //ill, a '♦I.LJiYUJj:!" note, 1651 2S3 
War with France, oaptuTf? of th'3 "iit.pL'tcr" and 

tho »»aairiuol'*,1651 265 

Tho Ltanor of Broug-liton ?ocC6»0xfordshiro, 1651 286 

A Fraudulent Alteration: Philip BIlOWl.^'S Will, 1650 287 

2he Soizuro of thn ♦'Gravo von ;nfa0tin'»,1651 286 

Francis xiLHIKG ?0irs v^8bato,1650 289 

Tho Soizuro of the •♦BIcjs sing", 1651 290 
OJio »v;illiani Richard^' in collision with 

tho »'Grqccjr^'-",1650 291 

>Jetato of William LOIIG of V: ooburn, Bods. , 1650 292 

Ur8.3J:El.LIiIG and hor iandrod,1651 293 

John •iltlFT0H,di8tract.-^d in his V/ its, 1650 294 

kn UDhor of Vf^stminstor School, 1756 295 

Tho Uanor of Uilton,Borkshiro» 1696 296 



mAirATlS P:i)H30NAi^]>vol. I. January to June 1916, (CQITT^niTS ) . 

Sufferings of Dr.H0LDKI7,1662 298 

Witness to an IMenture, 1663 299 

Procrastiimtion of William WIL^KIHS,1666 299 

Sir Job Hi.RBY and his Holations»1664 500 

Captain I^ogor GAZIAl^D of the West Country, 1664 301 

IJarriod at the To^/or of London by a Romish Priest 303 

The HelativGs of Elizabeth ACT01M666 304 

TiiQ Codicil to John BAIiKiiR'S Will, 1666 304 

A Cloud of \VitnGnses,1663 306 

John Bruii7Ii:?t,a Trader in Wool and Cloth, 1666 312 

A Conintmdor in tho Army of King Charles 1. ,1664 313 
A Diamond g"^ Ilatband: Sir Shos. CAUBi^LL'S Bargain, 1666 315 

John V/OGAIT and Catherine SBI0NDS,1666 317 

1510 Family of Hercules BURLEIGH of Co.Dcn'm ,1747 318 
A ClarKiestine ilarriage ,0DIHG3::«lALS|LIiiAKil and 

IIaRSH^xLL,1664 320 

Mrs.Sibyl GIit'*Y,lato of Portenhall,Northants ,1664 324 

Tho Will of Robert, Earl of LaBGZ,1663 325 

A Veatry at St.Ohri stop}ier-lo-Stocks,London,1666 326 

©10 Rectory of AiiK3rs]iam,Buclcs ,1664 327 

A Fishery in the Lcyn9,1754 328 

A Fragment: Soldiers a V/oman in a House, 1665 333 

Tho Persistent Suit or, 1664 334 
Willi^.m SH^'.-'S Decease ,1664 • 335 

Coalmines at St.ikndrew Auckland,co.Durham,1752 336' 

Ricliard MORIICRivFT^S Bequests to St. Paul's, 1655 337 

Tho Scuttling of the 'yat9rdog",1664 338 

Richard SLOUGH in Northampton Gaol, 1663 338 

A Person of Very Reserved & Retired Humour, 1665 33i 

At the Chequers in Canterbury , 1657 340 

Iiidox of persons , (3560 reforences). 


VOL. !• ,i:0, 1. 


For the use of Genealogists. 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the EngHsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly-, 


{as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION {by post): 

io/6 per quarter. 
2i/- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

'JpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. Tliese, of course, are bound up with Local 
History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, hnding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 


vol, I. pages 589,394,409,422,44:15525. 



Certain ^^/inerj sent r.nto Pliyiiiouth. 

POP.P'E s Jorni , ji: PI jm o iiGh .;,:iiS2' olian t , may or of Plym outli . 
roiiBIS3iaUMartii:!, brought into Ply^aouth five" French 

ships with wines ;9tCo 
CHMHCHls'OTJcIBeSir Arttarjiad is^tters from the Privy 


BO^/?^S/I'hon:as , citizen & goldsmith of London jaged 40, 
"born there- 

FBC-BISIISHj John, of Altoftesjco. York, gent. , aged 52, • 

bom there brother of Martin. 
PETTELLC]William,of London , Sngl ish merchant , aged 30, 

or )born in London » 
PSilALd, ) ■ . 

TKACKy/ELL , W i 11 iarn . 

FrtOBIS^SH, David, of St.Michael .Croched Lane , London, c it . 

& mercha^-it-taylor ,has lived there 15 years; 
bOT^n at Altofte /iorkshirs .brother of John & 

CIiETl^L.Johii, servant to Sir Arthu.r GHAI.'IPSPJ'[OlN[,f our years 
before that at Blandford v/itli Francis BH0Y;1IS, 
gent, .born at Gillinghair.sDorset ^aged 30. 

A little earlier tlian the "earliest direct notice, 30 May 1566, »' 
of Sir Martin FHGBlSiSP, given in the -'L.IT.B.'^ The "D.N.B.'» says 

not a word of the great navigator -s brothers , John and David. 

Dram. Per 3.1913. (1- 

SUFFOLK, voi.I.pagGs 302,376,393,398,415,424,457, 

A.D. • 
1564/5. T>ie sale from a Shipwreck of parcels of Woad« ' 

BROV.^TINGB , George , of Hadle igh , Suf f ollr ,wcad8etter , 
aged' 40, has lived there 36 years; bom 
in Noedham. 

BULL, Robert of 3awdsey,came to Hadle igh selling 
woad;of Hove s ley, husbandman aged 41, lived at 
Hadle igh 20 years, born at Woodbridge, Uncle 
to DlJina^S \vife. 

DSi'TlIY,Hichard ,of BawdeBey,had woad to sell. 

TUi^^OR,John,of Hadleigh,clothier ,BROTimTCr'S master. 

COVE , i^obert , of Had le igh , fancy draper { '*pannorurQ 

ornatcr'S^ has lived there since All Saint's day, 
before tr^at at Carsey,and before that at Beccles, 
aged 44. 

DUCKS, Jaques lo,his era honse called Tops field Kail. 
SV/I]LcUHjs5,Keni7, iinihc Id "The Angel , Hadle igh, aged 40; 

boiTi there, 

LISRTth'LL, Walter, at Hadle igh; of Ipsv/ich,aged 45, born there. 
COWPBR, Thomas. 

SllITHE, John,Df Colchester, sailor , aged 23, has lived there 
about a year, and before that at St.Katherine by 
the Taver,^vhere he was bom. 

BUDO?., Thomas , of He^/rton Abbot ,Dev on, aged 29, lias lived there 
3 years , and v/as born at Cliard in Somerset. 

SC0BL3,Pascall , servant to BUDGS. 

HHiDGRAVii^ ,Will-ja:n,of Woodbridge, mariner, aged 60, has lived 

there 30 5^earE . 
KIiHDSHSI£y,Hobert,a.t Bawdesey. 

^/I5ST,John,of Bawdesey , tailor , aged 50,ha9 lived there 

3 years, and before that at V/oodbridge for 30 years. 
ilAJiTYI^, William, of Ipswich, has lived there 12 years, and 
before that at Lynn in Hor folk, aged 50. 


OXON. Bradle 519. 


A.D. All Arrest for Debt , 


KATTON, Ralph, of Tpsd9n,0xon, , gent. , aged 48. 

,v/ ill lain, son of James, 
WHlT5,John,of Nettlelied ,Oxon. , yeoman, agad 60, at 
f sign of the Lyon, 

BUBGBB , Henry , of Sutton , Berks . ,hnsbandinan , aged 40 , 

son of l&ard. 
SEHITSY,Bobert ,of Hctherfield Greys ,Oxon. , husbandman, 
aged 50. 

BO YEB,Sdv7ard,ot he revise ILA.HB3RI}, plaint if f , his land 

worth £18 a year, or £400 if he would sell it. 
GOSV/SLL , Thomas , of Oheckendon , son of ooraplt . ^lomas , 
aged 24. 

BUTJx3H,Wiliiain,of Hotherfield Gre^ys ,hus"baiidman,aged 56, 
GOSv/SLL, John,of GheG'Kendon,aged 31, son of complt. 

Thomas, who v/as arrested at Henley on Thames & 
carried to Oxford gaol. 
SfflONS, Edward, of Kanve 11 , Be rlcs. , yeoman, aged 50. 
KINGS , J ohn , of Karv/e 1 1 , hus ban draan , aged 60 . 
7/BST0H,Williani,of the same , husbandman, aged 50. 
• . • Depositions taken at Wallingford. 

Dram, per s. 1916. 


Consist. Canterbury File 1644 ITo,55. 

Tl ie Will of Trust ram ST^miS of Dover, mariner. 

S^V:3HS, Trust ram, of Dover , mariner, "ready to go to sea"; 

born at Brixton. Devon; his house & Icey near the 
sign of the Falcon, 
" Robert , eldest son, to whom lands in Pethara» 
" Trus tram, second son, to whom lands without Cowgate. 
" Hichard, third son. 
CHALKS.William,and Sarah his mfe. 
PiU^irf ,Sd.ward ,of the Flower-de-Luce in Dover. 
STOPGATB, ... a D'atchman. 
HOOKER , John , shipwr ight . 
S 2Ii^^^SL■^ S > Denanc e , t e s t at o r ' s mo t he r . 

" Robert , deed. , testator 's father, had Stowe iig Srixton. 
" Trust ram, "youngest" son of testator. 
LUCAS, William, his house "on the poere at Dover". 
STSraiS, Frances, testator's wife,dau.of 
MARTSi;, John, deceased ,6: Katherine his wife. 
STS^/HITS, William, John,te3tat or 's brothers. 
STSRT, John, "cosen". 

(Truotram 3TEVm3 was brother-in-law of Tristram COFFIK who 
went to New lungland, ) 

Dram, Pers. 1916. 


Archd, Colchester 1650-52 No. 106. 
The ^.?ill of H i chard OAUDIuY of Colchester ,sa:^^ker. 


GAUDE Y 5 Hi cha rd , o f C o 1 ch 8 s 1 8 r ^ s ay mal^e r . 

" l"^.omas,of Hals tead,weaver, son of testator. 
OH/^Th".HxOiT,ykiv;ard,and his two sisters in Holland, 

granc children of testator. 
MYITOLD, Thomas .of Colchester , woollen draper, 
CHBE:jHT01I,3-asarjia» sister of testator.. 

GAin)5iY,:-.iary , "t.iat went to Ilewe England '^dau. of testator. 

Eai2abeth,wife of testator. 
BDBINSCM,Thos, ,junr. ,witness. 
lIART Jr": , Jamo s ., wi tne s s . 
S"-";xJiLIi-TG,011ife , witness . 

Drani. Per s. 1916. (5) 



P. 0,0.501 V/00T20H. 
The Will of Jano SI-AllLLi of Overton /■.7idow. 

SBAHLK, Jane ,of Overton , widow. ' 

COIIAKT, Richard, son of testatrix, i5: .\Iary hie v;ife 

itiASOII,Jane ,dau. of testatrix j in Uev; J^ngland. 

Vi:.RnN,Mary ditto ditto 

GO V3'::H, Sarah ditto 

" Sarah, dau. of Sarah. 

" Abraham, Gon of Sarah 
U?Er\M, Sarah -'cousen" of testatrix. 

" Thomas ,vYi tne s a 
PBALB , Blanch ,wi tne s s . 

(Jane SEiVRLL was formerly vadcw of Hichard OOMITT (ob.l625) 
and connected v/ith Ne*? ij:i;];land. ) 

Dram. Psrs. 1916. (6) 

MIDDX,& vol.15, p. 66. 

The last days of John MI LJ>2H . 

A. P. 

1680. MILLKH.Anne ,of Stepney ,v7idow,a^ed 61, has lived 
th'are 30 years, mother of 
•* Bqi jamin,only brother of John, of good estate 

& married about 5 years. 
" John,d8Ceased,& Catherine his \7ife/vvith £2000 

portion. Died at Mr.HAKNIi;a'S ,31 July last. 
" John, son of John Sc Catherine , now one year old. 
WOOOTAHD,i:5\omae , scrivener, intimate with Jolm MILLER. 
HAH}IIHa, Owen, undo of Cathorine i^ILLEH.his house at 

it Cham, Surrey. 

KAHHIS,Mr. ,an apothecary. 

CR3FT, Thomas , kinsman to the deceased John MILLEH. 
GILLiORS,Mr. husband to Catherine MILLn:a»3 sister. 
FIHlii3RA333,Sara,of Btepney, widow, aged 66, and her son 
in lav/, "newly come from the Barbadoes"; 
sister to said Anne MILLEH. 
CROFTS, Anne ,vdfe of Thornas,of Stepney^mariner ,aged 34; 

her mother & 3enjn.IilLLSIl*3 mother sisters. 
Pi-jI{HOT,John,of Stepne^^mar iner ,£ged 40, has lived there 
all his life;his v/ife'e mother sister to Benjn. 
laLLKH'G father. 
♦* Joan, his v/ife,aged 29. 
VICABS, Time thy, St. Mary V/hitechapel , merchant , aged 37. 

Dram. Per 3. 1916. (7) 

vol. 15 page 31. 

A . D . The Character of the Hev d . i .Ir. Y AI^;t^OOI). 


COLBi^OK, John,of 3t. Andrew Holhorii , clerk, aged 40; 

horn in the ^mrish of St,. James ,ClerkenwQll. 
I)BI'n{iu>i,Hrs-IJlis"^^. , buried in 3t,Pancra3 churchyard 

about 1678. 
YAHf/OOD , Hando Iph , c 1 ork 

Di:2\Ei'Jd, John,of St. Andrew HolboiTi^aged 33 ,cowkeeper ; 

son of Kliz^'^i. 
FLSDGEH, Andrew, of St.L'ar3:'leb on ,as8d 31, register of 

the said parish. 
CKA-Hl-STCN, James, married at St.Maryleboi: 6 Aug. 1672 to 
LYALL,Anne; he c^f ter%7£i^ds a soldier at Sheorness. 
KU^I' ,E1 is th. jvri f e of Tlionias , of 3t o Pane ras , yeoman , aged 37 . 
HAWiaiTSJ/illiam.died about 1677, first husband of Eli:^.I{SA?. 
?J[£HOn,Dlis'^^. ,of St . Pancras ,vvidow of Robert, aged 39, kept 

an alehouse at Kentish Town. 
TWYi'TIDUJ, Frances, of So.Andro'v Ho lb orn ,v/i dov/ , formerly of 

St, Pane ras , aged 46, kept an alehouse near Pancras 


POHdiiiUiN^Williani, of Stepney .yaoma.n , aged 32, so.raetime parish 

c 1 e rk of S t . Pan c ras , a ve ry co n t ent i ous man . 
GPwlFF I TH , riicnias . a proud , impe r i ous , man , v e ry lav ish of his 

tongue , rerouted to have bui'nt in the liand for murder. 
i-iUI\ , Joziathan c one of a. very shallow capacity, of Kentish Tov/n, 
3EADLEY,?achard ,of riampstead , labourer , aged 65 ,boiTi there. 
SI-IAHP.^ ,i[icholas , of Ha:npst ead , labourer , aged 50 ,bom there. 
COOKS jMargare t »v/if e of Daniel , of St , Andrew Holbom , lab our or , 
aged 50. 

DlilJILA^i, El is"^^-. married Margaret DEIIHAiJ'S son & was buried 

at St. Pancras. 
iISBGHA]TT,V^illiam,of Pancras , covvkeeper , aged 70, bom at 
Potterne, Wilts. 

I-rSi.'wIAIT, Hi chard of St. Pancras ,yecman, aged 40, born at i^Iarybone. 
3ARTH0 IXMBU , J ohm of S t . J arae s , 0 1 e rkenv/e 1 1 , c o r dwa^/n e r , age d 40 . 



vol.lB^paf^o 95. • 

The last illness of 'Hho'.m s IaJj^LLY Ij^sq . 

IUilL:;IY,Bir Llnrt in ,bp-rt . ,of 3ardf ield,;:3Boz. 
V/AKD,Josias ,of Bnrdf iold ,:aercer ,ri/:cd 51, bom at 
■;/(3thers field, 

i;j:^liEY,Tlicnia3,i;sq. , brother of oir iuartinidisd in Dec. 

1678 soon aft3r his mothar; ssdd that he could 

not ses to read a "Chipiter in Job". 
LUULBY.La-dy, mother of Sir ilartin 5: Thom^is , buried 2 Oct. 

HiiHlU ii , \7 i 1 1 i am 

POLL?u?l\r:u^i, rector of Grosit Bardfi eld .ared 41. 
WOOD,.ir, ,3adler in zhe 31: rand, at v;hose house Thoiias 

lAJ-.ILI'iY died. 
T:^TT,^j:^. , Sir .Iartin*G chaplain. 
FJLLIi.?.,Dr. c^Y'^ the Sacrament. 

lin.Kl''L.i2ID, 3ridf;et ,va/^-od 24, servant to Sir Jart in, formerly 

servant} to i^ilr. -.OCDjborn at ;<i£:gin in Lancashire. 
.CA.Ri:-; ,iMr. ,a counsellor in VHiitefr^/ars. 
BJ«.l;I.3 , Jo-.ui,a turner in CcMinon street. 
'2iVx"I3H,il9nry,cai innkoepcr in Belle Savage Yard. 
DiiVv ELL , Mary ,3 .Drvant to llr 'Iiior^is LULILLY. 
SUHIBH, raorras ,of St.Jlary ILLa-i^rs , lpsv;ich,nalstGr ,ased 56, 

formerly of Billericay looVpd after v/esthouse 
• for LuriLLY. 
GILSOI; ,H5vd.^ir. officiated at 15us tard ,Lssex. 
GCGLTiICK, Jolm of Lincoln's Ijm , cleric, ared 40. 
SUTLL.?., John of St.Uary Savoy , vintner , aged 31, kept the 

One Bell tavern in the Strand. 
PALiliiH, Stephen, of St.iiary Savoy , inrxho Id er, aged 56. 





The Estate of 31ias HAGKE?2» or H.\S1STT. 

1698. CRUMSBY,lvIary jVv'ife of Lewis, and groat-niece of Elias 

IIA CICBTT, 31 ias, intestate 5 died at Henst ridge , Somerset , 

" Elias, son of Stephen, and nephew of Elias , married 
• Elisabeth KICK and settled in Barbados; trades 

in shipping and merchandise* (Signs . ) 
Stephen, brother of Blias ,senr. ,piit an appreii.tice 
to a soap-boiler ^married Eliza^beth HILL and went 
to Salem in Hew England. 
" - mary,vafe of Blias ,senr. ,died a fev; days after him. 
. . •» Elizabeth, dau, of Stephen & Elizabeth. 

" Mary, born at Salem, dau, of Stephen & Elizabeth. 
" Sarah ditto 

" Hannah ditto 
" i^rtha ditto 
SLIERY,ivIr. John,cf Ex on, mer chan t , beyond seas in 1697, was 
written to by £lias,the nephew, when in London, for 
nev/s of his imcle jSlias. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 





for 1732, paces 2-.5. 


Cri?alnal Cages a t t}i6 O l d Brdley . 

SKALY, Hannah, of St.2^Iartin*s , 

lOWIl SPxIID , Barna rd . 
KO^AKD ,E1 i zabo th , Bel lo 
SavRgo Yard. 

SCO LEY, George. 
iQKG ,liagda len . 

AHuSTIC'NG^Col. The Tcwor. 

V;AG3?AFP,John,Blcwbladder st 

^rtH AI11X)K ♦Susan 

XI VAX, Sarah 

GOFFCH'iH, Sarah 

ALDHIDGB , a 1 ch a rd , S t . J am e s ♦ s 

PSHCIVAL, Hi chard 


H/u/KXIt3 , W i 1 1 i am , 3r cnl ay , 

LEFi;VBE, Peter 
FIBLp, Thomas , Stepney. 

fgJiLjHcnry jLit.Gil^B Cripp. 



CECIL, Thomas 

THOIJAS ,Uar;.^ 

UiVl:3STlTCH,AliCG als . Sarah 


The principals* names a ro underlined; the others are 




LCIIjA)Ii 3::.oJl0i:s PiO^RIJS for 1733. 
page 63 

A » D . General K0:L:.y.;001} robbed by H i^h-vva^/nien . 


?1:J3 , 'Phoma 3 , h i g^v •ayraan 

BYB, John, highwayman, of Wild Court, dealer in rum, 

sometirae of '.V inch ester 5: of good character. 
HONSywOOD, General Philip, in his diariot on Hotmslcw 

Meath in the parish of Bodfcnt. 
PAIlRY,}^andal ,ths aenoral's servant. 
SHBi-VH , Honrj" , the 'Jen e ral ' s cc achnan . 
SI/U?10i>-,Frmicis ,the Gon'-ral's servant. 
ioYl^I^ ,i:Iichaol ,anothf:r s(^rvant. 
HIIn'GI;, William, of igham, barber. 
W lUSO T , TIioi^s , of Wokingham , Berks , publ ican . 
3}^DWrI, George, landlord of rne Crcwn,i;ig>iam,S'arrcy. 
3YLV};3TiiH, Th cms , of ?he^s Arms , nr. Staines Bridge, 


lAI^lI^riary ,of Th-^ S^n .Staines Srid.{:o. 
V/lLi^IfJ.IS jKusebius ,a witness , 

5II:iEi5Urtl[,.iarj^ hor cousin ilachel of "Bslfound" coming 

from Brentford ^-lar cet on horseback. 
U;i^.» BY,%Tohn, the Taunton coachman. 

Draxn.Pers. 1916. 





ThQ Annual JiOGieter for 1761. 
p. 63. 

T> ie Fraudulen t 'bankruptcy of John PERROT. 

PIIHI-X) T, John, bankrupt , bom at Newport Pagn el, Bucks. , 
1723;father died c^. 173C , mother 1752, leaving 
£1500;ochool at Gil8b02^DUgh,Horthtn. ;appr. 
to half-brother at HarDQtead,HQrts. Traded in 
London in foreign white lace. Of BlowblBddor 
St. and Lud^-ata Hill 1749-52; executed. 

TIK)AA?30]:;,H^^ry,:ion}a7all st. ^"iVocd St. , partner of PERHOT. 

HOLT, . . . Ke^^ort Pagnel. 

]X)in}:LLY,Pfttrick,3ell yard,Tariple Ba r, pe rake -^roafcer. 
?}.?^rj:^Jlre. v^ueen Sq^oare ,Ko lb om, friend of fSREOT. 
\VKlTTOH,Sdward,ITorthsmp ton, friend of P'^TRROT. 
HliKD, Sarah, servant to -irs.FZHi^ji. 
T?fi3^/ni^,iiIr6.3runs^viok How,Q/aeen Square. 
BOVS!^ , Cat he r i ne , s e r van t to Mrs. FKHITiJ , 

POV/ELV- al 8 > TAYLO R , Sar ah , a loess woman, friend of PSRRDT. 
SIMS, Rachel, dau. of . . . SUiS,of Devizes , tradesman, 

friend of PEI-UOT. 
HASIilS ,I>lary a witness. 
HraiiuT,.ars. "The Tea Chest " ,wat ling at. 
JEFFHRSOIi, . . . Shire L£ne,Triiiple Bar, grocer. 
il/vTTHUS,i:artin, "attorney" of Pi^HHOT. 
D0}?I>:iH,P5^e "attorney" of PiJmOT. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (15) 


FOBFAH. TtiQ Airun;al Begietar for 1765, p. 219, 

A.D. Tho Miirdor of aSaoroas Oa iLVY. 

1765. OGILVY, Patrick, Lieut. 69->i,Foot. 

?homaB,Mg brothor,of iiaot ^iln^nuirdered "by 
Pabrick and the wife of ^Thorims ;a{^e(l 40. 
HAIJu^UtOathorino ,wif e of Tho?Tas,agod 20,(iau.of Sir 
ThOB.of i^uns inane » bar t. 
I Lady ,1:10 the r of O^thGrinc* 

I OaiIVY,Aloxr. ,bro. of Patrick^ TiiOB.,Dr.of Physic. 

Cit'*J^K, Anna »oousin~gor5 nan of Uie dec eased. 
BDB::H?SOK,^r.a merchant of Porth. 
IiA.GLr^,Mrs. kc^-^por of a aficd shop in F,d ln:AU'{;^>i. 
31^J/ART,Aadrcw,bro. in-law of Pat riO: CGI L'/Y,niar chant 
of Alyth. 

MIX»LA;:1, Jaities , tenant of ITAIIcr-^, tackBman of 2ast Uiln. 
3TUH:'X)CA,iili2t/i. .servant to the deceased. 
3AiiPS0N,Ann'£) " " " 

CAHl'l:iGIS,Jarse8 ^surreon at Brechiii. 
I CAiiPi5}:LL,Lie\;t.Goorije,at Brochin. 

DICKSON, Patrick, merchant in Brechin. 
i^BIK, Peter, surt^aon of Alyth. 
il^ia .Y, Gilbert, surgeon • 
SPAlj:)i:4G,Geo?:ge,of Glonkilrio 
V/ALIiX£, Joan, his servant. 

JACK , Ihozr^as 1 • - 

SCOT?, Dr. James 

CAIIPBJLLL , G e or go , 0 f C ra s on i q , imd sr-sheriff. 
lICITRO,Dr.Alsxr. ,x;rofe3sor of funatomy. 
.H0B3,Capt. Janiee ,V>oapor of tho ?olbooth,K;dinbiir^h. 
FTjUfiOIT.Ilr. Jolm. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (14) 

3dl 6.462, 

A,D, The Bel at ions of J dm AHiK;v7S:JI2: 

1790^ AH>I)w3LlI!rK, Johii jf orrnorly of ITantv-ich, plover, deed. 

" Garah,}iis v/ife , deed, .died about 1750, 

at Wybiiiibury. 

John, late of Newport ,Sc^l op, ^^^ent, , deed. , 
only chDMd of St ephen, .Co-binot-raal^f^r. 
0//Di\,A2in,of "'j:h6 Lsiab^' in 2Tant7/ioh. 

iiAHITinGjSllan.vrife of John^cf "ivyoimbviry .laborar ,aged 

70 5-'0v7n co-usin" to Jolm ^:.-lnOV/3iaITH,tli9 cornplain- 
antjdau. of Jolm L3^A of WyVancui'y grand-dau. 
of John A» ^. tliQ glover, 

HOH'rOiI,Jchn,6: Grace his 7;ife. 

AR'--K)lvSi»lITH, Jo]Tn,eldos t son of Jchii^tha glover, and ^incle 
to I"illon IiUi.-TeIIi^G:fo2'meriy lived v-ith the 
Bishop of D'arham and after7.-ard3 ^vith ilr.TALBO^i' 
reputed irrroropriator of t2:G groat tythas of 
'wybunbiirj^ Diod :nany years ago in London, with- 
out iBsue. 

" 'i'}?-0ra9.s , s e c ond son, died several years asjo in 

London ;T;i thou t issus, 
" V/illian, third con, died many years since in 

londc n , v;i thout i s sue . 
'* ^, rd c2i a rd , f our t h s on , o f M?:n t^vi c h , but ch e r ; d i ed 


" Stoplienjfif th son, of London . cab inet-niairsr, died 

there> :nany years sine a. 
• " John .complt . is son of Richard, tho butcher. 

WALKr-'jIt , John , of jlsn tv/i ah , la^bo re r . a j;ed 6 1 . 
KOLLAIIj^Alioe ,dau. of Jolin ARoOw^liilH.fsiovGr. 
DAVli:13 , John^of :]ani;v7ich, cordwainor .ai::ed So^grandson of 

Arabella VrASHII^TGTON, sister of Richard AHIK)WSiiIITK, 
and nephew of 
ViASHiNGTOK, Sarah. 

Dra'^. Pars. 1916 • 



J "dKamatis PERSON/E- 

New discoveries in Biography Genealogy. 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the EngHsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION [by post): 

lo. 6 per quarter. 
21 '- per half year. 
42 '- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 


''jpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Familv History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are b(3und up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WIIERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able theniselves to get at the documents may ascertain th 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 



Henry 711. lie. 7. 

An affray at Keytnorpo. 

.... J-- • ■ 

1406.. SKHV'Oa:!X)H,Williain,son ^ heir of ^ficmas, 
BURGH, John ,of Koy thorpe 

, 110 R^iT, Henry 
3i^SRT,V/illia7n,cl er>:,pf5r son of VVardon. 
■SKSVYIIGOXDN, John, the yo linger. 

" liar .crer^;, his wife, .5: Marj-.;aret YAb second v/ife. 
" Tho:aae,Bon .fc ?ieir of John & l-nrgery 
N]ilLPu,Christofer ,Esq. "and other riotous persons of hi^ aff^myte'* 

" Richard his son. 
PAIllSR , 'Thomas , s qnyer , 1 ord of Key th orp . 

PJJffiS .Thon-s.s ,raarried Johanne ,dau. of said I'honujia PALXrlR. 
FPui.l *iN , J 0 : in , o f 3 v^na fjt on , y o ornan , e d 60 , 
3?AUI£H,Blii:t^. ,dau.of said 'Kiomae PAJilEK,^: -ivifo of Thos. 

JC'VrTOJvl/Thoraas ,of Sl^evyiigton jhi^sban-hmm-.TC^d 
HILLIj, John,of S'^^e^/yngton 5husband!nan,aged 37. . 
BRiLlFORDjEymyre ,of LodingtGn,lahcrGr ^aged 49. 
JAlvGS ,En2:iot , of Tokehy,a^:ed 7t> .-^nd her husband's father 
KORXN^Jaria^s ,farn:6r to John Sia^/nTG-TOlT in Keythorp. 
BCT3I»HiR,v;illia^-:i of S^covyn^ton ,hnsoaridrQan ,a5:Gd 60. 
MODY,John,of Tylton 'iarsf eld ,af^ed 30. 
HILL/iM, Richard , of Tolieoy ,hashandnian ,at' ad 40. 
3T<:-:LS3LIuY 3dv:ard , so rvant to Chr i8t of er ' Hh^u , & others 

' v.'i'-.h bo'vvs and a rr cv:b and spears. 
BARKESY'jV/illia:::, of ?:Mn{rers ten, servant .ag-^d 28. 
EIS3H0P,Jorin,vicar of Scraptoft ,a5ed 80, born at Tokeby. 
'XV/Pi:iR,Jchn,cf Gavdoby .ae-;ed 80. 

Vl;:Y3Y,Christofer ,of .Vardoly .a^^tDd e0,dv;alt in ICeythorp 

30 years. . ' 

I>raTi.Pers.l916, , (16) 

Z San 03S^B:Ul PRO. (in the P-aViic Record 
',l:iC. * Offico,T,ondcn I 

20 Henry ?Il,I-:o.4, 

'Tolls on the Rive^T Govern. 

1.VJ5. ?X'X:iu\}?}:dlip ,of Areley ,li-5af f s. ,fiorf>e-oin.e of Bevdley, acted 7 
iCll-'G/X^ .ThCi.iao .of -I other Arol33','/;orc."a^ed 60. 
^/STrIlD,'./illi3.n,of Glaynes ,a£-od 70. 

YAT jOi-T , v/ i 1 i iaio , c f vvrybyzihall in Zidde iinins t e r , a:^ed 40. 
SOwTH^i.L, John,of TewKosbury , agod 50. 
mLiv]b.H, John,cf Tev/kesbury ,a;;^ftd 30. 
?AGj': ,V/ai-.l':;rn , of l:.3aud.-ley »j^lop ,a^od 60. 
PlOIiS ,Ivi chard , of G-rimioy ,V;orc. .af^ed 60. 
BKDIILjT/'O'nas ,cf Gri:T]loy ,a<3ed 40. 
YAT?0:i, John,of Oowlys ,^aiop,a:rGd 40.. 
HOL.TZY ,\7il iian , of Aroloy ,;:.taf f a. ,aQod 60. 
PALLii::^,V/illiani,of Upton Warron.Wcrc. ,a{^ed 30, 
LOKOCK, Richard, of King's i:orton,a5&d 40. 
VYTTr^R, Richard, of the samo ,?i{rc;d 30. 
3l:RJAUi:?,Tno:]2as ,of tho fta:tD,aged 3C. 

HvDiLR,v/iJlia:i,of Bumfordyalde in 3ro;usgrovo ,Vvorc. ,ag9d 40 
'XC'.^'ALj. ,2UcI-iard , of Beaudol ay ,"v;orc . 

The abovo Dostify as to custom. 

-i'ii'uPers. 1916. 



HA.rlPOF ,}^abert ,of Verine-vo ii] 3iBCaia,has lived thera 

years, Bnd beiore t^i5<t in the city cf Chester 

for about 6 .yearr^ ,aiici'jntly living in Frodsham, 

CO. Chester, a{^ed 46. 
DirTGSY,j.iar>:,a ^jrocer,at the nether ond of Giiepo. 
Luj?0 ill). And rev:, a £:r?jGer,oi iinchlershury , London. 
HO'Voh ,7/111 ia^ii 
CUTT, Robert , at Dublin. 
}ii?^::ii, Jorm 

H^i:FO::a*,HaIph,of Chester, at the white Lien ,lGlingtcn. 
Fr:^'iTI?LAC'^,ThO:'ia3 ,sent sii^r^r from iCnochfer^s , arrest ed 
at Liverr-ool. 

ahI:.iI;ITC:ii^,laiir6iice .born in Chest er,aprr3ntioe to Lir^ilLriY. eldsr,hio licvisi? in Lublin. 

VahCOCho, . . . sister to hnponont hobert KATTC:^. 

luLIlO TT , hob ort , of St.Botolph 1:. ill inr?.^.5;at o , c i t . 6; iir?hmcncor, 
aced 4c'. has lived ^hl years in tho city of Lcn6o-n, 
sav7 at iOiocVcf eryus a -^ortufiall ship -.vith su^^^ar 
und^r,th8 kef^i^in^^ of one 

5L*V*hj, . . . so;neth;ie cf Hull. ' . 

BAISH:-i, l^'Orans ,the Lord Leputy^s servant :at Stansted. 

•7ILCOCh:3 ,rohn,o'vner of the ship: his wife sistor to . 

LhOIiE, ... 
.rl.h:i3i.h, . . . the pirato. 

PdhiC, Richard 

Sh'vOVLad.Hobe rt , of St . hicha^-1 h^'-i^'^nlii thfi , cit , - rrccer ,a/;;od 
46, has lived :,aero 30 yriar3,born at Ctat^ford; 
lived in brchlor :3 tur^' next to LULFORD. 
CCRIh:;/:^..L , Cl-!;ent , in Gn^rpo ,>ilo a.-yrcnt i ce . 
H-:ihOLDj,hichard, merchant of .^C3ton;in London ^rriBn zr^e 

nlayue v/a^ ra-:iny. 
DRiUn: , Ho r , o:p ; r on t i co to LIhGhiY,ayed r^3, there 6y years , 
and before thao at Fe-^bury ,3er:^c . 

j.}^jbFGh'::^".L' FX.d.:d. 

vol. I. pages .^C95,307,;32f>. 



vol. 15.7:. 58. 

?>iQ conduct of Jolin : DAYlDG:Mand the 

; A-D. 7 iia>:in>': of his ?/ill. 

I 1680. 

^ j:?CWGiSR,BenJn. St. Clement iDc^Jies , "barber ,a?>ed J^e. 

^ DA7IMIii,Charlec ,av ed 20,bcm at Greenwich; came to 

I London to he cleric to 

J KIIiEHjlTathl. at tcrney, Lyons Inn. 

]1/VVIJ3G:^, JoriTivdecsased , brother of Charles. 
\ GOLD, At. 'nDrcth^r^of Charles D^vVILGr:. 

E STCKK,:urs.Ajni,born at ?/al ton , Sobers et ; keeps a shop 

{ in the Nov; Exchange , sold i>lcves to Joh-n TAVIDGE; 

of St.LIartin in Fields, aj^ed 24. 
^ ' V/ILL301:M-^^CT:ias,St.rGter le Peer , London ,?7atch::iaker,ag;ed 46. 

DODI),^:r. Joiin ) John DATIDCB'S masters. 

\ ■ THO:iOWGOCI>,BenJn, ) 


I MVILGTiicCatherins ,:ncther of John Charles. 

COX, Dr. 


(19 J 

vol. 15. p. 69. 

Voyfuces between Lar-.vick Londoru 

:'a'Tl'T3Cl^,Laiironce ,of Lanvio>: in Nor.vay ,ap:ed 65, 

v/hose dau.Liarriod 
BAHrXJ3S0K,01cr-i3 ,w>io order od "ch© ship '^^:^Lger :'iBvitV\ 
ncv7 the "Pest Korse" to be built . 
" B-i-irro-Uj^lajhis orother ^rri^'ister of tho said 

• ship, an idle fellow 
0i3jvES0fi,lfens ,of Laim ck,3ai lor , aged I58,boiTi at Drom 

ir, Norway/, married the sister of Glaus 3.U"l?L-':c014. 
WyL10IlI^30IJ)/r>io:r£s, arrested the "Post Horce*', 
}CIH3'i^i'3:l3j.xT,01iof ,th9 elder ^fatVier-in-lav/ of Burrough 


K10H,Peter ,of Lambeta,3urrey ,.f.sq. ,agrjd 50. 

'10 im. D:i::iJiia^T.i^:s ' E.r,..,is. 


KUil':3A':^.riD v.LOEG. 
1661. pcy^^lo^'-^^^ of John THIPP * S tlaiii^yiters^. 

BL^SIIEaHD , Richard 

RICHA.Ki;30JT, Lionel, of Fui/nival^s Inn , gent . ,aged 29. 

and cf Plough Yard, Fetter j^ano, olerk in Chancery, 
THIPP, Jcim,d6:oeased ,in the Fleet prison: , worth £10 ,000. 
BLAlIiB }lI^Ui.]lD, Fran ce P , wife of Hicliard of Acomh »y or ks. , eldest 
dau.of Jo>m TiMPP. 
" ... son of Richard jTiiarried 2ir.Fl^G(7:::??*3 dau. 

FK0Gai5?r,}nizabeth,wife of George, of Kin^-ston upon Hull, 

inerchant,£i dau. of John ??JPP. 
LONG , i^Iar 3' ,V7ife cf Win. of Bar ben, Lanes. ,ger)t. dau. of John 

P^OjDame Anno, late wife of Sir OsDcri;,of London , tobaccon- 
ist, and dau. of John TFvIPP, 
CALVFiHT,Francis , of Burbrix, ±orV:3. ,gent. ,aged 50, receiver 
of rents cf the Qu.cen's manor of Barton xi-pon 

iDCBoON,William,a person much given to excessiro drinking. 
WAL'C5J:,Pobert,"c-'0\vn childish or doteing by reason of his 

LiA3CAIL,Willia:n,of W^st '/ittan^Yorks , gent. , aged 40 .formerly 
of York. 

.■ BC"JOOCffi,iir. JoIn.viG^-^ of Acomb , "i.he lav/lesse parson";v/ould 
ma.rry anyone- for "tenpence'''. 
?iOBI]:w::Cls,V;illia;;:, domestic servant cf Pichard BL/v!I3in::RD,aged 
. b o r a o Idem in gb i c ugh , s t ep s on o f 


Pram. Pers. 1916. 


V01.15..P. ICv.^:.C0i:) 7. HILL. 

ILlLLji.Iati,>e77,of inarnival'a iimjA'iddx, . ^^an'c , ,o.f^:^d 28, 

bor:! at IvIOBlv Fi^yston, Voi^ksiii re» Kin fathsr rdat^:hov/, 
af^ed 54 in 166I.liY3d at v/oodlesf crcl above ;30 years 
6: at Leventhorpo in Sv;illiT.gton. 


110 LJAIID, Daniel iyj:fi-L J'-ter BlUblLA.:/. 

BMoiIaVy .Peter, father of Peter ]3Ri:-}Iilvv',of V/codlesf crd ii] 
Hotti>7oll ,co. Yorkjh^.d tliree da:;jjnt ars -Anne & tv/o 
others. Ho a tapster at the ''Pichsi ell ■^Ga!nbrid^:e .'J ill ia^-a , vi oar of Hoth"/ell. 

A3Iir;//,Willia-i, parish clerh. 

lAiCOAldTdn , >"i 1 1 ia:n , ojuir chv/^i.rden . 

TODDjHioliard ,churc]iv;ardonh 


1.LIY3 »^i.braha!a,of St.Cleniont Danos , ccrd-vaynor ,a{red 36, born 

at Swillin^tcn, Yor^is. 
Hi^LLtMr. Charles , of Lev iiigthorp J 1665. 
GALVi::hL i , . Ir . ^irth oiiy , o f Wo odle s i oi'a , 3 cho o l/nas t e r . 
Ki^LL, Philip, eldest son of ilBZ thcrv; .ne'ily come iroii! Canbridga. 
COhYPRB .Christopher, of Clifford's Inn .London , gent . .agee 34. 
BI^UOCCKKjDanie J.lcjsnor jdiod 2C ...'ay 1677 , in Pev;hjtr-et,Sth 
Bride 's ,Lendon. 


-vol. 15, p, ill. 

a:3d Sir Richard ypBD. 

LUDFO 'IDj.-.ichael ,Gf Gt.Ininstan 121 v/est , London ,£:a2it . , 

a^ed 23. ■ . 

O^IAT,Jo}in (1 his wife 
PHOBY, Peter ,1:10 rc'iant , and his v/ife. 

Chris tcpher,cf the Middle :D2i7ipl9 ,l^sq. ,a;;?d 40. 
SSPPr^ITS ,H0D^rt ,of Readin^-,Ber>:3. gent . ,a^ed 49, 
?0HJ,3ir Ilichard, 

" Lieut . Manuel , in the hing's service^ , lived in ^;ihil;e 
fryarsjson of Sir Richard. 
I^y<vA:d;S,deorr:c jSt.lamstari-in-thc^-West jg-ent. ^a^ed . 

corn Th'^re. 

?OID,l;aj'ae Grace, relict of Sir Richard. 
3UCiv;;GR:PH,3ir Jo:ui,hnt . ,of St . hot er-le-Pcor , Si-^^ed 59. 
PAPiLhGh,ThC!na:3,oi St . Gatherin-^ ,Oclo:"an ^ir^-^l .L^.iid^xu 

hsq. ,cd,ed 50 ,li in ^nn Churca stro-^t. 
BlAlH-.Sara , of 3t. Clave jJi^rt reet ,;vidG.v,a?r3d 5 4. has 

iivod t^v:r3 3? vcsi's ,bcr2-L ai; Va^-riiouth^Rcrsct ;hGr 

hiisbi.iid ^t ' 
iC V/HING , Jclin , d O'.iS s t io s -rrant do Pet or ^hOBY,a.;3d 2^. 
•■CPh,dol:n ■sen of dir diehard) and "li^cphila his vrif^. 
\r^^j;.d,f i::.CGay , ;f dt.lh.iy ^lo errx.abury , I's .j . ,a£;ad 57. 



Jram.Pers . 1916. 

vol, 15, p. 14;^, 

Wine sliippod fron Bordoai;x to Holland . 

SJIiiiPiniaHD.oainuel.or '-bt ,:.La:;net " jLondon ,ra3rc}iant ,a(3ed 50. 
5T»IufLY,Iar, Joseph, :Li::rchJin I: of riot'ierdsn. 
SAilQEK,Ivlr.dGa3t van ,•(ie^^^han■i:; of Rotterdam. 
V/SSL^Jo/ni van J a notar^^ piiclic. 

GnONiiiT,i?redorick,or J^o.Mary Hill , London. merc/iant , aged 30. 
Lii.R'jIN,3an:i2el 5 of V/ivi^nhoe U^s&ex ,nar inor ,ag9d 36, bom there 
EulNTIIvGTOli^Capt. ,of Great ' Yarnioiiuh & his son, persons of 

good c r e d i t , ac^nt s f o r 
THO:iPSOIT,Sir Gterdien and 

i;Ir. j^dv/ard ,jrop-ited to oe ricli men. 
I^41TOLY,Hen2y jCcrm^ander of the ''Jaco'c & Hary",a.t Yarmouth. 
Sa^GLLDi^N .Henry. 

LOCK, Samuel 5 of at .i^argave^c Pattens , London = merchant ,ag3d 56 

vol. 15, p. 165. 

Bookg and LlSS.left to Lainheth Libr ary by ])r.S HBLDON. 

THOj;iPSCiT,HGbort, doctor of lav/s,a?;ed 40. 
S}i£Li;0IT,3iv Joseph and 

" Ivtr, jaiiielsexocntors of Gilbert (SIiDLDClO » 

Archbishop of Canterbur^^ ,v;ill dated 5 Ksb. 

VAU GHAIT 5 Hei: ry , a.nd 

CLilrQCESGiT. Geoj'g-e ^-vvitnerises — 
DOLBlIrT,-,ladan:,nie:.e to the Archbishop. 
KICIIAIDS, Herbert ,oler]i. library-keeper. 
BHjOKES , Richard sservani; to the Archbishop. 

("3oo.V:s specified p. 16 9.) 
3IJ{iS;in3AD,Sir Johii , deceased . 
SCOTT, i;ir, boclvaeller. 

Sl'vOVy 5 -Ir . Halph . the Archb ishop ' s treasurer , of Laraoeth 
House ^ aged 60, ■ 
riOCF;':3'i^^R,Biihop of ,at the death-bed of the Archbishop. 
CGLBEK^Sir Wiilia^r. : 
1T0K?H Jir, Rojor ^ccimsel to the Arclibishop. 
I«^AURICE,H:vnr7«S. 5?.3- ,of Laiabeth House. 
THCPIi:,I;r. aeorge , chaplain to the Archbishop, aged 44. 
OCS^E::, Jaccb.of -^he inner 'Tei rro 1 e ,.e:e-it. ,a£red 41, living 
111 3t . A:nie:. , y'oster Lane, and before that i2i 3t. 
Jainee .Oler^^enwj^ll for five years or so:boini in 
t> , Ann e s , :^ 1 : kf r i a r s . 
(Library In oh£^ late recall icus ti:nes removed to Cambridge) 
SCO u^, Robert -01 Ot ^5otolph Alders^site , stat ioner ;has lived 
ther^ 30 yea^^£ - dined v/ith the Archbishop ,\vho said 
he "]--c;d be :;rs cnov;^ to fill the gaping fihelves". 




vol. :>iOs. o4 6c 39. 

A.D. Ghris-G CliUrch^iJuljlin ,!}ot a Fre:: tz Ho- al Oiripel. 


XiU3IJIi,v7alliain,Lcrd Archbishop, of jassc^rts that Christ 
Ohurcji 7733 ahA'ayB subject to tlie Archbishop of 
Dublinj-^^tc. (Signs) 

XILn.iTr:J.V/iliiam,Lor6. Bishop of ,a party in this cause. 

CjAY-iXDll, John, clerX, prebendary of Christ Church,Lubl in , 
his action against trie A.rciibishop. 

The prebend. a 1 o tails been Ghan{;:ed by the 
Archbishop at his Visitation as appears ^'j an 
Order entsrod in the Chapter 3och of tlie said 
Cathedral dated 2 April i6£7. Tiie Dean d Chapter 
elect and instal clerhs to their Prybendal Churches 
according; to their Charter, dhat anciently the 
city of Dublin v/as part of the diocese of Glandelarh, 
and after under the pov/er of the Osti::ians or Danes, v/ho 
founded a Dishopric , the first Dishop vvherecf ^vas Dcnatus 
That the Cathedral of holy Trinity or Chrii^t Chiirch 
is the T^ore ancient and i;jothcr church. 

SADd, Join jhsq. 5re;-:lst er to t]ie Archbishop 

PU.ADIDG, V elm .proceed in:;s af^ainst liiin in 1643 for preachin, 

heterodox doct:i'ine, 
A booh called *'hepertori\tn Viride''. 

DrarD.Pors.1316. (26) 

jllim, vol. ^3, N0:o. 4^,44,45. 

• YOUKG and 3U::x;:;iL 


17C8 A Disputed AlarriaKg. 

^ YCljl^GjJohn,:jsq. ,met liary BUTIv-:R at the '»3tr..r 5- Sartier" 
tavern , called her ">^ur:f::vy". (01^:^113 ) 
3UTIJ^iH,:.:ary, assumed the na-ne of YOU:'!G,vifo of Joseph 
BUTLK-J' a s]p£-re mavi of middle statu ro v;ho was 
alive in 17C1: said she v.'ouid ronourcc. all her 
shaia pr^5t ens ions to a :2s,rriaf;e with John YOUi^Q 
{3i?^ns YCUIIGj. 

BYls2S ,Bsnja;riin,a prctond3d witness ,a-rrest9d and sent to 

tiie Jviarshalsea Prison. 
HD'.VijjivObort ,a go -between. 
HALL, ilr.Tho^Tias, his house in Field Lane. 
FEKOJoOi: , J^u :e s , ci erk. 

Il^L£,ThOT;:a3 ,a£:e:nt or solicitor for :iary Bu"'L:nH. 
J0HIsSCN,Andrev7, clerk, chaplain of one of Her .^lajesty's 

sh ips , hi s vvi f e and dau-^f ht e r . 
itCORHISOlT, Captain, of the Guards , deceased ,Drcther-in-iaw 
of Llary BUTLLii. 

irari.Pers.191G. (27) 

Tao A2:^-ial Ro^-ir?xer for IVjvo, 
pa;vo 155. 

John WILK^ ^c. ^^T-ho I>orth Briton'-. 

, Jo-ui J>I. ?. , I or A/.- Ics bill':,', arrested for seditious 

KI1^.R3LY,G, Jaugato st reet .printer 
GA'\:UT:GTOIT,Uathan^ H,>d*n m^asen^-sr in ordimtry. 

3LACK::.iOH:::,Rcbt. '» 

WrlI3B,rtiilip Carteret solr. tho vroasury. 

HAN3FO:tD,:iajor . . . Tov/er of London. 

r}LYKIf,.dr. Oer^^eant ^coiuisei for VILJOj. 

iaH7Ii^,3a-uai M.P.for Ga:nelf ora.hia d^isl \vith .vILIG^S. 

B0:iJi:.10NT,::ari of 

JIA.:;IiZY,a??ioj^55 ,Hi^li Sheriff P, for Lo;idon ,-70-J2idecL "by inob. 

Ii[JSi3i:Y,V/iilian.s::licitcr for city of London 
F^UEriLIl^ or -ii, prisoner in ■iro'^7.;; 
ViOOIrjIiorort Ur^dar bc^o rotary of State, 
lyin^.ij.ezond^ r J an insano .:icotC'r:ian. 

JL'VvVK.IiW J .ir . :! urv:oo?.u 
BH:oi;iAvii3r ,l5r. , y-iyoician to 'Vll^-a^, 
GisAVi^li, , . . a iailit^^ry soT^oon. 
Din^CM; ,:jr. ,;i...:'o. sury-^on. 

Drai^^. jrf3ro. 1916. ' (Si') 



LO^vDOK T}i«^ /^mnal Register for 1765, t), 203. 

'J:ho J-iXril oc^t:-;vean Lord KIHjYI & ^illiarn C-{A-VCHJK. 


1765. 3YROI~y}.ord ) r;<eotin£^ at the ITot binghairishire Club at 

\)R^.;^Om':l,'^illxr^ ] 'ii]Q Star ^ Garter tavern in Pall :,^£ll; 

duel ill a daric room, with sv; eras. I'd r. CIU'VOPJIK 
}\illea;?io of Berkeley Kow. 
HI;j/I::':;?,Jobn jLaq, , toant-inaster. 

BUH::i5^?r53ir Robert 


i£r;Ii;I ; : H . Char 1 0 J j vinr . 
3i--jii]:-Y\.3ir O/^ar'tSs 

Fi:LiCh'!:;,I,ir. , IJastr.r of ''The Star <5: Garter". 

Hi^'t/ICIKB 5 Jr. , ■t;he suricoon. . • 

LI-Aa]";:5Jr. , irv-:!:^ to . ir. C:i;;.".VO:lTH. 
• AllA.lPv,Jr. - s\\Ti;^Ol^ ' • 

iv'A^r J:ir> . apoth'icary 

ADj j ) I': GTO J J ) r , ,hhj3i c :. an , 
'rAhG:!:i:GTCh,ur. ,attor:.6y. ' 

ijrani.Pers = If' i a . 


New discoveries in Biography (SI Genealogy, 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the Enghsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


{as from Saturdays 8th Jauuavy, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
. cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTION {by post): 

io/6 per quarter. 
2 1/'- per half year. 
42,'- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

'JpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and (jenealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colon v so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each (jccasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able theniselves to get at the d<j)cuments may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 


^2LR CHAslBm ?K0. (in the Public Hecord 

Of f ice, London. ) 

nxmrj YII.ITo.<:. 

T ne False Imprisonmont of Thoiaas JQjSlL-S . 


1485-1509. JO ilZS, Thomas, of Winchester. 

LYOIIFi:iLi),John,soniotime mayor of ^/inchester. 

Y/ATTYS,A<^-am,his obligation. 

BO T"ilLIi3H , J 0 hn , rne re 8 r . 



The tale of JOITSS'S jo\irney to London. Sent 
to hiv, \7ifo at V/ inchest er for woollen cloths 
to sell there. 



5a. ^ f Ai-nic^.el 's W ill. 


1649. BUHBI]HY,Jo]m,of Bt^ Glcgnenb Da.nea .IJidcbc. .aged 

51;has lived there ''6 years ;"bei"oro ohat in 
Italy .France ai'ici t-eycnd seas 8 years; born 
in OoYSiitry : seiveci the lata Earl ol" ARUIJDEL 
and ^UilliniY abont ^. years aud .^ept his private 
piii-se;~^as vvitii h:jii v^ien he died. (;3igiiS. ) 
AHU!sD:-:L 6c ^iUHREiY^lDhCinaG Earl of , died in Padua. His 
will in his ^vife*s k6epin{>. 
" Aletheia^The Countess Dov/a^^er ,r£3idGd at 

Alc^cnfier in Holland ^near Aiiister dam, wife of 
the saia :5arl,{xave /^UHBEl-Y the will to read, 
b'^it Suddenly snatched it out of liis iiand. 
• hciiry^r^arl of.^ion of the late Sarljemploys 
BuBBhRf s.s his servant at £20 a year. His 
son Henry in Flanders about a year and a 
half obfore the old harl died. With his father 
in Venir:te at the 31ach I^agle inn, travelled 
with hh:i to Bologna, and from thence to Padua; 
was with hiin ^^hen he died, 
j?AYLOK. . . , jthe Gouiitess her agent sent into England. 


Tiie preteii dod 7v"ilj. of. Wil^A^^^EJi^^^- ' ■ 


1650. iuiSVIi:, Ursula, of London , spinster ,ha3 lived there 
5 v^eeks; before that of ^oddington.Beds. , 
12, yoars i before th^it of Y/ocbrLrn ? years; 
boni at Tingrith j£ou3 . ,a^ea £2. 
LCNO,Willia:-n,dif^d 27 llay lC47;Dara his -ife.Kis 

BUltd>}I2Q;T jLd^vard = or oobiir:.\ ^gen^. ,a{^od 63;"bom there; 

nev/ly C02i3 froiL J.,ondo:i ,1lr^;ed I>CiTG to sirai 
Ms will. 

(jGrdL'^ 5 = . , , of Wiiliani LOIiG'S sis tor. 
LOITG , Chri s t opho-r , o f Londoii dji'Cthor cf V/iilia:ii>d5cd. , 
whom }io wish;"d seiit for 
• BDB3II-S,Ed.\7ard,5xh.: oited a pretend od ^7 ill, giving 

"I'ho Woo'^yaol:'' vc Wooburn,to rliizanoth TILGOGK. 
SLIIIGSBYJcark, of liov/poro Paa'aal 1 3*icks, .^ent , ,aged 40, 
nas livod tlaer •> tv/elvo y^ars ;boru at Husborne 
Oi'a^le^/ ,d?d(^, .i-ii attovnoy in thu Coaj^t of 
Oo-Tiacn P^-'^ao, 

TILGOGK, Blizabet'UvviLfe of xich-ard , niece of LOITG. 
** I.lichao.'. .aaa a laase ol" *'dhe V/oolsaciv''. 
■ PHTI'iBIv , J oy c a ,'o f Wo ob-am , 3 sd s * , sp ins t e r , aged 20 ; has 
lived there y ^ars jbedord thau ai; Crowley, 
v;here che /-as corn, 
Bi,II?H,jllir:e .v/ife : ■:" Jeff ory .lives at the Woolsacl-r, 

people od a r^ea?! and poor oondition. 
GAIi!n'r/,Alezr. ,hi3 \7ife Mary sister to V/iiliain LOr;G. 
Ilij333 .Thoaas ,of Wccbvrn piaboA'd...£iior ;a^ed 50 ;}.as lived 
there 20 yiars;boin at Lc^ighton bazL^ard ; leiev/ 
Williani LOITG for 50 years . 
II-IBBS , Wi Hi ajii , o f \vooo:n.-a, uailov-a'aiudler ,a^ed 20;oOiii 
•chare . 

Drarn. Per3.1916. (55) 


^.D. ' - 

lo49 . PA.-d.CR, Js-nes , of 3t . 3rid e ' s ,Lor:clon , haberdasher of hats , 

agsd 30; has livod therel4 years jborii at; Srsla-nd, 
00. ii-^^reiord; served scne ti^ne- in the ?arlia:T]ent »s 

H0ai^R3,i^avid,-;/hc-: FARJ^OH served as apprentice in 1641. 

His hous-^ in 3ride?/eli Precinct. 
CHAJI?lfiiYi5 , ^001^,00.^6 up out of Devonshire , sister of Sia:Cn 
QCD3I;IGT0::-%decd. Har parents lived at the Eache 
in Herefordshire. 
" Hugh, of Cochington,D;.-;von Jrasband of Joan, a 

footnan of Sir Robert KliTcni.Has children John, 
Richard c> Joan. 
GCS31':G?0Iv,Sir::on, deceased, solicitor for Sir Kenry VILLIALo; 

of middle stature , thing gTCss, ruddy cor':plexion , hair 4G and 50 vvhen he died. 
WlLLIi:.:3,3ir Henry. 

GAIHiSLL, Henry, married the sister of JC3Si:TaT0n;ca::i5 up 

out of Heref ordshirei 
" Si/L^on', their son. 
PCB3R?3 ♦Alice, of 3t. Bride 's ,\7idoyr,Si;;ed. 62:has lived there 

4 months , before that in St . Sepulchre 's 3 ysars; 

before:' that in 3t . Anne 's H31ac>f riars 4 years; 

before that in 3t . Alban 's ,London 3j years ;bcm 

at Glasbury . CO. 3reC/.aioch'. I'er husband kept the 

Hcso 5: Crc\;-n in dreat v,ood 3treot ,-::-:ere G033IITGTCH 

vTould put up in t3ru time to solicit suits of lav? 

for his n:a3t8r,3ir iienry V/ILLIAH3 of BrsclDicchshire. 

Her first hush^i^id ^-/as a tailor. 
:JuGLI3H,Hichari ,of Pai^^nton , Devon , {rent . , solicitor ,ai5ed 31; 

has livea there 3 years ; before tliat at .Totnes 12 

yoars;barn at Ii<:eter. i3itais. ] 

Jrcjn.Pers. 1316. 


SOM^BoL'? ■ vol.5. 

ghe iLstate of John HL HGII. 

1650. BBDiiFXi::!]), Richard, of Stepnoy .Lliddx. , sailor ,af^ocI 75, 

iias lived there 60 2v^e-nrs ; born in the city 
of Chestor. (Siinis , ) 
SCMER3CKiiLL,I^r, ixobert , physic ian^ of Limehouse ^ ]{ara 

t :ie s 3 0 y e a r s , 1 a t e 1 y " a p i' i s on e r for f c ur 
cr five years in tho King's Bench. Planted 
tobacco at Hai-i;discouraP:ed by GONI-ClAIi, the 
Spanish a-obassador jand so he vray ruined. 
Lives nov' at Bath. 
HAHCH, John, died , in the :aars:ialsoa o- lv6W{^at-j prison for 
dGbt.Hi3 will. 
« Francis. 
HCU1L3, Sll is , of v/hitechcipel .fyent. ,aj^ed 63, has lived 
there for 9 years .before that at Kensin{^ton; 
"born at ±>ivTvv s ley , Lanes sorved the old iJiarl 
of r.lULG'^Vi: for 40 yoarsjto v;hoae house 
SO:S(SCxiA.LL woulcl often' resort. (3igns. ) 
.STOHEH,Paul ,a person of ' credit ,sarvant 'go Lr. SuIliOHSGHALL. 

vVont into Hoj-land f :^r dobc. 
LiARGH,Afra,of r>tepn-3y ,agod ^rO-iias lived ohere 12 years 
■ (gj Y/ss born ther-o ; sister of flichara, Jolin Frances. 

JLHIC^IS, . . . , father- in-la^ of ilar^aret ;:0:4I^B3GHtJ.L,wif e 
of Robert, 

PHjl^Kil^V/iili^i-^i^of or ,..:icr..;i-l ,Crook-d Lano , ironron;-^jr , ^ 
aged SCJiac: lived -hei--- 30 years -bom ai: rozT/ioh. 
{Signs. > 

SC..d!}B3Chi^LL,::ar^:aret fe of IVjbert ,:i*. D. ,cf rath, a god 26; 

has'iivoG oh>-re a year and a half -.• be- fore "Duat of. 
Karinrcon V.-ic"i:,./Liddx, ,for a year, and before that of 
St . do 0 rgo ' s . 13 on G]iv,-c7.::k > l"»o rn a t lAidl O'.v , ^va 1 ojj 
IiSl3T0ir , lii chard , of duopnoy.ayod ; f orruorly duiaes-Gic sorvant 
to Richard idM.HC>I;has livci ZiiQVQ '-j :;iont]is ;b-^f ore 
that in Bristol '6 y^iars ; bof or-^ tha-G in Brood, co. 
Stafford's years , whore he was corn, (digiis . ) 

OraiLi. Per s. 1916. (35) 


JE:;IJ-:;>,.rJ'i:ia ;7rife of liO^-ara of 3t , l^epiilchre .London, 
t^Grcer ,a;;7ed 4-^,haG lived there 6 ^non-^hs; 
bf?!fcre t.hc.t 121 :;t . G^or^^e .oout/iwarlici our 
ycGrs ;b(vf crs tnat at Kin^^is ton, our rej^, three 
yaarBrborji at Ludlov; . Balop. 
3vA:T:}I3H,Georce,cf St, Giles Ui trie Fields ,he.b5rdasher , 
a^:od 48; nas livod ther^v a year and a iialf: 
b^:foro chat in 5t, bride's 12 years; vias bom 
ther-";, (Sirras. ) 
S?Oi{j^H,?aiil ,of 7d:ittleborQw,co.Forthtcne .merchant, 

ar=,ed 44, has live- there a yriar and a half ; before 
tliat in St.dotolph Ald.;vate .London , 6 inontha ; 
before that in Stepne^r fro:^ his birth :born at 
Sioidridge ,K'^nt ;cousin-{5ei':na"n to Johii I^lRCK; 
lived in Hollanri. t^o years and for sorne years 
in Ir'3land. (Coigns S'^OILuh. j 
JvlLL, John, of 3i: .Lunstan-in-^tho-best ,Loraon ,gont. ,ag-i^d 
39; has lived t/io r-?. in Chancery Lane 7 years; 
horn at bindridr;f> ,Glouc . Is worth i^600. 'Signs, ) 

5 ^^'^ 

GLODC. vol.3. 

g he :;lakinR of Bryan l^vyne's \7ill. 


1649. ■ FmMOn,Jo)Cii,A.A, ,¥ello\7 of iJerton Colloge ,Oxon. , 
aged 50, has "been tiiero 54 years; bom in 
Oxford. V.'rote Bryan '?,vYiB'S will. (Signs. ) 
TTfin.*.. Richard. 

" Bryan , deed. ,tho riaking of his v;ill in July 

PAHiTri ,i.Ir. Abel , baker ,h IB hous j in 3 t.Aldate 's ,v7here 

Bryan Z/Y:3 lived. 
■•.VrSI-TGH.^.r.I^lias T. Zi. ,a ^/itness ,of Little Compton, 

Glouc, ,af;ed 44; has lived z'liere a year; before 

that in Oxford University 28 years; born in 

Gloucester. {3i>^is. } 
ITi" f LIN, Dr. .Robert , president of Corpus Christ i College, 

a ^.vitness. 

i.iA?iCHA:.I,T-:oi^5,cf St .Aldate 's , Oxford ,taylor. 



vol. 3, 

BOV^if V. SOUTH. ' • ■ 

T he Prooi of Richard ^IXr70:.aH*3 v;ill. 

1649. ^A/rCvljGir jCdiiumd^of Hayv/ooct ,Bork3 »kju^ht ^agscl 63: 
haf3 liver thero '?.0 ^ears. Deposes that a 
gi-C'ax par^ of ■r'.vyford was 'curat dcr,vii in r/rie 
iGte vvar,ancL tho best iune in the tov.71. (SifiCs ] . 
ALij^.vO-^CvI, ,r} PC eased. A coiiniiissicn touching the 
;:rovinf^ of his \7ilj.,to dg sped in .R-ascor.he 
c]iurch,abo-at 4- iuil&s fron Gir I^cLnund SAVrfj-'^'S 
hous'r. inquest to Christ* 3 i'ospital. 
A7ul;;v01-.ThI,hr. 5iichc,rd , party in this causa, his house in 

Stanlahes in ?ras 001^1),.^^' out a quarter of a mile 
fro:.: the church, and to 'Ahich the coiiimissioners 
CAhIi;H,Dr. of Heading, ^itnens. 
3/iJCfiY,.:Ir. of Jh:iinin£;,a vdtnoss. 
. KaUQHT, Jo:i::,of Laurence \:aitha:n,t3'':Tks. ,;:sq. ,af^ed G5; 

has liv3d there 16 years; born at :.iapledurh3ni,Cxcn. 

3£I13L:!:Y,vv'illia^(i»ci Hea:iing,trent, ,a5ed 48, a coLiniss ionsr ; 
has liv=3d there 30 yaars;born at Warbcrough in 

Dorcii'Bster.Oxon. (Uii-?^)' 
G:iArL;:.,hzf:]riell,^zcur:ined secr&tly lihe tha rest of tha 

;7itneEse3 ;ar;prertico !: xinsiri^-n to Kichard ALD'-VCHrH, 
d^' ..lilk ;jt root, London. 
H^R:aOCi:,C>ir :Uchard,a co.-araissioner. 
Ti-.rLUG}:..,huaplu:ey ,a£;ed 57, a proctor of the Court. 
^ICh?jOh3obert , notary public, a^^Bd 41; a proctor of the 
Arches Court. 

wIC>:iJS,"Villia:n,of Christ Cliurch ,LoncIon ,ci ti^:en Sc tallov/ 
c:;andler,a£ed c4;iias livod there 40 years;bom 
at Burcet9r,Cxon. (signs ; . 

Lra-:,Fers. 1916. 


BOVEY v.GOUTH.oontd. 


16 ■3-9 . HO^CT , Herbert , of ;,Ia idanhead . BorKs . , t ?.i .1 or , aged 

30;h3.s lived^^ IZ years ;borri at Vvindscr: 
Kiept a shop in 'rvvj'ford all last inter. 
JDoposes that thfi B-all Inn ':*-77yford upon 
occasion can niak>D 20 b^:ds,£i:id vno tcnvn on 
sudaon v;arnin^^ is well able to give ^-nter- 
ta^aijnent to three score r/^vson-d of quality 
sjid th^^ir sei^^ants.Is v/orth £10 cr £20 
his debts paid;expGOt.r £200 or £300 when 
his rcother died. 
.iAiiTIll.L,Hc\viand,of l.iaidonhead , tapster , aged 30, has 
lived the- re 1.? years and was born there; 
i?^ a servant in the Orayhound injKlG 
worth about £60. 
HOHIXIl, rhorcas , or 3t. Giles in the Fields, g^Jit. , 
af^ed 34;}:a3 livod thore 3 years ; before 
that in 3t. Stephen * s ,Cole!Tian Stre-^t 7 
years ;born a.t Stratton-on-the-Fosse, 
LJomerset. (SifT^s j . 
r;air:,Jo}i2i,of St.Oilcs in the Fields ,a<;;<od 22; 

has lived there a y^^ar and nine months ; before 
tha'o at ivBvvarkjlTotxs. ,v/h'3re he waa bom. 
Ifi livery-cervant to thfi producent . (Gifnr, } . 
CO 'Pi-L:::, Robert ,nctar:7--public » of St. HGnet ..Paul *s 

V/harf . (Si^nri ) . 
BCV.ii'L ,3a Iph, party to t;iio :?uit. 

(j7 contd. ) 

vol. 3. 

in t he Ci vil wars. 

lt.49. 3';/AL^:,Jam9s ,cf •jta2afort]i 3ri^g^i ,cc . York,geni3. , 

ageci. 40; 'has li^^ecl there 16 yeai-s ; born near 
Kircy luoors id e. Deposes that in 1G41-1644 
the town of Hull was not hy any forces 
■blocked up or be s ie^^^od , which ho T7o11 obsor^^ed 
by his dwelling at otainforth IBrlg^s.Tiiat 
there was free libert;/ in sendiiig letters 
and me s Barnes to London and olcewhere. 'CJ-iat 
Hull v;a3 made a garrison by the rarliamont 
about the begimiing of the SuTriin^r of 1642; 

; that the late King c^ims with a {^aard and 

derna.2idod the towii^v/hich was denied him. 
ConceivGth that in the said years thore Y/as 
no great danger in travelling bet^z/'ion Hull 
and London. That the inhabit an of Hull -were 
acco*!anted enemies by the late King and his 
party. That Lincoln v^as soraetimes the King's 
and sometimes the Parliament's garrison, and 
could easily be avoided. (Si{jns j . 
SCCTT,I^Iatthew,of V/eighton , York; c-ent aged 22, has 

I lived there three years; born at winterbie, 

co.Iiorthd. ;\7as a soldier in the North under 
Pordinandc,Lord FAIHl'A]i,in 1642-1645 . Tliat 
there 77as no da^np-er travelling;; on the road 
to London by Boston and Lyni:. (Si^^ns). 

[ IlA.yLEy,:iatthew,of Kingston-upon~Hull,gent. ,ai>ed 22; 

' bom there. That the forces of the Barl of 

LDIDS:£7 hovered about Uv.ll for about a fort- 
night , at taclcinj^ in the ni£.ht-tiine,but made 

^ no formal siege. (Gisns). 

:, ■ ■ 


\ :)raai.Pers.l916. (38) 

PI^HKYI< 3 -v- . I^Ivr Yil .con t d . 

1649. 'BLACK5^:0:T, Henry, Of ICinf-ston-iipon-Hull ,agod 60, 

lias lived there a year; oof ore that a?; 
>uila"b2' for nine inonths Toef oro i:}u-it at 
l-]ttcn 6 nonths ;iDGf ore that at Anlaby a 
year; be fore that at -uiil for a year and 
a half ; before that at Elsham,co. Lincoln, 
for 6 months j''^ -3 fore that at Brigg for a 
yoar;born a-i South Dartcn , go. Yor:'^:. ,'vitliin 
ten 2fliios of Hull. (Sifpis ) . 
SV/AIT, . . .• an aidernan's son, of HalLKiy house at 

HAHRISOi; , i.d chao 1^, of Xin£;'st on-on-^Hul 1 , ^ont . , a^^ed 40 , 
11B.S liv3d thore 12 years; bom at Head on in 
HoldsmG ss ; attorney ; at Bciverloy ; former 
Pilaster of doponent Llatth'iw liAYLIiY. (Signs J . 

A3?:«?c^^dAi.L\lho■■L•as ,of wie same , sailor ,a£!:ed 54, has lived 
thero 33 years; born at Snaith. 

(38 contd . ) 





A Wallv fron London t o Ha-iinersmith . 

POWEO/L, Jonathan, of St.Botolph Aldersgate ^rQerchant- 
taylor jaf^ed 3 2, has lived there half a year; 
before that in St. Aime ,Aldersgate ,f or 12 years; 
bom at Buc>m8ll ,3alop. Ills shop at the corner 
of St.yknne*s lane. No subsidy man but haa paid 
taxes to Lord FAlKFA:vr:S and the I^arl of SoSEX'S 

IIASBLPOOCiTiij , Hon ry, deed. , whose kinswoman married the said 
PO*//T.LL; deceased gave her in the chairch. Lived 
at Ha':i3niers::uth by the v/atersido. 
" Kenry ,.3tmr. ,son of V/illiam, threatened to sue 

POW.a^L for Z20 debt, but knocked off £10 on 
condition that he testified as to the good 
syesif^ht of Ilejir^s- , senr. Told PO'vVSLL that he 
had made a good day's work to get £10 by 
walicing from London to HoiTiraer smith and wished 
he could get .the like s-um as easily. Kenry, 
junior , -fished to "confirm the deceased to be s 
seeing man" ,thou5;}i he could not see his kins- 
woman ,:irs. .?OW?aLL,v/h en she v;ent to llair:mersmi th 
to supper and lay there 3.11 ni{i'ht. 
PO?rDj^L,v;illiam, present in deponent's shop. 
BIji^CKIJ^Y, Jane, obtained a ludgement against Jonathan P0vV3LL 

in the Jiin-^^'s Bench. 
P0y2LL,\Villism,of St.-Botolph Aldersf^ate , apprentice , has lived 
there 6 months , before that of 3t .riartins-le-Grand, 6-g- 
months ;bef ore that of St. Jolm Zacha.iy for 3 years; 
before that for a year of 3t .ilichael ,\Vood Street, aged 
18;born at Buc>vnall ,Salcp ;brcthGr of Jonathan,v/hose 
shop v;as in Stli.lartins parisli. 

arn.Pers. 1916. 



lo43. ■ VAiABJOiH , John , oi Horncbxrah.Er ^irex ,g':;ri .a^e ' 50; 

has livr^ci tlvir":^ 0 m'":ii-"].u; , bE;f -.^ye -^h^t av. 

wife '-oossn'' to . HAB3iI:F00 r2> ; n i s son 
Jolm.^iodso-n to Henry n,o3I::I.FC0n\ f reigns } . 
GO??IH ,}2Vj'ba 11 1 , lie ]-oif/bajio. l^.y io. A]/«^rooa v:i 

MHRII;avCo:„o;;:.,.i},.7^-r;r:;/.,v^ Jo}-i vVlIi^-VlTCI'r-S • 

vvi;ro cc -'DCn-' . ^:o^, - yaX'y::. of i\oo.riri^^ 
}"iv^ r •1 ~ rrii'o L z o : :^ o -. 
V/aiIiT02I..oar9.,\\if^> -O Jo]:":, of Hor^.churcJi.agod ^0; 

OGvn c'.'o ivooo-b Map".o^\;ou.Way 5?0- hhe ^5;liite 
R07. so 'joo;"o"3 liOu^e jii ii iderosf^a fee street, 
when s or-je o'\ i"h.o "s pavty o'ere orourfit 
U" r'r'o^ox'ors ''■o Pa Kerhov^.s-3. (Si^ois ) . 

3^TL;aj^Y,29 Ji^:. ,1916. 


New discoveries in Biography Genealogy. 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the EngHsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


^ {as from Saturday, Sth January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTIOX [by post): 

ID 6 per quarter. 
2 1 per half year. 
42 per annum. 

227, Strand (by templf. bar), 

''jpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. Tliese, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must Gfet our fun where we can. Here vou will find the 

o . 

human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, hading in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each (-ccasion. ~ 

WHERE the docum.ent is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

IK:i^L.4ND. vol.3. 

The Kin ft' 

iii Expedition to Irela ncl, 

1648. BH0\T,^\JC,ijd\7ard,of Wapping in Stepney ,I.Iidd:r. , 

sailor J aged 30,hP'^ lly^^d thcrj oen 
years -:hovii at Hornesey in Holdernosfu 
J-.LA.S SA].i , Ba 1 dw in 

OOACHriAN.Gervase, captain of "The Tmelovo''. 

DAHIO,xHoborb, captain of "The Peter" frif;'atQ. 

LIHi^SjJohii, captain of "The Sanipson=% built oy 
him at Colchester. 

V/INi'ULLL,Tho:aas , captain of '^Tho Bless in^^". 

HALL, Jolm, captain of the "V/illiani and John". 

LAi'IPSOK, Cornel ins Mlward , parties to suit. 
(Tne ahove ships at Bouratty Cast 1-3 to 
help the besieged against the Irish 
rabels/Dut the Gas tlo was snrronderod 
and th--} ships too"k: in the soldiers; 
sorae of the sailors ran av/ay.'I'hG ships 
£>;ot out of the river of Limerick) 

LOPT,Richard ,of Ipswich ,r:ariner,afsed 21, has 
lived there? 12 yoarsroorn at Korton in 
Suffolk. (3 ig^is). 

J0II3S ,}",dward , cf St , dart in-^in^-th-'i-r ie Ids ,I,Iiddx . , 
yeoman^ap'od r52;has lived there '6 months; 
before that in Westminster 6 months ; before 
that, in St . Gilcs-in-tlie-Fiolds 6 months; 
before- that in the Savoy 6 nioni:hs;and 
before that in Ireland and ctlsa^rhere in 
the Parlian.ent 's sorvico 5i yGars;born 
at LI a^iv e rh en , c o . ^lon t f^-oine ry . 

Lrani.Pers. 1916. 




LOIIDON D2S3I0tT3 '::±j^?S. 
for 1735, page 147. 

A False 7^ntry in Fleet Hor:is ters. 

17:^3. IKOTT,An:ie, indicted. 

HICiI3 , Tiicnas ,1181' accorjpiice. 
KIGHOLLD,a]:oinas ,of Weatherby,Yorks ,s2id 
IKO'IT, AriTiG , of Abberlay ,v/crG . , said ( f sJselj' j 
to have been i^iarried in Feb. 1725. 
. HCD^KIr;3,Anne,of Pleat Lane ,^ husband ^njonf^^it 

several Registers and several riinist^rs' 
BoO'Cs and keep Ha^ister Booics of Ils-rriages 
^ oTArtiS,!, . . ,alle(:^od parson v;ho porformod the 

Dram. Pers. 191G. 



iLnnual He lister for 1762. 
paG:9 142 

I'^^e Cock- lane Ghost. 


1762. . . . ,a daufi^hter of l.Ir. . . . agod 

ll»Coc>: lane,vVost 3raithf ield. 

IMYD/v'/rn. 3roo]c st reet ,Hol'bom. 
ALDIUCH , Hevd . Stephen , rector of St . J ohn * s , 

P'.Z'rrI,Ja:iaea , lecturer of ot.Ann's ,Aldftr9tjate, 
?:^Z\,7i^llRirj ^uother of txio (impostor) child. 

Dram. Per s. 1 J 16. 


p. 132. 

Sarah Iii;TYf>JO and the parish appren ticos. 


1762. ffiTYA?ID,Sarali,Bruton st. ,Eanover 3q. ,haberda8h8r »a{?t. 

45 in 1761 ; executed. 
" Sarah ..organ » her dau. ,aged 19 in 1758;ag«>d 
23 iu 1761 ,f5xec'ated. 
DOV/Lirjf,FnilaiielphiG,a{;ed IC in 1758, parish apprentice. 
HlHG:-n.IA!'T, Sarah, aged 12 
I^AYLCR^Arme , agod 13 " " 


" i:iar:v%sieter of A:ine,from ^otteiih^m Hi^h. Cress, 
a^s'i^d d in 1758 ♦parish apprentice ,jrrtirde red. 
?AUL,ii>nne,a{::od about 10 in 1758, parish apprentico. 
I^OOIvHili, . . . dealer in tea, of Hill st. .BorVreloy Squar 
C: ?i:al ins, lodged ^.t ..[tq .iHlTfARD'^, 
(killed hinself in Fob> 1765. A^m. Rlv -;. p. 55 

It fi 

Dram. pera. 1916. 



The Aiii-iial Register for 1768 » 

Trial of Sa.mel GILl.;Aa,''.SQ. ; riots in St_._ 
Georf^e \ s Fiolds . 

GII;L/Ju,3ai luel ,:;sq. , jiiG Dice of th.o Peace. 


'j}AY j/) R , J 0 n;i , j o^^r nci vnan o a v e r . 

NIOICLL^Kichard ,rope n^rd^er , constable of St. Geo. Martyr , 


LATniviil , .Cy::ns tab le . 

AB3C:r,"/illiara, constable of 3t.01avo»s. 
ALL;-]:!, Ko be rt , cons table. 
BODDlIT^^'rON, . . . ,shot in the thigh. . 
FL0'/vI^3,(V:'0r^e ::iliord,of ot.Clave^s. 
DAriBYSfllll:., James 3 of 3t. Gsor^e 's ,:-Ianovor Squaro , 

HOHI^rMwr. a clerg^-^^cui , of Brentford. 
PARDON, Jr. tailing depositions. 

Pi;HRlTH,.Villian,turiikfiy at Kinc;'s i3ench prison. 
WILLS, John, ^•la:iier. const able of ::)t c Olave ' s . 

Draiii. rers. 1916 

CRAN, PRO. 1758^1600. 

1792. KA-mNS, Charles, of The Bear , Wantage. 

ANSKLL, John Jordan & iJaraaret his wif e , (f oraierlji^ 

STOm:) of Bourton on the V/ater ,aiouG. 

The said Margar-i^t of an ohstinate mirvA-^; 

disposition. Llarried 1790. 
BABr:ARD, Richard hli'Suh.hiG v/ife, sister of Mar;^aret 

3T0NiiI,Rachaolif^i3ter of hargarat A::g:]LL. 
KIIIGHih Joseph, of Stcv;,Glouc,f^ont. ,aged 40. 
L2GG,Charle;; »oi Bnrf ord ,Oxon. , yeoman, agsd 55. 
AI-IdIliLL., Tlionias ,ci V/anta^3 .tanner . 

KUi^TLEY, ^lionias ,of Bnrf ord ,Oxono 5^1ast or of an AcadeiTiy. 
M0;3S Jlichard jthe elder, of St ow-on~-the--Wold , surgeon 

apothecary ,ai^ed 59. ■ 
BSLCHEH, Joseph, of Wanta^co , malts ter , aged 49. 
. TIiO?JPSON, William, of Waij ■nao:o .f^ont « ^aa-od 40. 
AI^311LL,V^^i 11 lain, brother of Jolm Jordan AITS1-LL;& his 

wife present at marriag:e. 
• SaLTOK , iat h, ,v;i f c •• of Thomas, of Pyf ield ,BerKs. , 

yeoiria2^.,aged 47, and a relation of -iiar>;;:aret Sj'ONS. 
. PAG5T , Rc- vd , S 5inon , c f S t cw- on - 1 he «-'A'o Id , aged 72. 
•*IGH0LLJ3 ,Revd. daornae ,of B<jurton on the Water 5??^ed 37. 
I)ALE,Hachel ,of l/arrin^^ boa ,Lanc3. ,v/idow ,a person of 
proper tp. 

Vl;7iII0::,J\^iohel Oalo- P'f B onrt on- on- tlie-Wa te r ,8prc ,a£:ed 19, 

v/itnoGiicd !^;arri^}Ke. 
PIlI0n,2iychsl pvj.fe of Ihonias of hiiiton ,Berhs laborer , 

BKSlJuY^Llargaret ,-v\fe of Jc)ni.,of Appleton. ,Borki5. , ye Oman , 

aped •"■OnPurep:e :.'arparet ;.-;OIh^: v/.jaX in her inteileots 
for she .vn.' tal:--d.p:: v^euDd i\ave pnps. 

DALTChprpeinas ;Oi; i '-Id p:-eo:T'/:nn c/.god 46. 
JoBn,oi' --a-ie p^^^oiien .aped 50. 


ijrann Per3. 193C . 

' STAR CE'iJ-aB?. PHO. 

Henry YII. Hc-» 9. 

s-i I'yacv^ in Tjia vcham cb:LrcH . 
yaViI]3IiM":,Johii 6: Joan. 


V^LSHiJ^/im , a*} LO::}as , p r i e s t . 

lJV;/Rr{a;C}^,Rof^&r ,husl3andmaji,aged 36,s02;'va2it to 
HOIuGS,Sir '^Viil iaru,]aiight . 


Archd , 3^e^^»0 s , Book A. 7/ 1 4 9 . 

The V/ill of John W^:x^^ of HQbtin,^lean « 

1579. DOiiHHil^Johui^of Hott ingdean,dicc. of Oiichester. 
" Johaii^sister of testator. 
" /.larf caret ditto. 
WyfAi^ ^lia rj; , 3 ocl-dau . of te e t at 0 r . 
HILB , Elizabeth, .iiOthsr of testalor oiiecutrix. 
BJ^AIlD , J ohn , 0 v3 r s e o r . 
. BO Yj:3 , C lerfien t ^vr i tne 6 s . 
3AVAG>.-»iVilliairi,writer,a ^tnoss. 

Dran. i-ers. 1916. 


JIDJJX. vol.5. 


.Bequegts of 7ranois HA?J)7v7.GK. 


1648. F:iAlL:5E,Henr7,of St.lXnistan in the Weot ^London , 
trunX-maicer ,agad 55; has livou thero two 
years; bufore tliat in 3t . Gr3jp:ory *b ,where 
he \-/a 8 b 0 rn . { 3 i b ) . 
IlAHI);VlCK,?rccriCia jdoceased ,3aid what )\\^. hod might 
be his , meaning;; hi?5 son Jo>ia. Died at 
his houBe in St. Gregory's pariah whora 
he v/ao shopkeeper many years joould neither 
v/rite nor road, no re than vdth chalk upon 
a trenclier for his menioryi 
JOiin,son of Francis »a iriarrled man in hia 
fr*ther*8 life time to two wivea^and k(^pt 
hou'je of himaeli »V/aB a ahguriuiKer and 

I»IAilR10TT,LCi\7iB ,of St,:.lar37 Bas sit? haw, London, lea the r- 
g'3llcr,ag^:>.d 45,hr.s lived there 8 years or 
oorejboi".^ at rlenl07/-on-Kia-no9 »Oxon. Servod 
FranciB lU^ir^'lGK C yoars as his apprentioo, 
* and 7 y^ars after as hie joumeyi;iaai, (Sig^is ) . 

Dre.'n. P3rs.l916, 


L iuiim. vol.3. 
* VVHITTLi: v.DA!TIj:1,L. 

How Tnoja^^ B 'JiU 'JrY xie. d i?_J]l Bj£i 1 1. 


1648. BALl>vniT ,^inns, of :-it.Clernent 1)321 es,x.Iiddx. ,wido^^ ^ 

aged 56, has lived tiicre 24 years; born 
at Broome in Sv<f folk? lived near Mr, WHIPPY, 
deceased for inany years , in one of the 
Darl of AI^uTC:L.L*3 tenements ; lives "by 
launderin.^ the linen of my lord of 
A.HLJ1I£!j;LL*^3 g^entlemen. 
PRICjL,Ro"bort ,of St.Cle^nt Danes , grocer , aged 35, 
has livod there 20 years ;"bor'n at FarrLh.a:ii, 
Surrey, 'lath £5 given hira by Tnor^s WHIPPY *S 
will* Kis v?if8 attended rauch on deceased. (5if;ns). 
WHIPPY or 'A^HIT?LE, Thomas ,dsceased. Hov; ho made 

hie will. 

PiU CI^.F.ll is, clcrk,M. A. , in company with -^^IIPPY in 

his last sickness , 'late lecturer of St. Clement's 
pari0h;Eg'ed 60, has been there 4 years ;bef ore 
that in the Isle of Wight ;bom at Trav/svennith, 
co.Merioneth. (Si^pia). 
PIITFOLDjT^'OinavS .notary poiblic ,v/e 11 -acquainted v;ith the 
deceased;of 3t. Clement Danes. iiir.PRICL desired 
deceased to call upon the name , of God , or if 
he could not speak it he would but lift up his 
hand unto God, but he romined seise less and they 
could x^^ocure neithrr.r speech nor action frorj 
hl>3. (Signs ) . 

.7iII?rixiii,:.iar{:.arei: her hus band, dio liked by dec^iased 

Thomas VylilrFY or uKlH^JS.. 
FIiAl?GlS,John,of 3t.Andre-v7 Undo rshaft , Lend on ,pe\vteror , 

aged 42, has lived tbercj 16 years ;born at Kinr^s- 

cl if f e, Northton. ; lived v;ith V/HIPPY aa hi^ /.ourn^y- 

man 15 or 16 years . (Si£?ns ) . 
3UlTH,xMlllicent ,of St. C] er.ient aOanes r-vidOT/.a^ed 53;has live> 
there 15 year3;born at riO?rar]<:--upon~Tront ,i;otts . 

iJra/n. Pars. 1916. 


) . and 


Adv>3nturos of Sir C:fiOmas SA'^/AGI-;. 

1640. GCTy:;i:^Kalph,of Gt. Sepiaciire , London , draper ,a{^ed 55, 
has liv3d thsro 5 riionths Too fore that of 3t. 
Glome iit lOaiies 12 ^ears ;bof ore that in 
ot.Andrev/ Kolbcrn 5 years :boni at ]yOn,f;-don, 
•;;orc . Somot inio of Oaniingt on , Beds . ( o ip:.m 1 . 
O^VSLBY Jiooert ,a depe2id£ait of 

SAVAG3ii,3ir o^ionas »d9C eased , lod^red in Gov on t Gardon. 
His Gsx^ate in Cardin{;ton -^/orth £760 a year. 
Died A2)rii 1641 .i^Cxtr^^moly betwitchod by ILileaiior 
FOUirCAIi:A:i,and said he v/as contr;iiCtsd to her by 
a minister at the Swan at I-jiights bridge. She 
told hi;a that h-?r hnsband v/a.s como homa and 
waft a.t Greanv/ichjbut that 'm would not han^; her. 

F0Lh;iAirT3) ..U.e.anor, lived at- :iedbourne in a honse taken 
alias ) for her by the docof-aed, V:ifo of Artiiur 


Ai-3hOV,i.2r3. ... of Oovent Gardon, h^;r reputation. 
30A:>Il>J,Joo3p]L,c: ^orotliy hia w5fe,i5istor of hi iz. FOU:";iViII^L. 

oir ThO'LiaG inade thft match bot/^een :;h6.a. 
v/iui:.v.^H,i.iri^. ,her house in Bo'// 3tro-?t. 

^!Li.LUrl):i,.:rG. ,or Id/LiiJi'Uor V.dAV di, identical v;ith dl^anor 

FOIJIT T.U.h. als_.HjYLEY. 
3:?AG-G]:,i.Ir. . . . ::opt the docoased'n children since his 

0:330;CT}^i ,Dan iol . I li i>^ns ) . 

CCG?;.:\,:'::d\7ard .of Xinr:stjn-on~'j}ia-r;^s,?.yi^d 57 ,don:>-st ic- 
fjervant to Ifxiy ,:xirl of Dover.,^} years ;bom at 
Iieyno Id , c o . .;Gdf ord . 

Jra?a. Pers. 1 ::^i6. 

'/T^.^r, vol.5. 

]"u:iT;:i?n.etc. HUiro^Y v.}ady OAKI^w. 

xG46/9. GA:XL,i>eor^-e,a v^-itness (bif^^s]. 

Iia..iH::i ,Sir V;illia:>: Lady Rebecca ^doceased. ^ 

" Joseph, Gon of Sir V/illian,disa in Iremonf;^r 

Lano in FGorux:ry 16 45. 
«' Vailiaiu^son of Sir V/illlra,died after his 
brothi^r JosQph;haQ a son v^illiarj, "1 ittle 


y^U.'CKLi:T,S8raa6l,,^ent. , proctor of the Prerogative 
Courr. ,3^;ed 38»born in trie v^-^i-^^s of 
RocheBter Oat hod ral , came to sex-vc as 
cler-v in the Prerogativo Court abovt 
20 years since ;hath been a proctor about 
10 years ;declaros the practice of tho 
Court aB to ontfTrinf: Caveats , {Si{?is } . 
':^,C>:arlpa,also testifies, (^irus). 
BC0L::^^:0]:T,K0bort,Gf 3t . ponot ,Paul ' s 7/harf ,of the 

Preroe^ative Court, deposes. (;3iC^:is;. 
>ir^^or,^o:irL,of 3t.V*?da3^, London, etationer, aged 56; 
■ has livec there 21 years and u^ore;bom at 
f.ittle Barford,co.^in^n. ;gett6th his living 
by his trade of boovrbindin?;. Is no ijubsidy 

man. (•;jifns j . ^ r ^. 

C^^^-%Ladv.v:iiG of Sir Francis, and sister of Joseph 
;^J:iih.Y,}iad £10,0^0 out of his father's ana 
mother's GBtate. 
^v^r-^r^ v;viaiia;ii,60n of said .;illia:a,carie frcn 

"oiiard six months before Joseph's ueatiU 
3:.^J'.:d:\Ja.nes,of St .i-iart in , Ire::^onrer Iane,cora- 
wainer,a-ed 46; has lived there 21 years; 
born at Bvf ield ,co. :'ortha:TTpton. (Sirris ) . 
V.lPoT:-^^r..c..als::L:^Al3:aB^ 3t , Irerrv^n-r 
l^no,v/id07v,a-9d 65,h^is lived there 
years, and before that at Stroud. in^i.ent, 
^7here she v/as bom. Deposes that Sir 
V/iinam i^hnL'.! \7as iit^r mother's brother. 
• • :aOv ^lebecca proved his ^Till a^3 surviLved 

hinnany years. She iTi^de her v/ili hy word 
of rnouth and i.^ade Joseph her ex<-cntor. . 

Ha.iiOi v,Lady CAmiv/. cpntd. 


1648/9, Deponent abode v/lth Jose-ph till hia death, f 
Joseph said, "Sir Francis is given to 

the shakinfj of his Glbov7 (meaiiin^^ diciiiKg:) 

but he shall sha::e av'ay none of my estate '^ | 
HAYWAKD, Alice, of tho sa:ne ,wido^ ,a^^ed" 72,has lived \ 
there 55 years :boni at l3inninijton,Suf i ollc^ | 
derjosos tliat '7:seph guve Sir Francis | 
Ga:Vu7/'S daii^^hfcer £1000 and two jcv/els at [ 
her !narrian:e. Lady CAH^l'.v tlianVcod him and , 
said she had another daiifdite:", 2ns an, coming I 
on apace, and he v/as much incenood.Zjeponent • 
liveth by hor trade of a perfumer. 
IKOKiUI, Thomas ,01 ot}c Gil ,Crippl6gat<5 ,{:;ren-;. , aged 44, 
has lived there 5 years ; b'^f ore tliat in St. 
5artholome-,v-the~les3 o yoar8,and before that | 
for 12 years in 3t . Sepulchre ^ s ;born at Buclcvvorth, t 
cc.Iiuntn. -^as a clerk with Air. GUALl*ii:H,a bre'/rer, 
v;ho served deceased with beer. (Signs). 
vVILLIAilS jRice ,of iierton -Surrey, gent. ,a{^ed 48 , has lived [ 
there 5 uicnths ;bef ore timt in 3t . Stephen ' , , 
ColOMian 3t. ,5 years;before thao in t3t .x;iartih , 
Ireiaon^er Lane, 9 years ;born. at Keynies,co, 
^lontgomery. Is in tJie service of llr.Icobert 
Wli^jGN of :.erton, 
3.alQ;H,v/illia.a,oi Gt. Michael Bas sishav/, aged'. 50 , haberdasher ; 

has lived there 11 years; born at Brigst ock,:^orthton. 
V/1:LD, Lady .sister of Joseph I^LII'LY. 

3ALC..iC:i,John,of 3t .iinne .Blackf riars ,cordv;^ainer ,av;ed 50: 
has lived there 25 years; born at Set heme in 
France. (Si^^ns } . 
GL^Ln»Dorct>iy,77ife of ;Yilliaiii,of ::5t . Sepulchre ' s ,ccrd- 
v/ainor ,a^;ed 50,r:as lived there two weeks , -before 
that in St.iride's three years, before that in 
3t. Laurence , London 2 years; before that in Iremon^^r 
Lane 5 years ;born at Farbanke-, eo.Yorlc. 


-•f^'n.Pera.l9l6. (51 contd, ) 

HiuCTEY v.Lady GAPS?/, contd. 

GLMB3iR,V/illiam,of St. Seimlchre's ,c.ordwainer ,a.f>ed 
33, has lived there 3 weeks To gi ore that in 
St, Bride' 5 3 years; before that in St.LaurGnce 
t\70 years ;hef ore that in 3t. Bride's t-\7o 
years ; "bom at v; illinghairi ,Kent . 
GOI^Iii;LL,Joan,of Govent •Garden,L'iicldx. spr. ,ag8d 34, has 
lived there ^ years ;he fore that at Chelssa 
9 months ; "be fore that at St .ilartin ■ s , Irernonge 
Lane 1-^ years ; before that in Cihrist Church, 
London 4 5'Qars;born at Burf ield jBerks . 
Deposes she carried the Lady CAK5W*S daugiite 
her iaarria(>e -portion of £1000. Is now in the 
serYice of. the :i:arl of 3K]:rORI). ?hat Joseph 
HlJiilNCY his C0!npan3' ho Icept '.Yere generally 
tradesmen, but some of them of good fashion 
as ivIr.B-IiTSOlT of the Bull's Head in Cheapside 
and dr.DA:i?D01v of St.. lar^- Axe. (Signs ) . 
GAIlPi:iTTI^i?l,Anne of Pag}L{;ato ,spinRt or .aged 23; has 

lived tiiero 3 months ibef ore that in Christ 
Church,lyOndon,3 years, and before that in 
S t . I.Iar t in 8 ' , I r emon{^:e r Lan e ; b o rn at L'dd ing- 
ton, Wilts. : is maintained by her brother 
Gerard GAIiPraiT::^. (Signs). 

s^runxi>5 ?::3. ,1916. 
VOL. I. ,:t.5. 


New discoveries in Biography Genealogy 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the EngHsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


{as from Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


io/6 per quarter. 
2 1 /- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by templf. bar), 
■ London. 

''jpHE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. - 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each (occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at tlie head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

and SPAIIf 



Kaval lihcpeditions from Sipain . 

1649. Y/EAmBy,Geora:e,of Allhallows Barking, Lend on, 

merchant .agGd 31;has lived there 9 
years ;bom at Banhury ,Oxon. Trades 
with foreign parts hut never went a 
voyage to sea in person. (Signs ) . 

WHITn,Ja2Qes,of London, traded to Seville in 

Spain ,v7rote at the request of EAI/BS to 
iJRjnTiG3,IIr,^[honas,a merchant in Seville, to 

ascertain the names of the adventurers 
and the numher of the passengers in the 
Fleets which set out from Spain in the 
years 1637 and 164-0. 
IlAJLBIB,\7illiam,of St.Andrev: Holhorncmerohant , 

aged 42, has lived there two years shef ore 
that in Botolph Lane S years ;hom in the 
town of Southanrpton. Deposes that the Fleet 
of galleons employed hy the King of Spain 
for Fova Hispania set out in April or Hay. 
and return in August or September in the 
year follovring* Has lived 9 years at Gales, 
the usual i^rt -whence the said Fleet sets 
sail, lias used tha sea ahove 20 years as 
a merchant- ai\d has had chief command in a 
ship of 300 ton. (i3igns). 
GILBl^T.ilr"^ John,of Cr.ville,to whom BA-I3IB wrote at 

the request of HAvVilS. 
V/OODBUHKiC,John,of St.i.Iichacl,Cornhill, merchant, aged 
44, has lived there 5 months ; he foi'e that in 
3t. Andrew, Ho Ibom, and before that in St. 
Giles, Cripplegate for 16 months , and before 
t)iat in Spain;born in St. Michael »s ,Comhill. 


1X)I^3?*T vol.3. 

SAi!?7AIE3 v.0^r:L:^,R. 


Old Bernard MIT-Cllj-.LL^S bequests. 


1649. CinaKR,Anne,v;ife of Henry, of St. Jamss ,Garlickhithe , 
London, aged 60; has lived there 35 yearc;bom 
at Little •;aldingfield,3-af folic. 
KITCHIlLL»Bomard, deceased, live-'l for 9 years in deponent 
CAHT:.II*3 /louso on Ca^rlicl: Hill , beginning above 
20 years since ;died there. His godson sent 
him b-amt wine in his last sic'^iess. How he 
made his %"?ill. Said he had £600 hid in a pot 
in his house in the country which he had not 
seen for many a day. Was aLuost 80 years old 
& 2iad three sisters living. 
OS^IIJ.^, Barnard, son of Hobort,\7ho was cousin-german to 
Bernard Iil?c:ir*-LL, or sisters* children. Bernard 
O.was godson of the deceased, who sent him to 
BChool at the church bj/ Garlick Hill and provided 
apples or lemons and suchlilie things in his desk 
for hi:n against he came. Deceased V70uld often send 
Ilobert O.for strong waters or roast beef and other 
things , saying often that the longest liver should 
have all. 

02:Ui^,RobQrt ,of Hamme rsnith, gent. , aged 79, his house in 
Trinity Lane. In Jan. 1646 he rt-jmoved some of his 
goods to Hanmersmith. Of ijt.Uildred • s ,Bread 3treet, 
60 years ;born at Lo77ther , Dorset . 
F!Uii?TO]:,.^:r.I>, brought up froin the Coventry to ir.ake 
deceased's v/ill;ver^'' much loved exxd. respected 
"by iilTCH?ILL sokI trusted with his most serious 

•» Thonas,doceased 's bailiff or servant. 
TO^lu^BOV/, George, of 3t,Uichael jComliill , writer , aged 30, 
has lived there 16 years ;born in the city of 
London, deposes that he 7/rot«^ the v/ill in Mr. 
C^.'^vxj:.^-; ' j house ^;hor^ deceased lay, and that he 
was well content. 



1649, OGIiEBYsJamss^of StaOlava, Jowiy, \yr iter , aged 18, 
has live:], there C^-g- year ^r. , and "bei^ore that 
in V/estminster oWhero he was "bcrnc 
CAIvIBRlJ)GK,Ahigail,T/ife of Joha^of St .Margaa-et • s , 
Westminster ; aged 51^has lived thero 25 
years shorn in StJ-lartin's Ircidgate^ 
Rohert OZ^UHH irarried dsTjonent'D sister. 
CAM3HIIiGE,John,of St, i-iargaret -^^ .V/estiviinster, yeoman, 
aged S2 5ha3 lived there 25 ^reare.jhorn at 
terletonjGloiic. Pornisrly lived next door 
to Robert OSI^^LSH. and Bernard MIOEBLL 3-n 
Trinity/ la-ra. 

CAIlTSH,EeiLry,oi St,Jairo?^- G-arlioldiithe jhabarda^jher, 

■aged lived there 3^ year^^horn at 

BURTOHjMr. . . . , --an artist'* in writing 6z ciphering, 

to whcia Berimrd OZTDLS.R was sent to school hy 

his imcle Bernard HIOffiLL. 
02IiSK,Eli2:aheth,\7i.tG of Robert .of Ham^ier smith, aged 58; 
"born at lAiton.BedSo .depesei^ s 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 

(53 cont_dc ) 

Goncemii ip: Ar- ch ^v' G. ^lTJ'QR^H^S property. 


3.651, CUHPJSKtKenry,o? Btoi-Iar^^ C;olec:rai'3}i,Londcn,gz^ccer ,aged 
3V;ha3 llY8d there 20 ye;^rc ;bc2:^i at Kildvriclc 
in Ci-9Aren,Ycrli;^<. ;Withi?i a mile c? Artiiur GAHFOBTH 
£2id 'brod up sohoo!. witli liiin. (Signs). 

V/iliiam,of lCiidv;:.oI-; father of Arthnr, 
»* • Thomas 5 son of ths producent , attended the 
Pre r t i v g C our t » 
CURHDH^V/illieinjOi AllhallCvvs .Lonbard Street , London 5 

morcerjagod 2V;ha3 lived there 11 yeai-^rDoni at 
Stceton in. Kildv/icli /within a bow shoot or t^70 
of GAi^ORTH'S house and bred there. Was the 
deoeasod's schoolfellcw. (Signs). 


The Wooi-:- c:V i Ai.^a_j:OggY. 
A.D. " 

1655. BIiOADSTOCK,i^e,cf .Aoplof .Bei-vis; , .aged 40;ca^e 

over f:/cu Irelc.-:!; lived v?ith her 
jTacb£^.d BHJAjJ^iG;O0K at Avvleford. 3 years* 
Rods on ho^-3Sba;^k BIH'OSII and her 

daa^hber -jo Ahiiagdcii :!^ir. 
B0WIir,i.lice5da:^,cf '^illiazr^ I;0\7IDr ^^nd A^ne BHOiDSTOCK, 
went to Gohooj. r^t ::?r,::':^on' G:.'5en in Faj.ham» 
Born ard bap-^.i^t S-j.i=nd:/ev/,HolliorG .Oct^ 
Eaid ;jhe cculd net o:::.dvirs to have JSJQ?2ii)R for 

a hllc;"bD:nd, 

V7II«UlOS?,LIr3. , cf F-lIxisi.wddovr.agecL 60, a person 
of q;-aldtj .and of §reat estate 5 ha;7i:i:g no 
ohildrsn of lie_- rv^n^took a great liking to 
Alice -rOVT^^^T her nisoo. Liv^d at Pars on 

BUTI!SH,dhosa£-,a ^y^ntleirari \7ith ££C00 in ncney and 
; plate a'nd a plaos \vor-'-h £dOO a year^and a 

gallant \"ay of Ir/ii^g^ cMiuor to Alice BOWHY; 
Harried her at ni^^t at iLndghtc oridge Chapel 
1? Feh. lc5£?proiair5d her a rioh neclclace 
of trjie psard or L.:c:^^.c-^lrBh'd hut little 
pa^OTO te?i year? old, 
COOKBsIvIrs. jVop-;: a fchcol fcr gertlcv-^OTiien at Falham; . 

Alice LOWItl Trent tliere, 
WOERALLfMr. Jolm.hi;^ house ^Uhe Golden Lion tavern 

in the Strsnd.T-here the \7€dding party Trent. 
CLIEESItOi:,dhc>:ra3 J of ?lt, Clei:ier.t IP^ner: oOlerh^aged 
47^has lived there '.Z years ^parfori^i^d 
the eeremcny. (SignD), 
WISS, Elizabeth, of dareon-e C'reen,epin3ter ,aged 26; 

has lived th'3re z:". nionths; before at £t, James's, 
Clerken-v*7ell and 3.t Applef ordoEerkSo ; before that 
at Parson -0 C-reen for almost 5 years jand before 
that at her f^.ther»o honee at Xew by Kioh::ond 
in Snrrey for 5 or 3 years o fSiguo ) . 
HBRBSH2,5arah5 0f Parson-s drsen ,-dd0Yr« aged 50 shas 

lived there 50 y-ar?:^. 
Mik2HMSS5Mary,'Fife of rj'ohn.oi jCged 50; 

has lived there S iront-is ; before tliat in St. 

L BGuPI r.mTmi (cont^.) 

1655. jDjnes.Olerkemvell, almost. 8 years sniece cf Mrs. WILfflOT, (Signs ). 
* WOODmTsi-l'cesOx St. Jams^j %01e.>:texMen,w:U 60; has lived 

tliere 55 jrsare.i^ JclxrL streets 
WOODMY.^r.i^ej'vylxe oT Ctorles^of the a Dir.e , tailor, aged 23; has 

iTved t}iSi:*9 t-^/o yeare and ■before in Gloucestershire. 
mEBBLL.JoIm^of S"!^oM£:^rtiii. 1-=. the Fiel^/is .Tintner ,aged 52,depos©s. 
HJQ}l®R.4^ne,3istsr of KiomaB .fetched h^m out of a house in 

Maiden Lane^OoYe-it a great passion. 
WIIKIlTS0N5Wiliiair>,of s'.BGTulohr 6, London, porter, aged 57; horn 

thera^ (Bigns)o ^ . 

B5rL™&lI,Ko>.srt.of S*^.01aY6,nioritMraTfe,f eA.tmE;irer5aged 45; has 
lived there's voara. Bio vvlfe of Mn to hoth ahon^as HJm 
and Al^-es BOW. jiitroteoed HiOS?IIia as a suitor. Eis wife aM 
•Droducent^s mother eistorsr children, (Sigas). 

^KBON.Msrgaret.vafo of Sioiia3.of B"^. Marga ret ,WestmJ lister, 
ooachman,aged'45? has llv-ed there 16 years.was at tne 
wedding azid sa5.ds^^G-od grv-e her joy''. 

mKBSLL,Amy.^fe of John.agea E5,(SigaB). 

.miiKEH,Mar^ret.mfe of Maa.of Ha2n(r.8rBmixli,vinvner,aged 31. 

a hrother-o daughts'? of Etb^^iLIuMOTD;. : 
GIII. alias ASHLBY.Halen ,of Kens^^rg ton, Middle. e^,wl^re jie has 
lividTzxly three or four ds^ys as a sery^o to the Earl of 
HOLLAl^r before than: in co.B.rl..^ for ^ ^^^f;^^. t?^!^^^ 
. years hofore that at Par.on^s Green; Dorri aa Pa tr iclc Brunt- 
S^co.Tori.. Beposes t^at on the day of the wedding Mrs. 
IS^e i^ed inaoh ohesrful.aB. and wa. called ^ .he name 
of^T^s Br^ae and did d^ace at Mr.WOKI^Jd.^S in the Strand. 
Sx^r Sing endad they all went in coacl^BB to Parson^e 

.aid ao^B ^d Alice in nal^d hed together, as 

did al^o Mr3.BHUT)B0K)OT^,Mr.,W:ni^Oa'a? ^d others of .he 

ooir^r^nt then and there present. 
BOro,E^ard,of S^.Margar.. .WeBtminat.r,gan..emaa,aged 55, 

has lived there abo'at ^0 ye^,.^;^, iSig^AS,. 

(55 oorti-) 

& EIHDZ. vololV. 
I IsOHTOil v.HOQaS, 

A Suit for K-gllity of Llarriap-e . 


1656. a!A.YLOR, Richard, of 3to Clement ^^^Eajjl: cheap, Lend on, 

poulterer gaged 52;haB lived there 25 years, 
a kinsman to Iildvyard M0G-G3,v;ho!n he ImoY; 7 
years before his mar riaft:o. (Signs ) . 
EORdOHjSir Edward, hart, roaid to have rnarried Mary!Hl> 

MOOGS, Edward .married 1 Ncycl63V,at StoHelen's Bishopsgate, 
Mary FliAI'B.avA ^"as living long r.fter April 1650. 
Bnried in StJiartin*s in the Fields v/ithin this 
twelve months. 
PEAlSljMaiy ,had several children of v/hich t^:/o are yet 

living. Lived first at the Sun in Gracechurch Street, 
and afterwards in iTewgabe Market » Answered to the 
nanie of Lad^r NORTOIT. hivsd as a v/idow in 1550 in 
Churchyard Courts Fetter Lane. 
BROCKSa?T,i-Iarearet ,wife of Sd\7ard,of Bt. Martin in the Fields, 
poulterer jaged ^2;has lived there almost 14: years, 
and "before that in Christchirrch, London. Hath seen 
Edv/ard & Llary MOGGS oft nalcad in bed together as 
man , and wife. Two of the children nov/ prentices 
in' London. That MOGGS died v/ithin these two years 
in I)rury La?ie- 

BI^0CKBT?,Ed7;ard,of the same .poulterer , aged 50, has lived 
there IZ years, a^id before that in Christchurch, 
London, about 16 years « He j.ived as a serva,nt 
with Kdrord ck Aiaiy lT'"^GG3 at the Queen's A2-ms,near 
ITewgate, Has nesn .certificate that Sir Edward 
NOHTOK and Mary MG.TG3 v/ere married 24 April 1650, 
but Kdv/ard I^'^OGGS v^as buried in St. Martinis 20 Feb. 1554, 
as appears by a certificate, '^'as seen by this 
deponent riding in a troop of horse in London 
within a fov;*; before his death, (Signs U 




mim'ii V,MOGGS.contd. 


1656. PIERSOK, Joanna, wife of HolDartjOf St.Ajidrew 11011)01-71^ •• ' 
tailor ^agod 48; has lived thore 10 years; 
before that in St » Sepulchre's. 
BOSEjGasooigne jOf Little St. Bartholomew's ♦h9,"berdasher 
aged SSjhas lived there 12 years ;and has been / 
parish cleric about a year and a half. (Signs). 
KIGHTS, Henry, of St 4Helen *s ,London, scrivener, aged 41; 

has lived there 23 years* {Signs ) . 
AECHB0L]>-5-Ghr is t opher , of Jamos-A^, 01 arlcewoll-^^sntl emari^. 
aged,.25^tai^3is^ . 

(56 contd . ) 





Ho\T Mrs.Hoiaoy BKjY/IIEI nade lie r -willc 

1682. 0HLWELL5John.-,bf I-inccOai's; Inn, gent o ^ aged 34sOlQrk 

BUKDERjSis* Jains-$j;Sppo:mtecL executor by 

BEDWIIS, Mrs, Honor's of the Palace Yard, Westminster; 

mil made 2 o'aT.e 1680. 
Pi;U0KI:^fBa?9George9 o'jnr. .a sorivenerjOf St.ilargaret »s , 

Westnlnster^aged 50 o 
BBKBcBY^Si?? John^his ladjr opposed proliate. 
WILLI^J^ojlAdy^her haa^e iii the ITe-^ Palace. 

])rauic Per3*1915. 


She Coaoxio-u of Williaiii I^A.vBR.& Mary UBLIIT, 


imK&nLLIHG5Lord,th& said LBA.vSIi'S Tinola in Ireland. 

BROWES.Mro co-ortecL UBXrin. 

I>rXOHDIi.S^¥ill:.ain.of St^Bo-joIph Bishopsp'/bs oWaavsrgag'ed 40, 
formerly of lD,i^L^z^„Hr\j:'TQy.i^:D.(k Mcrr^sJjoxi.Seii^^rrj, 
" Mrso ws'TLt to Hire at Graenh^tm with }ier dangater* 


& vol.lS^pr. 136. 

lOlJBON^ 300im v,B001iS. 

She Great Bstat o_ Q-f: JBxotpb.3 BOOm. 
A.D. ' 

1682. BOOl^IS 5 John , s on o f Tliorra s . d. e -xl » b oiiiid apprent i c e to 

aged ^OjagSiit to 
B00IIB5^ jSsq, jds jsarjodjrLx^-ole of said GOOHiUd, (who 
married his isister-s daughter in 1565) Ead five 
daAig>rbers and property in the Wei^t County at 
Jbceter S: Dartraoiith. A ^'wiae man". 
Christopher jscn of Thori9.s ^ftuo left him £2000. 
" Charles 5 second son, "brother of tho sa-id John, of 
Mo-uoit Boono ^ j}ev on ^aged 30 ^a dull-headed , s t*a.hoorn , 

BODMUGTOlTcHohert ,cf St. Margaret , Fish Stx^eet Hill, London, 
merchant 5 a^ed 50;.haB livod there ahont two 
years jholieves Thcraar: BOOffi died worth £80 ,000 ; 
married one ox his daughters vath £2000. Hath 
lived in London ooTen years and in the country 
"before his niarria,<^eo (Si&is ) . 
BOONE, Anne, da:.i, of Cchoruai' , married . « , MA.HTII^. 
" Jane,dau*of Iho^rao : lately inarried^had £5000. 

Marysdau^of Gnoraasi. 
" . Slisaheth^dau. of 'Biopjas. 
GOODiXLjA-Ii-oHichard.a friend of Hoh t.BCDDITCTON & Thomas 
BOOICH'.. , 

BOOHEjlTathsniel.deod. .eldest son of ^fjhoniae. 

SMITH, John, of St.P/Iary V/oolr.oth, scrivener ,ac:3d 25.5 lato 

apprentice to John CKA.MBEIS .Kcrivener- Has lived 

in Luirfoard strest v yeari:i. 
UMOT,Natha:aiel , of . St . Benetf ink, scrivener .aged -52 , late 

apprentice to Kr, John CHAISEK^o Has lived in Thread-^ 

needle street and Broad street ahove nine years past. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (5?) 

LXITO. volol5,pagG 160, 

i.,T^. ^~ ' " " 

le.SP, BOLLBSjSir Joli:Uc:.^inir;-:; rater cc -Uie gocii- jc^tOo ^ of 

BAYitBIi Jc>m 9 or Sl; = i'idrev7 Ho Iborn . c cm;.-a:2.::or j ? 3:^0. ^0; 

AY^iGOUa.SlL^ K-ard of T:.:;- llIr.vrl.M:- diciTiits 

mL?OOXJ^-Mr.&.^cdcr3:=c:oto::-^C3>- f^v 61:^ Sd---d iSOOaE. 
BJ.CH . 01r;:.3t oplio .v , of G-r-r/ -c j:::-i,c;-:v';; ,'-;:>ed livid 
■jh£:rD 10 v^or;?; oo:/::i ./i. 0^-.? :r::i;c:V-7 .,Scri' :--^o--:.. 

IT^S.Gol. dj.:o^-^oI. 


0:^IX)H & MIDDX, , TOl.l5,pagog 195,209^,218. 



Q!he !>Iarriage of Justus BURKIN, 

682~4t WBIGEa?,Jchn,of Br is tol,iner chant , aged 36;hom there; 

new lives at Wapping;first went to ITevis in 1663. 
BUPKIU, Justus, of the Island of Nevis ^mer chant , deed. ; a 
"blaok, sTfarthy ,man . 
" Aime^ alias PBdlSRSON^his wife, now at Peterborough 
Court, Fleet Street. 
COBLES, John, of the Blew Leg,Wa|)ping, oilman. 
MATEE??ES,Gol. ,aovomor of St. Christopher »s. 
Ln!3KFiY,William,master of the "John & Mary", to ITevis. 
PYMM,Capt. his shallop from Nevis to St. Christopher »3. 
EOOPSR,Capt.of the ship *miliBm'\ie79. 
BTAI'JuETOlU . . . Governor of Nevis, 

EASH,^illiam,of "!I5ie Sugar Loaf »',Clerlcenwell ,victuall6r , 
aged 60; bom at Crool,Lincoln;fonrterly for 7 years 
at Whit©chapel;now going to sea. 
SMITH ♦William, of Novis , tailor, aged 38;has lived there 14 
years ;now lodgeth in Fleet St. ,his family in Nevis. 
JAMKS, William, of St. Botolph,Aldgate,worsred comber, aged 
50;bom at Liddiard Tregoze , Wilts ; lived for three 
years at St. Giles in the Fields ♦and before that 
for 5 years in St, Thorns , Southward, Hath been in 
France <fc Flanders; of St, Christopher *s ,1672. 
EAB3IGAL, • . . 

MAITLO YE, Anne, aged 16, servant to Mr. lUV/iaNS , vintner, of the 
Three Tons, King Street near Cfaildhall ,London;boxn 
at Dublin in Ireland; stolen from her parents and 
carried to Nevis , whore she lived 7 years. 
BUEKIN, William, son of Justice Annejnow in London. 
HOUGHAM, ... a minister at Nevis. 
WI]rTHH,Capt.miliam of the ship "The Brothers". 
KJ33I:LL,Co1. Governor of Nevi'j. 

KSiS£X/AY,2«lary,wife of John, of Nevis , merchant , aged 4:1 ; * 
married 19 years ;now lives in Trinity Lane, 

3UEKIH v,BUHKIIT>ccntd. 


1682-4. KBTHEvVAY, Margaret, of Trinity I>ane , spinster, aged 20, 

"bom at Bristol ??,ived in Nevis. 
WILLIMSCIT,Jo}in,p.ged 55, sometime of Hevis , St « Christ- 
opher's & Antego,has "brothers & sisters 
at Oxford; is now servant to 
EDWLAiO)5Walter,of Briston CaTai^s\my, Lambeth, Esq,. ,aged 

45,}ias lived there 20 years. 
CHEVILLEjFather AndreT;,of the French chur ch, St, Chris t~ 

lOTDICK, ... of ITevis ^cvmer of a shallop. 
HI^TOHCOCKjEohertjOf St. Clement Danes , gent, , aged 24, 

horn at Aylesbury,Buc3c3. 
niTCHCOClC,Ilichard, scrivener, of near the Cornish Moimt, 
Shipp Yard, Temple Bar^hrother of Bohert;his 
father of Pope's Head,GoTii't ,Chancery Lane. 
WILLIS ,Mary ,01 St. Clement Danes 5 spr* ^ aged 21;'born at 

V/adsdon ,Bticlcs . 
GOLD, John, of Shiphrev/ers Fields , by Nightingale lane, 

St.Botolph Aldgato jtailor ,aged 55;has lived there 
9 yeaorsj'born at Norv/ich; sometime of Nevis, An 
idle 5 fuddling, fell077. 
SHEEHING, Hobert, of Bnttei-millr Alley, Spitalfields, 

Stepney, throster 9 aged 42, has lived there 5 years, 
bom at Norwich; lived in 1672 at Glean Alley 
in SoTithwark. 

ESiD^fery, married William JAMES in 1672, lived in Dr-um 
Co-art in St.Olave's street ,So'ath\?arlr,& v/ent to 
Chelmsford, Ess ex. 

SHEBRING, Anne, wife of Robert, aged 42;married 20 years. 

HEAD, Sara, of St o Tliomas , Southward ,wido^,aged 60,2ias 

lived there 16 years ;hsr dan. Mary married eleven 
years since to William JAtvIES at NeT%?ington Butts; 
lives over agaSnst the sign of the Still, a strong- 
water shop and so hath done ever since the fire 
of Lcndon. 

(61 contd. ) 



168B-4, KAJ^BUS'T^Marga^^ot .wife of Isaac, of Romford, Essex, 

"brio^clayer^aged 26 ^married there seven years; 
was apprenticed to William RiSH while he 
kept the Checquer Inn in Romford, & went with 
him to ?/hite chapel, where he kept eji alehouse, 

H/LHBU!rO?, Isaac, of Romford, bricklayer, aged 28, horn 
there a^id lived there all his life. 

DSiKIlTjBiGhardsOf i^ewington Butts, aged 43, parish 
c 1 e rk 5 succ e ed ed 


• TODDjJohn^of Sto Bride *s,London,painter-stainer, aged 
4:Eohas lived there ten years^constahle of St. 
Bride • s ; fouD-d Anne BUHICQI in Hanging Sword 
Alley in the privilege of Salisbury Court, and 
carried her to the Compter for suborning witnesses 
BURKIHjJames ^of StdXmstan in V/est,mer chant, aged 26, 
formerly of St. Catherine ColemajL,iB agent for 
his cousin Mr « James BURKIN, party to this cause, 
they being brothers* sons. 
MA mSffiS, Edward, of Iver, Bucks. , cook, aged 55, has lived 
there ■'jwo years; of The Goat at Ivy Bridge. 
Joseph, of StoOlement Banes , surge on, aged 66, has 
lived there 40 years, 'bom at Aston^co.Glouc. ; 
is beadle of St. Clements. 
SIEPEeNS-Richar-d^of the same ,00 ok, aged 35, has lived 

there three years ;was servazit to Mr.MA.THEJ/JB 
at the Goat at Ivy Bridge for almost 20 years. 
ATKIlTSOI-uJolin.of StoOlement Banes , tailor , aged 48, has 
lived there 22 years, near the Paulsgrave^s 
Head tavern next to the Savoy. 
Mm 5 Samps on, of St„Botolph Aldgate , cooper, aged 41,has 

lived there 11 years. 
V/ESaDlTsJ7eter,of Wapping, Stepney, cooper , aged 40 , has 

lived there 5 years. 
ATKINSON, 31eanor<,wife of John, of St. Clement Banes, . 
tailor, aged 40, has been married 6 years. 

(61 contd. ) 

BUPJCIIT YcBuBKIiT. ( cont d. ) 


>-4. EOLLMlDpHichardsOf the same /oeadle , aged there. 
aflJ=^I<;iiLjJchii,of StoBctolph,Aldeat9,diGtiller,aged 50, 

"born in St, Catherine , London 
GIB^SOHj Jonas ..of the eame , chandler , aged SS^has lived there 
14 years. 

CL^i.PJS5Mary5wife of Johjn,of StoMary Bavoy , gen t, , aged 24, 

married 5 ^^eara , Dorii at Bristol. 
EOPEjJolnijat Antigua & Havis .alias Jolin Y/ILLMISOK. His 
fa/cher died via en he ^;;'as very yo-ong and his mother 
married one KOPB. 
FISHERsSdwardoOi St^Bride 's .sadler.agsd SO, has lived 

there 15 years, 
PIIi.j.JohJi,of StoBctolph Aldgate^tailor.aged 'iO^has lived 

there 3.8 years * 
BTCSTSON ; Gerard , of St <. Mary i.hch-^jr ch .raerchant , aged 28 jhas 

lived there 5 years. (Signs '^SYSIISM") . 
liTBTHE^/AY, Joh^jOf London ^gent. ^sged 40 ..deposes that Anne 
PSn3EPi;M Y/as married at IvJev is to John WPJGHT, 
in the presence of John PODY and Bastian EEEI\IB. 
EMlEETOItjIIhomas ,ox StoAndrev; Wardrohe .farrier .aged 54, 

has lived there 5 years .jhorn at Tong in Leicester- 
shire. Deposes that Jol^n HOPS married at llevis 
deponent '3 wife's sister and I:ias tY/o children 
viho go hy the nsr^e of EOPP, 
BSS^]?P,Ii:Lisha3 0f St^Iary Whiteo^iapel.marinerjaged 36, 
deposes o 


/ jt "- ailvAIIQ^Y,!^ ir^3. ,1916. 

■• VOL. I. ,I:C.6. 


New discoveries in Biography (SI Genealogy, 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the Enghsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


{as jrom Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


IO/6 per quarter. 
21,'- per half year. 

42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 
• London. 

''^HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy, lliese, of course, are bound up witli Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vcJiicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get -at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 


& lilDDX. 





Eow Mmond HaI{B"^-I inaci.e his Will , 

BLICK,Slizth. wife of ?ailiam of St,Ivlartin in Fields, 

lor iner, aged 45;ma.rried 20 years ;has six children. 
Aunt, that is, mother's sister of 

HAJRBIST sMr , ]£dmond , deed • ; apprent i co t o Mr • IVATT ,merc}ia.rj t , 

LOCK, Mr. Roger & his wife 

V/SST,IxIr. a scrivener. 

WHIOS, . . . ATint to Mr.Sdmond nAHB2;i{;sh8 and her children 
alv/ays himting after what he }iad and he wisheo. 
then all haaged. 
BLICX ,Wi 11 ia.m, citizen & loriner,aged 55;was one of the 
trustees of LIr Morrin KAP3F2T,father of Mr.Edinond. 
N0ADES,r2dini;nd,of Stevenage , Herts. , gent, ^aged 25 , has lived 

there all his life 
SMITH,William,of St. James ^Garliclc Hi the .merchant , aged 58. 
WRIGHT, John, party to suit. 

IVA!r2,L(lr Y/illiam,his v;ife & sister, in whose house HA.RBSiT 

HOV/IZ;T,William,aged alDOut 17, servant to MroIVATE. 
STI^i^/ABD,Maiy,wife of William, of St. George ♦s ,Southvy'ark, 
tallow chandler, aged 30,rflarried 9 years. 

Dram. Pars o 1916. 



vole 15. 


The Estate of Isaac & Jacoli PKSSTOIT . 

1683/4. DSBsKowland^cf St,llary V/ool church, Lend on, merchant, 
aged 70;has lived there ten years. 
COCK, Charles George of Norwioh 

PHE3T01T, Isaac, Esq. , died Sept, 1683 , survived Charles 
George COCK, Bsc. Had estate in Suffolk & 

BEECHnJO,^homa-Ss, servant to Isaac PRS3T0N,Esq, ,of 
Beeston St. Laurence, ITorf oik, aged 20, "bom 
at Hiokling, Nor folk. 
PRSS TOK , Jac o b , d e c d . 

" Elisabeth^Y/ife of Isaac. 

Estate held of the manor of Eofton St. John's, 
»« Charles. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


LOI\iX)IT. Lord Creri'B.vcV& doms stic affairs, ; 

1684. H0H?IBY,ikIrira2id,of Poulto/i.Ii^^ncs- ,^^ent, ^.a^jed 35; ' 

st07;ard of Ksthor v;yersdalo. [ 
G2IU^IlD,I}ig'Dy,Lordj]iis ODtatein Staf fs, , Ghost or ^ 

I^dcs. 5a£:9d 21 on 16 July 158-3. 
ilARIiYjMr. John, receiver of tho Lord GliPJi/VBD-S sstat-o 
in Lfincasliire,' 'V/alcing hira sudaeiily at Gars tang, 
the said lord i-o?3 0 out of Ills chair and qslyq 
him a "box or ti-/o upoia tl\e oar'*. 
GAPJ;KilR/BiOnias j,of Forton^yeoiranj^&ged 4G;l>om thera. 
i^IUvYyJohn^of D.lmploa in Gar3-':an.^,gentc ,ag2d 45»has 
livod thsre 6 yoars ? deposes that lord DIGBY 
Y/as 16 T.he2i he ix'arried Lady KlisthcGBKoAPJ); 
she dau.of CiiarloG ,Sarl of iiU00LJ]3FIjt]LD. 
Liv.3d at Sandon Plill^Staf fs, ,for ahoxzt 7 years, 
S2id "bofore th^^t v/as serv-axit to Sir Charles 
\70L3LiiY for ah out t^.?o years; was servant to 
Oeorg^ DIGBY, Esq, , Lord Gia-URD'S {?;ra:adfather. 
BUiC^OsV£-S,Rof^Gr5 0f Littlo Laigh^in Groat Budv/orth,,h-u8ba5idman,a<^od uB^has lived thera 
30 years. 

BltCiiFiilliD, Peter, of the firjao ,at;ed 75, horn thoro, 
Biro;^,Jolrn,of :«'din{3'all ,Staf f ;^ , ,-r^ent. ^agod 65, has liver: 

thcro 2 years, at 'VhiCimor for 20 years before tr^t. 
Vra;i:LCCK,Abraliain9S0-cvant to J;Crd aT:aU^D,aged 28. 
j?lLj;i3LY, Aromas, of Abbot BromlGy^Staffa. ,af^ed 59. 
mDj::SLJi.Y,Kdv/ard,cf i:o r ley .Lanes, ,livir,£^ at Mierscough 
Lodge, a{?ed 49. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


WYAT, Jane, servant to Lady (i3I-milD,aged 7^0 ,'^3 om at 

Tadenli8.m,G-louc. ..depOvses that Lord GSPJl/iJiI' threw 
a tanlcard of "beer at his said lady;dranli with 
his grooms end footmen. 
POWFALL,Mai^r, servant to Lady GSRPAEI),aged 50, deposes 
that Lord (BEBABD v;as Yery furious and inad 
in his drink. 

BSAlILSY^iJine, servant to Charles jEarl of MGCLE3FI3IJ) , 
aged 43. 

AMOLD ,W i 11 iap^, servant to Charles, Lord BHA?©ONfaged oQ. 
GEBRilHDjFitton^Esqo .aged 21, 

DM YlTfiH, Joshua, of Stolilartin ' s in Fields ,Middx,v .apothecary 

aged 50, has lived there 23 years, 
GABDKEH5Andrew,ser-7ant to Charles jF^arl of MA.CGn;:SFISLD, 

aged 30= 

(64 Gontd. ) 



Dispute as to Tlioma s BROWlTiii'S will,_ 


1684. Y/OOLLY, Justin, sister of Kiomas BED V/liE, deed, 

BBDV/I^IS, Amy, another sister. 

FAm-iEHY,Willia-Q,of Bmvies Inn, London, gent. , aged 44, 
has lived there 20 years $ born at Bramston 
near Lincoln; lodged at liammor smith in the 
Siinimer vacation of 1680. Oousin-german to 
BroshoTm 3H0\'/i':S. 
Y/OOLLY,Martin,son of I';ii-So Just ine V/OOLLY, married to 
CARDIFK3,Mrs Mary,y/ho had a considerable fortune. 
BB0V«Q:JS,Martin5Son of Humphry , apprenticed clerk to 
FiJII^HY,N0Vo 1679 , with £100 ;his pecixlations. 
His mother lived at Saltfletby. 
BROWIIE, Thomas, sv/ ore he would not give Martin BBOY/IsfS, 
his nephew, an jrthinf^ at his death. Was High 
Sheriff for LincoM in 1671 » Died at Saltfletby. 
BED?/]^S,Broxholme & Amy his wife, of Osgarby,co. Lincoln, 
declared TJiomas BEOV/ITE paid nothing when he 
lodged there and was very well pleased with 
the usage he found there. 
WATSOIT,!rhomas,of St.Alban,wood Street ,cit»<!c haberdasher, 

aged 49, has livod there 16 years, born at Saltfletby; 
keeps a timberyard and is churchvfarden. 

BrajQ. Pars. 1916. 




LOiIi;ON vol.15. 

How v;illiam GAIbLL^S will ol>ta l ned a 
Codicil * 


1605. BIS.' HiK, Diana, of Sto Helen * s jLondon.widow, aged 48, lias 

lived there 16 years. 
GABLLyvyilliaii-i^v/orth £800 a yeai%died at Bov;,in the 

house of 

TOO LLYjLIaiy, declared she had met v/ith great crosses in 

the \7orld,sat up Y/ith deceased jmajving frequent 

applications to a brandy "bottle. 
V/ALLIS,Ja2ie,of Little St „ Helen ' s ,af^ed 52,has lived there 

17 years, horn in otaClGrnent Lanes. 
JORDiAlIjVvillianijOf Lincoln *s Inn, gen t. , a god 3e;horn at 

Woolston, Salop. 
WAISTEHjHenry jcame into the room vath a bottle of wine, 

and was called on "by the deceased to malce the 

company drinlii broth or to GAELL. 
JOI©AIT,Sdward,of the Ivliddle Teiiple ^.^ent, ,aged 25;boni 

at Shrews bury, Sal op. 
A3BLL,Mr. . , . wrote the Codicil in a coffee-house 
in London, 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


vol. 2. 


Sir ThO Rias L^i^lPUaaH'S ha ndv /riti n;^. 


1634. IAMPLUaH,Aiit}ioiiy, party to suit. 

GAETH,Q.^oiir?.s ,of Gockermoiitli,'J-ain'bd. ,aged ^Sjhas lived 

there about a year, and Deiore that in the faraily 
Of Sir Thomas LiUlPLUGH in Dovenoy;was boiTi at 
Great Salkelds^aiid livet?i by soliciting causes. 
IAM?LUaH,i>oorg9 , party to suit. 

Sir I^noiuG,s ,deo eased , so infirm that he was held 
on horseback by one on either side„ Carlisle 
t\venty miles from his hou^e at Iwanby. 
Question as to his handv/riting. 
TOLSOIT^Lancelot ,citi2:en S: mercliant taylor of London, 

aged 54, has lived there 8 years, and before that 
in Sir (Thomas Lk..Ii^LUGH'S family 13 or 14 years; 
bom in Bridek:rk; nephew of Anthony LAI^iPLUGH, . 
"oarty to this suit. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 



BZZYOm) SEA. . vol.2. 

Wine from the Canaries. 


1634. Ill GAULT, Louis , of 3ordea-ax in France , merchant , aged 48, 

horn there. {oi£pis). 
Gj^DLIIIB, Ja:aes ,the elder, tool^ the ship Tlie Benediction 
to freight in the voyage to and from the 
Canaries v/ith wines. 
IJAIiiri',Joh^,a Frenchnmn,hom in Meshire in the province 

of GciisnGs in France. 
GH)LIl!iR, James cb Peter, sons of Peter the elder. 
. F03rSIi,Iidinond ) partners in the ship.with GHOLIEPi 
WHn/.TLi:Y,?.ohert ) the elder. 
GO 'IMSJ^m, James ) 
T^jNGHSjKicholas ) factors. 
BH)ADGiiTB ,Iiart:7n ) 




& LOIQOK, volo2. 

An jj^xeoutorship and a Bond . 


1634. COGA2T,Andref\7,of St. Andrew Undershaft , London, merchant , 
aged ^Bjhas lived there 3 j'-ears ,and "before that 
beyond sea in the Sast Indies , etc. ,14 years and 
mora. Bom at Watt on in Siiaeshurrow,co, Dorset. 

MOUl^TFORO, Richard, deceased, "boTind to COGAK in £100. 

Servant to Mr, CFLtlLLBIJOH of University 
College in Oxford & his executor. 

SHSRBOHMIC, Edward., executor to I'AOmiFORD. 

ALLOT'TjWillianjOf St.ilary .Cochurch, London, merchant- 

taylor^agsd 55;has lived there 35 years. (Signs ) • 

CHAliL31^0R , "Biorre.s . 

SKUIEjNathP^nieljLi.A. ,aged 47, rector of St. Mildred 

Poultry, Lend on, these 15 years ;bom at Giggleswick, 
Yorksh ire . (S igns ) . 

Dram. Per s . 19 16 . 


BU0K3. " DSI-SGASSS • K^iblS. 


A Uonlcs Risboyough Disyate . 

i634, HOWIJIlTT,!nhomas jOf 07/swiclc noxt MorOr-s Riaboroiigh, 
Buclcs. 5 husbandman .aged 60; has lived thare 
50 yearp;'bor-n at Askett in the samo; deposes as to the Kothersands & 
Bamefelldj^/hother in ■O'^/swick farm or 
StOEtoell faxm 

LLOYD, . . , farmer of T^fethersands & Bamfeld. 

HAMBDEH, Sergeant ,cr';'mer of the same. 

OEQBlISLL,Racliard, farmer of the same for about 6 years, 

30 or 40 years since. 
C0S^3;Henry,fam^ar of 'giio same. 
OlIAOE, William, farmer of the same. - . 

CAPJTE, . . . fanner of the same 
tPRSVOR^Sir Jolmshad it by marriage. 
HEBORITE, . . , t7/o brothers 5 farmers of the same. 

GAYS,Eiom3,s 5mip,.iatsr of Ouldswiclc, received the titheff. 
CLA-Rv^Boctor^parson of Monks Risborough. 
DINGL3Y,Mr, , . . parson of the same. 
ITE^LSjJolin^of Princes Hi sbo roughs ye Oman, aged 63,has 

lived there 60 years. 
GHEEITyVAY, . , . ormer of Stocfevell farm. 
PBTTIPACE, , , . ) in possession of Bamfield fa>^ 
Bii^TOH, , , . . ) 




.Lady MpBDAMT' ' S 7/i 1 1 . 

1634. HMETa?,Bo'bert,of toothill ,Beds. ,Esq* ,a^d 4V{ 

has lived ishars ail hia life, son of Willil&fii| 
who said his wife v/as the Lo.dy MOKaiUlT0?'S 
grandchild* Echert boi^i in Linooliishira 
hut he Imows not whsrse Kmt the mother 
of the partjr prcducent a.nd his mother rsre 
sister's children. V/illie^n ahove 80 yea^re 
of age. (Bigns 
MORDAIHTQ?, Lord, deceased ..his will. He died ahoTe 

30 years since, 
APPHICB, Jererny,th3 BVLvriving party appellant, 

" Hohert,e2:ecrLtor of the lady MOBli^vUITT ahout 
16 years eince ir^rried her da"»:j^ter & is 
father of William HH?;,'ST^'S wife. 
OUDDM, Olhonias, gen t. , clerk to lanrenoe MIYT'/TSLL 

one of the Six Clerics of Ghancery;aged 55. 
(SigQS CUDtOH. ) 
POBINSON,MroSdTrard, clerk to Mr, Valentine SAUiTDEnS 

one of the Six Clerks "divers years since" 
A^DKIITSOIT, Henry, of St „ Andrew, Ho Ihoi'n .aged 40;has 

lived there 13 years ;bef ore that in Chancery 
Lane; Vorn at GI•an^,'/orth,^^orfolk, '*'a clerk 
belonging to the TLaw"*. (Sisns), 
WHIETEY,Siomas,parby to this suit. 



& WAM. 


Nicholas BDE'S trade & l)tigineg g . 


1634. IBBYjEdwardjOf Great Allhallov/s j London, groo or, 
aged 37;ha3 liTed thers 13 yearv^. ;];ias "been 
a olerlc in vhe M^.yor'B Gotir*b > London jriarried 
the daug'iter of the prodiioont Anne, (Signs ). 
RUSjNicholaa gdooea^ed^treasurar of the OompaTiy 

of Merdlaants of the Staple of London, -uncle to 
KQEgNicholas jthe legatee ^only servant of the said 
Nicholas .STid laiew the mystery of the trade; 
only 14 02' 15 v^hen his uncle died, 
BUE,Hicholas ptha elder ^of Coventry , stole away Nicholas 
* the legatee 5his son^froni the custody of the 
executrix: in Oct., 16S0 .five or six we ales after the 
death of Nicholas the tfistator. 
EDBjAnne^wife of Hidiol as ^deceased ^\7ho had no children 
at the time of his deatho Is SO years of age and 
lil^ely to live ru:^^>Y years ;not a veeJk'ly woman. 
WILSON p Eobv^ rt , of St . Clave , r.ou^;hwark , lc?at hersel ler .aged 

imLE^[S5Willie4::,\vitnes3ed Hiohoj^s HUE'S will (Signs 
MOLXKS) 0-; Bt.01aTe».3 9WOOdmong3rta^ed S7;has 
lived there 20 years = Born at Kenn5jigala ,Norf ollCr 
DL430N,aihorcas ,of St . George ^s ...oouthferkvleatherseller, 
aged 25 J has li-^d there one year; he fore that in 
St.Olave's 3 years zDorn at KornchurchySssex. 



Some Laleham parishioners. 

16554* SHBLION, Edward, of St •Sepulchre, London » gent aged B6| 

has lived there 9 years ;*boni at Peckletoni 
Leic. Is a olerk in tho office of the Olerk 
of the Peace for Middlesex, deposes as to 
oopies of records referring to the parish 
of Laleham and the deft* SMITH. (Signs)* 

SHLLER, Henry, of St, Andrew Holbom,Middx» ^aged 29| 

has lived there 12 years a (Signs ) . 
BROOKES, Susanna, wife of John, of Thame, Ozon aged 325 

has lived there 9 months, and "before that for 

12 years at Laleham ,iLliddx. ;hom at Woking, 

Surrey. Peeped in the windov/ at Laleham when 

the minister was out. 
SMITH, ♦ . . deft, ''a man much given to company and 

drinking", dv/alt at Laleham, churchwarden; 

folded his sheep in the churchyard and churoh 

porch, and threatened the clerk. 
DBEfc . • . widow, at Ohertsey,at v;hoso house Mrs.BEDOITES 

saw SMITH drunk. 
IidJFEB, . . . v/idow,her house at Laleham. 
WHITEsMit. Thomas, minister of Laleham, to whose house SUITE 

resorted suspiciously; leapt over the pales into 

his yard;was overheard to say to lirs Anne WHltEB, 

«Wiat if old Thomas should come homo?*' and presaatOy 

tho candle was put out. 

Dram. Pors. 1916. (73) 


New discoveries in Biography (SI Genealogy. 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the EngHsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence farther details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued' Weekly, 


[as fvoni Saturday, Sth January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SUBSCRIPTIOX [by post): 

lo 6 per quarter. 
21 per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 
• London. 

" j^^HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. Tliese, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. ^ 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remen.iber carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 




A Bg>qUQ3t of hB:rx6.B in Kent. 
A.D. ' 
.1634* LADD,Hobert,of Oantorbury ,Bsq, ^aged 48jhas lived th(3i»e 
15 years* (Signs lAT'B)* 
FYLS, Hi chard, pit. in a trial boforo the Mayoi* of B^dwioh, 

BOUGIuHiJolm^son of Boland, leased land to FYLBjaaid 

B,oland brother of Mar^^ory COKSF/X'T, 

James, dfcft. at sxxit of ?YLE. 
PHXLLIPPS3, Jo sei^h, party to suit. 
SMITH, John. 

ETOSID>:,Eenry,his bequest of laiid to BOUGBH;hiQ v?lll 

triod in tho Mayor's Oourt of Sandwich, Son of 
Honry a gentlernaai of tho King's Chapol and Margory 
. CONSSTO? his wifo. 
!K3N0H,Sara,of Bt, Saviour 's ,South"warl?:pWidow, aged 45{lias 

lived there 22 years ;dau, of Holand BOUGEH and Bister 
of John,Marg0.ry OOKSSTT v/ao her father's slotor. 
AI2iira,AnnetV;ife of MwardjOf St*Martin-in-the~Fi©lds , 
London, aged 34;ha3 lived there 8 years) ;dau, of 
Roland BOUGSB, (Signs). 
KOBINSON >Kan ry , of St - Kathorine^-by-the-Tower, London , 

oord\valner,Eged SOjhas lived there 6 months, 
and before that at Stepney IV years. (Signs ) . 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (74) 



vol, 2. 


The Ship the Little St.CreorRQ of Bristol. 


1634. BURTMACHI , Philip, of St.Dionis Backcharch, London, 

merchant ,a£;od 59;haa livod there 6 years. 

GUNING, . . . Ef^reed with BUHLimCHI as to tlae King's 
t\90 thirds of the value of the ship the 
Gabriel of St.Gilles in Prance and her 
furniture and the goods talcen in her hy 
the 3t,G6or{;e and her company. 

WYfcJ:? ♦Thomas , deputy register of the Admiral Court. 

BUHLEHACHI deposes that GUIUITG and the rest of 
the owners of the "lit. George'* were troubled at 
Bordeaux about the taking of the "Gabriel 'Sand 
he procured for them an Act of the Parliaraent 
of Paris which cost him £4. 8b. ,but they refusing 
to pay him the money, he meddled no further in it. 

Pram. Pers. 1916. (75) 

vole 2. 

giie Persoiv:-J. Sst ato of V/illiam OOHHS OIT, 


1634, ATaSsRobert jOf 3t, Bride »s ,Loncl on , gent aged GO;has 

lived there 2 years ; be fore that, in Sb.i'Iargaret *s , 
Hew Fish Street, 8 years, (Signs 3^3). 
JCKisSOlTjWillia^sdeceasGdjhis estate ;rented house in 

Friday Street of the FistoOBgers * Co. ;died in 
the last {;reat sictaess about 10 years since. 
HOPKYNS, Jonas .the now acoomptant of JOHliSON'3 estate. - 
FllTCHjSir John ^ deb tor to the estate. 
ABLE^jIOif^jl.Iro ^debtor to the estate. 
i!/l/j3B>Mr. Enoinas jdebtor to the estate. 
CPJSPE or GKI.PPHSiMrs. . , . lived three years after 

JOiHISOH, He to tai^e rent of a house in Maidst-one 
while she lived, 
PROUSpJ, William, of St.ilicliael , Crooked Lane , fishmonger, 

a{^ed 28;ha3 lived there 10 years ;bom in Exeter; 
c 1 e rk of the F i s hi:ion{^r s ' Canpany . ( S i^m s ) . 
JKUiSOTsHobert jOf Canto rburrr , vintner , aged 35, has lived 

there 5 years, and before that in Dover for 6;boirai iJi- 
He t c omb e , G 0 . Ken t . 
LY*iVOOD, Philip, to v/hom JO SI3C1I delivered bills at the 

"lieroraajT'd" in Bread Street , London. 
UALIi3U?T'3d^;-'ard,kept the bar in the said tavern in Jan^l61^ 

I>rani,Pe'rs.l916. (76) 


vol* 2. 

Slander and Evil speaking . 


1634r, JEIiMyHjHo'bert jOf V/estminster, haberdasher, aged 28, 

bom there ;keepeth a tavern imder smother 
and liveth thereby (Sigixs JKmi^'), 
TOMPSOIT, Mary, servant to SKiVDWBLL. 
HOLIAND»Aiay,fonner mistress of TOi!iPSOH,publioiay 

censured for a bawd» 
CARiaCK,, called Slimm^L and his wife 

brother and sister. 
SHA.DWELL.Mr^hig ho-ase a tavern near the Custom 

House in St.lXinstan *s in the East , London. 
SDV/AHDS, ... a kinsma-n of OAIiRIOIC, 
V/ARD, Francis , in a room in GA^RHICK'S house .desired 
to depart, as the others had private business; 
used many uncivil and indiscreet spoeches. 
K)PHM1, Alexander, of Bridgwater , Somerset , gent. ,aged 54; 
has lived there 20 years ;bom at Atherton als. 
Areton in the Isie of Wiglit ;dir7elt for two 
years, about ten years ago, near the Three Cranes 
at the Savoy Gate, where SHADV/iiLL and Elizabeth, 
his wife kept a tavenio Has dwelt in St « George's, 
Southwarkjtwo years and is worth £1000. (Signs ) . 
SKADWSLL,ElizabQth,^*of a furiOLis and cruel carriage 

towards her household servants". 
EDIVARDS, James, of Allhal lows Barking ,mer chant , aged 30, 
has lived there the gi^eator part of his life. 
, Not taxed in the last Trabsidy but hath paid 

Ship Money. (Signs). 

Dram, Pers. 1916. (77) 

& vol.2. 

Boor for the FQ-giiders of ^<^ ^r^"land._ 


1635. MWLSY, Gabriel, of London,sent, ,agod 34, has lived 
there 5 years ;"bef ore that in Virginia ton 
months, and "before that in London 5 years 
and more. (Signs ) , 
BAMIiylOilLl, Lord, his house at the Upper end of Holhoi'n; 

his "brother and partner^ 
LS0KAKD3 5 Leonard, loaded into "The Ark", sailing to 

Maryland in Sept , 1635 , divers tonnes of beer 
to the use of Lord BALTIHOIiS. d^iere were 
three or four joined as partners in the 
said ship and her pinnace called "The Pove". 
HALLYjLlro Jerome.a partner in "The Ark"5had tm eighth 
part . 

HALLBY, Gabriel 5 did bespeak and provide beer and 

victual for the ship. 
CALVIilRT, Captain Leonard partner in the pinnace. 
COKTOVALLYS sivir Tnomas , ditto. 
SAIJDES ; Mr Jc}m, ditto, 
or SAUlTDIi^K!) 

BOULTSR,Joh^a,citisen 6c skinner of London, of St. 

Botolph Aldgate,aged' 40;has lived there 3 
years ,and before th£it for 12 years in the 
East Indies » vYas purser and steward of the 
ship for the said voyage under the Lord 
BALTIi^ORd. (Signs). 

Dram, Pers. 1916. (78) 

vol. 2. 

Tithes of 3t/i^Iartin' s-in-the->-Pielclg . 

??vICJ55Wllllam,cf St-oiMare^aret ,V/estminster , brewer , aged 50, 
has lived there 29 years /was serTOnt to Sllis 
E^;IE}\SOH about 29 years since. 
ji^CBEBOITjSllis ,01 i¥3sti'ninstsr ^faiirar of the impi'opriats 

parso3xags of St miliar t in -s in the FioldG* 
Fi3IA^JvIra (?John) had the grand lease of the reotory 

of St, Mar t in * s o succeeded 
CCLiJaMro in farming the said parsonage* 
JMLL . Franc i s o f S t « Mart in ■ s ^ f i shmonge r , aged 5 3 , has 
livrid there kO years; is no Du'osidy raan^knows 
not V7hat he is Y/orth; holds three acres and a 
half in the pariah and has paid tithes to yii\ 
PAGETT iaiese 12 years , (Signs ) . 
3BA.YS,Kr. ,yioar of StJvlartin's. 

MOUNTFO I®, Doctor, now deceased , late vicar, 
?[OBE,Maiy,of Codpico OoTert , parish of StoMargaret 

Westminster .aged 36, widow of Anthony ^.has- lived there 
a year, and "before that in Bmerson^s Yard in the 
said parish for 9 years, 3>/olt near the parsonage 
bam » 3 0 m in S o , Mar gar e t * s . 
K4.SKEj,j0ixn,fath6r of Mary ITOBE. 

KOLiJAAlTcEobert, rented lands and Icept cov/s in the said 

BSiBBINC-k'N.Thoims, of St. Martin in the Fields ,yeoroan, 

aged 60 , lias lived there 55 years ;wa3 horn in 
Franshajn parish in Cheshire. 
FJLa!Sl^SY,Mialiael,of the saine ,3s , aged SO, bom there;hath 
lands there rLich were in possession of his 
mother 40 years since, who died 28 years since. 
Says the vicarage of St. Mart in is V/orth £200 
a year, (Signs ) . 
KUSSELL,John,of V/estminster , gardener , aged 50, has lived 
there 2.6years;paid tithes to Is/lTaSl^iiRSOlT and 


BULYK v.PAGSlT. (contd. ) 


1637. STHUTTQIT,Amie,held ten acres in St.Martin's 


BAKEH,Jo2m,of St.fvtartin ' s ,gentlemn,ag8d 50, 
has lived there 50 years, (Signs ) . 

V/AI/KBil,John,of St.Llartin's ,gentleman,aged 41, 

has lived there 50 years, son of William, 
farmer of 36 acres called Croefieldg 
from 1614 till a"bout 1618, when he died, 
after which this deponent held it till 
1623. Was horn in St. Bride *s ,London. (Signs ) . 

GEO RGB, J olin J who held a good deal of land in St« 
Martin * s jdied ah out 1650, 

WILSON,Dainaris ,of St .Andrew t Ho IhomsV/idow, aged 54, 
has lived there 30 years, \7ife of Robert, 
farmed Z2 acres in St.Llartin 's. (Signs ) . 

EYiUTSjEdith .widow of Jo}ia,holds lands in St. 
Mart in ' s . 

V700D,Arine,of St. Giles in the Fields ♦spinster , 

a^ed 40, horn there, holds 12 or 13 acres in St 
Llartin's. (Sigo^s). 

(V9 contd . ) 

Bimdle 462 

The State of idind of Josoph Andre\7> 


iVaV HDBSON, Thomas, of Gui sh rough, Yorks. ,innholder. 
ANDK-'W/,Doborah,an infant under age* 
llkO NACHTOn, Duncan, ^iardi an of Deborah. 

.HICK3,Each-ariah ;!arley,of ITorth Lofthouse , tailor , 

aged 44. (Sig-ns). 
JACXS01-],Uary <5; Thorns ;sL*i occupies a house, etc., 

in Lofthoiise. 
HQTTOlT.V/illiara (Tc Jane his vvdfe. 

ANDREW, Joseph the elder, late of Lofthouse, deceased , 
Joseph the younger , their wills, and property 
at Korth Lofthouse, 
KING,William,of }:;s ton, schoolmaster, aged 45, son of 

IJatthovV,late of North Lofthouse , weaver. (Both sign). 
• llAO NACHT01T,31i2a"beth,of Skelton, spinster, now deceased, 
witnessed will of Joseph A1IDHS\7 the younger. 
She was his wifa*3 sister and thought he 
- should have loft-hia daughter Deborah £150, 

but he refused, 
William, of North Lof thouse , tail or, aged 30, deposes. 
ii[ASCRIP,George ,of "Fiyu-p in Danby ,yeoman,aged 48, deposes. 
- HOLDFOHTH,.Mary,of Lof thouse,Vvido'//,aged 74, thought Joseph 
AHD.-u^w the 5'ounger was incapable of making a 
will;Eleanor,his mother, was in the house, 
STHIPHSITSOIT Ji^ary,v7ife of V/illiara,of Lofthouse , mariner, 
aged 54, has :^o\7n complt. Deborah since her 
birthjthat Joseph Jt^lDKSi^J the younger died 
1 Jan. 1780; vvas a very near neighbour of him 
and very intimate in the family, Duncan 
i-iACNAUGHTOrl and his daughter got Joseph's 
v/ill made, and Eleanor said to Joseph, 
"Joseph, thou h^s been getting a cruel will 
made," but Joseph returned no ansv/er and 
appeared to be quite insensible. Tiie house 
in 3outh Lofthouse on the North side was 
built by Joseph AITDBhT// the elder near 50 
years ago. 

Dram. Pors. 1916, (80) 

AirDrG?;/, James, of Lofthouse ,shoeniaker ,aeed 37; 

that Joseph the younger i7as his brother 
and died on a Simday morning ;\7orked 
for his brother in the business of a 
shoemaker. After the v;ill v/as made KING 
saidj^'^iie had got nothing done if it had 
not been for old DOIUQN and his daughter 
Bet." Is brother to Isaac, the deft.KIlKJ 
said, »»If ever old IX)MaN should affront 
him he could black him v;ith regard to 
the said will-^king»'. lliJ) ITAUGHTOIT ♦ S 
datighter sat on the pillow behind Joseph 
and pr®e0od him to leave her £150. He was 
V70rth £500 or £600. (Signs). 

iJQ)HI3k7f]ilary,v/ife of said j£imos,agod 42, deposes. 

(80 contd , ) 


Bundle 48 P.. 

Dispute as to Trust restates of a Charity^ 

1796. C.lDjL/^*D,3arah,of "The Hotel" in Leeds. 

^\:?T3:R3.iiLL, John, clerX, vicar of Lodsham, 
iniai\GTC=IT,H0Qert,clerk,vicar of 7norp ^urch, lived 

in 1766 in co. Leicester. 
}".TKjIHIITG?Oi;, George, clerk, vicar of Collingham, lived 

in 1768 at Driffield, very aged and infirffl, 


BUCi:, Samuel 
LOw'?rC^,jir Vi'illiam 
V/IL30iT, Christopher 
H-.'^DIl'jLlary ,v;idov; of James 

30GGi^TT,John,a lease granted to hira in 1788 , occupied 

the farm several years hefore. 
ICTCWL?:S, Charles, a lease granted to him in 1768, 

married the daughter of the preceding tenant. 
SHI?tTLIFFr.,i:dv7ard,of Least one in Kippa:c, farmer, aged 40, 

bailiff of Trust Estates. ('J igns ) . 
Sl-LLON,V/alter,late vicar of Ledshain. 
2^JjBY, Richard, a lease granted to him in 1798. 

Drara.Pers.1916. (81) 

Om.PBO. 1758-1800 » 
Bundle 482, 

The Y/itnessinf^ of a Deed> 

1799» QBE/j.T::3, John, his ho-aoe "The Hotel*', in Leeds. 

ASKIIAi'i,Y/illiam, gentleman, and Ulisaheth his wife, 
and Sarah, Mary & Elizabeth his children. 
♦* Susanna, widov;. 

MIDGLBYjJohn Behecca his wife 
HIKD}:)H,John & Ann his wife* 

Harriet ,Ann,Jane, Maria, Robert J Joseph John, 
MIDGLEY, Robe rt , gentleman* 
FIELD,Hobert, clerk. 
V/ ILSON , B en 0 amin , gen t leraan , 

RIOH/jJSSOir, James , of Leeds , {gentleman, aged 45, deposes 
that on 18 <^iy 1781, a deed was signed 
between coraplt.Y/illiam ASICHALI and Elisabeth 
his wife (then Elizabeth V/HA.LL2Y1 , Susannah 
ASiai/ua,John ASKKAIvI of V/ilberf oss ,gent, , 
since dead, and Francis V/KuLLI^Y of Leeds, 
tanner, since dead. 

Dram, Pers. 1916. 



CHAIT.PHO. 1758-1800. 

Bundle 482 

Urs. Appleton ■ s Property. : 
A.D, I 
1799 LEEiaNCr, Peter, of "The Half Moon",Llarket j 
- . V/oightonjYorks . | 

A?PLETON,V/illlain, party to suit , husband of [ 
Far^y APPL3T01T ^decd. [ 
FDD TI;H, John, party to suit. I 
Dc-UwS , Henry Gray, party to suit, • 
APPLjiTON,Mary Ann,imder 21. 

BUKSTT, Henry Purne 1 1 , guard ian of Hary Ann , 
B3ITTLB Y, Thoma s ,cf 3ev er 1 ey, gen t. , aged 28 , was 

witness to a Bond. (Signs), 
HALL,Samuel ,of Beve r ley, gent. , aged SQ^witnessed 
an agreement for dissolution of partnership 
'bot\7een said DALES ,V/illiam APPLSTON &, Fanny 1 
APPi:: TON. (Signs), r * 

CAUOOD,Mrs. ,her house "The Old Sand Hill", in 

Collier Gate, York. j 
jm^vIHSON, Richard, of Pocklington ,gent . ,aged 32, 

says that Fanny APPLETON died in March 1796, 
and James CA:-IP3I:LL and Williajn HALS 
witnessed her v/ill. (Signs). 

Dram. Per 3,1916. (83) 


vol. 15, page 241 18. 

V/}:LLS v.St.GIGGOBY'S parish. 



ghe Debts of Richard V7DLLS . 

MILLSOP? , John , of S t . Sav i our ' s , Southv/a rk , Surrey > 

gent. 5 aged 26. 
Y7ELLS, Richard 
WSDlffiS, Charles 

WA?TLL,IvIargaret ,decd.lvIr.V/ELLS her executor. 

RICHARDSON ,Y/i 11 iam 


H/JmiO T , Thomas , Es q . 

BARON" , Ge orge ,Ls q . 

AVORY, William 

(several pages farther on) • 
BR0V/1\TD, Richard, of St. Gregorjr«s ,victualler,aged 30, 
has lived there 3 years, tenant to Ivlargaret 
V/ATTLE at th© Three Pigeons in Creed I^ne 
PO^rDR, Francis , of St . Paul ,Shad\vell , distiller , aged 48, 
has lived there 14 years ,v/as tenant of Margaret 
V/ATTLB of The Grown at Bell Vmarf . 
BEARD,V/ill3am,cf St. Paul 's ,Shadwell ,cordwainer, aged 40^ 

has lived there 13 years. 
HILL, Thomas , of St. Paul 's ,Shad\vell, distiller, aged 43, 

has lived there 13 years. 
BRICB, Thomas, of St.Botolph Aldersgate , clerk, aged 39, 
has lived there about a yeaLr7p2JLd.iirs.VvATTLE 
£8. 10s. a year for a house he lived^ra/ 
Friars . 

VnBU?srH^9I6^ (84) 



A voyaf^e of the "HopeY7ell *\ 


1663. V/OOB, Gilbert, Bon of Giles , of MorGton,3evon , 

servant to Kr.V/HITBO of Dartmouth, one 
of the owners of tho ship ''Hopev;oll", 
aged 16. 

V/EIT30 of Dartmouth. 

LUG;*S,\Villiara,inastor of the "Hopewell'*, 

AYr/IIT, Mr. Herbert, paid the mariners of the 
. "Hopewell". 

BAWPra, Hi chard, ) mariners of Dartmouth. 

R/iV;LIN3,Zhoma8 ) 

nJDH,V>illiam ) 
Timothy ) 

GIDD/aY, Robert ) 

HALU, James ) 

LOOSB,IvIichael ) 

IIATHS^iT^, Roger ) mariners of Newfoundland. 
DUlTNl]NrG,Tailiam ) 

A voyage from Dartmouth to Newfoundland, 
Lisbon and London. 

Dram.Pe rs,1916. 



J VOL. I. ,1TG,6. 


New discoveries in Biography ^ Genealogy. 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Dom.estic 
Affairs of the Enghsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


{as from Saturday, Sth January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 

SCBSCRIPTIOX [by post): 

io,6 per quarter. 
2 r /- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Stran'd (by temple bar), 
• London. 

''J^HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at 'a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. Tliese, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WFiERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at tlie documents may ascertain thf 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

vol, 15, p. 229. 

The Vicar of Croydon and his parishioners. 

A. P. 

1683. DUITOANjJohnJvLA. ^aged 52,Dorn at Ann i ok, No r thd. ^ sometime 

curate at Portsmouth & Croydon, ordained 1672. 
PBVBIiODLL^JohnjCurate to Ir. CLS^/vlJf^ at Croydon. 
CLE^/vQDHjDr.V/lllianijVicar of Croydon ah out 20 years. 
CLINCH J Andrev/,, LLP, ,of Bt, Andrew Holhornjaged 38, horn at 

Ipswich J Suffolk. 
l?5Y;}<!AlT,Rohert 3 curate O'T Martonjaged 345curate there 10 

years ..horn at Ashhurst ,Ivent . 
HUI\iPHBEYS 5 Anne, maidservant to Dr.CLE^;ffiK who was indicted 
at Kingsto^i Assizes for murdering her, and 
acquitted ;dau, of Tnoma^s* 
BBAYaJohnjOf clerk, aged 50 .horn there 
KOBviMT,Hicuiard,a married m.a:ti,of Croydon , carpenter , aged 40 

horn there. 

H03BS, Susanna jVrife of Hichard, clerk, of Croydon, aged 24; 

horn at Reigate^ 
HMTNING, John, and ^ • ■ 

CHA}£BEBLAIN35Halph5dissenters v/ho do not haptisse their 

children at church. 
V/El^ivl, Jane ,-; Air ied oy her friends 3 though they v/ere told 

Dr,CLZ:^;vi:R v;-.^ coming from London hy coach, out of 

spigl?.t to the said Doctor. 
PQLLF/N, Henry 5 reported to be .an Anahaptist and his v/ife 

a Quaker, 

. , of Beddingt on , clerk, aged 42, horn at 

ALLEIGHsJeromejS.T,?, ,of St^Martin's in the Fields; 
horn at ITa\vj.and in Pider ,Cornv/all. 


Dram* Per s. 1916. (86) 

1683. ALLh)OP,l^iissell ^citisen & skinnor Of London, 

aged 66 , horn at Korthall , Herts. 
P?iHHY , U i 1 1 i am , of St. Bar th . tho Lo s s , surgG on , 
aged 54, "born at Tov/oester ,i-Iorthamptonv 
Gr..Hii-*I^D,'iary , of Battersea ;S-arrey , spinster , aged 
£C.'boiii at Dinton in- War ham, co. Chester. 
JOHiTXK, jJdv/ard ,of Lambeth House in La.mheth, 

gent. , aged 40, has lived there 20 years; 
borr at Bothell Castle jCO.iTorthtimbe r land. 
\V3BS1SH,I]dv7ard,S-T.P, , rector of Newington Butts, 
aged 49, bom at Little Sandford, Essex, 
(continued several pages farther on) 
?I8bLH,Joi:n, of the Inner Temple , gent . »aged 52^ 

bom in St. Clement Danes. 
THOIllTOI'T, John,of St. Andrew Holbom, tapster, 

aged 20;bom at Warton, Lanes. 
SOBDSBY, Robert, of St. Benet »s ,?aul 's V/harf ,gent. , 

aged 42;born at Shi rland ,co. Darby. 
NOKIAK,HiGhard,cf Croydon, waterman, "read the 
\ burial service over several corps, his 

^auglhter being present.*^ Fourscore & 
upwards buried at Croydon every year. 
GLOUCSSTlHJIenryjOf Croydon ^gardener, aged 55; 
bom there, 

BLAJvS,John,,of Croydon , husbandman , aged 49, bom 
the re . 

COyPI::H,John,of Clifford's Inn, gent. , aged 54, 

CHCSbLT, J ^'hn, of the Inner Temple , London .lis q. , 
aged 50; born, at Ta'ttershall o Lines joi" 
Charterhouse Xaixi. 

(86 contd. ) 


The Uarriage of Prigc ill a PUHCHLS B. 


1 683 , GHEISLL , Bl e ano r . o f St, And rev/ , Ko lb o rn , sp ins t e v , 

has lived there 6 vveeks ,bef ore that 
5 years in St., Sep-ulchre -s ."before tha-j 
for 3 years in St . Duns tan '' s in the V/est, 
and "before that for 3 years . in St J^iar^^ 's , 
Vk'hite chapel .aged 36rocrn at Cranley, 

LAUHG3 ,Darcy , married at (Ire at 3t . Bartholomev/ ♦ s , 
London 5 to 

PUIlGKASn,Priscilla5c;?id "be'^ded at a v/eavers in 

00 BN3LIU3, Captain 'UTberfe a witness at Guildhall. 

LwlUlTGE spent 20/s.upon him at Limehouse 
on punch, brandy/ and other liquors. V/as 
afterwards sick and in prison :n the 
01ink,Soutn\7arkjv/a8 carried to St. Thorns -3 
Hospital Sc. died, 
• Rr^BS,Hanna,alias HAIiTLEY ,v/if e of Bartholomev; 

HIVEHS of Stclvlary Somerset , Lend on. citizen 
£c grocer, a^ed 42, lias lived there 15 years; 
"born at 3reedcn on the Hill ,00. Leic. 
lXjV/ITHALI,I:vIag'dalen,of Christ Church Hospital , London , 
Y/idow,has lived there 6 years, and before 
that in St. Giles ,Gripple.sate , for five or 
six years ;a.{^ed 50, born at Battlehurst , Sussex. 
DepOE^es tv/ice. 
BIiriT1EH,i:ii2abeth,wife of 'Thomas, of St ,i>ndrew,Holbom, 
ge2it.;has lived there 6 years, aged 40;boni 
at Dorchester, Dorset. Ivlet Capt . GCPJII'.LIUS at 
Guildhall; asked him hc<v he v/ou-ld dare to 
swear-ugainst a v/oman he did not know. 


xJrriiui>arB..JL9aiS. (87) 

, HJZI3K;.SS v.UUiTGi:. (contd. ) 

BL0??,3ilve3ter , in the llarshalsea prison; had 
been in ITewgate arid burnt in the hand. 
GKu J^OH , Grace , of St . Gi le 3 , Or ipplegate jWidc.v , 

aged 40, has lived there 7 years ;born at 
i'iashf ield^Glouc. ,hath ]aio\m Li:lUNG3 since 
the great siclaiess in 1665;i-me\7 PrisGilla's 
h-asband PUHCH/x33 Li^UiTCS a very bad man 
who did cheat I lad am ISj^R/J.^a \vidov/,and 
her children of £1500, by proceeding in. 
the ixKChoqiiGr, 
THDHl'T31DIT,V;illiam, parish clerk of Great St. 

Bart>iolomev;'s his son, both deadjthe 
. father t^imod out for cheating the officers 
grief brought the son to his grave. 
OAHISTOITjLlr. reported to marr^/ the person called 
the German Princess ,v/ho had several 
certificates of pretended marriage between 
her and other persons whereby she got the 
estates of those of them that died. 
, Captain, master of a ship, married the German 

Q/iHLET0H,i.Lar3/,the German Princess , said , shall 

satisfy thee bo the full 5 for I shall get 
gold enough'', V/as transported for stealing 

K)LJJ3D,.L-nne,\7ife of Abra}iam.,of St. Andrew ,Kolbom, 
clothworkor ,agod 60;has lived there about 
a year, and before that at Kings ton- on- x!iaines 
foi;r years, born at Stoke ,Spxrey. 

BUHJESS^iaithcny,clerk,x.I.Ao ,j-eGtor cf 3t . Barth.. the 

Great these ten yeart5v^^ 40, born at Sutton 
Co Idf i eld ,War\v ick. 

(S7 contd , ) 

^ lOi-DClT. 


Hov; Thonias BCITI-LUI made his ';7ill> 

1682. C.UJC?OHI),Hoc'er , of Dagoii}ian,Lssex, husbandman, ag*ed 42, 

has lived there 17 years. 
30nHi*I,I,?lioinas ,I]sq, ,docd. ,of Vallance ,3ssex,said to 

his v/ife "Prithee ,ITa2i , he contented ; thou knowest 
that I have raade my will*'. Died about 3 I.Iay 

" iiarsS'if'et ,his daugjhter. 
GUY,I.Iargaret ,01 St. Olave ,Hart Street ,London,vridov/, 
aged 76, has lived there 3C 3rears;her son lived 
in Crutched Friars, over against St. Clave 's Church. 
GZEYjiUice , v/ife of Thorns, of St •Olave , Hart Street, 
merchant ,ag:9d 39, has been married 20 years. 


Dram.Pers. 1916. 

pUHrQ.Y. vol.15. 

K/J:CX)0K v.H)Y (no folio) 

I^idence of the aarria^e of 3T:isan HOY « 

A. P. 

1665. CSBORIli;, John,of HamiD ledcn, Han t s. , gent. ,agecl 4C,hc-s 

lived there 4 years Tdoitl at Frenshan in 

Farnham , Surrey . w'ife Joanna. 
irJLLlITS jBliazer ,a poor , mean, and indigent person, 

brother of , and lives in hous^ of 
?LRKINS ,31oatior ,of Kanibledon, mother in lav: of 

Joh2i GSBOHITi; 
GC1>. / III , Richard , o f Hamh led on , "but che r . 
K/u^CCGK,nrs Susan (formerly ROY) at 3ubbertcn,Haj;ts. 
OSBOHITli, Joanna ,7/ifo of John, aged 31,deiM")ses that 

Bleazer LIUILII^S la har-^noth^ ' s brother. 


vol. 15, page 185. 
i;i.RGi:Ai;T V. 7dODY. 

Hoy; John PPJigTlI-IAl' 'S will was niao.e . 

1662. Si:iU:^TT, Elizabeth 

AITI)LZ^OM,J:ieanor ,of St. imdre\7^Holhorn, widow, aged 40, 
"born there. 

PR3?TIi-.LU; , John,oi Purpoole Lane , deed. , said \/i 11 iara 
TKODY his ,p;randscn,had had :j60C of him, 
b\it ^'his last cow had calved". 
THCDY,V;illiam,son in law to lIrs.33RJLi'.Ni';of the 
V/hite Horse Inn,Hon3orn, "his cvm house 

l\':-j:ZD}Ui^l,ila.r}' , nur s olzeeper 

3B?JIi/JIT,Prettiman,son of Dlizth. ,not liked "by 

ivlr.. ?Hi:,T TlllUT., dec d . 
BBNl^IET,Alice ,wife of Richard, of St .Andrew, Kolbom , 

Tpattern-maker ,ag3d 50, horn at Ippolitts ,co. 


S3HJIl/uTT,Alway,son of ivlrs 3]iIUIIAlTT,humt his grandfather's 

3?JITlTj]?,LIar7,of St. Giles in Fields , spinster , aged 19; 
'oom in Gripplegate, London, servant to 
■ in:lLSClT,iIr. , a turner in Princes Street. 
V/An?3ILD,Alexr. ,()f St. i^ndreWjHolhorn, blacksmith, aged' 43; 

^bom ill St.lrunstans in the West. 
B0?SF0HD,llr. Daniel, of Gray^s Inn Lane , St .Andrew Holborn, 
a^ed 52, born at Chalgrave ,3eds. ;has lived there 
15 years . 

Y/ARIG!T,l^aomas ,of S t./mdrev/^ Holborn rwatchmaJcarvaged 33 ; 

bom at RBoJjys^^-on-'ThQjmB . 


i>ram.j>eTB0.^16. (90) 

s::HGr^:? v,THOi)Y. (contd, ; 

166 2, STnLLTM^-i^' dec eased, an intimato acq\i2.intance 
of John PHT.TTIlvI^JI. 
V/ILi:inS0iT, Barbara, wife of Richard. 
liCHI^OULiri , Thomas , of St . /jidrev/ Holbom , shoemaker , 
aged 69;born at Skipton,YorkDhire , 
brother of Ilrs. S^RJIiiM^T. 
13i.BDH, ... a carman in Leather I>ane. 
DI3?0H,France{5 ,v;ife of William, of 3t.yjidrew,Holbom, 
victualler, aged 50 » and married about 8 years. 
B/JTOVHD,ilr. . . his house in Parpoole Lane. 
iuTIGH?, Thomas ,.headbo rough. 

CHRISTY, Thomas , of Bedford Ssq. ,aged 61, has lived there 
33 years. 

CH/^LIK,i-.Irs. ,in Friday street , sister of Thomas CHHISTY. 
2HODY,Izod,v;ife of William. 

contd . ) 

L iiiijiiX. vol.l5,i>ag8 E59. 


Concerning? the V/ill of John PILBC3. 


1683. NLV;TOI',LIary,wife of Rog-er,of Barking,Bssex. , 

sailor, afped 50;bom in East Ham, 

PILHCL, John, deed. , died leSljhrother to Robert, 
former hushand of said Mary. 

jHOMAS, Isaac. 


HQIBON, Anthony,*^ very ro^©",& his T^lfe Aime, 

a legatee. 

AUSTIN, Sarah, found fragments of a v/ill in John 

PHAROS'S chamber. 
PISHOBjHohertja minor, son of Robert & next of 
kin of John 

IMGH/m,John,of Bednall Grenn in Stepney ,fra»ew3r}c- 

knitter,aged 27;bom at V/altham Abbey. 



vol. 15, page 235^ 

Province the Will of Oliver PU^YDILL. 


168£. ASH, Samuel 

STRiUTGi:,V/illiara,of Chipping Farington,3erks. ,agod 37, 

vintner; has lived there 19 years; bom at 

Stanton, Wilts. 
PLliYDliLL, Oliver, buried by Martha his relict, 
'J/OODLZiY, Thomas , of Shrivenham, tailor ,s^ed 56, bom there 
THOiiLIIsSON, Martha. 

HUITSDOH, Barbara, supplied linlcs & torches for the funeral. 
. BBDUGLGS,3dith, supplied gloves 
. SOUTH, Hi chard, supplied a mourning dress. 

V/ILKIH3, John, supplied 19 mourning rings » 

HAHPJSOH, Robert, supplied black cloth. 


HALE, Elizabeth, dau. Of Oliver PIBYDSLL.senr. 
QUIi:TIK,V/illiam,of Swindon , Wilts, , gent. ,a^ed 35;bom at 

Hackhampton,Glouc;ha3 lived at Swindon twelve 

years . 
ASH, James. 

Dram. Persi 1916* 


Egyy Blind Ko'dc::^1; HICl^MA'tT left his ii3o.^:Gy , 

HICKM^5Slif;a):e-!j^i,-??ift« Of Henry, (li; afterward?? of Peter. 

gento ^a/^tvd 5S .juarried abo'-it V. years. 
HIGKM^IT5HjT>er^^^ueoeas3edvbIind fox' ^0 yoari^ ,l:)roth8r of 
Ht3nr^r;vY'3r.t al,jO-at the «treBtr< 'b3g;£pj:vg in sr. old 

GIJATjY5JirV),Harjrxah5.7/if0 of !ar.o:i'^?.:?- of BtallJarga.-^'et 's,W<3^'tmi2istGr, 

:ag^d '36 ov'-^r-Tled a'Daat ?' yeiarij. 

0Lm,Fili.'<ia"riath,wir9 of .4.rithony ,of 8toMax-tiM in ths Pioj^.s, 

v/:atrLervagDd ^0;i^^n iad atout 16 yearB. 
^OKM^."?!l>^rjiia.,dau, of Jlcbevt'D bi-otaier ..what ho tho'igtit of 

\ her not ha?"/. 

CitIS?K*JorG2,of Stn i^^^:■^^a•^ot -s JJeo ^/jaj.ns tor .farrier ^a^c^d. -^2, 

I hac5 liYsd thsrs I;0 years. 
HO&Lj^j^rDB^of St.Llargaret \'^i,WcLttin5ji.r.tor5md^^ 32? 
■fcoxn "there. 

3!BTOrr6LI?5^.Jan~ ,wifo Of Johra^of Bt.ilarg'ixet *£? ,g^ej:;t.. ,ag^^ 

?.7p.'arriKL five yoar?}. 
dJJj^SMIiM ^i^ne^ :"A^oe of Ro^bert.d^iii.of ^iLouc';:^ & iili^KS^th of 
e3tm?Jici"v:er jnov^' ■«'if« of 

EI0Ky:4jn5Tleiay,d3cd. ,fath^:r v'f Kohoi-t aad ^hoiiis.? 

Elij?;aboth,ai.pei:!^t c5traa:^or ir; blood to Hoborl. 
HOT^'S'ith.wifG of OharlaG,of Gri^'e3^^,rUros:i2^z\^^ctd -t^, 

i^arriod IC yoa.?':* . 
B:>B!dSHsEa3^^ard5 0f Ht Jl^trca in Fieldo .^erit. ,£i<^ed io;lirh<l 

?RaXDY,|hojiUo,of Bt..fert-.n in i^^^lcls , >e:-t...^5S:^;li-red. ths:(r3 
45 yc^^^c;. • 

WILTS. & DKrjai^^l^;;^ K^ai^. 

The ErA^te of Sir Thx-iii^u FQWIgu 

1694. OX22Ki!}BH,John & .42ine hL- vrife. {Biff^i}. 

FOWliH^Eo'ber'bjezeo-ator of 8ir ThOLoas FOivLI'] .y/ho waij 
pcosessed of ^cT/r-ioy fa:;:-n.WiIt-.?.. ^.aoad liTed 
there ^art.d a ]fiOus'e in i'loet ctraei; wox'iih 
£1000 rj'a?^ a ofrbisen 5; ?rsei:.«an of London. 

FC)\7LSi,])ai!i3 Jane, not of: Sir OHioma^j ,he^ £5550 on 
tliat aoco^mt. 

OOPS^B-'JLE^-'^a.dau^^ on:?.y ^^hiJ.d of Bir Kiome K)V/i;S. 

JTOiXiS^Slr 'I'hom.^ .died 5'riday 11 Nov. 1692, a?.3d hlB 
eho'^j Y/as Ir.ept opem all day the day ha diad. 
Hie houg ^v0lAi_e.;8Cj'H^e3Os^ ^^^XX)^ year . 



CHAH.PID. 1758-1800. 
Bxmdlo 273. 

The 3)obt8 of Roger MSaiLL > 


1722. BOTLES,William,Esq. 

EikSSALL » Roger, gent. , son of Honor ,widov?, deed. 

" Honor ^Abigail & Elizabeth^deod. ,da^:ighter9 
of Honor. 

TA.YLOH, Lancelot, of Bridgnorth, Salop, gent. 
RUSSELL .John , of Bridgnorth , s tat ioner ,deod. 
HASSALL, Roger, late of Doixjchill, Salop, gent. , deed. 
MSYSSY,'i2hOEcas,of Bewdley , Wore. , mercer, aged 34. 
STaBB3,BsnJn. ,of Bridgnorth, mercer, aged 40. 
EiSLBJ/OOD, James, of Bridgnorth, chandler, aged 38. 
OTEII, Roger, of Bridgnorth, Joiner^aged 40. 
W33LLS,Jolm,of Bridgnorth, clothier, aged 40. 
HASH, John, of Bridgnorth, male ter, aged 40. 
BENlTBTT,John,of Bridgnorth,chiTOrgeon barber,agod 40. 
BAKER, Daniel, of Bridgnorth,0hosmker,aged 40. 
P0YlTER,i!hon2ie,of Bridgnorth, gent. , aged 40. 
2AYL0R,Margery,of Bridgnorth,wid(^,aged 80. 
R05JLSY,John,of Bridgnorth, gent. , aged 40. 
OWEN,isld\mrd,of Glazeby, Salop, gent. , aged 40. 
SAILOR, Rebecca, of Bridgnorth, widow, aged 50. 

" William, of Bridgnorth,apotheoary,aged 40. 

The deponents are creditore of H£i^aALL. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (95) 

OLOUO. , Bundle 273. 

Depositions as to pr 6m:l a o.?. in Cotoii»etc > 


1727 BMTLBY.Oharles^Bsq. ,son ox" Charley ,cJecd. 

COLES , Sab ian, son of Sab ian>v.'ho was tiio son of Jolm. 
FFiilNCH, Margaret, widow jher ho-uce called "'1519 Sun 
Rising**,tipon 3dge Hill in the i^arish of 

CHA.SR,HQnry,of ^Jalton Slmck'b'argli,Warw, yeoman, 

agod CO, was porvant to Ambrose HOLBA.CH eleven 
or twelve years. ^ 
E0IiB4.CH,\7illiamveldest son of .to'bi^)so. 

HuglL^yoimger son of sane imbrooa. 
HAJJi»Jo]in,of Coton a Is . Cot eo ,co, Oxon. .yeoinangag^d 50, 
hac knoY/n the premisec in Coton, Will iair^oott ard. 
WardingtonjOxcn, ^for 20 yoai^ and up^ar-d-g, 
PACKER, William ^deceased, one of the olerko of Ambrose 

Draon^Pers. 1916. 

1 1 

V ^-f^ -i."J JtjJiiy , 4 fcOJI 5 19 1 6 


New discoveries in Biography Genealogy, 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the EngUsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


{as fvom Saturday, 8th January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


io/6 per quarter. 
2 1- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

' J^^HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. Tliese, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun. where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, fmding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vcliicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at tlie head of each sheet. 
Subscribers nut able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

»,L01IiX)H, CHAII,PHJ,1758-ieOG. 
COXOIT. ,B3I3{S. Bundle 273. 

BOWLir^ v.CiP.KlH. 

De positions as to FuolchaMTa Fam . 
A.D. . ^ 
1729» C5AK2^EK5a;'hon>a£5,and Karmah his wifa^dau.of Francis JORDAN. 
BABl'INi>5-'honia3,in occupation of Pacldiara FaiLi in Seven- 

tiainpt on , Gl o v.o . 
Y/ASHINGT01T,Ricliard,of Stapls Inn, London, gentleman,& 

Eli^ateth his wif6,eld3Bt dau. of Francis JOEI^. 
BCMLl!S,Charles5gentlenian,of tha Six Clerks- Off iciG,Ohanoery 
Lane . 

. PLUMSJlsAnne,\7ido--?/. 

IDBLLEj John^Esq, ,,his house in ^>outh Cavo^Anno hia v/ifo, 

forrnorlyV^ABPIJITCTa01\%ag3d 57, sister of Richard 
LAJQil,Ghri5topher.,g9ntleii:ian,of Clement's Inn. 
JOKDAiT^,!rhomaB 5 eldest son of Fravoois , of V/itn oy^ gent lemn, 
GAISFORD^Hannahjin ocGf.pation of a messuage in Witney, Ox on. 
WASHING'ION, Eleanor, of Fridsy iltreet , London jir.othor of -^nno 

POWELL, John ^his house called Frogmill in Bhipton,co. Glouo. 
GIBBONS ,i^nne,v/ife of Samuel ^ of Abingdon, Berks. ..sohooln^ster, 

and aged 45. 
COILISR,John»of Vi'iv,ney^ clothier, and 

JOHUiN,Frar;.ois ,or L:-.r.c^house ^Middx. ,gen t. , parties to a deed 
. in 1711. 

POilFHHirT, George, deceased, former hu-y'Dand of i^nne GIBBOUS. 
BDGEES,Jo:ni,of I;^j^;;dc3Ji^:/oll , Qloiio. Clerk. aged 40 ,depo&ee . 
PRimT,John,Esq. ,of Charlton Kings /-arricter-at- law paged 60, 

father of John pjtJJ)!^^ 
MILLION . \7 ill iani ^ o f y i tne.y , iria,l c-; t e .n • age d 3 5 . 

CURTIS, !lhoEfci G , of .Vr es r>huiy, CI cue. .yeoman i aged SO;that Puoldaam 
Fariii v^as chiefly L;toGked v/ith gheep^but the land v/as 
subject to tl'.e v.-ood evil, and one Ihonas PENSULI received 
great daniage thereby and repented his coming there. 


Dram,Porsa916. (97) 

mUljj^ v.OLRUBR. (contd. ) 


1729. HJLHAM, Richard, of Oharl t on. Kings ♦Glouc* , yeoman* 

aged 60»son of Richard. 
HlITCKI»lAJi,JoDep}i,of Sevenhampton.Glouc. ♦gent. ,aged 

BBS^iOHTH, Richard, of Combend in Elkstono,Glouc* » 

yG0ir!an,aged 58. 
lIBMAil, Thomas, of Prestbiiry^Glcuo. ,yeoman>aeod near 
60,oon of John who rented Puckham's Farm 
27 years ago» 
TBlBRIiLL, Hi chard of 3evenhai3pton,herdGinan,aged 60. 
WALTER, ThonBs , of Pro s tbury, yeoman » aged 60. 
GOODRICH, Edmund, "in the connty of Gloucester", 
yeoman >aged 50. 

Dram. Per 8, 1916. 

(97 oontd. ) 


CHLK.PH). 1758-1800. 

Bundle 275 
BRA2ffi03B v.BEimiBGE. 

An Annuity due to Braaenose Oollepro» 


Thomas ^Esq* ,defeaid&nt. 


i^illiam,st8ward of Br&aenoaQ Oolleg®,8on of 

TILNBY, Philip, Esq. , his manors of Aldham and Shelley 
in Suffolk. 

BM. . . ,0harle9»innholder,of "The Bear^'^ll Saints, 

BBDOKS,J©hn,o^ the University of Oxford.gont. ^ag^ 60, 
\)oliev0s John 6z l^illisun H0PKIK3 havo been dead 
40 yoar^. 

STHE^!IIIi*,John,of London ,mei^hant,a{^ 39, 
SHIPPON, Dr. , principal of Brasenoso CollG^o,to whom, in 
1711, STRUTS Ed&de a tender of £80 in paytaent 
of an annuity on l^ehalf of HBHRIDQS or KEBHXIXlBt 
Has heen in posaesiiea of the manor of Shelley 
Dinoe Lady Day 1710. 
HBYwOOD, Cranio is, the youn^r,of 0xf6rd,gont, ȣtged 48. 

His father was clerk of the fedOmmta and atovrard 
of Brasenose about 30 years since I deponent now 
©njoys that office. The manor of Shelley is 
l^rtli £400 per annian^and £650 appears tmsooounted 

3'IUHaCS>Ei6h&i^<of Sompt ing, Sussex, gent • ^aged 26rCl®PO«^»- 


IrraauJ'exB « 19 16 . 


vole 25. 

Bie Bs tate of Jolm GOSTLETT^HiRli Sheriff . 


1695. GOSTL:iI'??,IvIaiy,v:idcfvr cf John, Bsq. , (signs ) . 

BBOAD^iJlisabethjWife of John and niaoe of John G0STI/3TT. 
iJl^BjMar^/jWife of George ^another nieoejmarried a little 
heforo June 1684; the said George of mean "birth 
and a county Justice of Peace his clerk. 
IBUGOGK,Mr,Edvfard,lat&ly dead, wrote the v/ill. 
GOS!PLETT,John^li:sq. .High Sheriff for co. Gloucester ,v/ill 

dated June 1684:;died in Jan, 1692/2 , aged about 
60; seised in fee of Great and Little !/Iarshfieid. 
GOSTLSTT^BenJamin-deceased, father of Blizaheth BEOAD 

and Ivlary Al^All3,died 1664. 
EillSEY » Henry , o f Linco In * s Inn , I?s q . ^ c o^ts in o f I5ary 
• ■ GOS^ULBITT, lived in Cornwall. 

ElRRIITGT0N,B9nj£anin,of Cerlon in Pori:is:DamJ)ors0t »gent* , 

axiother cousin. 
HXumiNGa?ON,Jolin, party to a deed dated 16V4. 

William, another party. 
"RHISOOSvMary.,a do>ii68tio servant, now wife of 
DKIYE?u,Hath5^1el,of Bristol. 

.WAI!!aB,JolTti,and Jo?ni,his son,witnesses to Joh.n. GOSOHiSTT^S 



H7MS V. I^2.YELL. 

John KIHGSMILL'3 estate. 


I695, 2423^*2111, James, gent. ,(si{?i0), executor of 

John KINGrSMILL, doctor jDxarried his 
daughter Anne. 
EVANS aliaB KII\GSIJILL>lIary,wif e of Dr. Edmund 

EVA2TS,and eldest daughter of John KIITGSMIIL. 
KINGSMILL, John, deceased, had an estate in Ireland 
of £8C0 a year,and one of £60 a year 
in }Sngland. 

READ, Francos, wife of John KIKGSMILL. Marriage 

articles dated 1653. 
HliAD, Francis , Esquire. 
lOSGSUIXL^Dani el , Esqui r e . 

" Eleanor, only child of th& said John, 
by hie eeoond vrlf e- 

.J^rQjAJB^n*X^16. (100) 

vol,23»Hos,4,5 & 7. 

The "bequests of Elizabeth LQVBJOY> 

1695. CBDOKE,Hichard,took instructions for the will of 

Elizabeth LOVEJOY. (Signs ) , 
GRIFFITH>Arthur,oousin-gorman,or n©ph6w,by the 

brother of Elisabeth LOYSJOy, 
DIGGS,Leonard3sq. .one of the executors, {signs) . 
LOYBJOY , El izabe th , deoeaBOd , the testatrix , of 

BOYS ,1^. Geoffrey, wrote her will;went to Maidfitona 

SMITH, Mr. Aaron 

A bequest to the Brewers* Company, 
and a trial in the town Court of 
Canterbury referred to. 

10 VBIACE , Franc i s . 

3)ENHS,Katherine,cousin--genDan of Richard ORDOKB 

and companion of Elizabeth LOVSJOY. 
GAG3,William,one of the executors. 
NICHOXSOIT, Nicholas, late mayor of Canterbury. 

Bram.Per8cl916. (101) 

vol.23. No. 10, 

UilBiilllT v.BLCKFORD. 

A pretended will of Sayth KSLLSY. 

1697. lAMBSHTtaliae. KiiIJ[iI2Y, Susanna, now wife of Balph 

LMiB'ilHTt clerk, formerly wife of Smyth 
KBLIBY^dQoeaBed. Came to England frcm 
Jamaica in AiagTiat 1696;now in London. (Signs ). 
lAMBBRT » Iph , c lerk. 

BEOKFOED,Pe tar, protended executor of SBoyth KBILBY, 
whom KjeILLSY never believed to bo an honest 

SADLElRjCharles, another executor. 

¥HI Q?!IISIJ., Char lo9 , another ^ecutor. 

KELLEY, Smyth, decea8ed,whose will is in dispute. 

BESS ODH, Sir V/illiajn, Governor of Jamaica. 

BBHKABD, Samuel , deceased. 

BROUGKTON, Edward, ISsquir^, Secretary of Jaaoaica. 
HEATHCOT!I?,llr. John, asked deceased* a age, to put ujxm 

the stone, to be sent to Jamica. 
HEA:iHCOTT,Josiah,his brother. 

GRA.CSDIiII,Mr. ,sent Mrs.KELLHY the books of aocompts 

of her husband's estate. 
PAEKBH,Mrs. , signed receipt at direction of Mrs. 

KELLBY,John,6on of Sii?yth,in Bneland,aged 9 at the 
time of his father's death. 

J^d near Port EoyaJ came from Suaanna KELLBY'S 

Dram. Pera. 1916. (102) " 



A dispute about the Will of John GHA.Y. 

1698, TEHCHs Nathaniel, Esquire, (Signs). 

lUFFlltllLB ^ John .merchant , for several years at Aleppo, 

i'etiu-nod in 1S80, (Sigr-.s). 
SHSPPEKD, Charles .managed the affai^rn of John GMY. 

SHEPPEBDjOiioinaSjOf ITortharaptonDhire. 
HSHIIB.Ghai'noclv^a legatee. 
mVIS 5Ann,of Hortha^nptonshire. 

GRAY, Francis , "brother of John GB6,Y,of Northamptonshire. 
GRAY, John jthe testator, a merchant and factor, said 

he was tired of his relations. 
MIDGLSY,John,of Garraway*s Coffee House, a veiy honest 

man, a scrivener, and a Governor of ChrisVs 


STEPKiTiTS, Robert, a t3n!?^t of the testator. 
SYl?E3,Keriry,a witrj-^ss to the will. 



T0l»23. iJoB.BO & 21. 

Tt9 last dskYS of Bri^^dier Richard 


1699. SEyPEL CUlTIKGHAi.I,Grizel,I^y.late wifo of 

Hichard CraiNGE^i^Esq. A^niQs that she 
eYer pressed him to go into Scotland. 
Had a house in Bkiinbiu'gh. A turbulent 
end restleoB spirit. 
CUNIlTGHAHtJohntbrothor of Hiohard,of uncertain 

CUKIKGHAM, Richard ♦Esq. , (Brigadier), of Gogar, 

Scotland, deceased, liad a great tenderness 
for all his relations and their reputation 
in his sickiiesB did often take the powder 
of orahbs' eyes in asses* milk. His 
pretended will said to be false. Journey 
to Flanders. Ho lay at Mr.GPvAY'S at 
Edinburgh till his death. Said of his 
wife '♦she would tear the very soul out 
of nay body**. On the other hand, his wife 
says **he expressed himself wikih extraord- 
inary tenderness'* towards her on his death 
bed, "pulled her to him and renewing his 
former kind expressions**. At Ilr. GRAY'S 
there was a skinner's or o\irryor*s hall 
over the deceased's room and a dancing 
room near or under the room where he 
lay, but there was no noise from the upper 
room, and no danoingxhut onoe, which was 
izamed lately stopt by the Master of the 

^ V/3LW00D 

I>ranuPer8.1916. (104) 

(UI«L4KilI|Di». ^another dootor, 

OTflHGH^JIear^. What passed bstwe^a ^9 meBsenger 
and him. 

OlM^M^t^^l of) ^©re refuged to see ths deceased 
Li'DmmLlS.arl ) wMl© ha was at Mr.GIU.Y'S house. 

WAIJ*£.CB,llr» ^nephew asd apothecary to HI chard CUHIHGHAM. 
WALUCl, Barbara on^IlIGIIim alias, mother of said Mr. 
WALUCS and sieter of Hichard CUNIITGIUM. 

(104 oontd. ) 


"by vhe asstciibj.y of poo;o!le oallod Soveiith 

2)0^3 otnlilrc . L li:; j^. Ixvt^le hcai;© near 
G-oodiii:;:-'^ 3^*ield3 ,M>.51^. tOi^^^/O . 

EOICH^E^ljecoa.^vifo of Jolya^hsr esty-to aad inarriage 
to IiAYJX)ITJ:?-ged al:»OTO ^0 £;t :i:^:;rriyg3. Ead 
larids in feo at Gorf^ Castle , Dorset. 

Ki:OX)]?,Vei 11 lather ox' Jo::^^a.t VvarorL^im in Dorset 

adhere -it I'or^hGst^r G^-olsWliora li3 died 
^t^aol^rion of ¥1115.^3. 
IUIXOUyJo:ij!i:^,';Imu!-or>. of ¥illi^Vi,ajacc>'(xp?.id tbo greater 

Djcv^a, P3r-s.,191S. 


CHMil.PHO* 1758-1900. 
Brjidlo 285. 

bi^coi;e y.powis. 

-p Qhts ox Idchar d PCT YS Esq. 

A. P. 

HILTi,,3111izal)eth,o-r »-l!h?. Golden Lyon" in Ipawich. 

" Bliisabot.h d: llaiy jdavightors of Lady i.!ary 

m^r^SO-^. , John , 0^ . 
CHAjS^0SvHer-ry,I)ak:3 of, 
BFJDBiT5iLL,Eoii* Jainos 6b Lady Frarxoes 
a^KDICrAH.Geortje.fer-l of,ar.vd 
BApm?, Hugh, Esq. ^defendanv.^. 

POS.'YS , Richard i^^q, jds-ceasedyhis debts and iconey 

I0Vii)»Pere-^-i-:.ii3,,cf Ipswich .. g-ent. , a creditor foz' 
solicitor 'r. Imoiraeca doiiojconveyancos of an 
estate al- Kirrb'j.e;3hara pr.roharjed of John OAKELY. 
tI!HLTi3iHDI^r, li^homa jOf Ipswioh^^corrxsellor at law,peruaed 
the title'-dooda and naver received ary 

Depositior-.s >.y r>?.ny residents of Ipzjwich 
I e>i.d 1;h^.> locali'-.y as to dehtg dne and 

8pecifyi:ng -'ihc^ ii::.nd of work done or 
cGr^lcGs r under sc. 

Dram, rero. 1916. 


HSREF. CIM.PH0.1758>-.ieOO, 

Btindlo 286. 

As to Prenij.^eB in Kiix^on, 


1745, CKUMPjElianoi-jher hcase "OHie Leopard", in 

BBEl^^D. CiliQiras , gentleman, plaintiff. 
SMITEI.lOioms ^Saq. 

WILLlil^S,Penry,SsG, Ann his wife 
PAEK2H,John,in posseGoion of premises at 

Kin^on now jJ2 dispute 
HAyV/OOD,Hugh,defendants; Josja,wife of said 

Yi^lONsWilliamjOf Leominsterj gentleman, aged 33. 
H3YV;00D, Stephen, of Kington, tut Cher. A deed 

"between h5iii,Hugh the deft. , and 
ViOOPDIN^Hevd. John,vicar of King's Pyon, dated 

July 1733. 

WA[CKINS,John»of Kington, gentleman, aged 39, 
deposes he djrm a receipt for rent. 
SCANDEETT, James, of Kington. barber, aged 43, 
says part of premises are in the 
occupation of Mary EVillS {?Hagh 
m¥0OD»S sister.) 
STEIPim, Elizabeth, of We ol; ley, spins tor, aged 31, 
cays she v/as a v/itneos and that 
^ a^^HPENl^iR,\7illiam5anoth5r witness, died about 
5 ago. 

Dram. Pe 1-8.1916. (107) 



Bundle 286. 

As to the Mortgage of Houses in PortsTROuth . 


1746. GRSEH, Charles Harding^his house "(Die Crowii»*,Ring970od. 
B IKS TED , W i 11 iam , plaint if f . 

BALDWIN, Will iam, of Child Oakford,lk)rset,^ntl8gmn,&g©d 37, 
a witness; that he saw some receipts at Portsmouth 
in March last. 
S^AlIN,V7illiam,of Gosport ,innholdor,aged SO^aboat Lady 
Day 1745, lent BINSTBD £160 to pay off a mortgage 
on houses in Portsmouth. 
B32U)B, Edward, of Portsmouth, sawyer, aged 36, tried to heooma 
tenant of one of oomplt's. houses at a rent of £10; 
says tis veiy difficult for tenants to prooura 
houses at Portsmouth at this tJine. 
BADCOGK, Henry, of Co sport, merchant, aged 47,toi0W corcplt. 

was trying to raise money by way of mortgago, 
BEDK)ilD,l^.\7illiam,aged 32, acted as attorney at law 
for the deft. ,got BMX50CK to write something 
in his pocket-book. 
KUMFREY,William,of Po ole, Dor set, gent. , aged 60»laiow8 not 
whether Anne POUM) who mortgaged houses to 
CLIFFORD be dead or living. 



yORKS- CIM.PBO. 1758-1800, 

Btmdle 284. 
BHDOKE vocomra. 

Dispute as to valliajn BROO EE^S will . 

1755. !0HOMPSOIT,Mr. Johii,of "'Bio 0^1bot",iim,in Leeds. 

BBDOKS, Jame 3 .gentleman, couc in said heir of William, 

001X1 ITDjRober'': ) famers of SinJclr^ Ings 

BBMRCLIFr, Stephen, & Elizabeth his wife 
BIBKSS, Mary, Sarah ,ij:ni, Martha & Fi'ap.ces, defendants. 
BEDOKB,V/illiamjlate of Oiilton, gentleman, deed, ^and 
of Thorp Kali in Hothwell^died about 1758. 
Owned Singeing Ings near Swillington Bridge, 
Woodlesf ord, 
DOBSON* Edward, of Rothwell,deceaoGd. 
SIAGK,Adam,of sVoodlesf ord ^innholder, aged 71,has 
knoY/n James BROOKE] and his ancestors the 
laet 40 years. 
T<0RR3LiaV,V;illiam,v/itnes3ed V/illiam BROOKS'S will 
in a room at Oult on, where he lodged, in the 
latter end of October 173V; was then a sol- 
dier in Lord Marie KERR'S Regiment of Dragoons 
quartered at Leeds; discharged on reduction 
of the Regiment about 6 years ago and has 
since follo\7ed the business of a shoemker 
at Manchester and at S tone, co. Stafford. 
DOBSON, John, of Woodlesf ord in Rothwell,yeoinan, 
aged 36. 

H&J3[S0N,0Gwell,of ^iakefie Id, yeoman, {clothiiiaker) ,aged 
59, married the said V/illiam BROOKS'S a\mt, 
witnessed the will; was at William BROOKS'S 
funeral; v/as much concerned in liquor when 
he made a certain affidavit. 

Drem.Pers. ,1916. 




No. 1170. (vol.570). 

k Ol a ndestine Alarriago & a Legacy. 

1755* H0BE3S, Sarah 5 formerly KINaSK)N,wifG of Francis, and 
relict of Samuel re fused consent to 

the Eoarriage of Bov^.Sdward FLEET and Mary 
KINGS 101m • 

KIlTGS!rON, Samuel, of S"t. George 's ^Middles ex, Esquire, 
- . deceased, a Deal merchant and nianufacturer of 
sail cloth; died 9 June 1736; his stock and 
effects amounting to £6,000. V/ill dated 11th. 
January 1725; proved 2^d. June 1736. 

PLEJCT,Mary,forD^rly KINGS TON, wife of BeY(i»Ed\yard, 
daughter and only child of Saimiel KINGS !rOH, and 
aged 4 in 1736; came of age 2 June 1753. 
ilarried Ist.Novemher 1750v Her father left her 
£1,000. Kan. away and v/as married at Christ 
Church, Southwark, without her mother's consent. 
Lived in S"^.Botolph*s jAJldgatejten years hofora 
marriage. Was taught to play on the harpsichord 
or splnnet, 

H^LE?ON,B.a>)eccA, mother of Samuel KINGS (TON. 
FLEKT, He vd. Edward, for several years rector of 

Grunv i lie 5 c 0 , Dor e c- 1 . 
WILLEl^,5a2mel,an acquaintance of FLEET who married 

tho couple \?ithout taims in St,Botolph»s or 
"* Granville, and without licence. 

Drani-Pers. 5I9I6. (110) 

NO. 1177- {V01.570J. 
mom v^JOV/BTT. 

koBB^mmn^ for ropairs of Hol'beok cb&pol, 

1755. BIOTm^Martin,of EoXbeck in Leods. 

JOV/BOT,Joseph,cbapoIwardQn of KolbeoK,liio aoooimt, 

RBAJ),William,of Leeds, gentlomaa^ag^d 74,depofi©ft. 

PariBhionors of Holbeok,1750. 

KBYILE,Bsqr. BHimilT.Bonjn. HUDSON, Joseph. 

PRINCE, Peter TISdP^T.Jo. BBO^'/N,Jolm 

. imcOS, lAI^JSHT, Joseph CMiR.Ma^. 

S(X)TT,John lAilBEHT, James lANGSTBDTH, Widow 


' SmD.Ieaao USLSR, James smD^Ssffifoel 

RHODES, Jo. BR0VyN,a5iomas ODDY.Bon, 

LUTGS 2/^, Joseph (& others) 

C^JlR,^ill^ ^curate of Eolhoclc 

DiesuPerB. ,1916. (Ill) 

vol, 23, 170.24, 

Hw Therms ms^IHQ a 


1699. K^]^f Charles ^propoimded a will of ISimaa 

Mb alleged v;idov7 Margarot, (Ol^is). 
BRIMES » J ohn ^appe 1 Ian t . 

MSTm(^ alias BRIDain3,a3i(m©,die4 at KIX- 
kemiy la Iroland. His will pro-^ed 
in the diooese of 08Bory,9th*S©pt3^« 

E4S!n:HG3 BRXJ)GES , Margaret , Ms allogaa 

widow, obtainad administration of his 

UHliCK,Mchard,drOT up tho will, of Killc^m^* 
a lawyer of very good ohamoter 
raimtatioii. An Irielimji ard jRcsnm 

!r003CB,Mr. Nicholas, rotnimod from Inland with 
Bomo of deceaaod^a effeota. 

GOBS, Paxil, Bsqnire, lot houses and a f am to 
doo eased. 

S^I^LS5DN,Ui*. Philip, in tho house when ©i<^3^ 

2>xsa»J?ttra. >1916 



vol.25. NOS. 27,^9.50. 
LMB 8M I^. 

Tha Elapoment of Ma^y 


1701. LKE, Godfrey, gent. His house at Sty«ttea»Swr«y. 

LSB,Maiy,his \?ifo,olop8d fxm him e&rFiod 
^asmy his goods. (A long list of f^iaiHQ 
apjarel, books and odds and ond«)« 

saaall bottle to put Hungary wat@s^ 
''Books called Argalus e^id ParthtmSai 
(Che ijiiotirs of Queen Elizabeth and tha ^rle 
of Essexs a Novell; ILomiTa upon Qaeen^ary; 
King Charles the First his Eilcoa Baslliks 
and the Vi'hole Duty of ton**. 
»»A green beg to carry writings ini ei^t 
sweetSmeat-glasses J twelve glass hottilos* 
four of thorn having this respondent's ocmt 
of arms upon them^. 

!D^.YI/:)R, George, of South L£aabeth^Surrey,and S^. 
01ave*s»Southwark,and Mary his wife, to 
whoso house l£ary T^'p^^'"* went. 

LEE »lSary, daughter of Godfrey. 

HUiRIS, Esther, alias JEFFEHOS ^&lias^ JOKES, wife 
Of John HAJmiS. Harried at Steptoey Ohurcth 
♦^he Thxirsday next follov7ing 2^7eli^h day 
was four years this twelfth tydo". ^-and 
^ his friend John MORS since drowned in tba ^ 
•West Indies. 

LSBfOathorine ♦daughter of Godfrey. 

GkRHSTT, Charles, several l6rtrtej%yvTlJttexi,J<xJ^ 
W Godfrey LEE. 

PSIB30n,M3^. Robert, a wltnesa^ 

iUJSKj^ ,3ariax^a^s7ltnees . 


A Case of alleged Bif^icy > 


1701. . KAVAK&.GH^'Siomas^his v;ifo I'latberino .alias BUTLER, 

said to be deal but (falsely) said to 
have been aoen in the city of London. 
Ho, by misfortune , hath been in ams 
ainder the lata King Jameu in lireland 
eince the 15th* February 1688 and in 
the French KiMg*s 3)oininionB since tha 
llth.Deoerabor' 1688, without licence 
fi-om his present tejesty, (Signs). 
iaVA2U.GH alias E0IJ)I>Iii,Klisabeth5pre8ont vfiTo of 
Q!homas , 

PIT!ZGBI^LD,i^rs. ,of KoseiLary Iano,near Tower Hill, 

told YAXAl^JkQU of a plot against him. 
BCUJT^Captain Jolm^sent by John H0LD3R into 

Flanders , was go'ji^; to meet him at the sign 
of The Gombe in the Old Bailey. 
HOLDER, John, plotted aga.inst K^YMIAGH. 
CUMBBKFOI^, Go orgo, going to be hanged next day. 
MkOAHTY.Pliileraonfmet as he v/ao goirxg under Liid- 
gate,v?ont with KLVmu^AW to the Queen's 
Head near the Q?einple. 
KEiLni?CJ, Mr, Robert, an Xrishman<3:eeper of an ale 

ho^iae in Little Idcler Street^t^ Jamee 
BUSHyJohn^a witness. 



OourtiM p a?? d mr^laif^ of Edward 

^ 1?D3« FS^ICHC^^^mi^d »^iq« tpaid his addressaa to Dame 

GBDS?j^IOEat Fi^is, MariPiod hop thojpo 13 J\ma 
ITOl tin her bedoliaabar a@ eho was sitting up 
in her bed. Of an ancient Hortbmbarland 
ffemily, brother of air Itobort FHliV/ICK.Jaiight, 

OBDS?MOR»Dame Mary,all-as FSJ^jICK,wife of likiwardtturaad 

a RoEan Catholic; her husband Sir ©lomas GBDSYEtlOR, 
diod in the Protestant faith. 
In Sopt^bor 1700 she sot out from her houae in 
Choshiro for London in order to go to Paris. 
Her mother and sister lived at Mi llbank, West- 
minster. She went on to Home in April 1701 was 
som^'Sflmt indisposed &Dd, pat into the Ba^io at 
lyons. Very easy, pleasant and free with Bdward 

FEKWICKtIiOdwiok,her chaplain and confessor ,a Benedictine. 
!KJE!raR^Mrs. ,of P&mdon,Ess'3x,si8tor to Edward and L^iok 

Fi2I^JICK and hor child aaooenpaniad Bamo Mary to 

Paris in ITov^bor 1700. 
000KS0N,Mrs. fWent with them, to bo placed in a nunnery. 
KyEB,Dr. .prescribed "canetiques" for Dame ilary GBOSVIHOR 
in Paris. 

BkTOLIFFE, Francis, Esq. , friend of EdvTard FEIIT/ICK.Lord 
RkaXJLIFFS,Lady Tudor RA.TCLIFFIii his sister, 
lode:ed at the house of the Grand Monarch at 
Meudon in June 1701. 

AHTHCJR.iir. Daniel, a banker in Paris, at a supper pajrty at 

Dreo^, (115) 

mmk^m' mis. 

MiMM ©ollt^lof* of ^® foil ^ fo^ 

. " fMHf fMa^ta mteD?* 

^If^BLLtllitmbotlitl^©^ tote^ ^isilar good 

tea SiBOO. 

B^^M'XMI^t . . . • ♦foraar testeM of Haf^ MS^^. 

gorateJsad his tM^-oat with ^iif®»^M 

n2n)9^lobaol,not admiUo4 to eit ^ with S)&%tlo«- 
\im<L in his k;8t illi^sg. 

^m*fm.l916. (lie) 


and JI^HICYS. 

A voyage to Guinea and Jomaica . 


1705. PYKE, Thomas, latG fanner of tho ship "Shrows'b-ary 
IITGLi], John, master of the ship. Took in negroos 

at G-uinoa and dolivored thorn at Imte^o* 
Jj3?F2;:RYS,3ir Gooff ory & Co. .ovrTiGrs of the ship. 
. SK^iR-fOOD, Jrimos ,a "boatsTOin.put into irons for 
four or fivQ days. 
HICHa.IlDS ,John,a foremst raan.hoaton hy IITGLjI 
Y/ith a cet of nino tails raado of ood 
line, in a vor^^ barbarous rjid inhuman 

ViILDiuvI-I,Sdv7ard) V/ent on shore at Guinoa 
RICHIIOlIDjJohn j aiid stayed av;ay a v-reek 
V/^?IN,John ) without loavo. 

* The master vrantod to go back to Guinea 
from Antego/out tho sailors demanded 
to be tc'kon back to London according 
to a^rreenient, whereupon he refused to 
pay them. 

Dram. Per s, 1916. (117) 

TOlo 25 ,110 , -38. 

Pisp-ute about R ol:ert WSJ^H^B will , 


1705. WEKD0H,2hoiras9exocutor of HoT>ert. 

^/BSDOJr, Robert, of Fawley ,Suok^^. ^deceasod. 

Died at V/indsor 2iDth.H0Y©mber 1702. 
"ViSI^DOIT, Francos ,\vidov7 of Robert. 
HILLIAJi,V/illiam,at tlie Beare Inn,Horsef erry, 
Y/estm:.nstcr,said to Willi^un OOCIC, 
"Sure^you will not be suoh a Tillain 
oi' rogue to ev/ear so falne a thiiig, 
for I nerer burnt the said Robert 
WES3X)N'S will nor evor told you so, 
or any suoh thing". 
COCK»William, hired to s^vear on bohalf of 

Di-em. Pors .1916. { 118 ) 


Lord MA>0CLI^Fmj)*3 will said to -bo forgM . 


1706. OBBYfLady Charlotto,wife of Sioms, Esq. (Signs ). 
MOEUN, Charles tLord. 

?;HI!E[iHY,Hoger,of Ii02idon,Bsq. ,(md of Poole^oo, 
Chester, aM his uon !I?hoim8 ,1677 and 


GIRUSD, Charles, Lord, afterwards ]larl of MiCOI^- 

FIEID, father of Lady Charlotte ORBY. 
BXYWKD^'BimBBtOt Gray's Inn,counoillor at law. 

M4S0N,Sir Richard, of Worcester Park, Surrey ,kat. 
HDB4il!r,Sir Haary,laiight,son and heir apparent 

of Sir John, of Blickling, Norfolk, Baronet. 
MA30N, Richard, of the Inner Teiapl©, London, Esq. 

Dram,Per8.1916. (119) 


vol*23.Nos. 48 49. 

DlfiputQ between the Parson GQ:^rotl(m 
of ^imn. 


1710. FIHCH^Hon.^waM^.A. ,r©otor of Wlgsa. (SigJ§s). 

EDLLILNP ,W i 1 3. iam , churohmrdon. 
myLOR,Williass, •» 

B4HCKES,I^lph»gont. , syndic of tho Mayor, etc. , Of 

BMDSHilGHjSir Hoger.bart. (Signa). 
WlNSMLBY,Balph,of Wigan. 
GUIS3HD0KS,7/illi8£3,of V/igan. 
IrtBLIxHS, Mr. Richard .his legacy of £S00 for a new 

Wigan an ancient market and borough town. 
(The mayor ,aldersnon» etc. ,sit together in a 
pew assigned to them in tho North Aisle 
of V»igan Chisrch. ISiat about 30 years ago 
tho Corporation built a gallery in the 
chancel, where the organ, destroyed and carried 
away in the late Great Rebellion, formerly 
stood. Parnon Jnilled dovm the gallery to 
provide space for a now organ. Old organ 
a chair-organ, stood b0t^veen two pillars 
v/hich divide the chancel from the body 
of the 6hurch,Bnd was played Mpon v/hen 
fit and in tune. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (120} 

OUMBP. CH4N»PR0. ,lT58-ie00, 

Bundle 284. 

Ub>^ BJIRN:^* inhor3,tS3io0 at BrcyrorlRi^ . 

175^* 'E4mi]^,lCary,an Infant » the only ieeitlm&te child 
of ©icmas. 
l^UaHg John, her guardian. 

E^^^,Vsillia^ and Frances his wif ©^dofar^iants. 
S2MlKIR,!I?hcmB»fr.mrdian to ^largaret BUSIES ; j^r^^noes 

his wife^daiaghtor of William. 
B^HESS^Msirgarotjan infant, natural daughter of 

B4EI5^S,^omas»deoea90d, father of Mary;hia estate 
at Bromrigg holden of the zaanor of Holme 
Oultrara;his hcuse at 0\jghterby whore his 
wife has an estate;son of V*illiam,tho defessdaat; 
died about 1747. 

BK)UGH,7;illiam,hlB honao «The V/hoatshoaf" at Abby 

BOAKjTlionaStOf Abby Tovm in HoMe Cul tram, clerk, 
aged 52. 

. «Iin)BR,St8phen,of Kings Idohill in Holme Oultram, 
yeoi3aan,aged 50. Hoard Y/ilXiam say, 
•♦I will say as old JACK301I of Hayri^t said, 
Givo mo copy and coiirt roll and tako all 
oUier writings", and, furthormoro, "God forbid 
that I should v/rong tho innooont babe". 

OIAISTaR,^;illiam, brother in law of Tliomas BA^NIiS. 

WXEDBR, Joseph, of liiresido in Holme Cultrmn, tailor, 
aged 68. GIA1S2SH. 

Dram. P«r8. 1916. (121) 

Brnm YoBAJH TO, (o ontd , ) 


1769. GIAIS2!SH,Jo!in,of Bedflatt in Holmo Cultrma» 

yDOn^a.t»»agGd 65. 
QJjUJB1!M,Vjdi^j ,of lihG eaiiie,agDd 69, wife of John. 

TO<Lj.Joeep-i,of Allclion^e-o'^Q^faged 58 ,l)roiihe2» of 
Jo}m,of Pollatlioe ,who load two bqhb and a 

SKi^L^N^^ob^of Fro5ta^»reax* Worlcingtoa^blaotenitli, 
aged 58. 

V2I!n)EBttJchn,of Miorside syoomntSgod S5. 

BOPGSOIT, Joseph, of Biglandc in Ai^on^weaTorteged 40; 

that QlhOKas EAPJIBS wont to a SpOT op W©li at 
Aniv^ in Scotlari^d ar^ shoy?od moh lore and 
tGndernegs to his V7if e Jane and daxs^top l£a3?y. 

l4l!l?TXS,Georgo,of Klrkbrido,yeomn,aged 50. 

HAHHIS0N,S3jmon,of Moss Sid© in Holm© Cvatram»^eoiQa:a, 
aged 61. 

OHAMI>liinS,John,of Long lTa7/ton,yoonian,agod 45. 
DOKU-D.Thonas.of ^eyrigg in Bromfiold,mlator,agod 60 
that !Ehonas BAP^TICS of Ahby Cooper, was first 
oouoin to (Sioiras BAHri;3,th0 dood. 
AKDSi^ON, Jonathan, of Farmery Oor/por in Holme Oultx^, 

yeoii2an,agod 45. 
CH42iBEHS,Ho'ber*j,of Long Kowton in Holme Oultraa, 
gentleLjan,agod 48. 

Other noighbcnirc and friends depose at great length. 
One rofttsod to lend £100 on mortgage of part of the 
©stato,thongh was worth £600, Another said it 
T/as a good 0Bta*t;o for tho ciiild , Mary , but there was 
euro to be a law»iiit about it. 

DranuPergolOlS. (122) 

AmaCA. AinmL ICGISTSH for 1766, p. 183. 

ITar rativo of Captain HmTSOIT. 

176S. EILRHISOI^ Captain David, of *^ThQ Pe^»%of 

CAMPBELL, James tn>3^inei\dlod ravir^ mad. 
fLLTtDeiVid^B, forensaot manyUpon whom tiie lot 

foil to 1)0 killed ecid eaten. 
DOUD.James^EiatOvdied durii:?^ the vosrago, 
}iYEH3, Cap tain 2hornas,of "The Susannah" of 
LODdou,in the Virginia trade. 

. . . , a eeaman.died dnrijsg tha roys^. 
ASELBY,Lonu;el,a searraii. 
«ni3»!K/GiiO?H,Sanaiel3a coaiiian. 

Dram, Per 3.1916. 


lOSMK. 2BIS mmL BSaiSm fox* 176?. 

page 197. 

Trial of W illiaia GU^f for E3^ 
filing ^inaae. 


1767. GU]^!?«William,a teller at th® dm^ of F^i^aad. 
LSilCH,John,a tellw, 

80?XLL»?J.cliardtMs g©ri?mt. 
BBLL,Hol^rt»of ^0 Bank of ^iglaad. 
EiCBfMr. ,C33ii@f oagliier. 

BmP^Mr. ,of ^0 Bi^k. 
BWIMJ^lBs'^*tOt the Bank. 
EUlCBEE^TOH^Mr. ,of the Bsalc. 

HXCHOIStJosQphjiaonler of ihQ Mint 10 


LHl:4,Siimol, toiler at the Bsak. 

a?HDUGK!IOK,^om8,a Je.yollor. 

COLLINS, Esther, 8 errant to Wllllaa CRJi^T. 

FIU.TXfe3Y, Robert, optical instruEKmt laater. 

HIJKTEH , John , c lock-raakcr . 

HODGSON , George t cl ookHnaker. 


V • ■ lji:.TUilLUiY,16^,:xCH,1916 


New discoveries in Biography (SI Genealogy 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
- Affairs of the Enghsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issued Weekly, 


(as from Saturday, Sth January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


io,6 per quarter. 
2 1./- per half year. 
42/- per anniini. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

''J'^HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, ata trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, fmding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at tlie liead of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain tbo 
^ cost of copies on application to the I^ditor. 

& KmT. page 190. 

Elizabeth BBDWITHIGa and hoT arroTBntim ^ irl®, 


1767. BI?DWimiGG,5Ili2abeth,aged 47, of Presaot @tr€je%e&^»^to^*@ 

Fields ;of Greenwich and St.Itosteii*© ia 
West (Fettor Lane). 
BH)7/NHIGG»Jam8s,plaietQrer and painter ^ha^ imsMM. 
KORTO!T»Mi% tCanonbury Llkhq ^Inlii^ton. 

MiaXJli3LL,Iilar7,a poor girl^cf VJittdfrl&M^a^d 14 to IfSS* 
J01^,Mary,a poor ^rl,of tho Foundling Hospital,a^ H 
in 1765 

PLDlSPaiKElE^llr., solicitor to tho FomidliBg Hospital. 
CLlFFCilDjFiary ,of whitof riara ,an approatloo, 
BEl^IIAM, • • . ,an apprentice toy. 
BBDV/KRiaa^JohnjSon of Jasses and Llisabith. 
CLIFFOHD,Mrs. ,in Cam"bridgeshire,8t8p-.mothor of llas^. 
DiiA.CON,Jirs« ,v7ifo of a bak:©r,Flov7or do Luo© Oowt, 

Fetter Lan^. 
CLII60IT i 11 iara , appr ent ice. 
GHLJin)Y»lIr. ,ono of the overseers. 
IXJlCELLB^Mr. , of -Jandsworth, chandler. 
OWSH,Mr. ,churchv7arden. 
WINGRkVS.iiLr. , apprehended ;^s.BIC^\mRIGG. 

Dram.Per8,1916. (135) 


The tomml Hcgiiter tor 1763 
page 221. 

The Mayor and Alde mea of OxfordL^m thj^p ? tet^g > 

r{^prl2na> nded by. the Speaker of Hcmaa , of (^msoas , 
for brib ery > 


1768. WAHD, Philip, lat© mayor of Oxford. 
MUmX^Blr TricmiB. 



K)BIl^"SON,ThoiEa8) lato bailiffs. 
BK)V/N,Johii i 

Dram. Per 8. 1916. 



1519 Mxmua.1 Register for 1773. 
page 191. 

Trial of Ll£i,1or G^eral (UKS^^^^fpy firing 
at three Bailiffs. 

1773. CLbL^SL,Major General. 

IirD3,JaxnGs»a bailiff. 
LEdi,Llr. , surgeon. 

iilAYO ,ldrs . , of Craven street, St rand. 

ASHPIJiLiD, Henry and Jainos,G6neral GAliSBL'S servants. 

F3L'SI0USB,3ionns,5!. bailiff. 

Ai^iSTHOlTG, James, sheriff's off icer, Carey street. 
HYD3, Thomas, brother of James, a bailiff. 

Bram-JPors .JLSIS . 


Attoi'ney G-^a<era?., y^Y/OOD. 

fee Jidov^'^_ » J^9gd^ ^ B: /r3J.l 5.n Low Big3i ot<^^1j^^. 

179^* Maa)0,U'?E, George 5 irir)J:.i:)ldei%^^^^^ George & Dragoxs.^, 

Paiieley Bi-i^lge* 
WEA.TICi)PHBAD,JolmjOf li^llteol?:,!!!!©!! weaver^aged 60. 
WOOD, William, of 1^ Ei^^)^s:\do, maltster ,0ou of 

tothony WOOD. 
WOOD,^riniam,of Patoley Bridge , gent, , brother of 

said iiithoixy. 
BU0K2Pi0Ul%PuOl^3rt,irinaolderyI/ON7 Bishopside. 

Ml ad-'Ter-tdsement in the I>Q g jg ^Mgl'^^-^ » 
KKOVVISS J/illiam,of Wes-^; F.r?/ln'Fewston,yeoiiLian, 
aged 57. 

FE^^.BXsJohiijOf \7hite How^o^ in Ripon,fl^ dreos^r, 

agod 45 ,son-in--law of -Anthony Y/OOD, and tenant 
of the VJidows' lar^l. 

BDBIlIS01T,John,of Pateley Bridge ,yoon3an,a^ed 53. 

HAH)065a'LE5\?illiAin,of l^'m B i eh ops ide, shoemaker, 
aged 55. 

PKi^i01T,Joijn>of High Bi .oh ops ide , farmer and linen 

"weaver, aged ij5. , 
PKA.r.?B,Kior.ac5 0f B::^a.lrjty Wood in Kirkhy Malzeard, 

gent, .agad 

WOODj.Aiithoi:y.,t}).e yo-ui^gerjOf New Close Hoiisejnear 

Y/ ilLL-D el 1 J lineTc-v/ea vm- ^ aged 37 . 
E^JBIKl^ieaxr. J-Ie:'i:c:y-,of Tacre Bar-te in Ripon, gen t. , 
a,ged o5. 

SKILLINaTOK..Jo?-.n,of Bra is ty Woods jfai'mer, aged 63. 

iPPIS10:^/5,Antho;:vy,of Y^yslTjg in Kirl^fby Malseard, 
f3/rmi)r.,aicod 57. 

William, of Felil Becli in HipoDipyeoiiianra^*"! 

1559. ZOI^^I^YO^ayQa^^MoTf^^em^ottor of Hi^b^ mmUS^ 
th@ KlB^*s wa?d8 tfcat h®r hasb^ Ei^a 
lOmiMAi^^ ia 10 Ilomy VI2X. (1518/9) ^ uht^ 
©@iged of thn Ihirdd ©f ^1 S^Bts tMa 

ago of Bl« 

I^Mf fHlehardpagnd 40. 

Hf^?»Ilogors8^ft«in-laT; of ISorgasy UXIQSAt^mi^^ 36. 
WOiDro tJolmta^id 60. 
(^m'OHtMi^ola^s^d 40. 
Hy3^?,^mdtac<^d SO. 

KOH!SU»Yiilliafa,(^od SOe^^ya that *:a^?^ lOll^U.t 

roeoiTod of John B/OUOm) mim^ of ^© said 
Ja&e«*by tho hands of ^masas B:u^^ his so^^for 
tho r^rrlH{^ good® of %faa©,T7lf# to Hidh&K^ 

B:.;U4ffl),IIielioIa©ta£ced 40. 

LOHOLaY, 111 chard ^aspd SOedc^^es tlmt itor^xy rtoeiTod 
268«6d.a ^oar during lifo of jUiohard l^r eoat 
for her d0??er. 

BOHESaxDHfE^ard ) Cotssiisdioiiers (vfioso nases BSgr 

]^H!AI,Gdorgo j 0a0^st a olmo to tho looali^ 

HOEHtJohn ) oonoomod). 


jaSirnXSEXEg. COURO? OF *tf/'iPX3» DEP0SI!P10US. 

Bimdle 1.. 

Descent^ of Jgr..ej W-SSQJiR-g ljdrad.8. 

GOWN ,I>oi-o thy ,^idav7 ,de fondant . 

WEBS!I!ER,Hoger5ano6!3tor of , seized in fe<5 of 
3^.r.d in Bie:ging,cOoDer"by. Were they copy- 
hold of the mnor of Ea.i-tyi»4'd<?:i ? 

W}SBS2iI3Il,Nicho3^s jfather of John, his eldest son, 
and JaiA03,hi3 ycungeot, Itoe said John 
father of the said HogersV;ho d3ied without 

OOKEMjPrs'aciSjdeceasedpSon and heir of Sir Thorns 9 

SHAWEv^JMliaan^aged G4r,depo38n. 

SOLlMvEeca-y.aged aO;depoi'.es that Hoger WBBS!ESR died 
eeSsed of the piraise;: ; tJjat Nicholas had issue 
Joha^his orider.t coii and John had issue Boger, 
and the ^x-^emlsec descended to Jayios,as next 
heir to Hoger^and so it Y;as found "by twelva 
laen in t^.e corrt of Hartin.g-*>}oii, 

BENETjOhoiiB staged 50, deposes. 

UMBIiBT0NvJohn,£g3d SO^deposos. 

JlSHKE,William;aged CO.depoGes, 

?BBNE,Jcilm5ag9d GOydepoces. 

(istoiy others depose to the eame ©ff©ci)« 

I)imJte^,l9i6. (ISO) 


DrllXlnp: f or.ooal. 
BB4M0lfH!P,lTic^bola8,tli9 King's ward^eo^ of 

OIiU^,HQnry,also agreed to drill for 0oal@ 

and to loalco their work seven yaMs l>ro^ 

Vn^sHS, George ) Oonaaissioners (all fliga). 

HJUBFUTtlliobaol ) 

Hichard, deceased* A cotitraot with 
the father to drill for ooal@ at 
Overtoix Quartemarah^oo.Xiaioester, 


I agreed to drill for ooals. 


Bundle 1. 

'^J^Cy^y^.fi^ Bish op *g I ?rome > 

1540. JAmrOY.Wllliei^i. 

JOlII^^WilliamyA^od BO^was in tha parich olturoli 
of Fromo Bishop when V/illiam JAUHOT 
delivered to John Fimil£?E a Pi-iyy Seal. 
fflH3tThoms:,gent4 ,a{jod 40, that FIl^SUPSB Dworo 
at Hereford that ho hM Iho said Elisat)eth 
in his Otis tody snd. l^iat It was lawful to 
keep hoi'ythat ho arrested JAUHOY on Dusploioa 
of f olony and impinor.ed hlni in tiho Btooks 
for one niglit. 
JkKPIOTES.ChrictopharyGlorlipaged 40, that JAOTOY 
and FIl'^iUHDli with a v/i»it of Privy »^oal ia 
the (.-huroh of Fromo Lofore K\ronsong • 
on holy day* Es \^^arj ws'Ilr.;.?).^ in the ohuro^- 
ye^vd after ovGnaot^g and JAUHOY oaid^^^Keep 
mo;keep m^,for the r>afe{^aard of life**. 
He naw Fia'2uTu'S coniir.^ up ai..d a^i^d him 
what ha msant and told hira that wag uo 
place to fiji'ht^'but FITZ'aFf-B ai^rested JAOTOT 
and tooi-: hiin avvay with 2Adm. 

MOBS>S'.ir C-il83,c\haplain8ai>Bd 30;£?a;>rr.^^^* ^P0» 
St^Bartholomow'.':} day laat ho was deyired to 
come to an alehor.,^e in Carrbla Frome to ni?Ji© 
meri-y amorj^jt othor honoct compar^'jnet FITZOWB 
at?d hia v/ifo there vdth Slir.abeth H:3y;cQW 
JAUKOY in the stcnka. 


DraawPcaro.lQIG. (132) 

• A.2). 

1540* EOHJHIUSir Sagli,elmplaia,ag3d SO^tos Rt frtass 

Mill v^en J^fOY csiaQjfXTZaj^B said to 
him ^*SiOU wcmldsiH rolsbed wif® 
the last day and I will arras t t'heaw, 
who^^upoa JAUllOY fled and FimHSB aad 
Hoger JS2?0tm rront aftoj* him, 

EIJJ^lHIJ),BowlaM,ag0d SS^es^ Blisal)©tli EBT in 
tlie church with hBT mother • 

E[7LSOT,Eogor,aged ao,ga^3 ho and JlUltOT gois^ 
to Fromd m^t Kathsriao^wifo of FIlimRBl 
end Blisaboth HDY her da\3ahter. JAOTOI 
laid hsnds upon the said Exigabeth and 
said seise you as the King^B ward'*, 
aad then h^r mother and one Salrester© 
STOOKION and two women took har from 
JAmiCY and brought her to FXimims hxm^* 

SAOiea!SN5?5Hiohard,aged 34, deposes. 

IK)MKYH3,Hoger,agod 34, deposes. 

WIRE, John t^^god SO,aiid others depose to the 
eajae effect. 

^ DraauJ©r8»1916* (133) 



LEGHS , Ba?.pli , de i'c^da- 1 . 

rax^Oi: rations takc-ii at Xllcoston to InmxlM 
woods have fallen e:aCL been out dowa 
In 'jhe lordship of ::iliBston, 

OLYI'l'CdTjSir Ger-yase. (Signs). Consaifisioaera, 

I^I^TON,?.! chard. E&.LCM, ^Jhomas. 

Emnined tho coirsniie s5 onera . 
TOOBjEogar^tha yoii-iger ) 
B I ^CE 5 Anthony. J Servants to Baxif 


8Gl20t3. of paotwo GX'Ound oalXod Boltou Fall* 
Did hi3 iinooctors rco the bordor@2r^ for 
putting thoir beasts in tha said pasture t 
V.'oro thfiy soijjeci of Nothorgarthes in bho 
pa:f Jsh of Gcffurth ? 

XHTOHtGeor/^jor toiplu^'chSsSnd 

XBOTUJohn^of Jjaiiton^and 

POSTLKTHuAr.Mlob€rt,of Oott:,brig3^(^ntlem9at 

togjothor \7ith 
(XTBil^^UJctojCf IPhictilton 5 retain tvo go2:^Si&c. t 

against tho will cf snrd:OUiJ:>\ 
SIlKOl)S,T^oniacitOf Sloccaills ^agcd 53. 
BlXBO:i,EQ\)ort»of ^7ftsthill3,GO*C«m"ba3?land,ag©d 54« 
a4i:2BGAljiL»^ i)rayo,a^d 60. 

•* Williari^tho yoTm^ertOf DrayOf&ged SO* 
A Chartor cited (without date) from 
^iJUB!I?fr*i^yT,r7illl84n da ,to 

SlSKEDU'j£;,IUcholas,of a tenesiont called Bishops* 

garth in Bolton Fell. 
Depositions talcra at Coclceimouth before 
IJ^GH, John, and 

O&i^ifYy .Antony. (Both sign). 

Prem^Pers. »1916 



1^0 Manor of Jjtooh JIaddo::.. 

1546/7e SByMKU,AlexandG:c,3aifl to have "been uOiTil; aaid dead; 

jnadG a leaB9 of the nanor cf Marcho Kaddon,oo« 

Ox:jn,to ^l^oir-aa Ka:!.T)0O}a<I, 
H4I)I)00IvG/ih:0jray .jd0ceac;}odj^.5aid to have craftily got 

SBYj^^IR to maJco h:ly.i a deod indented giving him 

tho foe sample and not a ieaso for years. 

Felled and cr.t dcrvvn divex-o and sundry e^oat 

trees ?^nd tir.^.hor. 
DffiRjJarae;:?,gont« j}iad lite eettato from in 

other lD::Jida« 

1S4roilkl4f !Ihoma3v.g3nt, .,lmd the sajno.l)Ut f-ave them up. 

GWiS^EILI)E,JoIin,of Norton V/awGn,eo.Oxf^tand- 
jcanjaged 50 5aa\7 hold up hia fir^ori^^ and 
eirdto his hroarit meaning by the i^amo j^igns that 
H6DrOC;K ahovild have the prernisos for five years 
only^a?? he underatood. \7as not content that 
HADDOCK rhould have any profits of the Court 
and sent his con. 
GOFPB, steward to HADDOCX caused his son to 
he thrust out of the house and bade HADIXDOK'S 
servant, called BW/iJRIiS ,*:o kill him. 

5!lLKLEY,Uilliam,of Biyce ITo rt on ^ husbandman, aged 40* 
does not depose. 

l01TGE),John,of Burto n, hue ban dmanv aged 70, tenant to 
Alexr.SJHEH, deposes that he had for a fine 
either £6. 13s. 4d. or £7. 

QUElTCH,©iomas,of Burton,husbandman ,a^ed 55, deposes. 

SUB5AU,Y^illiam,of Burt on, huabandman, aged 40, deposes. 

Bundlo 1. 

|.iS4f/SS» E^I^AIli.Sir P.ic.ha:t'd, cleric, 

HJia^BI-TOiljCiicrnai^ 5:1a ;:ilok and not a^bl© to oome 

J0EiIS0:J,Sw?7ai'd,depo:nGg tha^j ho hath }^atd !iJL« 

ren^io to I/astes- Pa::'£?or. oi* HalsalX. 
BLDHIiELIitWllliao/Iiliat he }:ath paid Ma rents. 
SJ®i*OBEpJol'in/jh3.t he paid over rent to tho 

J0Bm01I,yii:J.£r:,t:.iat ha hath pa^.d hie to Master 

KXESEBYfiJoan^widoWjthat rho paid tart? to t^a 
rarcoii ^ofora tho d3ath cf Si^ G^iOD^as 
E^Xai.LL,ar:.d rjince to Mactei^ EOLOIDrSt 

8aAKES3BK3Z,:?:home-.r?.?>fairji:ad BFJ<3Bf^B,ra,Johii SOMIiETt 
Eoh ert .%"0II3 : y 1 3:1 WULPA.uL » Eaoira s 
EH'-^iKEYiiT^a-hoDas PYB 5 George PYE,2homs 
i;P51,Jo}:-:n 2:.Ba^H5^.xrBUBO,JohJa IHSL03), J^ases 
A5PXIvkIJ.,l?illia.u '30LBOM,E57a- KILL. 
^L?.icri3as vniATTON^all depose to the eaao 



(Ho cotmty). 



In XQ SVr.IliEl>. 

giO l'iar r5.a, ?e of A lloa ^-H/^^. 

EVUKLHOyLore. Whe-^;hei» af'ber tlie deceatx© oi' 
EVmr&ivDjHearj^Eijqiiirejher late huaba::ad,Eiad9 

tende:.- of marriage "between 
SHiA»Alice, daughter of Lore EYEHAJiD,arul 
HVIlB4kBD,Henry.,non of •:;hG said Honry. 
K)0:a3Y,^}illlam,n(M Iru.'j'band of Ali^e SHAA* 
Did Henry BV]il?/J© t^o yoimger offer 
her in marriage to him ? ind was Henry 
oontenliod he should have her without 

UENlM)RKIyJohn5Eyquire,one of the executors 
of Haary,the father* Did the eaid 
Lore within a moiith after the refu^jal 
fiu'.lude./. to offer him an ©"bligation 
for the p':jymont of £200 Did Henry 
refuse to marry Alice or not ? 
{©le questions are not answered here, for the 
depoaltions are not filed at this roferenoe). 


"^OX/ i "TO ^ 


New discoveries in Biography Genealogy. 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the Enghsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details may, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issv.ed Weekly, 


{as from Saturday, Sth January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


io, 6 per quarter. 
2 1 '- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar), 

"^^HE idea is to supply a few friends each week, at a trifling 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. These, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will fmd the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, hading in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on each occasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the documents may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 

ghe Deoc9t v^; of Harr y :^/iL"'!^BTJJlY-S landt^ . 


EiIISBURY5Harr7,Gcmplainaij.-b5.^Jon aiid heir of ferry, 
IJOYDEjJolin and I^ his wif 6>cl0f e-::da'it£i. 
EOLL.'^ITD^Sr.r PJ-ohai-a, clerk, anrl 

LLEH ap DIO.P.ioe ap^en^^e. ffed of laridc: Llanryader, 

00 3)en-b igh , by a^Lir.l^UHY, 
S^JDBRjMarsarot x-ea-ch.wif e of the r-aid Ha,rry >?ALISBUBI, 
latQ of I/Xaiivaf.^.deceaivedjfabher o:cA mothor of 
K5^ihc;rr:i3 liLO^i:. 
Whether Eaary/Gho father-h^ld the lands; of th3 King's;:r; :.n capr.te (»:•:' ':th3rv7ir>e. "TJho wrote the deed of 
feoffment ? Y/Iio wrote the deed u-f g-if-j of entail ? 
Whether at the ll'^ery and cjeii^in made "by Sir Richard 
and Rice to HcriHy .the father^ it v;as openly declared 
that the premie en {jhou."d der.cend a^d go to the heirs 
wale of ilaiiry the father "t.y lir.e of the "body of the 
^ • oald Hai'gar-Gt "begotten ? 

NIOH0lAS,Lle\7ell^2i ap,^. f L:La3:>.aaraiow,.aged S^^depcisess 
that or ^7 yaar^ jBct Kenry SALISBURY of 
Llanraf.adrjdec^csed. enfeoffed Rir.hax'd HOLLOD, 
clerk^ar.d Pees v.p LLEFiJLLYN ap P^IO in all hio 
land e et « . ./'.he re o 
.JAKEYJT,Sir rav:-diap,of Llanraladr .priest , aged 44, deposes 
that abo'cit IV year-:: pa.jt he "wac ciirate there and 
the said Henry t£2i?.ng his journey to Rome, upon 
a holiday in the parich chiirch said to his 
neighhom'L: ; ■''Sir.'j ,:"()ir.e cjer. report hy ne that . I 
^ • have made ny laida '^o the heirs general gotten 

or to t;e gotten hetwixt Lie and l^rgaret verch TUDOR 
VXOEAKjnOY/ my w:'.f e ,v;hich is not truth by the way 
that iny soul goetl.u And 1 protest there afore 


DranuPers.rJlf.. (139) 

SA LISBURY V.LLOYD fccn td. ) 

1543. yon and all my loving; noie^.^oiirs that I 

never ruacle my land.? nor e]ifGoff0d the came 
to any nee hut to n:y heli-i^ jialo of the hody 
of the said Ivlargaret verch ^JDEH'*. And. 
fvxt}\QTir.o::e vhat ha v/a^j K.a gho.-tiy I'athe::* 
at his deoeace,ar.d the c^af.d Hariry then mado 
15.k8 prroteritatf.oti. 
WILLIAM He.BIlYsI?.ohe5:-':. 3.p,of tho ?.amG,aged 80 .deposes 
that he ^'aw !; HErisJl-PS .t^^-^ recordei- of 
DorJbi{5:h5i:mbGCX'ihe h:.l^ name to the i"e--foof fnent. 
MBR!rOH,John,of the nauiesaged SG,depOi3e3 that at Hen-y's 
death-Led, ho said, tliat after the decease of hi^ 
late doij. hy Margar-et hie late wife one G'7/sr><='rxar 
verch B5I.S his mother-^in-^la'.v^had a da-ughtev- of 
hi.*; iri keeping, sent for him and bade him tate 
her hone 5 saying that fihe nor r/mo of hers had 
nothing to do with the £<aid Kenry^s lands for 
the insv.e malo by hev CaJShter was deceased. 
Elz non was suspected to die of the plagu.e. 
iaTOV/DESLSYE,'llaonas,of th^ L'a2i0,aged 62, deposes. 
B^Yli,Sir ^Jilliam^vicar of Denbigh, aged 44, deposes, 

as to vor-ds by 
E501J»Hiohard,of Perxbighja ooffmon scribe, to whom BlYlf 

7/ac gh'"^,3tly fathr.:r. 
BOBEHT ap JxlViH,Sir John ap,of Llanraiadr? gaged 57, 

BDBEHT, David ap,of tho ^jarco,aged 44,dep0Derj that Henry 
made a. declaration v/hen he went to the King's 
ward to Prraracejas well as v/hen he wont to Rome. 
(Many others depose to the came effect). 



oranm CK5UM0P wiais' KEiFosmoie. 

In re JODBaL. 
Th® HBtat e of Mimmd JOSRIfji. 

Chost@?. Rog®r ditd ©©iia^ of ^# 
chief house of Yor^lQiltf. 

(KJMOB^orl^/lBSriH^Eobart^tsiiatit of a tsut^mt 
ia DiBltf called Omestj® ©tt@iwia© 
Eog0©tsty@,eop^hold liioM^a of the wmGV 
of idaoeleafi©ld. 

KKOWBLl^fEdmond aM VViniasi,riliO tessmts. 

X/LKD]^mDE,Kieholas.of Famoylel^^eOeBwbF, 
tcmaat to Hast©? liKGH of Ml^toa,aged 
54, testifies &8 to swramdei^ mds at 
tho }5alsJ0te Com*t at MaoeXasfield ia 
Henrgr VllI th»e tim®. 

WAHH^QIDllfHa^ James »held a t@n@m^nt 
eailed Weyley. 

0IJJB*R5fOTKAJaH,Ko^rttOf 3to8tyd,oo»D«rby,aged 66, 

BMB^7,AlexaM©^,of Digley^a^S^ 66«d^06es. 
B3NiSTT,'^illiam,of BTiggyewor^^tOO.Dorby.agod 64, 

BH!IEM,ChristophQr,of E©ttil©holm3»ag@d 68,d©pofl©8i. 
TOODH)Fft^illlsa,of v;^le3r,oo.ah©@t©r,8g©d 56, 

ISGK,Jolm,of Higcre^Enq. ti^ed ^S«dep<^e8 tbat hs 
was found tlie Kisa*s wasti for certain lojde ' 
la 3uttoa,paroel of 1^© lordship of JMool©«fl«ld. 

Drm,Per8.1316* (141) 

In re JODKSLL (contd, ) ■ 

1548. IOV/lTJ^,John,of Overt on, gentleman, aged 55, 

deposes that ITidiolao JODBEIiL was 
father of the said Roger end had lands 
in Yord83l0y,Disley,Weyley and Kettelshuteoj 
that Hogor had lands in OXvomlow in right 
of hio vrxfQ and she overlived him;that Hoger 
LBQH had no lands or tenements but such as 
were ho Men of the King's as of his grace's 
E^or of Ilacclesfield by coi^,and nevertheless 
his Bon was fouad the King's ward. 
WAIKlL4ins,\7illiam,sged 76, deposes he was the KIag*8 
bailiff for 30 yeai^;that Roger would never 
appear at Maoclegfield for his copyhold Imd^n 
but did appear at Chester for his freehold 

SHORB,¥illiam,of Hurdasfeld in the forest of Maccles- 
field, aged 55, deposes that Hoger appeared at 
the Shiers at Chester. Roger \7a3 at variance 
with Mr. LBGH of Lyme and deponent heard him 
read a deod T^hich ho called his charter deed 
in Sir Latironce PAY1T*S chamber at Macclesfield. 

STEriiE10H,John,of Mace les fie Id, aged 41, kept an inn 
at Macclesfield; heard the charter deed read 
wliich bounded JODH}ilLL'S lands from the lands 
of Mr.LEGH. 

BBy)BQRY,Otnoll,of v;oyley,aged 28, deposes that Roger 

appeared as a freeholder at Chester. 
JODBBLL,Otnell,aged 54, shewed D0WNE3 a deed of gift 

made by Klastor S1!A.NLSy'S ancestors to his. 
ESSKYTH, James, of Russhoton^agod 32, deposes that he 

found among his evidences an original charter 

deed sealed with green wax, and did read it at 

Sir Laurence PAYirS. 


Drfiaa,Per8.1916. (142) 

hi re JQDB a LL (contd. ) 


15i8. KHOTTJESFOBD,Elisal)eth .deposes that there 

"be certain writings in chests in her 
hoiise which oonoern her sister's 
inheritance who was wife of Roger 

BBOKB^JsmeD, chaplain, aged 50«dopooes as to 
evidences contained in a box in hie 
lod.ging in Ohecter. 
(On tl:ie hack of this membrane certain 
ancient records from temp, Edw^ I, relating 
to Sutton and Disley are recited). 

BYBBiKicholaBjaged 60, deposes that Roger was 
aged 7 at the death of hie father Hicholss 
JOBHKLL and af teiwards married himself to 
a poor maid. His wife's name was Ellen 
and he had younger "bx^ethren. 

POTTa,John,of,aged 65, deposes. 

M0RS»Hen2y ,of 7/oy ley, aged 70, deposes. 

lXK/NKS,Edv/ard,of Bngges7/orth,aged 60, deposes 
that ho ras servant to Kicholae JODRELL 
the father. 

(Here follov; three m.omhranes of extracts 
from the Coirrt Hollg of the King's Manor 
of Macclesfield 26 Henry VIII. back to 40 
Edward III. ) 

Dran.p0rs.1916, (143) 

vol-urne 2. 


1624. HSD^/YS,G8rvas3 and Sir V/illiam^Gons of Dama Klar^cr 

JOIIKBOiTjV^illiaTa^of T/dstrainster.jgent . ,aged 4:5 ^ho^^ 
lived there 5 yoaro and befora that at Sax- 
"by, CO o Lincoln. (Signs). 

HEU'iYS.T' Mary, had two daughters jBridgGt and 
Elizaheth,to whom in April 1629, at hor 
house in Wollerhy , Lines ,she made a deed of 
gift. Q?hey survived her. Lived oomo tinie 
in Sir William PAEKIIUH3 T<S;S house in St. Peter 
le Poor. Mother of La,dy PABillURST. 

COOK, Gregory , of Barrowe Aptonjllorfolk^yeoiDan^aged 
44-5 hag lived there 14 yeartJ,and "before that 
in the family of Dame Mary IffiK/TS at Woriehy. 

PAEKEUHSa?,Sir William, of Austin Friar s , London , s on 

in law of Dame A!ary HELWYS. 
FAKRD?;,to. John. 

ASTON, John, of St.Bctolph Aldgate , London, merchant , 
aged 34; has lived "^^ere a year and "before 
that for seven years in St.Peter-le-Poor in 
Sir William PAKSrOHmST'S house. "Of alliance" 
to Dame Mary HEIT/YS. (Signs). 


Dram.Pers. ,1916. 



voliime 2. 

!ri'^j;, axig ^ Of S ir WUXiara KITIYBION. 


1634- JACXSON,Johii,of Bradly ,3 o. Derby ,yeomrLii5 aged 50, 
has lived there 2P yoars; horn in Mai^ketor : 
servant to Sir Gilbert lanVBTOH 23 years and 
to Sir William 20 years before his death. 

KNIVLIOK, Gilbert, Imight, son of Sir V^illiain,who 
uied about 1630. 

GRBATOS,V;illiam and Jane his v/ife. Tae said 
William chaplain to Sir V/illiamjbut not of 
kin to hajn. 

FIDXSR,i/illi2insa surety for Y/illiam GREATCS.ati 
honest man dwelling with his mother, on a 
farm at Hedneston in Derbyshire. 

GRjilAYES,Jolm,of an Inn of Cottrt , nephew of 
William GHSA-YES. 

CiU.TCHL3y, James , of Bradley , yeoman, 31; born 
at Bxtcn,LanGs; hath refused the Romi-sh 
religion and is a Protestaiat. (Signs OR^iJT- 

Dram, Pers, 5 19 16. 




A Chu-rch Ratg in Stactooole Sllidor . 

LORiS,Henr^%of Staclcpoole Coixrt ,co. PemlDroko , 
Esq,. aged 4-5;'bom there. Had licenoe when 
he lived at Dt,Potrox,to bury his kindred 
in tho Lady Chapel ,Staclcpoolo , and to keep 
the vsame in ^ood repair. 

GEOHGE5W. vicar of Stackpoole ,1638 ; rates for 
repair of Stackpoole church. 

SLLIS , George , refused to pay tho money he was 
assessed at. 


ELLIOTT, John aiid Griffith. 

L0RT,Abra5doceased,her lands. 

DOLVYl'IjDr. incumbent 7, 8, or 10 years since. 

I)r8ro.Pers.l916. (146) \ 







In ro Earl LICTSEY. 

Lord lJin^}T£'S affairg> 


1634. iJA.2SC'iAL:,Ho"bort,agod 19, servant in tho 

fsuaily of the Sari of LIIDSiiY these 
8 ycjars (3i^s}. 

LIinX3*^Y,Earl of ^appoiiitod High Constable 
of 2ingland,rodQ at Hillary term down 
into Lincolnshire about draining the 
fens and then cajne up to London again 
and Bat in the i;iarshal's Court. In 
Lent last v/as so busied and ji^rplexed 
in prosecuting a grievous injury which 
was offered to hie dau^ter by a 
minister that ho could not fraao himself 
to give any decision or instruction 
about any business. 

H3LINS0H, Christopher »gent. , aged 40, servant 
in tJie family of the Barl of LIHDSKY, 
these 15 years. (digas i . 

Dram • Per s. 1916. (147] 


voltimo 2. 
HixHllISOi: V. IK)5IrTS01I. 

A Curate of llortlako. 

1639. B0UBT}2, John, of iiortlake, Surrey , aged 62, has livod thore 
15 years; b of ore that at ^vickenhain; is a watem^n 
by trade and a fisherman by profession; a poor man 
of little v/orth and estate. 

H^^HHISOIT, Osmund, lived at Llort lake, was cui'ate,muoh 
cpokon of for his frequenting of taverns and ale- 
houses, went into "The Feathors" at Mortlaka with 
three in company and a great quantity of wine and 
beer was carried into them; stayed from 7 in the 
morning till 7 at night. Formerly lived at Kingston. 

BOBHTSON.Mr. John^i/iaster of Arts ,p3rfonned the office of 
curate and preached in the church or chapel of .Mr^rt- 
la)ce painfully and conscionably. 

3IAC}v;j)LL,Mr. ,of I^ortlake. 
LEK, Richard, of i^ort lake, gent. ,aec>d 60, told BOUHKS he 
must go to London to make an affidavit a^^ainst Lir. 
HAJUilSOIT; has lived tl:^ro 7 years and before that 
in the city of London. (Signs). 

H^'Y,Mr. ,of Uortlake. 

JUXON,iir. ,of Hortlske,sent BOUI^S to CHA^B3,the church- 
wardens, and asksid him if ho could depose anythinp: 
against k'r.E^RHISOZT. 

HOLLYBIiHRY alias HOLLBKHGH, John,of Uort lake , tapestry/ 
maker (''teztor tapot"),aged 50 , has lived there 17 
** years, bom at Brussels in Brabant; standing at Ids- 

own door saT/ Kr. HiUlIilSCN come into Mortlake very 
much overcharged -jyith drink; took hold of anoth^er 
man* to support him. 


Drata.Pers. ,1916. 

HAJRHISOR V.B3BIK30IT (contd ). 


1629. traiGH::ILS,John,of i^iort lake , tapes trv raalcBr»ag'od 37, 
has lived there 6 years; before that 20 years 
in the city of London; born at Hdiidenarde in 
Flanders, hath seen lor. JililHISON play apish 
trices and raimiclc gestures. (Si^s). 

CAKTIiI\,\tilli£m»of luortlalco ♦gentleman, aged 26, has 
lived there 6 years and before that in the 
city of London v^hero he was born, V/as at 
"Iho iiiaydenJ^ad" tavern in Hortlako when Mr. 
HillBISOH came in and used apish and ridicu- 
lous gestures. (Signs). 

CEA33,Villiaia,of Mortlafce, innholder,aged 30, has 
lived there 20 years, bom at Bromsgrove, 
Wore, ; keeps "Bie Liaydenhead'* tavern; that 
^ one night in winter time Mr. HA.ilRISON bounced 
and knocked so much he was inf orced to rise 
in his shirt and take up the key of his © 
cellar door. 

' FLE!]X3ir:H,Jaices ,of Mortlako, husbandman, aged 33, 

knavs not how long he has lived the re, deposes. 

HILLjHic^iard ,of Barnes , ye oisan ,a£7ed 46,has lived 
there ten years and was bom there, keeps a 
tavern. Harrison was denied wine by his wife 
and went away in a great chafe, (Signs). 

K)BIIJSON,Eichard,of Barnes .watenuan , aged 4:5 ^h&a 
lived there 20 years, bora at v; an tage, Berks , 

E^KI5S,Ildward,of Mor t lake, wate nnsn , aged 26, bom 
there; says Mr. HlIiBISON^S reputation is much 
eclipsed. (Signs). 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 



Hobort Undersyood and his Pamily. 


1639. WIlTSaX)H:j,Ricliard,of St. Stephen's Walbrook,aeed 50, 

has lived there 23 years ^hovx. at Limgjiey ,Glouo. 

Ul'?I)BIlVOOD»Hobei't, dec eased. At their house in BuolO.0rs- 
hury^with his v/ifo Llai-yvgoing to Bath with WIITS!I?0lNf3, 
his will vms packed in a trimk v;ith other things 
that 77ero to be sent before. On the way to Bath, 
T;hen \-;iITST01TB v;as loading Urs c UITD;il?u«/OOD down a 
hill (her husband being in the coach) she told 
him tiiat her husband v/as greatly offended with 
his son Kobert for his ill husbandry , and that 
he would niako another will; asked VilNSTOl-IE to 
prepare one. Died worth £6000. VJas partner with 
his o^der brother. 

'COITYERS, James, of Stratford BovT,T,iiddY., clerk, aged 40, 
has lived there two years. On his doath-bed UI^DER- 
WOC'D said,"! have a vvill** jWhereupon his 7/ife 
answered, "Sv;eetheart , you Imow that was bmn.t at 
the Bath and cancelled", to which he said,'1'To", 
and called for ivlr,HCEiiBD,his brothei- in law, and 
gave him keys to go to his house at London and 
find the will. He procTired it and shewed it to 
deponent and said, ''If that will should stand Mr. 
UlTD^I-flOCD had cut his sister's throat". (Signs } . 

tiAYB'/SIJ. , ?oby , an d h is ?/ i f e ^ Do r o thy , dau. o f Kobe r t 
UiiDi-3i70CJD, procured an Administration out of the 
Prerogative Court* A man of good experience and 
judgment , 

Ul-uD3BiOOD illiam , of St. Stephen ,Bucklersbury , London , 
grocer, aged 39 , has lived there Z) years; lived in 
part of the house rrith i^obcrt & Mary Ui;D:i:2^./0OD,who 


]>ram^or8a916. (150) 


16S9. de^ieansd horself vory harshly and churlishly tovrards 

her husband and his children and turned on© of thea 
out of doors ;Hobert wished sho night not have her thirds 
according to tha custom of ths city of London. She 
■would geldca walk a furlong "bat would put hin at the 
charge of ten shillings for a coaohjbolieva she cost 
him £200 psr annua extraordinary. (Signs). 

HUBB4BD,CwXm,of St. Giles ,Cripplegate,g©ntlQn:£in, aged 49, 
has lived there 14 ye£rs;bom at IFynold, Norfolk; that 
^bart U2IDE?;iCC'D died at his house in Bcr^?;Baid he had 
E^riai hie dau^ter and gave har a port ion; deponent 
is brother to the producent vrho brought her husband 
£300 in goods and mcnsy. (Signs ECBAP.Tj. 

FAIBCLDUGH,Willirjn,of St. Gregory ' 8 ,London, tailor, aged 60, 
has lived there 15 years; said UIIDEB^'OOD called his 
wife "as arrant a devil as ever any mn was icatohed 
withal". (Signs). 

F0Ui<!BiIHS,!Siona3,of St. Stephen *8 ,Walbrook, apprentice to 
IJilliaza TODBBTOCD, grocer, and bom in the city of London; 
was apprentice with Robert until his death. (Signs). 

TlRHSY,(or ,Arth'ar,of St. Michael ,Comhill , citizen 

& smith of London, aged 24, bom in the said city:wrcte 
the will on 7 liarch 1635, his master Kir. Francis LIOSSB, 
scrivener , and Cta,UlID3Hi700D,deceased 's partner ,bei ng 
present. (Signs j. 

LILB,Williara,of St, Stephen *s ,v/albrook, grocer, aged 29, has 
lived there 12 yearD;">7a8 an approntice with Robert 
Ul[Ii?:iIl';C0D 8 years before his death. (Signs LYL3/. 

Francis , of St.llichael Comhill , notary public, aged 69, 
Ima lived there 46 years; took directions for drawing 
- up iniD^lF-^'OOD'S will. (Signs). 

DrBBu Per e. 1916. (151/ 

IBBIAIH). Annual Register^ 1761. 

page 73. 

Tha ETurder of Ulss KI^Oa by her lover. 

1761. MCKAUGHj?OK,Jolm, Esquire, son of e. merchant at 
])8rrj^,v;h030 father v/ao an alderman at 
Dublin. Nephew of D^.HCNAUGHTON. 
Estate in oo. I^rone. Educated at Trinity 
College, Dublin. Wife died in childbed. 
Oollector for Coloraino. Executed near 
Strabane,co. 1Iyrone,agcd 38, for shooting 
Hiss K>TOX. 

KNOXtMixx ...... , daughter of Richard IQTOX 

Eaq\iiro,of Prohen ,co.Dorry. £1500 a 
year. At Swaddling Bar in 1761. Shot 
on the hi^vay by MCMAUGHTON. 

OALIR?ELL,Sir Jaaes^hi:^ light horse. 

WENSLOi/, ,a farmer, on whoso premisos 

MC1UUGH]D1T \vas concealed, 

I8JNIAP, ,an accomplice, a tenant of 

IILUGHTON'S. Executed at Strabano. 

07/EI^3, .present at the murder. 

ASH,. V7itnes8. 

Dma.Pers. ,1916. 


Anniial Register for 1764, 
pago 149. 

A Robbery, at Lord Harrinprt?on*s . 


1764. HkRHIKG ION, Lord. Stable Yard,St. James 's. 

Y/ESKKT,John,a porter SxGCuted for the robbery. 
BR^I)L33Y,Johii. a servant ,%7hose father lived in 

OCOPiilH, James , of Ifetcliff Highway , cheesemonger , 

& of Nev; Tumst ile, chandler , transported for 

14 years. 

MOUIJ HaGUS, Henry , Esq. Lincoln's Inn. 
BURIDN,Ur.William Hatton Garden. 
BEVIiL,iIr. Lord Htirrington^s stev/ard. 

SPIlHlTAG5,:'lr. , a justice of tho Peace., 
BEASI,ilr. a linen-factor of Ilewry. 

BiOSEUV, ... a coachman at Gerrard^s Hall 

Dram. Pers. 1916. (153) 

VOL.1. ,f:c. 13. 


New discoveries in Biography SI Genealogy- 

Giving the names of those who took part in the minor 
Dramas, Comedies, Tragedies and ordinary Domestic 
Affairs of the EngHsh from time immemorial, and showing 
from whence further details miay, by the curious, be obtained. 

Issv.ed Weekly, 


{as from Saturday, Sth January, 1916). 

In loose, typewritten sheets, for the convenience 
of those who prefer to arrange them geographi- 
cally, in order of date, or in any other way. 


io,6 per quarter. 
21.'- per half year. 
42/- per annum. 

227, Strand (by temple bar}, 

''JpHE idea is to. supply a few friends each week, at "a trifling- 
cost, with the result of research in all kinds of records for 
authentic evidence bearing upon Pedigrees, Family History, 
and Genealogy. Tliese, of course, are bound up with Local 

History, and of equal value to anyone who takes an interest in 
his own surroundings. There's , fun in many of the details, too. 
We must get our fun where we can. Here you will find the 
human colour so necessary for the historian. 

One may well be content if the reader, finding in these 
sheets references to pass on to friends, will remember carefully 
to acknowledge the vehicle on e?ch c;ccasion. 

WHERE the document is is clearly shown at the head of each sheet. 
Subscribers not able themselves to get at the ducuments may ascertain the 
cost of copies on application to the Editor. 


3 Vict. jHil*9 & 10 and Mich. 5. 

!Ihe Estate of Joto Harrieon of Hoon. 

A.D. ' 

1840. MiiLINS»Ric3mrd Itod&ll,ol®rk,<jb Elicth.hie wifa, 

dau.of John H4RHIS0H. 
MOSS .John. 

H4BR1S0N, John, late of Hoon, par. of Marston upon 

Dove & Bachel his wifo. 
lii^TOH,Wm. ,jmr.& Bonr. 
H^HHISON, Maria, dau.of John HiJmiSOH. 
JAOiCBON^Saml. Geo. Stratford, & liary his wife. 
BALGUYtBr^ran 05108 . 

BIOV/IJ J/ra.& 211en his wife, dau.of John HAHHISOH. 
HA.RRISOK, Clara, dau.of John liaBHISOll. 

" Julia, deed. , dau.of John. 
FEA.IlN,John,<S: Hachel his v;ifo,rel.of John IMRISON. 
liAHTUSON.Richd. ,of Eat on. Ghost or,B on of John. 

" John Hudson. 

** Bachel, dau.of John. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 


3 Vict. ,Kil.ll. 

Ooncemin/? a Harria^e Settlement . 


1840, ANGSLL, Isaac Edmimds & Hannah Llaria his wife. 

DA:.VSON,vVm.tho elder "the eettlor". 
" Jo}m Shoinas 
" " " jtoir. 

" Caroline. 
BHA.IlTB,Hichd.(S: Hannah his v/ife. 
" Joseph. 
" Rebecca. 
WHITSLY, Paulina, senr.& junr. 
Sim0in)3,John & Llaria his wife. 

" Edward. ' 
PHIOR,Ichoida Richard & toria his wife. 
" Richard Ichoida. 

\Vm. Dawson. 
•* Thomas. 

QUARTiiEHASS, Sophia, formerly BBDV/1T,& aft.MDSRSON, 
Concerning Liar riage Settlement. 

Dram, Per a. 1916. (155) 


3 Vict. tSaater 3. 

Who were tho hoirg at law of Patriok 


1840* DICISON, Charlotte, spr. ^?dau. of Patrick* 
SUDDIS , Francos ,widow 

" Anne, widow 

»» " spr. 
LINGElJ,Hemy & Prisoilla his wife. 
SUDDI3,John James, inft. 

DICKSON, Pat rick, surgeon, formerly of JaiBaica,aft.of 
Otley, York, end since of Berwick on !2^eed,& hie 
wife Anne. (FIGG), 
" ]X)rcas Dorothea, ?dau. of Patrick. 
E&.VEKSIX)^'lI,Anne,?dau.of Patrick DICKSON, Berwick. 
PIGG,Anne,wife of B&trick DICI\SON, physician. 



4 Vict. ,Saster 2. 

Concerning tho IJanor of Tarring, Suss ex . 


1641. CUDDOlT^Jamos Hor,7ioh. 

CAH1Y;IIIGH7, raoms ,decd. 

SSLSEYjHonry John , Lord, deed. Tarring, Sussex.' 
IffiSTIIiAUX, Joseph, of ITor^vi oh, gen t. , clerk to James 

HOHGi*Jl,Arthiir,Ne^;r Bridge St. , London, actxiary Squitable 

AsstirancQ Sooiety. 
HAIlTBO'w, Joseph ilenassch, Hew Bridge st. , Lend on, actuary 
Orovy-n Assurance Society. 
• DRIVER, Edv/d. , Richmond Terrace ,^Jhitehall , land surveyor. 
SMITH, Charles, Waterloo Place, land surveyor. 



and 4 Vict, , Easter 3. 


About Some llonay in the Fimds . 

1841. ESCHii.LA2, Katharine, formerly lOith. ICVri:TD3,77ifo of 

" Josoph Ivos,of 3rookl3m,Il3w York, gent. 
LO\ViIDS,Kath. , after. 
LlALLISOIi, Charles , New York,surgGon, 
BUCIIAio^H^Jtraos, British Consul. 

•» Ks^therino. 

l!ary Anno 

" Frances 

" . 2homas. 

" Elizth. .vvifG of John SJIFOHD. 
BLK)RI),i;ilzth. {fom.LOV;in)S) wife of John. 

" Uaria Louisa 
" William. 
LDV/ITDS lAnnabGlla, 

Uonoy in the Funds. 

Dram. Pers . 1916 . ( 158 } 

4 Viot. pilaster 4. 
!I!he Dogoendants of the Hevd, James DIXOH. 


1841. Nia'TON,Sai^h,v;idow. 

110 RHIS, Frances »v/idov/. 
ra)IJPSON , I^i ly ^wi dew . 
VICKExS , JohJi Henry 

»» Revd.'cVm. 
L00KXCI),Re\rd.Gf)O.Palmor & Sarah Harriet hl» wife, 
YlCKER3,irh03. Thwaitos 

" James Dixon. 
DIXON, (I^niol Jam^e. 

JOHNSON , Tho 9 . Lla s on . 

" Margarot 
IjDC}^iOO])»Sarah Jan© 

'» Elizth.Fry 

Goorgo Palmor 
VICKEHS.Mary IJaria ^ 
DIXON, Revd. Jamas, vioar of Scclosf lald,deod. 
Sarah, his wifo 

" John Horsfall, son of Rovd* Jamas 
DIXON,Harriot,dau. of Revd. Jamos 
YICKEBS ,Revd* John , owannington ,Norf ollc. 

" Harriot his wife,dau.of Rovd. James DIXOH. 
HORSFALL ♦aioanor Sandall Llagna, York, widow of. 

•» Hevd. Samuol ,Gres9onhall .Norfolk, clerk. 

DIXON, Sarah^wifo of James, sistor of Revd. Samuel 

DrKtuPers.1916, (159) 


E^iiEX. vol.2, 


!I!he Ohamctor of }nizn.b&th Baroroft. 

I. J). 

1640 CH)IiP!iX)I?,John,r:^nt. ,of 3t,IIary KaG^lGn.Old Fish Stroot, 

London, aged 54. (Signs). 
MlQGA2^E,Christop}ior,a broken morchant,Of Old Ford, Strat- 
ford Bov; in the diooeee of Londoa»oaraQ into the High 
CommiBBion Office in Carter I^n©,3t.Mary I.*agdalen*s, 
in a very angry nanner and uttered vincivil speecheo 

BARCIiOFT,Klizabot^»hQr character, •♦she would ran a tilt 
at a man or any man". A handsome woman. 

IIAYIXYELL, HhomaSfOf St.iJary ilagdal en .notary public, aged 20. 

HEUSH^^Vi:], Thomas , of St.JLnne *8 ,Blackfrlars ,yeofimn,aged 41, 
has lived there two weelcs and before that in St.PunBtsn'i 
in the V/est two years. (Signs ). 

IX)KAlJ)30H,John,of St. Mary liagdal en .notary public, a^od 20, 
has lived there 3 years; that IvKDGA.I^FIil did swear and say, 
••God*s wounds ;na?; a-days a man may not call a spade a 
spade". (Signs). 

BUCKLSY,2horaa 8, mentioned; what was said about him and lire. 

UOOHK, Joseph, of ^e Savoy , Middlesex, draper , aged 35, has live^ 
there a year; served a citation on HUDCiXLFS by hanging it 
on the chapel door at Stratford;iISDGAJLFS took it doem 
and put it in his ^ocket. (wi^s^. 





She takinft of the ship ^*St, Peter^' , 


1636. TOV/SBS, Vincent, of Dunkirk in Flanders , sailor, aged 29; 

bom there;one of Captain BU:;\T*^3 compfxny. (Signs OXDOHS). 
BUHT,Ca2Dtain Caspar , surprised and took the ship "St.Poter'* 
when she was four Dutch miles (or twelve ilnglish miles) 
from the fort of Dartmouth. An inhabitant of Dunkirk, 
notoriously known to be of the dominion of the King of 

BAHDK, Caspar, officer in Captain BURT*S ship; of Dunkirk. 
MTRY, Peter, ditto. 
E6.HT,^ieodor, ditto. 

PKN:.<IIJGB,Jon,graphier or clerk in the Court of Admiralty 
at Dunkirk, 

COCK, James Peters , master of the ''St. Peter". 
POT, Adrian, of Bruges, sailor, aged 28 .has lived there 16 years 

WIIiLSLIIKS,Mic2iael,of Dunkirk, sailor, aged 36, has lived there 
15 years. 






Grazing in IJarylobone . 


1637. SMITH, ihome^s, of Paddington ,iv;iddx. , victualler >a^od 55; 

has lived t3iere 20 years. (Siens ) . 

x^omas ,in occupation of lands in Maarybono , ten 
acres, eight acres ,nino acres adjoining Lisson Green, 
and thrsQ acres, whore he pastured barron cattle; 
gravelly ground and the feed of little worth in a 
droughtio suimnor. Is an innkeopor. Innkeepers in 
and about London fill his pastures with grazing 
horses, c^^ldings or mares. An ordinary thing for 
innkeepers about London to take of their guests 
for horso-grass 6d.a night, or threo-and --sixpence 
a v/ook. Kg ops the »*Hed Lyon". 

TI^^njLa,John,of Paddington, husbandman, aged 44, has lived 
there 25 year8;bom in Totteridgo, Herts. (Signs ) . 

KA TON, Thomas, of St. Giles-in-the-Fields , London, victualler, 
aged 60, has lived there 3 years and before that in 
Maribone 17. 

V/B']HRRHI;iiU),^t/illiam,of Padding ton, laboring man, aged 56, 
has lived there 35 years ;bom in Av/brey, Herts. 

Dram. Per 8. 1916. (162) 



A Pres^intation to the Rectory of Saoorab . 

1639, Pil?jr3,Honry,of Gray's Inn In St.Andrev/ Holbom 

gont Ionian, aged 24; has lived there 6 yoars 
before that in tho city of Durliam; bom at 
B\irbaee,Leicestorshiro. (Siens), 

iiYJi)i^,Goorgo, clerk, former rector of Sacorabe, 

SLIHGDBY.Sir Heniy, patron of Gacombo. 

B>iLiASY3,Siir William, another patron. 

B.:LTA3Ylj ,IIeni:^>' ,1^3 quire, an other patron. 

tUilUlXDiJ, John, inducted to Sacombo. 

HA.LL,GoozKe,of Oswaldkirk, Yorksh ire , gent. ,aged 
52,}ias livp.d thero 28 years. (Gig^is). 

G.n<*kY,Job,a candidate for tho living. 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


LONDON & MIDDX. , DZu^Till'J ' :2^vI3. , 

Ii;3Sl^i,HSBtS, , vol.2. 

Sir Ilhomas .miUITO ^ Ff^lly Affairs, 


1639. GKVILLIIa, Thomas ♦of Horns ey ,:iiddx. , gent. , aged 35, 

has lived there 5 years ^boforo that at Alhons 
in i::ssex 3 yoar8;"born at V/althanstow. Lived 
with Sir Stomas KDIiTOTDS , dec eased, for 3 or 4 
years sinco ;gQntlomn of his chamber , ending 
about 5 years sinca ;inarriGd hie dauglater ,v7ho 
is sister of the producent. (Signs ) . 

}:a)]iiUND3,Sir '-:5:onas , being at Greenv/ich vdth the 
King's Court about 5 yoars before his death, 
was then and there taken with a dead palsy 
v/hich deprived him of the use of his right 
hand. A goldsmith of the Strand made him a 
stamp which contained the letters of his 
name^and it cost IC/s. Often made trial of 
the same on paper by ink but never saw htta 
sign anything of consequence therewith, 

^raLliI^,Martin de,told Sir T)\oinas that his dau. 
illlilXaAY'S month v-as almost up, and that she 
would come and bo a comfort to him, he replied 

"A upon them; they will but tronble me", 

or to that effect. Gv*ILLIm said \Vi:YIij5R was 
an idle fellow. 

PONT, Jonathan, served Sir Thomas and v;aited on 
him in his chamber. 


DUPSRHY, ... a tutor to Lady D^IL/lvARII'S son; 
a popish priest boforc ho came to^-land;a 
schoolmaster to DSPLUIUirs loiow ledge, who did 
divers times see him receive relief at the 
French Church. Said that Lady DKLAV/ARD owed 
him £600. 

Dpani.Per8.1916. (164) 

UL^iiXM v.iIlIiIX.IAY> (contd. ) 


1639. SOU'^C/oJDKiJ, . . . ster.vard to the Lady 3)I:iA:;;aRG, 

married Islrs. l\/YPO}.lD,her gontlevroman^and live 
in hotiGG v/ith tho Lfi-dy at this present. 
V/ILLIAI'.I130N,3ir Francia^to v/hom G\VILLIiJ[ expressed 
tlio hopo that "both wills might fail of their 
effect J for G;VILLIM'S v;ife was promised a portion 
of Sir IIh07ii^s*B personal estate equal to the rest 
' of his daughters. 

S2kYlIE,V/illiam,of Staploford Abbot, 51ssex. ,3sq, ,aged 78, 
-has lived there 27 years ;bom at High Ongar. Tho 
Lady D>:lA\/AHH v;as daughter of Sir Thomas EDivIOTDS, 
v;ho Y/as one of His imjostys Privy Counoil. His 
carriage tovrards her and her son alvrays very loving 
and affectionate, and especially after the death of 
Sir Henry, his son, Knight of the Bath,who died about 
7 or 8 years since, With tears in his eyes expressed 
his desire to be reconciled to his daughter, Mrs. 
MIUXtlAY , in his last si clcno ss , caused his goods to bo 
carried av/ay from his house in Albons to Sir ^omae 
CH::I]i2{K'3 and Mr.SIOlIui^^S. (Signs SMS 

SOUTH?JOCD,]:ilizabeth,of St^Sepulchre's , London, spinster, 
aged 18,iias lived there tv;o months ; before that in 
St.IOartin-in-the-Fiolds a year, and before that in 
Iiady DBIA5.^AB;il'S family in St. Sepulchre's 5 months, 
and before that in Bull ington,co. Southampton since 
her birth. 5*hat Sir (ISiomas died in his house at St. 
ilartins-in-thQ-Fiolds,and her lady's going thither 
v/as occasioned by hearing the bell toll and being 
told it was for hor father. Deponent's father 
Hurlebat SOUI!Hi^OOD hath for many years served the 
Lady DKIAWAH3 and her husband, the Lord J)SL4V/AH3 as 
their stwfard,and her brother William SOUKIV/OCjD as 
Lady DSIAWAHS'S usher for two years. 

Dram. Po rs . 19 16 . ( 165 ) 

DSU;:;^!^] v.::iLDI.IAY> (contd. ) 


1639. TKi^IPSSTjJohn^of lit. i>epulchro,yeorDan»agod 23, has 

lived thero Uvo j'-oara and before tliat in St. 
I.lartin*s for ton months in tho house mentioned; 
before t/mt in the samo parish in Francis vvOHT" 
LliY Esquiro's family, and bcforo tliat in iLston, 
Yorks. ,^?ho^e ha v/tis born. Was at Sir Ihomas's 
house in St.IlBrtin's v/hon ho diod,Hr.DUPIirrl 

find llr.PCirr being raso present. Lady D^L^mVAHS 
his eldest and favourite daughtor. i.Ir3.LiILDiiUv.Y 
did woarj'- him v.-ith her much importunities. 'B'lo 
stamp was of silver with a black brazsol handle; 
deponent helped him to {^ide his hand to sign 
his V7ill v;ith it,pvt Darby House in 3 1. liar tin* a 
Lane. (Signs), 

v.-ILLUilSClT.Sir Francis, of Isle7;orth,knight ,aged 47» 
has lived there 12 years ,c"md before that in St. 
Margaret *0 ,\Vestminste r, bom at Gland on, Surrey. 
Lived V7ith Sir ?}iomas for 17 or 18 years as his 
Steward, and was employed in his privates t affairs. 
Deposes that he serves the King and is taxed in 
- . the Subsidy Book £9. (Signs). 

AITS?Ll^uD,Joh;i,of S t.^/iart in- in-the-Fio Ids , victualler, 
aged 35, has lived there 4 years, before that in 
St.lvlargaret 's ,Westminster,3 months ,bef ore that 
at v^hothampsted ,Herts. ,6 months, and before that 
in St.Anne *B jBlackfriars ;?/us bom at Ardingley, 
Sussex. That Sir 2horEaD,hi0 near neighbour in 
St. Martin's lane, was Treasurer of the King's 

BOOTH, John, coachman to Sir Thomas FJ)MlJNDS,an honest 
man and such a one as v/ill speak tiie truth. 

])IIPLEU33, Edward, of St.Mart in-- in- -tiie-Fio Ids , London, 

aged 64,22as lived there 30 y3ars,bom at "Treoensem** 
in France ,CTiployed by Sir Tliomas as hia apothecary. 
Willed him to prepare his soul for another world, 
as he was very Gick,and Sir Thomas replied that that 
v^'as a hard sentence. (Signs ) . 

Dram, P©M. 1916. 


UONDON & DliLSQ^ -IDS' 2^:3. 

;iIDDLESSX; vol.2. ^ 


Bon.lamln J)6oro'3 Jill. 


1639, Hi]&/l!IDH,?hoir£%B ,of All Saints, Konoy Lano^citizon 

and noroha:nt of Londorifragod 67»ha9 livod tharo 
5 yoarD. (Signs). 
^SO HO, Benjamin, the Gldor,dooeaaed|his houso in Botolph 
Lane;oaid ho V7aa an old man and v/o woro all mortal 
and HEIAION vdtnessed his v;ill,but tho oxooutor 
Valontine DJDCHO his Bon,diod a year beforo tho 
tostator. I^:iBtator diod last October of tho dead 

H41ID, Nicholas, of St, Saviour *s,Sout}iJ^ark, Surrey, mercer, 
aged 34, has lived thore a yoar;beforo that in St. 
Bdnrund'0 .Lombard Stroot 4 y0ars;bom at Langham, 
Efleexjhas lmo^7n Benjamin and Margaret DUCH) ten 
yoarfl;\7as a servant to Benjamin, the teetatoriand 
T7itnoBSos hie v;ill;is cousi"^ to the producont 
Boxijamin. (Signs ), 

COLCHEiSTiiR, Richard, of Gray's Inn,::]sq, ,a^ed 40, has lived 
thore 12 yoar3;'\m3 in Au^^st 1632 with Benjamin P3CI3D 
at his house at }iinfiold imd ccado alterations in the 
will at his request. (Signs). 

AGAH»John,of l^o Middlo Tomplo , gent. , aged 38 or 39, 
has lived there 4 years and before that at lCenBln6rfron» 
dopes 00 as to alterations. (Signs ) . 

WIGrG3?,Potor, son-in-law of the tostator. 

Dram. Pore. 1916. (167) 

S0MBH3ST. vol* 2. 

A 3er,t in Clifton Church , 


1640. Y:£a)ii;u^f3,Hichard,of BriBtol,G:-^nt. .agod 45 , has 

lived thoro sinco his birth. (Signs ) . 
r:X)U^U'rB, Francos, dan£;htor of iurs, WILSON and v/ifo 
of Ri chard, Ciiotor of h::uLT(yx] (or BLNYDITJ tho 

^^^^^ e-li^3 vVHI TTI1\'G?GH ,i^Ir8 . Sara tParty ^v:! th Prroices 
YECIiAITS,to a suit about a seat in Clifton Church. 

\*-HITTIiIGTCN,John,brothor~in--l£;\7 to the said LIrs. 

GlLBiIRT,John,a very poor mcn.horotof ore a saddler 
and koopeth ohous;>,nnd hie wife solloth cakes 

and pudding pios. 

PAilIC:3,V/illlam,)copt a oollcir in Bristol and lived upon 
selling of alo coid boor and tobacco. 

BAGlIiiuLLtimtliony ,a inan that is much given to drinking. 

BHiiHTjiir. Jacob, came to livo at Bristol long since, an 
intimate friend of Doctor J0N':J3;oaino in place of,?0V/j;LL#docea8od|minister of Clifton. 

NICHOLLSfV/illiam, lived in tho prison at Bristol divers 
years and thoru practised Ph^''sic ,boing no fjraduato, 
and since his rc loase Dr,J0K.-:-3 hath e^c^^^Qd him a 
lioonce to practiso Physic, by reason v/hereof he hath 
been dravm to depose in Br.JOITiS* favour. 

Dran.Per8.1916. (168) 

B. .;^.TG1T v>r. JOi.iij;S . (contd> } 


1640. S11A.ri7:.IGD,?hilip,a barber .liooncod by Dr.JOirJU 

to practise phyoic and chirureory thorG;kGeps 
a barbor's shop in Bristol. 
V#KIT.'JC..H,-nizaboth,v;ifa of Viilliain,of Clifton, 
Glouc. ,vintnor,a^^od 60, has boen narriod 28 years 
was bom at Froomo ,Sor3orsot ;has a dau/Jlizabeth 

BMCIii, Richard, was callod in question by Dr.JOITiiS 

and was excoiranmicate* 
Si5HJAHT,Androv/,accoraptod to bo of kin to l-Irs, 

WHimiCGTON.and one that was and is a foot poet, 

a very poor man. 
GAUFR:,;.Ir, ,brothor--in-la\v of lira. YXLLilTS. 
HIL]jDrG,Anne ,livod at ijhirehampt on, about two milss 

from Bristol, hfid a suit in tha "Jcclosiastical 

Ootirt about hor mothor's goods. 

Philip, is a tyler and a vory poor man. 
JOITES, Doctor, chancollor, 

BIRD, Thorns , of Almonsbuiy, Glouc. ,gont. ,a{;ed 40, has 
livod thoro 20 years ;bom in Bristol. (Signs j . 

GH^UNT,Elizaboth,v;ifo of Thonr.s. 

xIAIIFORD,Ur, lived in the house of -.Irs . YIiXDIJiJIS and 
diod thoro. 

toam.Perft-L916. (169 ) 

LClIiX)K, vol.2, 

Joiirncys botv/n-n itlchinoncl ^ York and London . 

1640. GIBS0K,'r.omr.3,of lU chmond ,York8 notary public, 

hr.s lived t" v-ro 4;bom c^t In{^*loton. A 
proctor in tho Consistory Court of iiohmond. 
Took t>io l» of i^r.CilvJDL'CKIil'S housG in 
Hiobmond. (3i£?as). 

CBAPDDOICiitlrlr. Josc3ph,wont from Richmond bofcre 
28 Sopt.1638 to ]cocp houcc in Uoorfiolds near 
tho city of London J r.nd hath evor sinc=-; livod 
in tho South piirts ,vi2;. ,bot\vixt London r^nd 
W:.r3;G133Cy went pr.rt of one day* 3 Joiimey 
with him tavards London. judgo in tho Consistory 
Court of aichiicnd;mr.rriod Elizabeth CX:;;/:::i3 in 
Dooombor ,and livas at Hodsdon in Herts. 

CrCjiJSi'./iir. Hobort .doputod to roooivo C^i'-UDOCICS 
Mich^Lolmas r -^nts »1638 ,of London,morchnnt ,agod 26: 
has livod t:i )ro since his birth. (Signs C'l:.^;; .iS) . 

SQUIRE, Tiiomt..s, an inliabitr.nt of the city of Yorli, 
and comes for tho most part ^Vfory Court day 
to .Hich:nond, on Taosdr.yo ,and uyually v/ont home 
to his -lOUse at Yor'^,v;hich is 52 milos distant 
from Liichvnond , on v.odniDsd.'^ys. Is a -;)rootor in 
tho Consistory Court of lUchmond. 

Dram. Pers. 1916. 



SUFPOUC, volurno 2, 



The ">}xater Mt-rchr.nt" in a Stom , 

A. P. 

1640. VvATSOiT,Hobcro,of Wappin^ in Whitechaoel .IvISddle sex 
inarinor,a(s''~id 23»"born thore; was at Genoa in the 
ship "liKCtr^r ivlorchant'- five y^-ars sinoe ^v/'.iere 
she laid aboard 90 barrels of oil and was bo\md 
for Calf s ,v7 i th pap'i-r , si Ik , si Ik s toolciii js , et c . , 
aboard, and orctn{,'Q~fl o^vor watnr and ot]irr liquid 
goods. (Signs). 

T0LlP30;?,Se:nir l ,f-ictor or nsont for Bu^Ivui^iDISTOII , 
lad'jd tho said oil. which v/as vfoll and carefully 
stavc-d raid well approvc-d on by TOLIPSON. 

CLKBOI'Uv^'i.rnornris .meter of th.c ship; not by his 
default that i.h«i goods woro dainnif ied^but by 
roason of grc^at otorins and tc;upcGts ,and {jreat 
part of tho '-nn^,\7atar and bnvorago for tlio 
ship's provision r/oro stavnd tmd. leaked out. 
Til? ship's mainiir^st was crakvd and split and 
hftr boak head brok:?n av;ay; thoy v/^ro forced 
into the port of Mloone in Provrnca fV.-itriin 
tho French kind's Dominions ,v;hor:i thy ntister 
wjnt beforo tho jud,^:o and nia£;ist rates v/ho 
order* id an av-^ra,;:;vj to be mad 3 on -fethn ship and 
goods according to custom. 'i?he ship after.vards 
sailod for iilarsoilles and Alicantr; and arrived 
at CalGs v/hr-rr- sho disohargcd most of hnr lading, 
went on to St. Lucas and from thnnoe to the IXyvvns 
and London, not n-':{3lo ct inc any opportunity of 
v/ind or v;:jathrr for tho ir host advanta^^^o. 

H0Y3,Selsde2i ,of V/hltvchap^l^Iiidjnasex 27; has 

livod thore 4 yoars; born at Ips'.vlch^uiTolk . 
was aboard the ship at Genoa. (Signs ) . 

Dram.Pors. ,1916- 





vol\jmo 2. 

ITho Logs of "Tho Jano ". 

CL*i.HK3,Thomo jWas master 's mato of tho 
barquo,tho "Jano" of Ilowoastlo v;hen 
the ship "Indif foronco ' full foul of 
hor,and all tho coarinors wont on 
board tho ''Indiffercnoo'* oxcopt two 
boys. Bolievos that if thoy had remain<:^ 
on board thoy could not havo proeorved 
hor from boing lost. Tho "Indifferonce'' 
by reason hor cablo was cut did sail 
for Harwich |ho and his conrpany boing 
aboard. (Signs). 

HALL, John, of St. Mary Whitoohapel , mariner, 
Bgod 46, hag lived there 3 years, and 
before that at Newcastle ,wae on tho 
♦•Jane" in Yamiouth Road. 

WllSI2TSON,a3iomao,ownor of tho ship »>Jane'* 
laden with ooaJ. when cast away by the 
faxat of tho ship the "Indifferonoe", 
as he said; but HALL said he v;ould never 
set hand to a note in v?riting to say so 
if he never had monoy so long as he 
lived, for it was directly contrary to 
th$ truth. 

Dram. Poro. 1916. (172! 


volvune 2. 

Oonoor ninf^ the -i/i ll of William BUHG-DS. 


1640, HAaSSLL, Francis, of Bast Maulin (Walling) , Kent , 
labouro Imaged 65,ha£3 lived there since his 
"birth. Ho and Joano hie vnfe in 1638 at 
harvest in the fields at Dotton in Xent, reap- 
ing wheat, asked »7illian BUilGZ.S v;hy ho allow- 
od thorn not "boor ,"brer.d and chooso,as former- 
ly ho nsod. 

ELPHIOKB, George and /jino^porGons of honest and 
religious livos and conversation ;'anolo and 
aunt to Alice BUBGSS. Goorgo now doceaced. 

BURaES,V/illiam,dOGeasod»told H^SSKLL he i/ras £100 
worse since ho had married his wife Katherino 
"but ho had made his v;ill and given his children 
vfhat they should have. She should have w}iat she 
brought to him and no more. V.Oien they married 
he vras a widower with four children and sho a 
widOY/ \4rith two children, a son and a daughter. ' 
Was worth £300 or £400 a year. • 

BUBGSS , A 1 io o 5 the par ty pr oduc ont . 

MSSELL, Joano jV/ifo of Francis, aged 645has "been 
married 25 years ;born at Dockling^co.lCent , deposes 
that V/illiam BUHGSS said of his wife, "Sho will 
wear tho breeches". 

BURG5S , Samuel, broth or of the deceased. 

Su^YRES , James ,hio widow said Ivatherino received all 
or most part of the £30 that lay in SAYRSS ' hands. 


UOITDON & i:iDDX* , 

YOraCS , IK:JMD, 0X011 . DilLBGAaFiS ' exalis . 
}^S'^:.l\-!XVK)UI^I)JiJTi>, volurne 2. 

SURit-Y,DORSIi)T. BKOTS v. G00]).7IN. 

ghe Pimislim a rit o f ill lam GQQDi7IN . 


1643. LIKCOL!^ .Holiert ,of S"^. Margaret ,\7ostrQinster ,siirg6on, 
aged 26, hag lived tlicro 4 yoars ^tof ore that in 
Du"blin 6 years , horn at Watorford. Went as 
ohirurgocn on a ship called the **John ^HWilliam", 
(Signs LYITCOM'j). 

BUTTS ,Loonard,inaQ tor of thc! **John and William". 

JONiiS, Thomas, of v;apping,nr.stBr of the "John & Vrilliam" 
of Wapping. 

GOOI?//Ii( ,Viilli£!:n ,a ocnnnon man in the said ship in a 
. voyago to I\yv;fo\mdlr.nd and from thence to Port 
ft Port in Pcrt^agal, thonco to the Oanarids and 
BO homo. Did oftontimoo complain of an extreme 
I>ain in his haclc;oiKG54 the surgeon foxind the 
epindles or joints of his baclc almost disloaated 
and GOOUVIN confessed it v/ao from a raiBOhanc© of 
a blow ho had rocoived of a capstan "bar in a 
ship in a fcrmL^.r voyage, and he thongjit ho should 
carry it to Ms grave. !Ehe surgeon applied sere- 
cloths , unguents and cataplasms. 

Mrt.IsnkLL,v;illiam,of S"^. George ,3 outhwarfc, Surrey ,a^d 
40»has lived there 10 years; horn at \!;eymouth, 
Dorset. He and G003)./1H pressed to serve His 
Liajesty about threo years sxnco; went afoot from 
Ratcliffo Gross in Stepney,'- to the Downs, three- 
score miles distant. 

BHC^'/NH), Peter, or the Islo of Purboclc in Sv5ranago,Dojra«t , 
aged 30, has lived there since hlfl birth. Was 
mate in the "Jojin and William". 


Dram.Pers, ,1916. 

Bjil^TS versus GOOI^VIN (oont^ ). 


1643. SAIJNDERS ,iamo ,of V/apping,wido\7,agod 52, lias lived tliore 
six years; born at flainpton Poile,Oxon; "brought 
GOODvVlH to lodge at the house of William HOVVELL; 
saw BiiiTTS hire hirn to go to sea; he returned 
strangely altered and desired her to go to Mr. 
Tohie GOOD.'/ Ill, his "brother; saw his "baok "braised 
black, green Ci^d yellovv and whales and great 
marks; Anne HEADS, Alice SiiUIiDEI^ and Anne HOWELL 
wore present. 

HOWELL ,V/illiara, of yapping, victualler, aged 71, has lived 

there 16 years; born in the Isle of VJight,and 

iinne his wife,agod 60, depose. 
READS, Anno ,'v7ifo of Jolm,of \iapping, sailor ,agjed 29, has 

lived there 6 years. 
SAUin)BHS^Alioe,o"f V/apping, spinster , aged 22; bom at 

yhcat 1 ey , Oxen , dep OS e s . 
ANDIt^'/S , Go or^e , o f S ^ . Ilathe rine-by- the - Tower , s cr iizener , 

aged 44, deposes as to the financial standing of 

Mward D.V"7:^IS of V<apping, smith, and Edward HSY- 

\iOOD of \7ap ping Vmll,t runic maker. (Signs). 
JONES, Thorns , of V»'apping, sailor , aged 35, has lived there 

12 years; bom at Llanarth,co, Monmouth, deposes. 

(Signs JOHLTIJS). 
STORY, John, of Stepnoj, ship -carpenter, aged 25, has lived 

there 10 years; bom at Patritigton,Y02*:sMro , 

deposes. (Signs), 
FOWLEIR, Richard, of S"^. Laurence Pountney, London, sail or, 

aged 40, has lived there 4 years; bora in St. 

Olave *s ,3outh\7ark,deposes. (Signs). 
WHIGKT , Thomas , of \7 apping ,Y;aterman , a|;^d 31 , bom there , 


lLES,\<illiara,cf j\aTaitago,Liiiildlesex , sailor, aged 32, has 
livod therti 3 years; bom at Colchester, Essex; 
was Llastor of tlic "Dorcas" and hired V/illiam 
G00IX7IK for a vqyago. It is usual with Masters 
Of ships to punish mariners by bringing them to 

the Caps torn 

Drfin^Pors. ,1916 


IZVOlh vol.2. 


Ono who grc^dod by Lending out Llonoy . 

1637. BENDLE, Christian, &g3d 28,Gorvant in tho frjnily of 

Hobort COCi: of St.Botolph Aldgato, London, those 

6 weeks ;'bGfore thxit in John IUDFCKD*S family in 
D©l"bridgo,I)ovon,for half a 3nQar;'bof oro that in 
tho f^iBily of Graco WOOD, now dQCoasod^in Crediton, 
for nine isonths ,and hef oro that in Sxotor with 
hor mothor Jvudith BUlsDLEjhorn at Kxoter. 

WOOD ,Graoe , said ahe v/ould provide for Samuel yiEH) 
as if ho wore hor o\7n ohild; traded "by lending 
out money, A v/ise and discreet woman. Saimiol 
^:^IELD her sister's grraidchild. 
JKLD ,£lcanor ,al3 .ELXKTHIS ,camo down from London 
and lived in Croditon,and Graco WOOD said sho 
i^ould "break up house and dwell with hor;caid in 
the hoqring of tho noighbouro , "I doo give Samuel 
WrSLD £400 and Gilbert TRJ.^IAIT'S living, and tho 
residue to Eloanor V/KLD". 
. SdXDGKMyjvr, Hercules, present with Graoo V/OOD, said, "In 
what case v;ill you leave this poor boy? ".meaning 
Samuel \VISLI),v/ho was then prosent and sat by tho 

OOLEMAN,Mr. ono of Grace V/GOB*S relatives , called 
hor Aunt, came to Crediton;sho said, "He my go Giiray 
Bgain";and gave him vary cold entertainment. 

EI^OR!lHIS,V/illiam,took Eleanor, Grace WOOD'S kinewcssan, 
without any portion, and therefore her carte and caro 
was for the said Kleanor. He and his wife came down 
from London and placed thensaXves in Polbridga^about 

7 miles from Croditon. 

X>raBup8ro.l916. (176) 


vol. 2, 

Tiio Collago Hoiise and a Seat in H aidstone 

A.D. " ' * 

1638. CiJlIa3~Dr<}B 5 ThoiTzas , of :JaidGtor-.o ,.Kent ,gont ^ ^aged 70 , 

has lived thoro 20 yeai-^s Tiiirod part of tho Oolloge 
Houso 15 or 16 yoprs yfincG r.ajid his vrifo oat in 
a certain scat in the Ohir-rch, (.Signc). Was ^om 
in Godi::orGlirii:\ in ICont.. 

PILiEHjLady jT.nd hor huabr.nd ,2ir IMward, lived 5 or 6 
yo:»rB sineo in tho Colloge HotiGe in Haidstono, 
and aho kopt houco there ^ator his death ^v/ith 
Sir Edv/ard OTOJjjV/ho >:Gcps houoo in the same house 
&nd is, as this deponent thinks, hor farmer. 

MZwYlTIK^Sir i'uithony and 

" 2ho Lad;^'-,an old lady, kept honse in tho College 
Houso t\venty years GincOj^and did sit in a seat 
\Thich ho "built in tho Middle aisle of the church, 
near tho Chancel ,boing tho soat now in controversy. 

SACiCVlLL>J,?ho Lady, disputed Lr.dy FlIIvISH-S right to 
sit in the said seat dur5-ng tho time of divine 
service ; ohtainod an order from the Archhiohop of 
Canter'buiy or Dr. BF:}5H I', had the door of the pew 
nailed up. 

Y/Y/wTT , Mr 3. , succeeded CAPia?JjDaE in part of the Collogo 
house f and she s-accooded "by Sir Edward FII^JER. 

S!CAJlTUP,John,of Maidstone ,yocmanp aged 6?, has lived 
there 40 years j bom in L int on, Kent ; lives in part 
of the College hou^e,nov; divided into two dwelling 
hourjes;^!:: licvTOj/d I/UKS and his famil;^^ iji the other. 

GESEKEjMr.Gahriolja /jurate of the tora^dwelt there 30 
or 40 year's since ^and Sir Anthos:y MAITX took tha 
house of htm, 

DPsm.Per3ol916, (177) 


1658, HCOPSB,i.Irs. oraarriod ono rir,aHIP:?:iS find dwelt 

together in the said houso. The diui^oli- 
wardens cpjuo to T:arn tho Lady ?IJii[IiR out 
of hor 3 eat, and she answered it was her 
Beat and she would sett there.. 2?he Lady 
FIJiiQ-IH is VO yoars of a/?9 ozid ux^T/ards. 
PIAJiD, Joh-n.of Maidc'tono-goii'^, ,,P:.god 58jhas 
lived thora 20 years ^was born in lilayfiold 
'in Sussex {"in !£ayfisld" oross^d out). 
Thore was an order read jmblicly in church 
ty the minister there ^.in time of diTine 
servioejthat the L?.dy SaCCTIIjLE was to 
'^eett*' in the seat or pa\^? and that the Lady 

should forbear to come and "sett" 
there, and yet the said lady IPIJI^ER did after 
that come and "sett" in the said pew, (Signs). 
HELY,SlizabethgWife of John, of Maids tone, grocer, 
aged 57, has liTed there 29 years ;b03:^ in St. 
Laujrence parish in Ihanet. iPhe Lady FIIMEH to the ohurctofardens , '^o^ you haTe done 
your office J I pray you, let me alcne, " IhQ 
parties are this deponent good friends and 
Bhe loYeth them both alil^Bo Her husband is 
a decayed mantis no subrsidy ri-an^nor payeth 
to the ships proYision. (Slgas), 

Dram. Pe:?B. 1216. 


ESSEX mid 


G-oingQ on in Oroliard Streot. 


1638. UITil»I'jlisabethjYdfe of Ma-imGl^S. T^P. jYioar of Ohigv/ell, 
Essex, aged 50, has lived there 50 years. Dopo?jes that 
since Kallcr.vtide la^it for lior healtii's sake sno 2iath 
lodgGd in Oroli^ird Streot ,3 ^ . -iargaret - ?> .YJestminster , 
N7horo Mrs . VAJafwiTTX.lC-: Iroops hcuso; kiiov/s 31?winor ^.nd 
mvard FliTCH and has dined v/ith M-'.FIIOT at Mrs.VALEIT- 
TJiTS^S; has seen him go in £tJid oomo ont of Mrs. FINCH'S 
house. (Signs), 
TITLOE 3 Hobocoa ,v;jif o of Thomas , of Wetitniinstsr , gent . , aged 
4-4, has lived there 20 oars ; standing at a vrindow 
early in the inornin{^ oculd seo into the garden of Mrs. 
YALHIKTIITE'S houise and Mi\FIHCH ooino ont into the 
garden as if he v/ero n(j7/ly come oiit of his had. Also 
saw }iim come out ^ith Mrs, YAIJiLOT-F£,hG Jjeing hooted 
and his cassock girt to him and eke dressed up in a 
tlaclc hood and a hlack scarf pinned about her shoul- 
ders as if they were to ta!te some journey together. 
!I5ie neighhours said he -vras a preacher and that he and 
Hrs.VAmmili) should irarry. (Sign)c 

BAHTOII ,Anne ,y7if 0 of John,w]iarf inger {''fabri lignarii") Of 
Orchard Street, aged 78 Jias lived there 6 years, hath 
hoard a noise in the house at night tiine,but whether 
a man lodged in Ite. YALL;liTIN]i1T> horse she caimct tell. 

PaA.COCX,Marvr,a|^d 27 oa mid living in Orchard Street these 
three months i before that in Gardner's Lane in John 
BIED*S family three siC2ith.? ; before that in the family 
of ThOKas MSIllS.a barber in the fia/cy, about a year 
and a half; heard Mrs. VALE! i TUTS aslr. her child, •'tvlio 
bade her look in MrcFIHCH*S chiual^er for her father" 
and beat her vilely-. 

STSBDaLL, Anne, of Orchard gtre9t,w:.fe of John S!I!SDMT>Ti, 

translator, aged 30, lias li%^ed tli.ere 4 ^/ears; hath seen 
Mr.FIl^CH and i^lrs, YA-L3I^0?JJS disgcised v/i1i!i drlnlcing. 


2>rtan.Per0*,1916. (173) 


1638 . JiSniIHGS , ^Wioinss , of D b .Liargarot ^ ^ , oha^icllGr , 

aged SOtijas liv^d thero i>, j/oar 3;nd beioro 
that for four yoa:;^^} .Ma'-tin^s in the 

Fields. (Sigias). 

ge-ato «agod 40, has livod thc^re f ifteou 
years « (Signs). 

aAI£PSOH,.Hr.nLSv-if 0 of Joh^.,living' in StcPotor's 
Street .w6Btminstf>r,t^^^l0j- 5 these tv7o jj^ars, 
aged ^4, Koanl I^r^:. .^^U^TTII^E say te^Mrs. 
FIlTCH^/'Host thou thinP: thy husband is not 
ablo tD ^^ot a child if he sliould lie with 
mo" ? a^ad reviled aad ah-oised 2iar in 7/0 rds 
very gi'itrv-ou^ly. 

ISLINGIOM, Jane, aged g^^ssrvant -co Dorothy 

VAL.'2;?iT^j}j„widovt 5a'D0ut hr^lf a year^says that 
Mr.PIITGH h^.d a child dieted in lUrB.'lAJJm- 
DIKE'S house^and vTlion ho happened to ho 
latG,lod(;ed there v/ith LIry J/AL^uI^ Tliri^I 'S son. 
i-IrsoVALJ^HTIir-. JOirricr/iy iod{;:ed at iirs, Ph/vTT'S 
in GiT.y's lim,aLid at the •■Red I^^on*' in 
Palac o Yard ,'.Ve s tir^ ins te r . 

KH3I\Ti,.^aidrev;., 01 Oj erkenv/oll ,gcnt. .^^i^od 51,>ias 
lived t]\ere three years and before that in 
St. Giles, Ori pplorcate , for tv/enty; that Krs. 
. YAXIillTTIITI:) had a house at i!:dTicnton,a2id after 
that in V/hitocross Alley, and after that 
lodged at I/a^ jX- GlYxLi: • S , an alehouse in Glerk- 
onrroll. Hath sonn her at plays ana in ids 
ov;n house, a tavern oalled "E^.o Feathers", in 
St. John's Street .drniklng v/jnOo (Si^s 

i>nun.?ors. »1916. (18»0j 

FDTGH versus ^UOE (Contd. ) 


1638, IXJail/ar^^william , of St. James • ,ClorlCDnwall, 
habGrdas}ior,af;ed 4-7, hao lived thore 17 
yoars; is a cl^ardler and keepa a house 
in Glerkaa\7oll Close i took in a cick 
child, as □ome doctors of physick said 
it X'j'iiQ not the plaguo^at tho desiro of 
Ur.BMiUTHIX,a minister, who lived with 
hira, (Signs). 

KBriT£,Sliza"b^3th,v;ife of the said Andrew, 
aged 40, has been married 8 years; was 
godmother t:io yoars ago to Mrs.VALEN- 
IlimVS cMld at lidncnton. Ivlr.PIlTCH 
^?rent to church with tho oonpany v/hon 
tho child v;as christened. Mrs . ViiJLElT- 
niTS said sho Wis going to Bathfe with 
her mo tho r and dau^ter aiid went to 
Windsor to bring hor mother homo. (Signs). 

JXJGmLS, Joan, wife of tho said Will iajii,a^ed 50, 
has lived in St. JaiQos * ,Clerkenwell,17 
years; tliat since the siclaiess began in 
London tho last yoar^what time tlmt pease 
\7Gro ripe,Hrs.VAIJLiTTriri: came to lodge in 
this deponent *s house, for she had the 
sioloiess in her house whore she dwelt in 
Moorf iolds . Mrs . VALS2TTI1IE '3 son , lEhomas , 
sometimes lodged with hor. 

Dram.Pors. ,1916. 


vol"umo 2. 

Affairs of a Russia^ltoohant . 

1639/40. PTE, Robert, aged 23,sorvaiit in tho fsaaily of 
Idr. DB/JXXJX thoso 8 yoars, lived for a tima 
in LIoscov; in Russia. (Signs). 

GL0Vi:H,Pran2iG,docoa sod, factor for Mathew 
OIUDOOK in Russia; Francos, his v/idow^oame 
over from Russia with hor father Dr.D£}3. 

ORAJX)OK, Mat hew, sent Francis QLOVSR a groat 
OargaEono of goods, via,, clotli, load, paper 
and fistians ,hatB and pistols to tho value 
of £3000; had a grant of administration of 
GI/3VIia*S goods from tho P. CO. as a credi- 
tor; spent a groat deal of money , bos ides 
hio loss of timo , travail and pains about 
tho discovery of Francis GLOVJiR'S estate, 

PBITtFrancos . alias GLOVliR,widow of Francis 
GLOVKR, lived in and about the city of 
London; in November 1635 PIS served a yrrit 
on Dr.BIIK for her; took into her possession 
five pipes of wine and a certain quantity 
of tobacco in rolls. 

MAJITIK, , confessed he botight GLOVER'S 

^ part of tho spinning tf gold thread of Dr. 
D^',ror which a patent er special privilege 
had been granted by tho Emperor of Russia. 

PIOKiLY!B3,Agmondisliam,of LondQn,inQrchant ,ag6d 
25, bom in Lend ai, but has been for 7 or 8 . 
years beyond sea trading in various mer- 
chandize, (Si^^is). 


J)ram.Pors. ,1916. 



Oimm Y.DRd^OX. ( contd. ) 


1629/40, TCFuOilfJohnjOf S t. Bote Iph^Biohopsgate, London, 

morchant jivgod 26, has livod thoro a year; bom 
in St. Brido's; livod with GLOVER in Russia 
abooit 7 'WGOk0;Y/as at Mathow O'li^OCK^S house 
in Londan;has "boon at M000057. (Signs). 
THEIRKjr,Christop2iortrnadG his will and gave the 
creator part of his estate to Francis GLOVEK, 
decoaBed",\7ho spent money on TIIKRRY'S fameral. 
JO'EH^IJ » John, of St , S^7i thins , London ,me2rchant ,aged 
25, has livod thero 3 years and before that in 
Russia 5 years ;bom in tho city of London; 
was servant to CRADOOIC in Moscow ;GLOVKR was 
factor to ORlilX)OK tinder a bond of £5000. 
S^TIS, Thomas, of St. Martin Orgars , London, gent. , 
aged 64, has lived thoro 9 years, and before 
that in St, Clement's and St. Leonard's .^^tohaap, 
35 years and more, deposes as to copies of 
records in Chancery. (Signs), 
JOKES, Humphrey, servant to SiiNTISiaged 19, of St. 
Martin Orgars ,has been there half a year and 
before that of V/elshpool^co.Montgomeiy sinoe 
his birth. (Signs). 

3>r:Kn.Pers.l916. (183) 


■ GiaiBLK vaiOTTSHSmiD. 

gliQ Consistor^^ Court of York . 

lllOLiPSOK, Thomas, of York^notar^r public, aged 28, 

has "boon t?ioro 14 yearc ,as Cleric in the 

Consistory Court of York,dGposos that in Oct* 

1640 tho following wero Proctors exorcont 

of tho Consistory Coiirt of York. Only 

eight Proctors allov/od to practiee at ono 

timo. (Signs ) • 
GAuIBLS,John ) 

I3i2, William ) Deputy Hegistor of tho Prerogativo 
HDBSON.V/illiam) & ikchoquor Courts. 

LES^Piors ) practised in place of his father. 
SQUIBB, ©lomas ) 

PALBB.V/illian ) admitted on tho death of Hobort CIAPimMSON. 
PSKR, William ) admitted on tho death of Hichard BBOOKS. 
PAKKEH,Ur. Franc is, admitted after ivlr.V/illiam LIS, tho youn^r, 

and after tho death of LIr, Thomas SCiUIEIiI,tho older. 
WiiJDiDINGCK)IT,Mr.JerGii)y, admitted after iHOMPSON,but neither 

Intends to practise until a vacancy occurs. 
M0muBSH3D,Ed^mrd, Doctor of Laws, before whom Francis PARKER 

stppearod to be 67/om a Proctor. 

Advocates admitted in :?homas THOMPSOIT'S time, as follow: 
George HIDDSLL and Toby ^^ORLICH, doctors of laws. 

Richard \/00D Timothy CALYBilLEY and 

Paul GLI^i5C24,bacholars of lawa^and 
Philip BEOQiE^master of arts. 

DramJP9rs.l916. (184) 





Captain Vi/lll iam B U3K5LL of the '^;Iary iomo" . \ 
A.D. " ^ 

1640. YOUNG, Georgo, of Btitclif f o^Llidcix. ,marinDr,aced 25, has 

livod thore since hi£3 loirth;'born at Plymouth, Dovon. 
(Signs). ^ 
ELL,Hichard,o\7nor of ono butt and t\70 hogsheads of 

tohaoco, which ho did lado on tlio chip "Ivlary ^Uino'» in 
the Pool of London, in the rivor of Thames , bound for 

3USHBLL,Capt.V/illiam, master of tho ^1,Iary Anne" and 
Rftsn'/ards of tho ^♦llGptuno";diGd 4 days -after tho 
arrival of tho '♦Mai^' /oino" at Uirbyan in Franco. 
" Iar.Brov;no,lcinsii3an of V/illiam»v;hon the ship was drivon 
in s.t a port tovm callod Passage in Biscay, caused tho 
tobacco to bo brokon up. Of Nev;castlG undor Line, Staffs, 
gont. ,aged 29;hao livod thoro 7 years ;bom at \:^hitby, 
York, (Signs ). Ovmer of tho ♦'^:Iary Anno". 
" Haohaell^a subjoct of tho Kin{3dom of . England, oxocutrix 
of William BUSHiiU.. 

lIA3HI30N,Gilos,of Bearo Lane,All Hallows Barking, cloth- 
V7orkor,acod 34, has lived thore 2 years ;bGforo that In 
V/inford Street ,Stopnoy, 3 years ;bom in Lamboth,Surroy. 

JOHlTSGH,Henry,of Tower Hi 11, mariner, aged 38, born in St, 
Us.ry LUigdalen ,Southwark,Surroy, 

B0GIilE30N,iir. Richard ^an iiinglish merchant, at Passage in 

ALSOP,i,Ir. ... a merchant of St. Sebastian's. 
GOAilK,Ur.Gerrard, brother of Islrs. Bac^iaoll BUSHELL,all doposo. 
HkKDV/IiI,GrriCO,of Ci*ooked Lane , St. Michael *3 ,wax chandler, 
h^s lived there 15 years ;bom at V/olston,V/arv7. ;was at 
the "Green Dragon" in r.ediffo with Oaptuin Y/illiam 
BUSK3LL. (Signs). 
DranuPer8.1916. (185) 




Tithes and tho Rovd.Iir.AWST.oU. 


1641. PaITCC 3 r , '..d'vva rd , o f As h t on , c o . II o r thamp t on , huo bandjaan , 
agod 56, has livod thero 18 years ♦bom at Asploy, 
co.3edford,(iopo3f)s that in 1637 he agreed \7ith 
GOODIikl^ to pastiii^e t./o score cheep in the ooramon 
field of Grafton Ilo(^is. Ili-.AWS'J^l demanded five 
shillings for tithes, deponent offered him half-a- 
crovm;but he would not take lees than four shillings, 
so that deponent was forced to borrow oighteenpence 
of Alice iJARCY, otherwise NOHLiAi^T to pay it. V/as 
unwilling to have an;j/thing more to do v/ith Mr. 
Aw1S?^J,so sent tho money by the said Alice, but 
received no acquittance. Sheared his sheep in 
G00IX..iAi;*3 orchard. (Si{?is). 
NCHLIAIT, Alice, of Grafton Hegis ,v/ido\7,aged 40, has livod 
there sines uirth,bom at Shittlehangor. lias known 
PAITCOBI^ 20 years; took the money to Llr.AV/SlJH and 
told him that Goodman Py^J^XOS? had sent him four 
shillings for the tithe of his sheep that wont 
that year upon Sood:jan*s Coramon in Grafton Field. 
irlr.AV/oA'Hs" counted it, put it up, but {;ave no acquitt- 
ance to this deft. for the same. She lived for a time 
in Passonliam. The money was paid to isIr.AV/S7i2N on 
his hall table in Grafton Parsonae;e house, in the 
j^i'ufaoi^oo v^f j^orotliy xjj,u.u»«» ,liib tju.Ga.1 ii^rvant. jjtoth 
verily believe that lir.A';.'"3Tlii is seldom or never 
guilty of abating, to any man anything that is due 
to him. Ei.NCCS? believes Hr.AUSTKlT is a man so 
far from abating any thing of his due that ho is 
rather apt to demand and tcike more than his due 
when he can get it. 
Dram. Pore .19 16. (166) 

lOUiT, vol.2. 


Iho Logs of the Brig tow :^orchant, 

1642. GCGDy:JR,Thoir£i3,of St. H^vv'in»s , Bristol , sailor ,acod 28, 

bom tliero ,dei-)0SG8 tliat tho ship the '3ristow 
ivlercliant " at her sc?ttin£; out from Bristol on 
her voyago about 3 -/oars aiid t*-:o raontho since, 
carriod 28 pieces of ordnance and other mujiition 
and taclcle correspondent. lie woiit as master's 
mate. (SifTio GOOD-'jj^..: {L ) . 
IlKHRI CK , V/ i 1 1 iam , and 

Ii/i.TCH, Captain John, of the "Bristow Uercliant",\7hen she 
v/as driven out of tho Gulf of Venice.. She was 
forced by bad v:oather from Barry in tho Gulf of 
Venice to go to Zante,and the Captain was in a 
great strait what he should do in re^^ard his 
merchants v;oro in prison, and at last altered his 
purpose and v;ent for Ilossina. DOH'j advised him to 
return to Barry ,v/h ore the raor chants were in prison, 
and try his utteriTiost, ?Ie endeavoured to go back 
to Barry but the v:ind v.-as contrary and he shaped 
his cou-00 for Alicant, In his passage tldtlier 
ath^vart of Caller^; ho met -vith sLx sail of Turk's 
Men of Jar, and after a long fight ILvXH v;as slain 
with a great shot and the ship misorably torn, so 
that they v/ero fain to put into C£-.llery to repair 
her. One IIluASOiI ,v;ho vas IIt».TGiI*3 chief mate»v/as 
i-Laster in his stead. Aftor//ards the ship v/as seized 
by the French, aft or she came into the road of 
Valencia, and by them carried av:ay and never returned 
to the ovmers. Captain iI£;.iSOIT received for two Tui'ks 
taken in the former fight 180 dollars. I^iere wore two 
slain and three or four hurt in the r^hip^s comixin^/; 
in one of the Turk's ships there were threnscore 
slain, so that they had much ado to bring her into 

i.rarc.Pors.1916. (187) 

001^ V. XBBIirS. ( contd. j 


1642. iiJ{bT[O}:iLL,ijd]!i'imd,0f Br is to 1, merchant , aged 28, 

has lived thoro 20 years ;born at '?uddenham, 
Glo^lO. ,\vas owner of a tonth part of "aihe 
Bristoll ilo reliant", valued at £6000, and of 
40C ton hurthon;v;as factor ,v:ith ".Villiam lISHrtICZ, 
for the voyage. At Barry, the Yico-Kin(::,"imablo 
to lay hold of the ship^upon somG false inform- 
ations , imprisoned t'-tis doponont and Lr^PJilCX, 
pretending them to be Commanders , and detained 
and soq-aostered a car{jjo of oils valued at £6000. 
Ho and i.ISHRICK paid the ships* company oicht 
months pay at Leghorn before she came to Barry, 
besides money lent to IIAPJCS and BiI<f^ULiOir]?,th8 

. chirurgeon. The ship n'as employed from Bristol 
to ITcv/ ':}ne land, thence to ICev; found land and there 
ladod fish and aold part of it in Spain, in truck 
for sugar ;carriod the sugar and the rest of the 
fisl-- and lead into Italy and sold them at Leghorn. 
'Bioy imAo £1000 loss, except v/liat m&s got from 
Bristol to lie-./ Jngland, (Signs). 

IK)3IH3, John, served in the ship as gunner's mate, and 
v.Tis paid 2r/s,a month; the mariners behaved them- 
selves very uiicivilly and disorderly , but they 
boiiaved themselves valiantly against the j?urks. 
AIoJITDuiLL v/as imprisoned at Barry in January 1640; 
HkTCH vas master raid tenth pirt COTor. 

SiJGH, George ,merciiant in Naples, was imprisoned there 
by the Vice-King at the same time tiiat "Ihe Brist."^.v 
Uerchant" was surprised in the part of Nice ta, upon 
pretence of havine: ino^i'tftjo in onto b^tip, 

Dram.Per8. 1916. (186 ) 

vol.2. . 

Ho^oiory Some^7hore . 

HUiSLLi/williara^of 6t,ilary vYoolnoth, London, 
citizen and loathor-sGllor,acod 30, bom 
thers and Ine livod thoro ainoo his birth. 

HIDE,3enjasiin,a millinsr, tenant of a shop in 
Pope's Koad Alloy, a man of a weak ostate; 
his yoarlj' ront £14;v-as tenant to 1IU1.;3LE'S 
father four or five years bofore and owed a 
year's ront last lady day; paid his rent v;ith 
difficulty.. His part of the shop is now shut 
up and ho nov/ liveth about Iloorf ields. 

HO;;i33,r}iom9,of St.ilary Abchurchjbra'/n-baker ,aged 
32, has livod thero 7 years ;boTO at Iiast5/ell, 
Kent. (Signs ) . 

CH^iIB:-;I1S ,Ci:t he rine, do ceased, said to have a/ed 

HIM moneys ,v;ho said ho would pay his creditors 

TiOOI>i7A?.L),Jonafl,of St.I.lichael Jloyall ,77ine--cooper, 

ago-d 55,i:ia3 lived there 17 yoarc'bom at Brou^ton, 
.^cka. Was bail for KID-! in an action in the Lord 
Knyor'B Court and had to pay. HID:D left in his 
hands a box of ribbon valued by him at £40, and 
then cunnin{i;ly /;,ot it back by saying that the said 
action v;as removed and he liad given bail. Benjamin 
HIH^I and M-rTard,hiB broth or ,v;an ted hiia to be bound 
v;ith thorn for the administration of the goods of 

Outliorino Cm. M.t,.M>,and said that the possession 

of the sirl,t}ie minor in this cause, and of her 
estate would be a very great fortune to him* (Si^js). 

Dram. Pers . 19 16 . ( 18 9 ) 


vol. 2. 
H^^iraSOIi v.Lord KKA 

Lad:; lleay ' s Liar r iaf^e . 


1635. PCB,.7illlam,of iiauiio Poe ,oo.Fermaria^h,i;sq. ,aged 35, 

has lived there ten years, and before that in Co. 
S?yrone ten years. (3i{pi8). A married nian worth 
£30C0 or £4GvC. 

I^SA , Rache 1 , Lady , alias IL^J^ l ISOIT • 

H/J{l<I30iI,walter isaid to have mrried to the Lady 
I{ciA. and also to 

0 'DCLalHD,Anna"ball,as to '^hich inarriage a CornmiBsion 
sat in the parish ohvirch of Sligo. 

O'DUGG^^illjBolloff ,a priest, a blind man, and bed- 
ridden, st 3iceene, twelve miles from Sligo, testified 
in Oct. 1633 as to the marriage of Walter & iuinaball. 

0 ' DO kUu) , Bryan , a i tnos s 
'* Teige,a v/itness 

B21LF")UIG,Ur. Alexander, one of the CommiDsionere. 

KHIAY, Lord, his houses at Tower Hill S: Gardiner's Lane 
in Westminster; bargained with POE for raising: 
BOldiers in Ireland. 

Dram* Pars • 19 16. 




MIDDX. vol.2. 

Sir Tliomaa lAK^'S Inher itance. 


1634. GUY, Nicholas ,miniatGr of "IildG^.vorth'Sco^i.liddx. , 

OQod 49;ha3 livod thoro 13 yoars. (Sicjns j . 
LyCS,Sir T^ioiras »Knd tho Lc.dy,his mothor, thoir 
agrooment; about b. lease; his house in St. 
ilartins in tho Fields. 3aid,»»Ani not I a 
v/ieo nvua, h:\ving con tended to lir^vo tho pxUuini- 
Btration of iny father's goode or of his 
whole,to [;ivo over my right for a 
portion out of it?'» "I prr.y you he/.-.r v/itnoee 
that I 3oal this release". "1 givo away all 
ray richt to Sunbury". 
. PUiSLO»/ii,?lioiie,s, servant in the frmily of ])amo 

^ ilary LiUCii),v/ido\/, th^^se 4 yor,rB,aged 34. (Si{pis). 
GfDY jiviargarot ,v;ife of tho said lU c ho las , aged 36; 
has livod there 15 ya-'vrs , deposes. 

Dram. Pers .1916. (191) 




InQldontr^lly of tho Arms of Lord .Roberta , 


1635. DEikiriStHonxT', citizen and scrivonar of London, aged 25, 
has lived thore 13 yocrs ;tC8tifio9 as to certain 
records in tho CotirtB of Chrjtioery end High Corpmission. 

BikGSHikii ,Konryta|>cd 30,8orvaat in tho fsxaily of Henry 
HUGGjiFO:^ and living in Fottor Lcno , London, this 
year and a half,c\lso testifies* (3i{pas). 

GBKElJSHUHSi?,Robert,of Barnard's Inn, London, gen t. , aged 80; 
has lived thoro 40 yoar0;of affinity to William 
ROWSS by his wifo. (Si^as). 

B0X3SE,Y/illiam,J.P. ,dacd. ,a gentleman of good bohavionr, 
woll balovod in his country, tho producent*s brothor- 
in-la^v. Lived from hie wife some pcirt of a yoar 
boforo his doath. Lodged for a timo at a tavern 
noar Oharin^ Cross. V/ont with hie wife to Oxford. 

HDBEKTS,Ric}uxrd,Lord "could nevor in right quartor th® 
arms qur^rtorod on tho oaal,for the eame are the 
prope:^ arme of Lj'.dy Francos his wife by the name 
of HSiDEH and ought only to have boon impaled 
with hie and not qu^irtorod''. Ho and Robert GlffiMHHUBST 
•'came of two sisters". Lord H)BI:HT3 bare in hie 
arms a hand in li canton which all Baronets bear. 

^ h OXON^ 

l)rsari.Per8.1916. (192) 

LOinX)H & vol.2. 


T he Qharacter of Susan Hudson, 


1638 THOOTEI01I,Kugh,of St. Albania ,Horts. ,bl£U5ksmth, 

agod 31, lived therf3 5 j^oars^and before 
that in St. Stophon's .P&rk S broct ,v;hnro he 
was bom;Jaao his \7ife,dau.of John BUHGIiS. 

HUDSON »Susan,\7ifo of Will iam> first tho wifo of 
Ho{>or BURGSS^livod with him in the Strand, 
London, an honest ,modost, Ionian of good namo 
and fama. 

BUHGI::3,HoGor, uncle to I!II0H1^2 TON'S v/ifo. 
BUHGri3,V/illiam,root THOmiJiJ'ION at 3rGntford,at the 
oign of the '»I{atherino \Vhool",and said his 
mothor, Susan }IUDSON,had v/rongod him, and usod 
scandalous words against tho good namo and 
roputution of the said Susnn. 



])ram.Per8«1916. (193) 


Korcanti l o Transaoticna with St>llf\lo. 


1640. BAYLI?:i«John,of St. Ualo .France, inorchant «ae:od E5 , 

tea livod there all his lifo. {Si^s K^LL^Y). 
S<aw in 1656 an accoapt for proviGioii of the 
ship »*:;illiam and Anne" for 3964 livros, 
i*ocGlpt*.d b^; 
EICHDLL3, Jo}m._ 

P0i;:7^1i*John In, hie houn-.^ in St.llicholas Lane-, 

London ,\.'hc^ro HCOPJH rjid illCHOLLS acccmpted 
toC'-*tht'.r in February 1630,tho aoccnpt in 
B^YLL^'J cr^m hand'. ritir^g and n truo oopj^ of 
V;>iat he sar at the ;^d:niralty Offico. 
Et.YLL^^ sav: lilCMOLLS sign thn earrr^ and 
KICHOLLS remained indobtod for thfi balance 
amounting to £10.33.0d. 

JURIl^ ,j7-nv?5 ,of St.Bon^t 3horohO(;,Lcndon,morch£!Jit » 
a{jcd 28,}^as livod thnro a yoar and a half ; 
I bom in S t. 0 lav 9* 3,3 out h^vr.ric, Surrey; deposes 
'as to monoy ho p^.id on b-hrlf of /oithony 
HDOFllH; dealings in tobacco. (Signs). 

HOOPiiH ,Anthony , plai nt i f f . 

I>ranuPor3, ,1916. 




SUHREY, volume 2. 

Bstat e o f vailiaia ^:/AHIT:3H . 

1640. WYILil,liaooh,of St, Mary iia^aleu,Boraonds0y# 

Soutbv/aric, Surrey, porter,a{^ed 51 ,ha3 lived 
there ?1 years, bom at ianershai-a.Buoks. 

W*vHjJ3^R/.\illifiin,thQ testator , died of a oonsTjmp- 
tion; £^avo hin raothor £200 and ClOO to her 
son. Accomptod to bo a vory honest, 
Chris tiiuiliko man, 

KtwTLIiy^LIr. eccooutor of Viilliam W;UW^H, lived 
at tlici Ck'ipel Ho\ico upon London Bridgo. 

CLBHKiJ»Mr,j£4mcs»ono of g.UI^<IiH*S creditors, 
livoo in Fonchurch Street , London. 

LBIGH.Mr ,v/ho xrua i^o.V.Amr^*^^ latter 

huslx}-nd «'ind oxeoutor. 

D0BS0i;,lQr^o,\;AfiI^3B*S apprentioo. 

PlSLDIKG,Nr*.th^.niel,of St.J^lban.V^ood Street, 
London »citix<jn and *^"lpictor*»,G^od SS^has 
lived thero 8 yours, bom at Luc ton, Ss a ex. 
HichLrd \;ARXii]H i^cs hie upprentico and had 
£20 aa u legacy by hio brother William'o ' 
^ will. He rjad his mothor both novv deceased. 


CIAH}Gi),Jaifti :s,of St.Dionis Backchnrch , London , 
erocor,a£:ed 44,h:\8 lived thero 20 years; 
bom in ilarlc Lano, London. Dwells at the 
Hod I^on in Fonohiirch Stroot ,v/horo he hath 
lived 12 years, raid in tho same pcLrish and 
otreot veiy near 30 years; lent HjL!?LEy and 
William a J2r:a £50 in 1627. (Signs). 

Dmia.Pors. ,1916. 


volume 2. 

' gho Impr i acaimmt of Lord Loftus . 

1640. BAOT3DELL/r;illk;n,of IMblin.cfint. ,a{^)d llvod 

thoro 10 yoar3;boni at St. B ono tfiiiX, London, sorvcnt 
to Viscount LOPTas 10 yeara. (Si^r^iG BOmmLB). 

LOFTCJS ri^dam, Vis count , of "::iyo,in pocooirBion of tho 
ArchdQaconr^,'- of GlandoL-iUsh iuid tho probond rmd 
rootory of IiG\/ci:-3tlo in Irolaiid; iniprioonod in the 
Oautlo of JXiblin firom 21 April 1638 till 9 Il&y 
1639 c-md thon in hie o\ni hoUi3G in St.llnry Abboy 
till tho 9 z^u^UGt follo\/in{>. 'las reputed Aroh- 
doaoon of Glrjidola{;h. 

LEGH,Richcrd,of Dublinj/jont. ,Ji^od 40,hr'O livod thore 
13 yofirs; born at Ba-^'geloj' ,co. Oh^^c^tr r.sorvant to 
Viccount L0FTU3 13 yearn. Lord LOFTUS was com- 
nittod to prison by tho Lord ]>)paty \J:^V2*0ilTH»and 
boin£* woak and Giolcly was carried to St.iiary 
ftbboy in a oodan. (Sieno). 

003T3GiJI^V/illir.xn,of Dublin, fi^^cd 24,doinf;C3tio serrant 
3f Lord L0F:IIIS those 12 yoarj .dopocou. 

B01i!LE,Riohf.rd ,r^.-.d 34,doiix"Gtio t3orv?.mt of Viscount 
LOFTUS tho so 6 yoara; born at I&iavthjCSO.IuOeath. 

ST.BAil3D,V;illiijn,of Bub 1 in, gc>n t. ,r^od 26,hi.o li\rod 
thnro 7 yoaro; bom at Stobbln(^,]j;sGox,dcpOGOB. 

I/XVE.ThotxiOtOf London, clei^,r^od 43,hi-.3 lived thero 
13 ,v/as ono of the Vioaro Choral of 3t. 
PD.tric)c'c ,lXiblixL,:^bout 6 or 9 yoaro olnoe. (Si^s). 


I)ram.Poro. ,1916. 





Voyr.r-;o of "T}io S^:i)aaritrtn^\ ' 


.1641. Si*LiHT, J chn, of 3t»Dionir- Br.ckchurchjL'^ndon ^morchant , 

Aged 34, hc'-: lived t>ioro 8 ^^fiar::: ,bom at PlyiTicuth, 
Dovon.drov; up bo oka of ficc'mptc of r- ycirp.i^o for 
iicsGrD.KIKiu-DIOK and BC:L:}-«,.L;dopojoc r-3 to the 
oaotlng £5jr-ay of tho ship "!ChG Scunaritan" and a 
claim cf tho Jiiix^t India Ooraprinj^*-. (ijigno ) . 

BONlITJlt^LtSanruQl ) pirtnoro in ^^Hho Samaritan'*. 

OFIi}LD,Rich:.rd } 

LEV3T,SGr!iuol,of St^Bionio Backohurch^gont. ,aged 22, 
h/Ao livod thijro 6 yoaro »c-Jid bofcro that in St. 
Botolph,Ald£,":ato,v;hero he v/as bom;pald divorc 
Qumo of mcnoy at Sliu.H1}'S roquoot. (Signs ) . 

laia^^lSTON^Arthur.of St.01avo,Hart Stroot ,niorohant , 
agod 22, has livod thoro 8 yoaro^bom in Shravo- 
bury.doposco that IJoholia ic about 1200 loaguQs 
short of tho 2aot Indioo and io a free place of 
trade for iiinglish chips if thoy havo the King's 
C^^ncniflDion. OFIiiiU) had the King's ComiaisGion 
and died beyond soa during th^ voyage on tho 
"R )cbuclc",tho Comraisyion vjas delivered vfith other 
goods to hio relict Llartha. DxBponont \7a3 purser 
of "The Samaritan", (Signs KTNNASHDN). CFIELD 
said that his ship was veil fitted and r^iF.nnod 
4uid Aiw aiu xxot ^c«.ro LlxZo wiLi-.t ^art of the world 
ho v7ent,to iCast India or tho Rod Sea or past the 

. KSHSllY,John,of Stopney,IIiddleGex,gent. ,aged 28,has 
lived there 4 years »b9f ore that in St. Magnus, 
London, 3 years, and v/as bom there, deposes that 
Ha*/ilHD, Master of the "Pationt Arko" was brother 
to tho party apT)ollato, (Signs ). 


Dran. Po rr. , 19 16 . (197) 

KIHIJiJSXJr v.OFIMD. (con td « ) 


1641, SIITGLI^^n,Jchn,of St. Olavo ,Hr. rt StrGCjt^oordv/alner » 

agO'd 36,haG livod thoro 20 yyars ,bom in St. 
Botolph»AldG'^'te;abodo r;t Lloholia with divors of 
tho nhip "Saniaritan 'n** c^^tip^iny r.ftor her casting 
avay for olaven months, H''; cook*;: mtoHt 
wao a roprirjril voyage, r.nd tho v;holo shipa * company 
excepting Hov/ell PLL/illliiT, the £jamjior,did ronounoo 
thoir WT'.Q'j and r,sroQd to tr.lov* charoc of v/hat thoy 
ohould got,(SiC2is). 
SAr'.VIILL,Thcma3, servant to OFlELD^toolc iilonQ vrith him 

an Eciot Indi& platt (nap or planj 
COBB, Will iGJQ, of St.l.iary Whi tGohr.pol ,Gr.ilor ,agGd 36, 
has lived thoro oinco hia birth ;hao lain in jjho 
Island of Lioholia oix months togQthor;it io not 
in tho ik-iGt Indies hut short thL>roof about 1000 
Ioaguo3;ha3 bc^on a searoan thooo 25 yoar-j. Captain 
J01ia/)1T'S chip h&th latoly gone tc tho 2a5t India 
in f ivo niontho and coino homo in fivo months rooro 
and toolc in lading thoro ,v7hich any ohip with good 
SUCC030 inay porforra. It is ac nuch dangor for a 
fship to rail to Br.rbr-ry or tlio Strait^o ao to 
Moholia Inland, if the v/oath or bo alike. OFIIILD 
oarri.>d with hird divers ii-i^ct India Joumal3 and 
an ;iact India platt for hi;3 inatruotion in tho 
voyage. This doponc-nt often poruood tho same with 
him. (Signs). 

Dram.Pers.1916. (198, - 


volme 2. 

*'Th8 PlGyados" and Venetian Soldierg , 


1640. HALL, William, of Deptf0 3:\i,Kent,nariner »a{T:^jd 50,has 
lived thviVQ 7 yoars ; born at Vialaiii^^iam, Norfolk. 
i;/as q-uartonnaater in th^ "Ployadeis". Has so en 
POWELL disorclor^id \7ith drink; when the chip was 
at Br^^mdesly ho foil out \7ith ono of tho Venetian 
GOldic;i*a »v/>iDroof thoro woro about 60 on board, and 
some of tho nKip*s coiopany carried hin botr/eon 
deokD to qualify hira^but PO-yliLL got a half piko 
and throatonod niachiof to the Illustrisimo or 
Governor of the Venetian eoldic^rs. '.Varj present 
at th^ir Bottin^r oail from Corfu to Sante and the 
IllustrlGino £p*anted PO'.VIILL'S roleaae. 

HiLLL, Captain ,a eorornandor in ono of tho 

King's ships »gavci tho 3hip*c coinpaniy a nonth and 
a half *o v/a{^og for their ^odr.vill to sorsro the 
lAAke of Vonice; vms part cmior of r. sixteenth of 
the ship "?loyadco",wid had in ho r a {jroat 
adventure of currants and other commoditioo at 
the tine of hor cr.otinfr av/uy; ho lost £1S00. 
The Ghip Qimci up the ?dvoT ThanieG from Oroonsrich 
to^;7a^d3 Deptford. 

I>^&n.Pors. ,1916* - (201) 


volume 2 


tona^o to a Cargo of Frait and Sw?ar. 

TOVELL , S imon , of St, Buns tan ' s ~ in- tho-Bas t , London , 
norclmnt ,r^ed 33, has livod the-ro 8 years, born 
at V/ittoloha^a^Suf folk. Deposes that in 1637 
a ^roat quantity of GUgarc ,raisino of th© sun 
and piece fruit v/an l^'.den on board ship at 
?iars9illes,tho "Geor^^o and Elizabeth", for the 
acconpt of E-U^GEH and PAIN IlIuH; doponcait v/aa 
procent ^hcn the efuno wore laden and they 
""fiQTo dam£^d in the bringing hone. Has been 
twice in Spain at the ports of iiialaga ,Mar- 
seillon jmd Gibraltar. (Si^s). 

BLIiISOH and his comp^iny brotight up in his 

lon^ boat forty pieces of frayle fruit and 
privBtely laid then at a \mrehouso at Wig- 
gins* 3 key. 

WHISG/kHD , ©lorns , of 6t . Olavo , Southvrark, porter » 
aged 45»ha3 livod there 18 years? bom at 
Brentwood, Essex, deposoa. (Si^s YiHnSKiLHD) . 

AmOOD .William , of St • Olave ,Southrark,woodiaonger , 
agod 51,}ia3 lived there 27 years; bom at 
Little StoUG^ton, Beds. , helped VjHISGiLHD imload 
the ship. 

Dram.Pors. »1916. 



volxmo 2 

KogroeB and the Ooagt of Guinoa , 

1 643 . MULGEiiLViu , Timothy , o f A 1 lhal 1 ows , Barlcing , London ^ rohan t , 
aged 38, has lived there 5 years, before that "beyond 
seas for ten yoars or r.ioro; bom at Chepstow, Monmouth. 
Was factor in Guinea for UoDsrs.CRISPa & Co. DE GH)ET 
forbore to acqmint this deponent with the sale v/hich 
ho maclo of ilio compeLny*o goods. (Signs). 
IHFJJll-n) ♦ Gc or go , th o mster of the ship that brought DB 
GBDST, persuaded IvraLGryW^ to como av/ay for England, 
which he did, in consequence of his persuasions, 
i.IULGHkYK w'sxs at Corraentine on the coast of Guinea and 
saw DE GH)]3T offer much abuse to the negroes by beat- 
ing thocd &]xl throjitening then for moneys v;hich he pre- 
tended thqy c:7od him on a fornier voyage ,v/hero by they 
^7ere driven away and discouraged from trading with the 
said DS GHO'jiiT. The sale of pieces of eight is gener- 
ally prohibited by the Illnglish and Dutch, yet LS GBDST 
sold groat quantity thereof to the negroos,who did 
melt than do^m into their gold v.^hereby their gold v/as 
rmioh imbasod. D£ GXET v;oll understood they bought 
it v/ith that intent and purpose. BE G:-^)ET refused tc 
let MULGIi/iVJj have the keeping of the day-book and 

!2H0JiPS0N,John,of Allhallavs ,Brcjad Street , London, merchant , 
aged 25, hag lived there 3 months, before that in St. 
Mildred's ,Bread street, 8 years; bom at Ner.vark-cn- 
Trent, Notts. Arrived at the Gold Coast in 1640 and 
delivered a cargazon of goods to GHOET for the 
particular adventure of ivIr.Sa-nuol CRISPE,not included 
in the general cargazon, and about the value of £186. 
DE GROliiT \7as seised in the road of Corinentino 21 A.pril 
1641, and shortly after bi'Kiu^ht htoo for i:Jngland. (Signs). 

^^•Pers. ,1916. 


D3Y0N & volume 2. 

beyond soa. C0UH7j:.::n:^ v. 2iOKITBU3H. 

The Custon of Uarinors . 


1643. S2i^PK)HD,3oBodict,of Dcptford,Kont ,r^riner ,a/jed 37, 
has liv'jd thero 8 rriCnthc ,bof oro that in Stepney 
15 years; bom at L ins t one .Devon, drip osog that it 
is the custom of the sea in voyage o to Spain, 
The Straits ;.;e3t Indies ,(j^c. , that if the ship 
v/hon hoi:i8v;ard bound bo lost and cast av;ay,no 
ovmor is bound to pay the r?i?.riners vra^es after 
tho last port of discharge in the outvvard bound 
voyage. (Signs), 
SP31ICjiIl,Thonias ,of Stepney ,mrinor, aged 36, has 
. lived there 16 years; born at Waldersharo ,Kont . 
Has taken charge of ships as master and rnate 
those 13 years, in voyages to Guinoa , Brazil and 
Barbary. In a voya.<;e to southerly parts in 
tho ship 'Tiragon" thoy lost half thoir ships 
company and nore in 16 raonths at St.Ihome and 
the coast of Guinea by the diseases that the 
country bred pjnd v;ere fain to £:ot Portugalls, 
Frenclmen and ITegroos to help then bring their 
ship homo. (Signs). 

I^mi.Pers. ,1916. 



VOlUMO 2. 

The Seizure of tho ^^n■^>•id*^ 


1645. IC2Y,Goorg:3 ,of Stepney, x/iiddlosox, mo rclmnt-ta^'-lor^agod 26, 
has livod thoro a yoarj boforc tliat in St. Stephen, 
ColGrian 3 tr cot, and boi*n tho re. u'r.s onployod in tho 
ship tho "David'' of London, from London to Sunderland 
and IxsrvcastlG ,as a factor for D.;.;:iLL to oell his 
goods. H^rrin^;,^ v/oro talcon in at Yarmouth and thoy 
intendod to put into Hull, hut nrar Darlin^^tcn Cliffs 
they v/ero overtaiion by tho ship "Charity" and HIGH 
* and nine non,all armad v;ith nuskots and swords, cane 
aboard. (Signs KVY). 
HIGH,Riohard,pj:.stor of tho ship "Charity", tooic Goorgo 
KEY prisoner, to i^-C't he r v/ith tho oockets , bills and 
^vritings ,and v-culd not l3t hirn go aboard tho "David" 
anj*" more. 

PAYIi7i:il,-.uisolr-ie,mstcr of tho "David ", desired HIGH to 
leavo tho cookots and v^-ritings ,but ho refused and 
loft hor at anchor , the robjr o:q)Ocin{j hor to be a 
prizo to anyone th-iit v/ould take hor, so that thoy 
wore forced to rotum ^7ith tho ir ship to Yamouth 
and re- ship tlio goods Into another ship for Kevv- 
castlo; whoroby they 'vero much damnifyod and leaked 
out. About a year end a half ago ho v;as taken 
prisoner off Dartmouth by the King's forces as he 
was coming hone froa Guinea, v/horo ho had boon four 
years. V/as carried into Gornv/all ,kept prisoner 
nine months ,i^rriod a v/ifo there but hath no child 
thoro. Ho stole away in a Danes ship and was set 
ashore at Dover, but had not tlio opportunity to 
bring his wife with him. 

'ffll 'iL ,Abrah£uavhad the goods in his custody at Yarmouth. 

BO"yVI^,Daniol ,of Ipevflch^Suffoak^pjarlner ,ac'od 31, bom 
thoro, at his (y^mi costs and chart^es built the ship 
tho "Charity" about 12 years ago; had letters of 
Liart (sic) granted him under a bond of £1000. (Signs }. 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 




R3SEX,0X0N & vo librae 2. 


Roml)put Jaoob3on,thQ BrmQr. 


1645. WAHDEN, Robert , of AldgatQ , London, citizen and skinner, 
aged 60, has lived thoro 20 years , "born in co.ICent. 
Is a dQbtor to JACOBSON'B estate in £10, (Signs). 

JACOBSOK, Homb out , deceased, lived close to \VABDS2T,kept 
a great browhouse and v;as a mn of great trading 
in that way; kept many servants; died 1 May 1643. 
His relict Johanna lay very sick about throe or 
four days after ^is death, and kept her chamber 
all the month of May, 

C0RSELLIS,MI'. ,and 

LIBrj^T.M^. ,v;ent with WARD52I to JACOBSON'S house to 
hear what Mrs. JACOBSOH \Tould say concerning her 
hxisband'e v/ ill, and she left it to their discret- 
ions . 

MARTEN,y/illiaai,of St.]»Iary , Whit echapol , London, brewer , 
aged 38, has lived ihero 12 years, bom in Essex. 
Y/as one of the clerks and household servants of 
JACOBSON t.velve years end up/ards. Wrote tick- 
ets inviting deceased's creditors to meet at the 
*V/indmill" in the Old Jewiy. (Signs). 

HaGEMOHTEFi,Ahashu9r08h,Iil.D. ,«f S"^. Andrew Undershaft, 
London, has lived there 5 years; bern in the city 
of London. Is a Fellov; of the College of Phys- 
ic tans in London. Attended Mrs . JACOBSON in 
Aldgate parish. (Signs Ahasuorus HilGEI^IOIirER) . 


I>ram.Pers. ,1916. 


1645* 1XX!X)HI2^ Tobias, of St.Blonis Bad^i2apQh,aeBd 40.p.&pcrt^^ 
haa llred th«r^ 15 years »born in (Hftoi mI'VWBity. 
?/as JACOBSON'S apatthecary and administat^ physick t© 
him in his last illneigs; visited Mrs . JAOOBSOH daily 
during hor sictaess till the 9th.Jtine 1643. (Signs). 

CORSELLIS, Nicholas, «f St.Mary^t-Hill,L«aid.on^jiiQrchant, 
Aged 45, born there. Ebcamined JACOBSON'S books after 
his death and found that he ov/©d betvvoen three fftur 
and twenty thousand pounds. (Signs). 

BiLlR3S^*es}iaw,wif e of Thomas, of Hackney ^aged 43, has li^*^ 
there two months, and before tliat in St.Botolph's ,JLld- 
gate,9 years; bisrn at Kings bridge, Devon. Lived im 
house with JACOBSON fer 9 years as a nurse, and for half 
a year after his death, with his wid«w. 

WHITBY ,Liar^jret, wife of Thomas, of St.Ll&ry ,Whiteohai>©l, 
lighte moan, aged 24, has lived there a year and a half 
and be fere that in St.Saviour*s ,Southwark, where she was 
bom. Nursed one •f JACOBSOK'S children, and was with 
Ura.^isCOBSON at her h®use in Bast Smithfi^ld. 

OQESBLLIS,Abrahqin,0f St. B€t©lph,Aldgate, brewer, aged 47, has 
lived there 8 years, bom in the city of London. Was 
on© tf JACOBSOH'S near neighbours and creditors. At 
the meeting ff creditors at the ♦v;indmill",J^ EATON 
said that if the estate would rise t® only fiv« 
shillings in the pound he was undone; would gi\^ n« 
c^ns^nt to any agreement and so v/ent his way. (Signs). 

HAHTLEY, Ralph, •f St, MichaeI,aomhill, scrivener, aged 49, 
has lived there ZO years; bom at IJanchester,Lanc3. 
Brew up articles of agreement amrng the creditors for 
settling the estate. (Signs). 


J'J3SiX vol.2. 

Thomas M-upji'g V/ill Biirn ed on P urpose . 
A.D. ' 

1645 WAHD, Pot or, notary public, prootor of the Court of 

Arches , London, deposes. 
IMGHiLM,Mr. , agent for 

BAY, Mr. Thomas, husband of Dorothy VSHM alias MY, and 
a near neighbour of IAT1!EH in Sussex. 

IATTEIl,John,of Hotherf i eld, Suss eci, ye oinan, aged 64, has 
lived there 50 years , born at Tunbridge,Kent. Being 
in MY'S company and applauding his good fortune 
in getting rich wives { he having had four wives in 
all), said he heard he had got a fortune of £1500 
with his 3ast wife Dorothy ,reliot of IJhoims MUllM. 
DAY replied it was not s© much but h© had esaployed 
Mr.U^JGHM in the business, who was. a skiUTul man in 
the Ecclesiastical Courts, and that ha was to have 
£1000 clear and with quietness out of MUNN'S estate. 

R30?IiS,John,of otobr i dge , Kent , gent. , aged 25, has lived 
there 5 years, before that at Rotherfield one year, 
and before that at Fletching,v;here he was bom, 
deposes as to copies of pleadings in Chajacory, lives 
with Mr.VyELLEH. (Signs). 

HICKi!10!?T,V/illiam, party to a suit in Chancery , named as 
executor in Thomas I'lUIHT'S will which was burned 
voluntarily by himself. 

LEIGH, John, of C ranb rook, Ken t , gent. , aged 66, has lived there^ 
40 years ;bom at HeavitrQe,Devo2ir|vras-©Oslicltor for 
Dorothy ITOtIT, deceased. (Signs). 

i!II*rj,'Pioraaa»oxi« Of the parties appellate. 





How Yeomn^s '.7 ill was laade. 


{ *£39. GILii)S,William,of Alf riG ton , Suss ex, yeoman , aged 46, 

has livod thero 40 years ;"born there (Signs V/all 

YiJOLIAlTS ,V;illiai7i,died about t\io yoars ago, left a 
nuncapative will, .Had a wife, "but GILBS kiiov;s not 
if she is living, rhat the will v;as made in XliiPK^S 
sister's houso v;hich is an alehouse. 
BALIARD,\7illiaca,of that shallow capacity and imderstandiiag 
that ho is not able to repeat the Ten Ooramandments . 
GILES believes that he knavoth not the difference 
betwixt a nuncupative will and a written will. 
BADG£ttJiTT,3dward,of Alfristcn,yeonian,aged 30, bom there 
and has lived there all his life, V/illiam,hi3 brother, 
wrote the said will and oame hone to their father's 
house very sober and in good temper. (Signs BADGiU^T). 
OCKSNDillJ, . . • a fellow that playeth least in sight 
and dare not show his head. 

Dram. Pers. 1916, (209) 

LONIX)N vol,2. 



1640 LIIiG?;/O0D»Joh2i,of Rothorhi the , Surrey , sailor, 

aged 62, deposes that in Jan. 1638, the ship 
"ThQ Patient Arke=%arrived from the S'uismery 
Islands in tho Rlvor of Thainen. HOVAIBD came 
to his honsG in Rotherhitho and they a^r^d 
to refer £ili cont ravers ios concerning cable 
and anchor, ropes and tackle to the Master, 
Wardens and Aseistante of tho Trinity Hous^ 
BES?,a?hciiias ) 
GOODUJD,Williom ) 

SALL10N,Hobort } then I^otera or jLooistants of 
HOOKSR.Jervis ) the said Society. 
!I\JCH£IK, Anthony ) 
COOKE, Walter ) 
BiIi;iII2T,John ) 

!ErnE)IE, Mr. Roger, also one of the Masters of the 

Trinity Hooice. 
HOWARD, . . . ordered to pay £64 to 
MULLEIUX, . . . 

imVER3,Mr. the merchant that froi^phted the said 

2!g/ITTY, Roger, of Redriffo^Surrey^gont. ,aged 52, has 
lived there 30 years ;"bom in 3drwlcJc--onr-<IV«ed , 
dep^es. (Si^s T;<£KDY). 




i)::lLd(ijJin!^* EXAMS, 
vol. 2. 

MILLS v.bahcbdp:?. 

The R9V<i. James^ O0Dyerg_^gf j^cw. 

1640. GYl*ES,Ho'bort ,of Sti^tford Bow,ivIiddx. ,oaa:*p<3nt9r, 

aged 41, has livod there 8 yoar3;bon). at 

Broadwell ,Oxcn. 
COHYERS^ James, clerk; frequeoa ted alehouses and 

taverns coid is much addicted to drinking and 

compainy keepi^. honest in&n. 

BH)WlTE,^thow,of Stratford Bcw, Esq. , aged 44, has 
lived there 8 years ;hom in the city of London, 
deposes'. (Signs). 

BAKEH^Ki chard, of Bov/, clerks aged 48,has lived there 
a year and a half , be fore that at Hanipstead a 
year, and "before that in Stepney 16 years ;hom 
in the city of London. Keeps a school at Bow; 
looking out of a v/indow saw GOITYEES come along 
the street reeling and staggering, and another 
time met him coming out of tho '*Flowx5j>-do-^uca" 
in Bow disguised and overcome with v/ino. (Sigas). 

I)ram»Pers.l916. (211) 

WILTS. ,OXON. , vol.2. 


Ba rt ho 1 omo-vV W ay t e * s Mi ^ra t i on . 

1641. EUTL3Y,Koloert,of Portsmouth, Ilants. ,hosior, 

agod 47, has lived there 10 years , "before that 
in Salisbury 28 yoars^hom at Cullonpton, 
Dovon. Biat about 30 years ago he lived at 
Andovor in Hampshire tv/o or three years to- 
gether as an approntico to his brother John 
RUTLEY,a stocking-mker* (Signs ) . 
WAYTIi, Bartholomew, of Andover,Bon of i^r. Walter 
WAYTS,a \voollen-drapor,v;a8 a goung man there 
v/hen RUTLEY was apprentioed-seen by ISJTLBY 
in October 1638 v;al}cing in the streets of 
Dublin, in a plaoe called Siq^mner Hov;;dranlc 
a pint of v;ine v/ith him at the London 'Sivem 
in Dublin and remembered and drank to many 
of his old friends and acquaintance in Andover, 
On the Sth.Nov. ,they went to the Castlo to 
see and hoar the guns go off for the solemnity 
of that holiday. \'^AY1!B was a spare man,with a 
lean ,v/rinkled, visage, of low stature, grizzled 
hair, black ^ v/hite,and scmevzhat above fifty 
yea re old. 

CHUK5H,Keh(2iiiah,with HJTLEY in Dublin, when they 
saw \7AYTS. 

BEAD30 RITE, Richard, of Andover ,vi(3tualler, aged 47; 
has lived there 40 years ,kne^// ^AYTS, who was 
bom in Andover, 30 years ;Y/Gnt over to Irelaad 
in Januar^r 1637-8 and v;as at Dublin from March 
to Llay 1638; often saw ^i/AYTE walking about the 
Custom House and from thonoe to the Castle ;he 
lodged near St. Patrick's church. V/AYTS'S wife 
is "Che moai^^r of *.jr.xAwuxi-i.'^j.i v/ife,wliO iiutJi 
some houses in Andover. (Si^c). 


Dram*Per8.1916. (212) 

pAOTil versus (contci.J) 

HU2rT,Bd35simd,of St. John's ,Dubl in, gent. , aged 56,has lived 
there 10 years j bom at HesipstedJIorf olk,laiew the 
producent and Bartholomew WAYTS in St. John Street in 
London, at her uncle's house , Mr, Thomas \7AYTS, whore 
they kept company as man and v/ife. In 1632 or 1633 
Bartholomew went to live in Dubl in,where he died in 
liay 1638, at the house of Widow AIDEHS::)!. He was 
"buried in the parish of St. J -hn'o* (Signs). 

PiiKRIS,Sliza'beth,v;if e of lhomas,of St. John's ,r)ubl in, 
gent. ,a{^od 21, has lived there 10 years; born in the 
oity of Cork. Her aunt,^rs.B arbtira VJAYTHl, dwelling 
in St.Jchn street ,L:nd on. Hor father r/rote tc her 
brother, living in Cheaps id e , London, to certify him of 
Bartholomew V/AY^Il'S death. (Signs). 

L52il,He]iry ,at Highga to, Middlesex ♦gent. ,aged 56, has lived 
there 24 3roars,b:m at Caver sham. Oxen. Lived in near Sir Hobort HlYKZ'S hjuse,T7hon a gentle- 
woman .about 7 or 8 years since, lodged the re, in his 
absencojY/ith hor maid. Sir Hobert v/as in Hampshire, 
and it v/as reportod he was t: marry her. Sir Robert's 
house and land in Highgate is v;orth £410 per annum at 
the least, and in Essex near Humford he has a house 
and land of £30 per annu:i,and in Hampshire a brave 
lordship called Barton Stacy about the yearly value 
of £800. (Signs). 

ASHUMI,Hichard,of Highgate in the parish of Pancraa, 

Lend on, bricklayor, aged 48, born there. I{!nGW Patience 
WAYTE and her husband Bartholomew for many years. 
About 8 years agone iIrs.\VAYIIB cane to Highgate to 
Sir Robert's house in hie absence, remained there five 
v/Doks and never \ras seen at church till the last 
Sunday before her departure. Eao been at Sir Hobert 's 
houses both in Highgtxte and Hampshire. l£.st aav; 
Bartholomew in Hampshire before his going over 

into Ireland. 

Bram.Pers. ,1916. 


mmiY, i)i:i^iTEs» mils. 

psnajsK, vol, 2, 


!I!h9 ♦Tetor^ tafeen /by an Irish Man-of">War. 


1646. PElSHSON, Stone, of Sta^vanger ,Norv/ay,ii!arinor,agod 31, 
has livod there 3 years and six months ^and "be- 
fore that In Donimrk slnco his birth. Was roaster 
in tlio ship "Peter^^hor tackle and furniture 
takon aboard at Stavanger,v/hero prod-ooont was 
Burgoiaastor 8 or 9 years. Ther© were laden 
aboard 4400 deal boards, 600 hasle rodds and 12 
fathom of wood to be timsportod to Leath in 
Scotland. Sho'v;as surprised on tho way by ira^^CK- 
SON and hie company about 28 June last, who 
tried to carry hor into iho port of Wexford 
in Ireland ,7/hioh tos then in hostility to the 
Parliament of England,but they failed somewhat 
off the Bay of Dublin and Captain IHGHSLL took 
hor and carried hor into Liverpool. (Si£pis ). 

HENDRiCK30K,HernKJi,in hia Irish iSan of V/ar, carried 
P2!rSHS0N to Wexford. 

2URKLES0N,Le7fronce,of Stavanger, mariner, aged 38, 
bom there; in the *»Peter" and turned out, with 
the other mariners, on shore in Scotland at 
Ualros near Dundee. Went back to Norway. 

KRDroiS!K)N, Paul, owner of the 'Teter'Sa burgomaster 
of Stavanger. 

GEISMSON,BraBimis,of StavBnger^aged 38, bom there. 

GEEGIAN,Robert,at Leith,to ^om the ♦Teter" was 

i)raau^era.l316, (214) 


I sOlffilSET, vol.2. 

A Suit for Hullity of Marriage > 

A.D. ' 

1634. jRAYB,V/illiam,of Portsmoutli, Hants. , gentleman, a 

cannonier,aged GO^lms lived there 12 or IS 
years ;l)ef ore that at South Petherton and 
Shepton Bs'achsja, Somerset; bom at Puc}cingt©n, 
Somerset. Sometime chief constable of South 
Petherton; father of Edward. (Signs ) . 
BAYS, Edward, in Llay 1621, at William EAYE'S house 

at Shepton Beacham, agreed to marry 
POia^E, Charity J^rried at Bristol,when almost 12 
years old. Died at Yeovil lOth.Decr. Induced 
to disavow her husband. 
MASON, Mr. minister at St. Mark's church, commonly 

called Gaunts in Bristol. 
MAEKES, Mrs .Hester .wife to one of the Prebends of 
Bristol, and her daughter .pi^esent at the marriage. 
*' Andrew 
WILLIE, Collyg 

WINTER, Elizabeth, of Soi^th Petherton, widow, at whoso 
house Edv;ard and Charity RAYE stayed, where Charity 
sat and served for two years in Edward's mercer's 
shop until she was 14. She bapt^at E^ell in 

MANITING, John, charged with stealing a sheep. 
PORDE, Lionel, father of Gharity;his will that she 

should be brouglit up by her a-nnt Joano FORDS 
HAROWELL, Henry, and the mother of Charity FORDS, lived 
at Yeovil and were brother & sister by the mother, 
as commonly reputed. 
WOLRIDGE, George, of South Pother t on, chaa3tdler, aged 50; 
has lived there 28 y0ai*3;bom in Gillingham, Dorset. 
Is a messenger attending upon the King's Majesty 
and the Lords of Coxmcil. (Signs). A common inronaer 
and lives by false acQusations. 

Dpem*Per8.1916. (215) 

MYS v.R^rii: als.POiiD {contd. ) 


1634:. ME3S TON, George » of South Pother ton » hue baadraan, 
aged 50;has lived there 26 years ;bom at 
White Lackington. (Signs). 

CRIBBjE, Alice, aunt to Mward MYE & Charity FOHD. 

ANSO?yCB,Edimmd,of South Petherton,merc©rtaged 44, 
has lived there 21 years, and before that at 
Yeovil; says that William MY went to Portsmouth 
and got a soldier's place to avoid payment of 
his debts. Is woi'th £100 and is a subsidy man 
(Sigas AITSTIS). 


CLEBK, John, was prest for a soldier in regard of 

his misdemeanoxirs. 
KINGMAJi, J chn, reputed a man of ill-carriage and 


HA>T.]>KTT, I^OEDas ,of Yeovil, attorney, aged 40, has lived 
there 17 years and before that at Weymouth; bom 
at Pendomer, Somerset. (Signs). 

H]3BDITGH,Kichard,parish cleric of South Petherton. 

Dram. Pers . 19 16 . ( 216 } 

BEEKS. .BUCKS- , vol.2. 



William lAAIT and John DIGHA1/.»S deaths. 


1637. PAHHDGK, Richard, of ^Westminster, locksmith, 

aged 35, has lived there 20 years ;bom 
in Hains teed, Berks. Liveth in Theoving 
Lane near to the sign of the Still in 
St.lvlargaret's parish and cane out of 
Barkshire. (Signs). 
21IGHAIi,John,a neighbour of FAERO OK 'S, lying 
on his death-bed ^started up,sa5^ing, "V/ho 
is "Giat? V<ho is that?'', and some of the 
company answered, "It is Hi chard the smith". 
Dorothy ,v;i-fe of John IHGH^I and Mrs.IHGHiM 
died of a consumption. Mr. IKGHM died 
CLINIOlT.Mrs.a neighbour also present. 
M£JT,William,and John Il^GHALl his nephew, buried 
both on one day. lUdl v;as dead in the house 
V7hen PARROCK was v/ith Mr. INGH^,who,with his 
wife and children lived in MAN'S house for 
four years & were well loved by him, Mrs. 
IKGH4M dwelt with Mr. MAN before she was 
married to Mr. INGHMI. MAIT worth £10,000, 
could write well and used a scrivener-like 

])UBBLBBA.Y,2dmund,of the Inner Tempi e, Es q. , aged 
36, has lived there 16 years. 
. EXLSH, Dorothy ,7;ife of Y/illiam,of St^Anne^Aldera- 
gate, citizen and goldsmith, aged 21; has lived 
there 5 years ;bef ore that in the family of 
Frasicis SIUPSON in Cheaps ide 3 months, and before 
that in the fam-ily of William MAN, the testator, 
13 or 14 years, being of kindred to him by marriage. 
Supped below stairs, was called up, and tfiirried by 
his beds ide, and sometime by the fire, until he diedo 
Was bom at Drayton in Bucki23ghamshii^,&s she 
hath heard. WIMBERLEY 
Drfim.PerB.1916. (^17) 


and KKY v. INGHAl^L (contd. ) 

1637. yBIBBBISY,Gilbert,S.T.P. ,aged 43,cnrat© of St, 
Margaret *s ,VJestminster »vi si ted William Ml^ 
and administered th© Sacrament. (Signs ) • 

HEWELL, Robert, S. T.P. , at FiAJ.;*S "bedsido^Baid he 
muBt go to his brother the Archbiahop of York, 
and MAN answered/*! pray you to remombor my 
Borvice or duty to him, and pray for me". Aged 
60 #a prebendary of yeBtminstor^doposoo that 
OGHMi went to London to prove Mr.liaH'S will, 
and ooon after foil s iolc^ (Signs ). 

CHAB4MI,Poter>the College brewor in W estminster. 
" Jainea,the Oollege bafeor. 

MTB03US, • . . a countrymn of Mr.IHGHUI^S 

HBY?/00D,PGtertOf Weotninstor,Baq. ,agod 60,ha9 lived 
there 40 years ,'v;as bom at Heywood Ifell in Lanc- 
ashire ;had the will put into his hands by Mr,LM; 
lar.8H^LCBDS3»6crivmor,and his bsh James PAHCULL 
being present. (Signs). 

BRO^/BB,AdaBJ,of St.Margaxet 's tWegtminst or, vintner, tes 
lived there 33 years ;bom in Saffron V/alden,Es0ex, 
IlTGH^LM,on his friendly advertisement that God hmd 
put a good estate into his Isands by the death of 
his imcle,ask33d this deponent to pray for him. 
Two days after, becoming distenpered.he called for 
this deponent, pinched him hard by the hand and said, 
"Browne,Brovme, Browne;! have been a Puritan indeed, 
but no^ I will not be so any more",ajid about two 
daya after he died. Lives in ITuttle ijtreat.rig^t 
over against the 'Teter and Paul", where he hath lived 
about aev®n years, and usoth the trade of a joiner; 
had lived in Westaineter 14 years before^ Mr.& Mrs. 
IKOMU matched by William MiK; lived in his house and 
dieted at hie table. (His mark a barbed rose. ) 

8KFT0K,John,party to this suit. 

Dram»Per8.1916. (218) 


volume 2, 
ST.JOm v.PRIGH.iPa). 

Tne vicar o f Eattersea^s Tithes, 


1637. SHEM01TDIl]E,JoIrn,of Batter sea, Surrey, yeoinan, 
aged 67, has lived there 49 years. 

PBICPLiPD, 7/ i 11 iarn, inducted into the vicarage 
of Eattersea about 1627, and 77as in peace- 
able possession until his death about two 
years since, and of the sniall tithes. Half 
a hundred of apricocks worth xij^. Half a 
peelc of peaches Y/orth z.ij<i. ,eto. 

GHAITDISOK, Lord 5 proprietary of the parsonage, 
died about 163 <i. 

S?. JOKIT,Lord Oliver , dwelt in Battersea; his 
v;ill,of T/hich Sir John ST.JOM was ox'or. 

SaYLEIl, Thomas , of Battersea, yeom?ja, aged 50, 
born there. (Signs). 

PK[0HA.HD,3arbara,v/idov; of William. 

"^^'OOD, Nicholas , of Battersea, yeoijan ^aged 40, 
has lived there 40 years. (Signs). 

SPBlTCER,Jchn ,of Ba ttorsea, gen t. , aged 66, has 
lived there 44 years ; v/as born in Gar- 
singtonjOxon; is the King's servant and 
a subsidy 11^21 in the King's house. (Signs). 

^GOD, niaonias ,of Battersea , husbandman, aged 69, 
bom there. (Signs). 

Drani,Pers. ,1916. 


«jl}yiCK,L01«X)N. volume 2. 


Lord KOUDEHIICSS his ITorfolk property & Annuities. 


1640. BAHRET?,2^artin,of Terriiig^tonJTorf ol3i,yeornan ,aged 49, 
has lived there 26 years and "before that at Isle- 
ham,Ca^bs. ; born at Snarr/e 11 ,Gambs. , farmed some 
of Hdv/ard HAxISSY^S land. (Signs). 

BxiMSBY,Rcgor, oldest brother of Ed^/rard EAJ'^S-fiY Ssq. , 
deceased, had lands in Torrington and T/alton in 
Marshland vrorth £700 a year. 

HAmSLY, Rob ert , brother by tho half-blood of the 

deceased and pretendod administrator of his goods, 
etc. ,and j'ounger than Roger. 

DIXON, Pat rick, of St.i5artin*B-in-the-Fields , London, 
tailor, aged 5 4, has lived there 32 years and be- 
fore that in Edinburgh, Scot land, where he was born; 
that Roger arid Robert RAJuS^^Y had both one fathor 
but not both one mother; that Edvard had long 
leases in Jilney and \'<alpcolc in Marshland and 
ctlier places in co.rTorfortc; that lands were left 
in trust to Ildv/ard R/iJiSILYjlS years ago, by the 
3arl of Eolderness to pay annuities to his 
brethren and sisters and certain R^JSEYS of Soot- 
land. Robert paid them for 5 years, but then 
failing ,he, by an order of tho Lord Keeper ,was 
adjudged to prison for his contempt , viz t, the 
Fleet where ho remaineth. Receives £20 a year 
from said lands. (Signs). 

KRKE, Mr. George, of the Bedchamber,) sequestrators , now 

GRAYDIEU,Mr. John,of the Robec, ) pay the annuities 
or yearly pensions out of the said lands. 



BAUSEY vorsus (contd. ) 


1640. V;ALLISrAjlam,of Chc-eslcy Hurst (Ohislohxurst ) ,Kont ,gont. , 
aged 45, has lived there 10 years , before that in 
Norwich,ITorfolk; bom in 3cotland; that Bdv/ard RAM- 
SHY was lessee of the Queen's iJanor in Torrington. 
(signs MALLkOlu). 

SiiiulE,2dnund,of 3t . Benot ,Paul ' s 7/harf ,London,gcnt, , 
aged 26, deposes as to a copy of t^o Inventory filed 
in the ?rero{^tive Court, and to an iinewer in Chan- 
cery. (Signs). 

Siu!CDBH0OK]j,John,of 3t.I.IichaQl,0ornhill,citizen and 
draper »aged 60, has lived there 40 jears; v/as bom 
at Covontrj?'; doposos as to copies. (Signs). 

I>muJPQrB. ^1916. 



mum PHITOHkRD v.CAlfi^TO. 


Sir Thoms CUMOIT*S bequests . 


1G40 GOT^ON,JanG,of St.IIar^f IIc.vGrf ordw-ost ,PGraT>roko , 

agod 38 ,v/idow, sister by marriage to Sir 
^Choms CiUuTOlI, Hooi^ Sir Thomas make his will 
as she was listening at the chamber door. V/as 
bom in Ilosomarlcot,co. Pembroke; is of kin to 
Arthur OV/iIlT*S v;ife, mother of the produo^nt,and 
of Hugh GV/BirS wife* Her late husband was unci© 
to some of the legatees named and brother of 
Bir Thoraao. 

CuLMOH,Sir Thomas, lived and died in V/aveirf ordv/ost ; 
when questioned by Doctor PHITOHABD whether ho 
had settled his worldly estate, made answer, "It 
is done". Ho died in Oct. 1638 , aged about 72. 

GRIFFITH, George Will iam,oal led to bring in the said 
v;ill,road the will to Sir Thomas in an audible 
voice, and Sir Thomas gave God thanks that it was 
done, subscribed his nanK),and immediately there- 
upon wrote a verso out of the Psalms, »*Tho Lord 
hath taught my hands to War, and my fingers to 
fight", and under that "Bonodicat Deus";did seal 
the same with his seal and delivered it to Dr. 

CAOTDNjLlaiirice present at the making of the v;ill. 

Sir Thomas's brother's son and acted as liis St^ard. 
IS, Thomas, ^30 pro&ont. 

FRY,2dv:ard,also present & with 

OOSm-IS, Patrick 

STIB3III3,John & his ^;ife. 

IlILWAHDjUr. ,ph^'sician to Sir Thomas. 
DrQnwPorB.1916. (222) 

?2tITCHn.RD v.G4M0N..(contd. ) 


1640. CLLNlf01T,Mervin,of Llamrtley,co. Carnarvon, 

gontloman,agod 22, bom at East Groenvrich, 
Kent; IB nepiiGV/ and livod in hoiiso with 
Sir Thornas. (Signs ilarvon CANON). 

SHiilP}BAHD,I.Iattlio\v,of St. Botolpli,Aldersgato , 
London, gent. ,agod 60, has livod there 20 
yearOjV/as horn at Donictt (TDonhoad) , Wilts. ; 
v;ont to tho Rogistor^s Office of tho Star 
Chamhor in Gray*s Inn to oxanino certain 
Ansv/ors remaining there upon record. (Signs ) . 

:^IINSHALL,JGhn,of St. Bonot ♦s .Paul's V/harf,agod 
20, servant to Mr. Charles SBLLIiHS, proctor 
of tho Xi-rches Court, "bom at Glutton, co, 
Chester, doposos. (Si0is). 

■GIFK)HD,John,of St. Olave , Silver Street , London, 
U.D. ,aged 73, has livod there 40 years. (Sigtie ) . 

PEAD, Alexander, of St. Andrew Hubba rd, London ,M.D. , 
aged 79, bom in Scotland ;v;aB Sir Hioinas 
GAITNON'S physician. (Signs). 

V7HIGH7, Lawrence, ii.D. ,of Chartorhouso.iliddx. ,agod 
50, deposes as to tho natxiro of an ajx^plexy 
and of "somnus profundus". "Appoplexia fort is 
v'hich ends in death and out of which their 
roaster Hipocratis telloth us it is impossible 
to escape". (Signs) . 




volvno 2. 

Charfictor of Gyles TOxtPSQN of Sovonoalcs . 


1640. CONl^V.i*y,a.:arearGt ,v:ifo of Thomas, of ocvonoaks ,Kont , 
currier, agod £6, has lived there 14 years; 'bom 
at :jlthain. 

TOilPSOlTjGylcs ,a poor man of little or no credit, 
sonotino a Bailiff of Otford Court, a retainer of 

OL/iJ'Rkli.l.Ir.l^lphjV/ho hath given IC.ix'^SON his livery 
or cloak to v;ear,and liveth in house v;ith 

SiJTFORDjIIr. Charles, who omployod TOIIPSOIT as servant, 
and is faulkner to l-ir. CLu'^PHxvI.i. 

BLOOriJ:,lIr.':,illiara,of Sovonoaks , gent ., aged 50; "bom 
there; employed TOxiPSGIT as "bailiff, "but ejected 
and cast him out for "being false and playing the 
knave. Is v;crth £40 a year. (oigns). 

BARia:?., Ill izabeth, said TOi.lPSOlT was the father of hor 

T0MP30iT,Thoma::ine ,v/if e of Gyles ,\7ho instructed hor 
v;hat to depose , insomuch that the Judge v/as 
of fended, and asked v/hat fellow that was that 
v/hispered v;ith her, and sent him out of Court. 

G0LD"w':iLL,/ir. ,said he v;as £100 v/orse for the said 
10..iP301T. Under-sheriff for the county of Kent. 

Lii.'./RDITCj],01iver ,of bov en oaks , gent. ,aged 27, has lived 
there a year and a half , and before thr.t for three 
years in St ...lichael *s ood Street , London; horn at 
Farly in jlent; that T01L^30IT v/as employed by lir. 
Ralph CLAPILUI and carried his hav/ks. Is an 
attorney of the Coi^mon Plop.s. (oigns). 

COO ?I;R,iiist re ss , grandmother of the producont SHiJ)J, 



vol. 2. 

A Suitor for Alioo Baves. 


1642. C0X22j3H,Nioholr.s,vioar of rrunsto\v,Oxon. ,agod 44, 
has livod thoro 16 yGars;bom in Abingdon, 
Borko, Deposes that in Bartholomo^ytido in 1639 
Thoinas DAVIIiS came to tho houso of ioino BAVE-S, 
mothor of Alice H^YBS in DTmstov/,to ba rocoivod 
by Alice as a suitor for marriage. Alice public- 
ly professed ajid said that she nould do nothing 
without her mother *s consent. Deponent said to 
OBiomas and Alice, "I doubt not but ore long I 
Bhall marry you", whereupon Alice replied, ''Soft , 
Mr.C0XE2SR,let him first get my mother's coneent". 
Thomas never could obtain it and did thereupon 
affirm that ho would not proceed further in the 
v;ay of marriage v:ith Alice but v/as going to 
another, and before she should see him again ho 
would bo married to another. He received from 
her all such gifts and tokens as he had given 
her and declared they wore absolutely parted. 
Doponont is worth £40. (Signs). 

GAS aSLL, Thomas, of Dunst.ow, yeoman, aged 55, has livod 
thoro since his birth, deposes. Is v/orth £400, 
his debts paid. His first wife v/as sister by the 
mother's side to the mother of the producont. 

COX.Robort ,of Duns tow, tailor, aged 28, has livod thei*o 
14 years, bom there. Hoard DUvVIS wish Alice, "Good 
fortune ",sxid say he was going to see another 
V/ Oman, and before ho came to ixmsl^w again ho hoped 
ho would bo a marriod nan. {Signs CQXa). 


COIW. ,L10H0CC0 , 


vol, 2. 


Ilorocoo Boi3nd . 


1643 BSra3!P?,V/illiara,of St.Lkiry Woo Inoth, London, 

niorohant,agod 31, has livod thoro 3 years, 
boforo that in St./mdrow Hubbard 10 yoaro ; 
bam at La^7hitton,0omv;all. Deposes that 
in 1635 there wore Articles of Treaty be- 
tween the King of ]2ng land and the King of 
HoroGCO for trade botv;een their snbjeotB. 
A Patent granted to Sir V/illiam RUSSBLL and 
others as a Society for the solo trade; a 
'joint stock to the value of £12,000 ; deponent 
one of the factors they employed, having boon 
conversant in Barbaiy. A rebellion in the 
kingdom of FesBO,p&rt of the King of Morocco •b 
dominions , maintained by a Saint called Llahomot 
Loiehai, !I!ho King of Ilorocco seized the French 
King's Consul and other subjects ,ii3ado then 
Dla;vos , forced them to turn from their religion 
by torments, and took all their estates from 
them. (Signs ) . 

CLOBUHY,I.Ir. William, in his lifetime a member of the 
said Company in the Barbary affairs. 

HALLOW, John, of St, Stephen, Coleman St. .merchant, 
aged 60, has lived th^ro 8 years, bom at Olhame, 
Oxon. ,\7as occomirtant to the Barbary Company. [Signs). 

2)rBia*PerB, 19(16. (226) 


yOHKB. ,IX)ESI]T, vol.2. 


7hQ Prvrliamont *s Army "boforo Bristol . 


1646. PEaESON,:£homac>of The Savoy , London, agod 37 , has lived 
.thoro 6 years, boforo that for 13 years at Hasling- 
ton,Yorks. ,bom at Shorry Hutton,hao sorvod as a 
Boidior for about a year in the sorvioo of the 
Parliament ; first in Col. IRUTOIT'S Roginont under 
Oapt.G.7ILLIII,and since his death under Gapt . PRI30?!DY 
who suoooodod him. 

(^VIXLUIjTiiomaG ,chaplain in a troop of ooldioro in tho 
sorvico of tho Parliament till ho died a little 
boforo Liichaolmas lost. Lay in his hut in the field 
boforo Bristol; there being h/:\7k in the hutt ho 
YrT.B loolcing on her ' .nd he had loved tho sport 
woll and h:;d f ormoriy kept a leash of hawks of his 
am. Hio oosen,\Yill OALLOV/ , should have and enjoy 
his estatOjthat ho might live like a gentleman and 
maintain the sport of kvv/king as ho had done. Adding 
further that his brother Oiarlos v/as in tho King's 
Amy and an enemy to tho Stato,and that if he should 
meet his brother in the field ho v/ould kill him if 
God did give him strength or ability tharoto. Ho 
• Gi>oko words to the like effect in his hut noar mirdon 
Bovm betwixt Westbury rjad Bristol. 

llXLLHR,iir. ,his house at Yetminster in Dorsetshire. At 
tho siogo of Shorboumo Gastle,in the dining parlor, 
GV/ILLm said to ono Ur. JDHHIiTGS , "It is a great comfort 
to mo to have my nephew Will GALL0\'/2l.,my sister's son, 
with mo, whom I have loved of a ohild and do purposo 
to settle all ny estate upon when I die". GV/IXLIIi 
Borvod as a soldier or in the sorvico of tho 
Parliament, first und/ir Sir Arthur IBS',:lLaiGG^then under 
Sir \/illian wALLaiiii^^d Ij^.stiy unaor bir 'I'nems h'jLliiiiU/^ 
in tho regiment of Ool. ia'uTON,v;haro he was slain by 
a sally made out of BrislK>l,^nu3ai" j^/os-t'bury. 


l)?caiwPor^a&16. (227) 

CALLOV/ v.BUHGOYITB. (contd. ) 


1646. CALLa7,V/illiarn,nGpho^j of Gap t. GV/ ILL III, at 

King's Vroston hard by v/ith tho Quarter- 
mastor of tho Troop. 
LONGBO?TOM, ,of Capt. GWILLILPS troop ,\7ao 
Glain boforo Bristol tho samo day, told 
CjLLLO\/ V/hat hi 8 -anclo had doclarod at 
Bath about throe v/eoks boforo tho docoasod 

WALTON, ThoniaG,his houso at Har\7oll,v;horo GC;iLLIlI 
lay a night or two. 

IiivSTSELIAIT,Thornao,of Shilling Oakgord,Dor3ot , 
yeon]an,agGd 29, born thGro,v/as proeent at Llr. 
UILLEH»S at YetiiiinstGr v/hon Gapt. GV/ILLIII do- 
olarod his nimcupativo v;ill. (Signs). 

G^/ILLIIijGhar leo ,of Staxmton,Glouc. ,gont, ,agGd 40, 
has livod thoro 5 years, boforo that at Tropon 
Konnott in tho parish of St.V/aynard 's ,co. 
Herof ord,v;horo ho v;as bom. Is brothor of 
Capt.Y/illiam G^7ILLIi.I, docoasod. Sorvod as a 
gcantlornan of Major HAHLBY'S troop in Jrho 
corvico of tho Parliamont mcv livos in tho 
Forest of Doan and has often boon callod to 
assist tho Parliament's forces at LioiHiiouth 
against tho soldiers of Eagland Gastlo. 
CALLOW was a good while in arms for the King 
against the Parliament in the troop of Sir 
Charles ISrUISH, under the Lord HE5BEHT,and 
was taken prisoner at Sir Thomas FAIRFAX'S 
going to the V/est. Deponent v.'as in arms on 
the King's side for about a year in tho first 
beginning of thoeo V/arSo C^'J^LOV/ is nephew or 
Bis tor's son of this deponent and V/illiam 
G*71^^IL1. (Signs). 

DraxiuJPors^ 19 16 . ( 228 ) 


Horo About Joseph Rumney . 

A. 3). 

1646/7. SAL0H01I,John»of St. imno, Blackf risvro , London, 

shocrQaker,agGd 48, has lived there 20 years, 
bom at Sothon in Franco. 

HUI^llIBY, Joseph, deceased, ofton sont for SALOMON 
to his houso in Iremongor Lano,and oompldned 
of the nnj-ust doaling of his brothor V/illiajn, 
to v/hom he had given £1500 to put into tho 
East India Ocmpany's hands by way of adventure, 
but v?ho put it all in his ovm name. Ho v;as 
novor aftor\7ardB pcrmittod to soo tho doceasod, 
and when, during his last si cloioss , Joseph hoard 
ho v;as in tho houso ho said,"Ayo,ho is come 
to BOO if I am dead, but ho shall bo nover tho 
bottor by it". Tho Lady HUI,mBY,his raothor,l0ft 
him an cstato of £45, 000, and tho general fame 
was that ho died v;orth £50,000. 

NOKBS,Bartholomev;, cashier to Josop2i,paid Y/illiam 
money for housohold expenses. 

CiJJir7/,Lady,boi*rov7od £100 of tho doceasod v/hon she 
was going to Oxford. Ho told hor ho gave hor 
that, for he toow she v/ould pay him nono again. 

CAilEBNTBR,Anno,of Chr istchurch, London, spinst or, 
aged 21, has lived thore 9 months ,boforo that 
. for a yoar in St.I^Iartin's ,IremongGr Lano;bom 
at Eddington,Viilt0. Lived for about a yoar 
v;ith lir. Joseph KtJIlT3Y as his domostic servant. 

Dram. Por 8. 1916. 




80LIBR3Ii)T,mTT, volme 2. i 

HDRr]FOKD and GOULD v.BHt^.lS. f 

8URRBY. 1 

k Voya^o in tho "Lionosso". I 

1641. BEBUHY, Henry, of Allhallars the Groat .London, ^ 
niGrch^.nt ,aged 22, has lived thero 7 years; 
bom at Bruton,Somorset . Doposos that in 
a voyagG about 1639, GOULD and compraiy lot 
tho ship "Lionesso*' to freight to Gonsalvo 
BDDEHIGUIjS do Conha,\7ho lot out two thirds 
thereof to John iviUL3S and Richard B3AHj1> 
this deponent then living in Lisbon in tho 
house of John aULTiS. (Signs), | 

i^MY, Thomas, tho factor or correspondent of ' 
GOULD and company. 

Rli-.lL,M\;ard, servant to Thomas iu.lY. 

LlilTHDV/I^lS, Maximilian, of St.01avo»s,Southv.'arlc, 
shipbuilder ("naupegus") aged 44, has lived 
tjiero 16 years; bom at IMloy, Here ford. 
That ho \;cnt in tho "Lionosse" as ship 
carpenter; v;as at Lisbon and in all tho 

SDGACj, Thomas , of Dover , Kent , mariner, aged 19, 
has lived there ton. years; uaa bom thoro. 
That ho v;as in tho "Lionoss^o" all the 

D ram,Por&w,1916. 



voliunG 2, 

ill jam NQHT0N*3 -ail . 


1640. S?}iITCHR,StophGn,of Poockshippon (?) ,co. Wilts. , 

scrivGncr,a^:d 27, has lived there- throG 
years ,bof ore tJr^t at Llorton in Ihombury, 
CO. GloucGstcr,20 years; "bom at Wolls in 

1T0RT0N,V. illiam,his v;ill,nr.dc his rtiTwrk as his 
hand shook so, at the request of his son 

HOHK)K,Ur. Hobo rt , "brother of the doceasod. 
wILSHBIff'i, John, servant to v/illiam N0RK)1T, 

witnessed his v:ill. 

BDACH, ,v;ifo of Goorgo,and daiaghtor 

. of v;illiam ITORTOIT; her father was induced 

to givo hor one gov: or heifer. 
NOHTOn,Annu,in the houso when the will v/as 


Dram. Pors. ,1916. (231) 


vol\3nc 2. 

1646. iLLYlCii, Christopher, of .^.llhr.llo'.rs ,Bror-d Street, 
London, rxrcor,agc:d ^S^hr^s lived thcro 17 
years; born at Lcnhan, Kent, lived in house 
vith IiObcrt GIv*Y cloven j^nrs. (Signs). 
GoiiVy,!^©^' ^ ,dccoasGd. Built an AlinshousG at 

POw:::LL, Joyce, alias CLO^/OHTHY. ) Claim to ho 

IL.riii .3 , Jul i c-^, , r J ia s PIvlC::, ) of kin to 
alia.s GLO?,;0?.THY. ) the 

S-'.VIL.-j ,Mar^^ ) deceased. 

CLO T.^OaTHY ,\ ; i 1 1 ian ) 

SC/u^DIiTG, Janes /of St. 11 ary St cyning, London, 
morchaiit taylor ,af;;cd 50, has lived there 
9 months , he f ore th-.t in 3 t.Uartin *3 , Iron- 
monger Lane, 6 years, and before tliat in 
St.I.iary-le-Ba7 3 ^/ears; born at llilvcrton, 
Somerset, '"."as Robert GHilY^S household 
sorvant 17 years; v;as often at Taunton 
for hin; never heard of above as his 
kindred or in any v;ay till his doath 
v;hon tiie-y came to claim his estate. (Signs). 

?ITGHi:il,Hueh,cou3in to Robert GIu.Y, often 
received letters from hin. 

liLYO , Jam-' s , o f St. mins tan- in- 1 h o - . ; est, Londo n , 
gont. tOQod 55,h:-s lived there 16 years; 
bor n at Hi lb erne Po rt , S ome rs ot . l{ncv; 
GH/iY 20 years; v;as employed by him in 
lri?,7 business ,v.'hich is his profession. 

Bii.IlR::Q''?,\ illiGrn.rr rriod the daugliter of the 
said Hugh PITCHin. 

Dron.Pers. ,1916. 





1646/7 • 

DmjEJlk'm' EXAMS. 

Oxford in the Oivil War;Mr8.Bambrid^e*8 

EOUOH,Riohard,LL.D. .principal of St.Alban's Hall» 
Oxford, present at the making of Mary BAMBHIDGE'S 
will, KhGP?^ hor almost 20 years before her death. 

BAMBRIDGE,Mary,wido?/ of Dr.B4LlBHIDGS,made hor will 
in hor house over against Morton College, 25th. 
February 1643. She had feree sons in London. !IJie 
Lord Primate of AIiS4AGH reminded her that according 
to Mosea' law the eldest son should have a double 

GRSAVES, John ^nominated as sole executor, told the 

King he had been left a ©Dod estate. 
USIDiRtJan^s Archbishop of Arrmgh, resided at lixeter 

College. (Signs). Was present at the making of 

the will. 

HINSON, Thorns, servant to Dr. ZOUOH, present at the 

making of the will. 
ALPORT, Philip, and Mary his wife, servants to Llrs.BAti- 

BRIDGE and Dr. 20UCH,v/ere present at the making 

of the will. 
PLBTCHER,llargaret,a legatee. 

3USSI2C,!I^oma8,jSarl of, aged 50, at hia house in Covent 
Garden, says he lodged at lto*BAUBRlDGB»S most of 
the time that Oxford remained a garrison, and ob- 
served her to be a very siokly^vreak and feeble 
old womaraiad very d&f^»otive in her undars-t&ndis^ 




giibia>v:hs v..BABIHG?ON {oon U. ) 


1646/7. aiid memory. Tho stin of £660 was placed 

upon bond in this deponent's hands for 
securing the same, some few? days before 
her death^and shortly after an order 
came from the Lords CormnisGi oners for 
the stay and keeping of tho seme in this 
deponent *s hands for Hia Ivlajosty's uso, 
and after^Tards another order to pay it 
unto thenijbut most of it being already 
predisposed of for this deponent's own 
nocesGities he eont £250 in gold for His 
Majesty's use. //as present at the Council 
2feblG at Oxford v/hen Mr.GHE^V^S appeared 
upon a svmiraons and explained how tho money 
was disposed. £100 was destined for the 
building of some house of Astronc^ vjhich 
these times would not yet permit, and so it 
v/as lent to tho King and tho Lord l^easurer 
assigned it to this doponent for his Matios 
houBQ whereof this deponent was then Sr&aaur- 
er. (Sigas). 
WALKIR, John, aged 21, domestic servant to Lord 

SU33SX these 7 years ;bora at Bur0tall,co. 

York. Was at Oxford in Mrs.BAMBHIDGE'S house. 
ELLIS, Finances, wife of William, aged 39, domestic 

servant to Lord SUS3i2C these 9 years ;bom st 

Overthorp, CO. North 'ton. Was at Oxford at tho 

BQjm tim0. 

GB^:r,iIatilda,wife of l^iomastaged 36, household 
•qrvant to Lord SUSS3X these 20 years ;bom at 
Horton, Bucks. That }^s*£UIBaiIXJ£ appeared to 
bo a very w^ak woojan. 

Dram.P6rs.1916. (234} 

3UFFK. 'vjTAKi. ST^J?PS. vol.2. 




1646/7. KDGAH, Thomas, of Gray's Iim,Middx, , Esq* , aged 43, 

has lived thoro 20 years ;'born at Framsdon, 
Buffo Pa (Signs). 

DEYI3H3UX ,]irs . SI i sabeth , only dau. of 

WITHYPOLL,Sir vVilliai!i,deo eased ,\7}io retained EDGAH 
as his ccansGl at lav; about his estato. EDGAH 
wrote his in Sir Williara's house in Drury 

Lano,v/here he lay very si ok, V/as much subject 
to passion "before his sickness whereof he died. 
Ho died in August 1645. His house at Ipswich. 
Disliked his daughter's hushand. 

\7IxHYP0LL,Lirs.JiUcy,his sister , coming to visit the 
deceased, interrupted the mking of the will, 

FSLTOH,Sir Ilenrj-. Sir V/illiam declared he should 
have no part of his estate, for he endeavoured 
to betray him at his coining over from beyond sea. 

TOIJxcILlACHE,Hr.PtolGiiiy,a legatee. 

WIKIYPCLL, Edmund, a legatee. 

DSVEREUX, Leicester, Sir ?/illiam declared he should 
liave none of his estate. 

LILLY,William,of St.Clen^nt Danes , London, gont. , aged 
44, has lived there 26 years ;bom at Diseworth, 
co.Leic. Became acquainted with Sir William in 
August 1643 when ho v^as a prisoner in v/inc}iest8r 
House after his return from Flanders. Said he 
had been betrayed by Sir Henry FKLTOIT, whose 
mother Mr.BRjOlCES had married. He had intended 
to ret^lm undiscovered to Brussels. Declared that 
once ho v/ished F^IOli so woli that he had intend- 
ed to give him Cliristchnrch and the lands near 
Ipswich but that now he should have neither nor 
a penny out of his estate. (Signs). 


Drttft.PerB.1916* (235) 

PBLaXDN v.DEYi5REUX. (contd. ) 


1646/7. ODIJ^EIiJiOHE, Bol)Grt, of Bury, Suffolk, Esq. ,ag^^ ' 
has lived there 3 months ;"befoiro tliat at Faken- 
ham 7 years ihom at Holmingliara. Kiat QSiomas 
EDO^R was solicitor to Loicester DEVBRIiJUX, 
husband of th9 party appollato. EDGAK in his 
ohamhor in Grsy's Inn told doponont his son 
should enjoy whatevor Sir William had intend- 
ed hini,Y;hich v/as £50 per annum. Sir V/illiam 
resided at Ipswich and [Diet ford and Bury, 
dolightod in tha company of t}io producent and 
satisfied that ho hcvd no hand in his arrest 
but that it v/as a plot of his father-in-law *s 
William BBOOKE. Ho was cast into the Fleet for 
some time after his discharge from VJinchester 
Hcuse. Deponent is nncle to the Lady FELTOK, 

GILBERT, Jeffery, an old man, a goldanith at Ipswich, 
xirged Sir William to settle his estate; said 
that he had almys found him faithful and there- 
fore rested satisfied. Sir William said ho had 
given his daughter a long spoon and that will 
shall stand. The deceased said in choler that 
no such Icaave as ISDGAR should laiovr what h© put 
into his will. His daugjater had played the jade 
with him in the Low Countries and he should nerer 
forgive her. 

TDLLEMACHE, Edward, of Fakenh&m,Suffollc, gent. , aged 26, 
has livoKi there two years, before that for six 
months in SomersetshirOs before tlmt for two year© 
in the city of London;bom at Aderston,oo.V/arvf. 
His fathor,LIr. Robert TOLLELIAGHH,at Fakenh&m. !I!hi0 
deponent and the Lady FELTON the produoont's wife 
are cousin-garmans or brother's children. (Sigas). 

jSXOEiiDHD ,Kobert , of S t . James , Olor^exr.i ell, London , aged 
48, has lived there six months , before that as 
domestic servant to Sir William V/ITHIPOLL at Christ- 
church near Ipswich, 12 years, before that in London 3 


DraauPors.lSie. (256) 

FELTON v.DBVBHEUX. (contd. ) 


1646/7. years ;bom at Fl ix t on, Suf folic. !<!r. Jeffrey 

GILBSET said to Sir William he was an old 
man and his v/ife an old woman, and ho had 
moneys in Sir William's hands jhe dosirod 
to know how they should ho socurod. Sir 
VJilliam hade him take no care, for he had 
made his will, which he affirmed to the old 
man with deep assovoi'ations. \Vhen Sir 
>*illiain'o dau^iter,Llrs.DEVSIffiUX,came to 
Ohristchurch he would not see her, hut gave 
orders that she should have neither fire, 
meat, nor .candle ;but it being late at ni^t 
she stayed till the next day and so went 
away. He said she had kicked against him 
in Flanders and that he would never for- 
get her. Mr.& Ivlrs . DSVEIMIX at the time 
of deceased's death wore- at Leye^Oourt 
near Worcester. (Signs). 
BROWNE, Joseph, of St. Clement Danes, aged 24, 
servant in the family of Henry W'lLFOED, 
Esq., 6 months, before that at Hasted, Ess ex, 
for a year, before that in Sir William 
WITHYPOLL'S family for a year and a half, 
end before that at Ipswich, Suffolk,where 
he was bom. 

Margaret, of St.01ave,Hart Street, aged 58, 
T7ifo of Thomas, has lived there a year, before 
that in Stepney 7 years ;bom at Trentham,co. 
Stafford. Nursed Sir William for 13 weeks 
before his death. Ke acknowledged Mrs. 
DBYERSUX to be his daughter and only child. 






A Ship'b'aildar's Affairs . 


1647. BTHB^EioiTXiB.of St. Dionis^Baokchuroh, London, 

Bgod 70, has livod there 16 years and 
mor©;bom at Horoloy^co. Gloucester. Is an 
aocomptant by prof gsb ion and has imown 
Robert CLEI^IBITTS ,decoasod,for 20 yeare 
past. (Signs ). 

OLSilENQS, Robert, dec eased, in partnership with 
KNIGH!? oonoeming niasts and ot^er raaterieds 
for shipping. He died indebted to the 
producent Richard MOORSR in £1394. ISs. lid. 
Father-^in-law to KNIGHT. 

WRIGH!U,Willia2n,of Allhallows Bar king, London, 
grocer, aged 41, has lived there ten years; 
bom at AsBholer,co.Glo'ucost8r. Looked 
after a suit in Cl^ancery between produoent 
and the deceased. (Sigas ). 

TINCENT, Christopher, kept the books of acoomptB 
between KOOHER and the deceased. 

l^RER, Richard, mortgaged lands at li^apping Wall 
to Captain WALKER. 

BATEMAN, William, of St.Dunstan»8-in-the-East , 
London, grocer, aged 62, has lived there 40 
years. (Signs). 

PIGGOOT,Ricihard,of St. CI enent *8 ,lilast cheap, London, 
grocer, aged 64, has lived there 40 years. (Signs ) 


Dranu Per3.1916. 

IICOIQH V.K2TIGHT (contd. ) 

aged 58, has lived thoro 40 years. ICnov/ 
Willirjn laTIGHT and taiow his father vory well, 
who loft hirn £80 per annum in land and somQ 
parts in ships ,&g ho bolioveth. K?:iCrKT had 
besidos sokig £400 he had got "by hie a^m 
industry bo for 3 he r^iarriod tho daughter of 
Hobort CLKI,SNTS. 5Kvo of laUGHT'S brGthren- 
in-law vJore men of good estate* KNUGHT was 
part o\mer with this doponont of tiio ship 
the "AohilloB". (Signs). 

HYEH,Edward»of stepney ^citizen end 1 eat liors oiler, 
aged 55, has livod there 18 years ;bom at 
Staunton, CO. Gloucester* (Signs). 

Y/OOD,William,of Stepney, aged 34, has livod there 
16 year3;bom at Tangton,oo. Gloucester. Deposes 
that CLSIijlITS died in September or October 
1646. (Signs). 

AKLABEKBiii, Edward, of Stepney, shipbuilder, aged 54, 
has lived there 30 yoars , deposes. (Signs 

EiLRLS, Robert , of St. IXmstan's-in-the-East, scrivener, 
aged 32,ha8 lived there 16 years , deposes. (Sigtie ) . 

H0LLIS,©ionx).3,of Chigvvoll , Essex, meroha^nt , aged 36, hag 
livod there 3 4 years ;bom at Wamiington-,c>o*lk>rtli-. 
ampton. (Si^s). 






The Parish Cl erlcship of Monk's 
JUsboroii ^h. 


EiI2^:UlD»Jool,vicBr of Medmenham^aged 36, -has 
been there 10 years 5 married the sister of 
Henry KEITIT. (Signs). 

HM^)IT, Fr^3jo is , Henry & James. 

SIfflpK, . . . parish clerk of Princes Hisboroiigh. 

E^5DDN,Ho"bert ,of Princes Risborough. 

HBl^T ^Christopher, of V/addesdon, grazier, aged 32; 

^9 livQ<i there 3 months, and the greater part 

Or his life in Princes Risborongh. V/as OTer- 

^er;brother to Henry. (Signs). 
BENSON, Richard, curate of Risborow. 
S?KA.raX)lT, Robert, candidate for the parish olerlcahlp* 
^Jffirn^OLDS.Kathaniel.chiorchwarden of Princee Ris- 


IIElCtT, James, of ii>imonton,Iliddx. »hu©b©ndinsa^^ 37; 
hEia lived there 4 years ;borore that in Priixjos 
Risborough the greater part of his life. Brotheor 
to Henry m^H^. (Si^is). 

^KJ>BUR]L,AlexJ?x .of Aylesbury. 

I^^'^nuPera^lG. (240). 


SHAi^S., T0l*2. 


OSio OoimtegB of 3u f f ollc *e Sstato> 


1639. 15A.YEH,John,of St-LIartin-in-the-Fields ,y6oman, 

Rged 38,}mB lived there 19 yoarejbom at 
Uttoxet0r,3taffsr*vas servant to the Goimtess 
Dowager of SUFPOKI atyout 16 years before she 
died,hoing divers times at Audley Bnd in 
Essex, and o1±ior tiines at Suffolk House, near 
Charing Cross. Hoard her say she gave [Uhoraas, 
Earl of lands to the value of £1500 per 

annum* He stands bond with others on behalf 
of the Countess in £1500 or £2000 more than the 
estate came to at her death but oonceiveth the 
' Ife.rl of STIFFOLi: is in honour bound to satisfy 
the same. (Signs I,1]2IH33). 

SUFK)LIw,7neophilus,now Earl of .employs mr£H; 

administered the goods of his father Thomas, the 
late Earl, and allowed his mother, the Countess 
Dowager, the use of divers household stuff , plate, 
hangings and other things. Kat her ine, Countess 
of SUFFOLK, at her death left five sons and two 
daughters , viEt ♦ ,©ieophilu8, Earl of SUFFOLIC, 
IRiomaSjBarl of BEHK3 ,Sdv/ard,Lord K0\vAHD,Sir Robert 
^ HOWARD, Sir William HOV/AH), Elizabeth, Countess of 

BAHBUHY,and Cat her ine. Count ess of SALI3BUBY. 

HARB£Y,jQhn,of Awdlend, Sssex, gent. , aged 50, servant 
to 1!heophilu3 ,Sarl of Suffolk, and his predecessors 
these 13 years, bom in Newport; stand eth bound on 
behalf of the said Countess to the value of £1000. 
!Ehe Lady VAUX one of liar children. (Signs). 

HAY#<AHD,William,of Wa Id en, £s sex, gent. , aged 76, has lived 
there 35 years, bom in Norfolk;was receiver of the 
rents of the Countess 20 years before her death; 
the S&rl of Berks in poseossion of the leads in 
Wiltshire for 12 years before. (Signs), 





A Seat in Clifton Chtircli . 


1640. JONES, Gilbort^LL. D. , chancellor of the city of 

Bristol, aged 47, 'has lived there 14 years ;went 
with the Bishop of Bristol to view the seat; 
was vioG-ohancellor to the Bishop. (Signs). 
WHITTinaTON, Andrew, claimed a seat in Clifton parish 
ch-urch;hiB son John, lord of the lands of Mrs. 

WILSON , Mr s • ,and others jOppoeed the claim. 
POWNALL,Mr. ,the Register, his house adjoining that 

Of Pr. JONES in Bristol. 
V/OOD, George, a notary public under llr.PO",yi^ALL,as 

his clerk or deputy. 
AISTOLD^HemyjOf Bristol, notary public, aged 2E.,has 

lived there 6 years ;bom at Pulham^Dorset. (Sigos ). 
( see also page 168 ) . 

Ibid. WHHli mY v.?;L^BLE?7. 
A.D. Tithes of Hitchenf leld . 

1640. COLLIER, Edward, of Ports lade. Suss ex, husbandman, aged 40, 
bom theiH> and has lived there since his birth;ha0 
been at sea for a month or six weeks together on 
fishing voyages ;v/as at Hitchenf ield on Whit Sunday 
and in the chiaroh at both morning and evening 

^^rHEAmY,Llr. Richard, his house at Hitchenf ield in 1654 
or 1655, was bom at Portslade. 

l^ARLETT,Wiiliam,aclaiowledged tlmt he had compounded 
TJith mu^jJSlLY for his tithes and ecclesiastical 
duties for tlmt year for £5. V/as at Portslade when 
COLLIER first saw him. 

CHELSHAiLl, Richard, servant of Mrs.\'/HSxLiELY,presont when 
he did so;has been servant to ^/HSATELY 8 years; is 
ZZ years of agerjvas bom in Hitchingf ield. 
Dram* Pers • 19 16. ( 242 ) 

L0ia)ON,KBlTT and 

volume 2, 

3t, Peter* 8 College >IrthllngborcrD^h> 

BU CKLIAS TSiR ,Rog6r,of Irthl ingb o rough , c o . No rt hizap t on , 
husbandman, aged 6 2, has lived thei»e about sixty 
years. Heard there v/ae in former time a College 
founded near about the steeple of St.Peter's; 
hath seen ruins of an old building and a piece of 
an oven there; hath heard say there was a Dean 
and 6in£;in{>-nen belonging thereto; hath known the 
tithes » oblations and Qcclesiaetical rights belong- 
ing to St. Peter's paid to the Lord V^UX. The Lord 
VAIJK*S mother presented to the said cure one Mr. 
BI^ADGAE. Relieves there \ms a chnroh or chapel 
formerly standing; in the churc^i^^rd. 

BHAI)GAT}i:,IIr. John,s"acoeedod Llr. 1!hci3as GATDS on his 
death »aad ho was succeeded by 

UASOlTjIvlr. Hobert ,who was succeeded by one 

BL3?S03,Mr.Zd\vard,;7ho was Bucceedod,on his death, by 


CHE]fIw:y,Laur^ce,of V/ellingborough,gent* ,agod 76, has 
lived there 34 years; bora at Irthlin^^borough. 
Kath heard of St. Peter's Oolleg9,and of a Dean, 
Canons and Clerks; h^th heard his own father and 
mother relate that they fonnerly dwelt in the 
said Collece.that the Dean served the office of 
curate in the parish church, and the tithes, etc. , 
belonging to the said College. The ^nearly 
pension of 20 n^ar'trs per annum was paid to the said 
curates out of the tithes boloaging to the rectory. 
Is Ron)a2i.0atholic anoL hath not received the Sacra- 
ment, etc. (aiGZLsJ 



A.D. VAUX vereuB EI^ILD (contd,) 

163 9-40 . KNIGHTON , Richard , of Irt hi ingborough , co . Nort h.^t on , 
gent.^&QOd 50, has lived there sine© his birth, 
hae a tenoment first granted by a Dean of the 
eaid Oolle/^e and unto this deponent by letters 
patent from the Crown. Is worth £2500 his 
dobts paid. (Signs). 

MULSH01i:»Mr. Robert, of^Esq. , 
t?iG said lord's kinsman. 

liOOiffilHG , John, of St « Sepulchre ' s , London .porter , aged 
58, has lived there 15 years; born at Irthling- 
boroi^G'"^* (Signs). 

ClL3SHF0HD,John,of BoiJghton,co,Nort}aampton,aged 42, 
has lived there 4 years; born at Perrj'- iiall,co. 
Staffs. ,iB worth £500 but is not taxed in His 
ilaties.booK of Subsidies. Has heard of a churoh 
fonaerly standing in Irthlingborough called All 
Saints or Allhalla\7s. (Signs). 

l?ikT3BS,Francis,of St.Dunstan's in the V/ast , London, 
aged 24, has lived there ten years; bom at More- 
hall in Bidford, 00. Warwick, deposes as to records 
in the Augnientation Office. (Oigns). 

LSIGH, Thomas, of St. Gregory , London, notary public, aged 
28, has lived there and in St.^/iary LIagdalen,01d 
Pish St rest, three years; born at Geddington,co. 
llorthampt on, deposes as to records in the Aug- 
raentatlon Office. (Sigiis). 

BING, Stephen, of St. Gregory , London, aged 28, a minor 
canon of St, Paul 's ,has lived there half a year, 
and before that at Holy Trinitj^ Canterbury, five 
years; bom in Canterburj^ deposes. (Signs). 

Dram. Pors. ,1916. (244) 

E3S3X,G/lMB3. , 



Abraham gryon'fl Library . 


1^40. SHEKIjSYjJohn^of St.Botolplx^AldQrs^te, 

London,"bookseller,a^ed dO^hBB livod 
thero 14 years. (Sigas). 

BOUBI'Iiii, Thorns ^appraisod and valued several 
books with SHEHLSY (a long Idist of books ♦ 
with values, filling nearly 19 pp. of 
foolaoap). Of 3t.Botolph,Bishopsgat0, 
8 tat i oner, aged 40, has livod there 16 years. 
Well knows the books to be worth the money 
aa appraised by himself and SHEBLSY. {3i^e). 

NISHSIT, Garrett, of St.Benetflnk,Loadon^inarohant, 
e^i 28, has lived there a year and before 
t£at in St. Bartholomew by the Bxchaa^jbom 
at Sandwioh,Kent. (Signs). 

3IRY0N,Mr.Peter,of London .merchant. 
,PEHSAX,JFrancis,of St. Bride's .Fleet Street ,g®nt • , 
aged 48,has lived there 7 years or at Gray's 
Inn;bom in St. Catherine Col^uan. (Si^s). 

TRYON, Abraham, his will in tJie Preroeative Court, 
seen by KIEHEN & PMSAX who also testify as 
to an entry in the Register of the Dutoh 
Churoh in Augustine Friars in Broad Street, 
referring to Peter TRYOIT son of Moses OHRYDN 
and as to an entry in the Register of St^Ciirlxrt- 
ophor by the Exchange, giving the age of 
Samuel, son of Sir Samuel TRYON. 

HAHDIKG, Thomas, of Hals ted^Elss ox, gen t. , aged 38, 
has lived there 8 years; bom at Ierby,co, 
Lincoln, lived with and attended on Sir Samuel 
TRYON, Bar t. , for 8 years. Sir Samuel was bred 
first at Gr^nsjTiar Schools ojid. then for a year 
and a half he livod as a Fellov/ Commoner in 
St. John's College, Cambrldge^where this deponent 
also served him* (Signs). Hath served Sir Edwaird 

J>««3WPers,1916. (245) ' 

W0H3JLBY v.TKTOH. ( contd. ) 


1640. W0RTLT3y,Lady Elizabeth, do livored into Sir 

Saniaol HEYOH'S corapauy ,v/hen ho waa 21, 
IvIr.Abrah^ TBYOH'S books. 
2iam!r,:vlr. Robert, of tho Mov7os. When HAJDDTG 
caaia out of G0rmny,out of the Bervice of 
tho Swedes, he lived with LIr.TIH/HIT a 
twelvemonth and then went to Sir Samuel 
OIRYOII. HAKDIHG -understandeth something of 
High Dutch having livod in Germany and Low 
Countries about 7 jiears* Believes this suit 
is about certain books late of Abraham THYOH, 
deceased; hag made iise of Chauoor^s V/orks, 
being one of the said books. Sir Sainuel 
undorstaadoth iMglish and Latin. lilr.Hiohard 
VVOHiTLBY T7as his tutor in his father's house 
before going to Cambridge and at the University 
alee where he studied Divinity and History; 
believes Sir Samuel is now about 24. 
BHIDGBS,Mathew,of Che Imsford^^ sex, gent. , aged 48, 
has lived there 30 years ;bom at Little Baddow. 
Deposes that the books, key said house are now 
in Sir Samuel *e possess ion; understands only 
Latin and English; is taxed in the Subsidy at 
£3 in lards. (Signs). 

George, of Horns ey ,Liiddx. ,U. A. , aged 25,has 
lived there half a year, before that at St. John's 
College, Cambridge 8 years; bom at T}iornhill,oo. 
York. Deposes that Sir Samuel TSYON, Bart. , son 
of Sir Samuel, came to reside in St. John's 
College. Understands the latin, Greek and Hebrew 
tongues; is madntained by his father. 



!ghe Bigh t of Prose ntation to Y/itherby 


1641. Y/A5BON^tliony5olerk, of Ashby-de-la-Zach, 
liOio. ,v/orth £3o per aimimijhaa lived there 19 
years ydepcxses <;he was presented to V/itherby 
in Liay 1633 jand hope-s to be rector. Is not 
worth a penny his debts paid. (Signs). 
V/lLLSBjSir V/ill lam jkaight .patron of the reotoiy 
of WitherbyejLeiOc .recovered the right of 
presentation agaSnst the Bishop of Lincoln, 
DO MOLHTjLLCYD and others ^in 1638, at Leicester 

EHWARDSjGlment jClerkjpresented to //itherby by 
Sir V/illisn TZIUEH in 1619 ^and held it for 
four years. 

WA!IB0N5Anthony5clerk,presGnted in 1633,by WIIUBH. 
DU MOLUT, Peter, clerlCjpreseated by the Bishop of 

Lincoln,v;ho refused to present the deponent 

V/A2S01T; continued there for 3 years, 
LLOYD, . . , presented and instituted to \7itherby 

in 1632,b\it never inducted. 
WA TEES, Franc is, of St .Dunstan- in- the-West, London, 

gent, ^a^ed 26,3ms lived thqre . 12 years. Is worth 

£300 • (Sigos), 

^SEX. Ibid.Bil4.LS Y.MDmKES. 


A.D. HaAB^V/illiam^of St. Leonard, Colchester, sailor, aged 30, 
1^41. has lived there -14 years 5 born in Nev^^castle. Deposes 

that Hicharcl BSiilS told him iHTDESV/IB borrowed so 
much money of h\m as purchased half the goods in 
the ship*,- DGrponent^aftor his arrival at Golohester 
5n the voyage maitioned /.7ont for Bordeaux. (Si^as). 
BADHAMS, Benjamin, of the same ,i:a3.te r, aged 34,ha8 lived 
there 13 years ;bc3:Ti in Colchester, is water-bailUTf 
of Oolcbestero (Signs). 
l)raauP©r8ol916, (247) 

OXON. »I£JC. , vol.2. 


Ci^tom in the Oloth Trad e. 


1641. HAiUaiS,Robort,of St.Alban,Wood StreotjK)ndon, 
E3G3fOhant ,Bged SS^haa llvod tliore a yoar, 
l)Oforo that in Aldorman'biiry.for 5 years; 
bom at Hanwell,Oxon. ,dopo90Q as to the 
Olothyrorkers* mrk. V/ae at the Oxistom House 
vfhon the oloth arrived, (Sigaa Ho'b.IiiBHIS 

Hin^l?, . . . Ms factors at Ha2ntrargh,send 
cryor oloth to London. 

6lfOEI2ClT,Joha,of Allliallows Barking, Lond on, ealter, 
B(5od 76,hss lived there 40 years ;bom in St. 
Giles, Cripplegato, hath -used the trade of a 
lighterman 60 years , deposes as to custom 
of tmloading ships. (Signs). 

BUBLDiaj/illiam^of St.01avo,Southwar}j:,light3nQan, 
aged 37, has lived there 9 years, horn at Oat- 
lands ,Sinrrey; Ms been a lightezroan 20 years; 
deposes as to custom. (Signs). 
TIALI ,Franc is , of S t . Duns tan ' s- in-the-Wes t , f ish- 
mongor,agod 34, has lived there 8 years; bom 
at Great Bowden,Leic. ;has been a wharfinger 
7 years ,depcBes as to custom. (Signs). 

lOlUm Ibid. POWELL v.^YILLLM. 


GLOUG. DAKKyiT,John,of Bt. Andrew Ho Ibora, London, gent. , aged 
A.D. 21, has lived there 4 years, and before that at 

1642 Derby, where he was bom. Deposes as to a judgment 

in the iiing's Beach between Llargaret BAtvGBDFir, 
widow, and V/illiam POTTDLJ.. (Signs). 
WEU,LIr.Nioholas,D^YN'S master, attorney for the 
plaintiff ;of St. Andrew Ho Ibom, gen t. , aged 58,ha» 
lived there 36 yeairs;bom in Gloucester. Was 
attorney for ISargaret BANCEOFT. (Signs). 
BrtaU^8n.X916« (248) 






Tho Scotch IleglTii€mtg in Irel and , 


1645. BHJ.Dai^,V/ilIiarQ,of Belfac^t in IrelaJ^d^mox^hant , 
aged 45 .has livod tliere 8 months /Def ore that 
in I)unpatriCii:5CO.DovV7i,28 years; ■bom in Scotland, 
V/ent in Yebniax-y last to C arri clef ergits , eight 
milos av?ay,tc meet the sliip -^^niioirtas " of Sly, 
"but foimd only a Parliament roan-of^we^ there 
with £10,000 *in' money for the Scotch Hegiments 
in the Parliament -s Service, 

PLUCKIffiTT, Captain , . ..toolc tho ohip the "Olhomas" 
v/horein prcdiicent'S winee vre-re. 

PAMES, Peter, of Carrickferg^as ..merchant , aged 30, 
has lived there 12 years jhom at Stow~on-the~ 
Wold,aio-ac. jdepov^es as to the price of French 
wines in Garr iclcf a rgiiBo (Signs), 

QAltHBLL,John,of Edinhurgh in Scotland,merchant , 

aged 30,haa lived there 16 yeai^s jhom at Strahem^. 
Was a soldier under C-a^isGral HCUimTOE in the 
service of the Parlieicent; is Commissary to the 
Army at Carrickfergus (Signs CAMPBELL). 

BranuPors. 1916, 



I>0rOX)N vol.2, 

QOmW . TAYLOR V . S a!a:OT:2:IS . 

Boallngg in \yost Indian Tobac co. 


1645. 8HaLLIITG,Ed\7ard,of Charlton , Pev on, Bhipbuilder, 
agod 29, "bom thoro. Has lived at Charlton, 
about 3 railos from Salcombe up the river, 
atooet frcsn hie birth ;\vas told by Tnoinae 
EIX7AKi:iS,a ship carpontor,v;ho went in the ship 
bolonging to Hr.S'i'3:viVi:i>]3 ,that the vessel was 
bound out froa Saloonbo in Jan. 1643. Servwi 
with the King'G forces at Totnes & Bzeter. 

FOR?iiBCUH,Sir Edmimd,f oroiblj^ drew SlIBLLING from 
his abode at Charlton to the Garrison at Jart- 
niouth,to serve for the King, five or six days 
after Candlonias 1643. Caused the fort at 
Salcombe to be re-edified end leapt for the 
King's party. The toimsmen are very well affect- 
ed to the ?arlia2ii0nt but are overpoTrerod. 

HllHK, Robert, of Salcombe ^mriner, aged 24, bom there. 
About Candlemas 1643 wont in the ship the »*Rose" 
of Dartmouth in a voyage to the Islands and New- 

PHILLIPP8,lBaao,of West Allington,mepchant,aged 22, 
bom there. (Signs). 

D0V/1CS3, Richard, of St. Clement Dan eo, London, gentleman, 
aged 25, has lived there 5 months , before that for 
4 years in the V/eet Indiee,and before that in 
London,where he was bom. Went to the Y/est Indies 
In the 'Charles" of London, Cap tain JACKSON, in 1644. 
Captain TAYLOR in the ship •»lUohola8",in "Gio Port • 
Of Kayamano0,BOld sack and strong waters to the 
company of t2ie '"Charles", for which they paid ready 
places of eight. (Signs). 


Draa.PorQ.1916. (250) 

a26.YLOil v.SK^WSllS. (oontd. ) 


1645, BOIO), James, of St* Stephen ♦ s ,ComY;all , gent. , 
Bged 25, born at St.Columb. V/as in a Weot 
India voyago,in Oapt, JACKSON* 6 fleot con- 
tainin^j about 8 sail, in July 1644. Kept 
company with tho "ITicholas'» till they 
arrived at tho Bormudao or Suiisnor Islands. 

WOR0AM, Jchn,of All Hal 1 ovts , London ,iaarchant , 
aged 34,ha3 livod there 8 months. Has traded 
to tho y/ost' Indies for ton years past and 
dealt much in tobacco. Barbadoes tobacco 
sold in London at three halfpence a pound, 
has not IcncTm it above t^voponce. Little or 
no ooin used at the Barbadoos but the people 
thoro trade by the exchange of their goods. 

PSAUB,Thoim6,of Allhallows Bar king, Lend on, aged 
34, has lived thoro 8 years. Has used the 
^OBt India trade for ton yoars past. (Signs). 

JLSIRY, James, of St.Helon's ,London, merchant , aged 42, 
has lived there nine years, was ono of tho 
first plantors in the V/est India trade. Was 
never in person at the Barbadoos. (Signs). 

TUBHSH , J ohn ,of St.Bonetf inlc , London , f i shmonger , 
aged 59, has lived thore 18 years, bom at 
Ohesham, Bucks. , has traded this dozen years 
past in tobaooos as a sworn broker. (Signs). 

DranuPers.1916. (251) 

liliiUm) vol.2. 


POKSBT. fill)!!!! In tho Civil dar. 


1645. C0HrTEVILL3,John,cf Cano in Ilorcaiidy ,niorohant , 

a^od 28, and born in that province, has been 
factor or a^nt for Ur.V/illiam BIACHFOHD 
for elo^^on yoars past in Ireland and England. 
During tho troubles of Ireland and v/hilo 
the city of Irublin stood firm for the Parlia- 
mont »I'Ir.BIAOHFOra) lande^d l^reo ships lading 
thoro of com for tho roliof and succour of 
the Protostant vrall-af f octod party, and for 
which he is unpaid to this day. Intended to 
come away from Dublin with Llr.BIACHFOJTD'S 
goods in tho ship the "^^TiitQ Lamb", but the 
ship v.^as taken out of harbour in the night 
on a sudden, and so ho v;as disappointed and 
forced to come away in another ship. The 
Parliemiont by an Ordinance allOv7od any Prot- 
estant frooly to come av/ay and bring v/hat 
they had with them, and so deponent shipped 
for ITowhaven or Havre de Grace, a free port 
in Franco, in October last, with goods for the 
solo accompt of Mr. BIACHFOBD. (Signs). 
J AiklBHo^T , Garrett ,inas ter of the ship the »V»hite 

OIABKE, Cap tain, . . , seized the ""/Vhite Lamb" In 
miblin harbour, and carried hor to Liverpool. 

Y/AIiE,\.'illiara,of 3t...ichaal ,Crooicod Lane, London, 
merchant, aged 32, has lived there 7 years, bom 
at l."otiLorbury,i>»or set; employed tnere 7 years 
as BIACIIFOIID'S factor or agent in London, ho 
living at Caen in ITormandy. (oignsj. 

GAilBOiri;LL,.Villiain,of Caen in ITormandy, aged 20, 
bom thoro; lived with BIAGHFOHD at Caen for 
three years and was employed in his aooompts. 
Dr8JswPar8..1916. (252) 

BmHS. vol.2. 

Plpos of Oanaiy and Ohoo t s of 3-u^>a r> 

1646. TUNITICIC, Thorns , of Stepnoy^RMdx. ,roarlri^r, 
ag0l 31, has llvod thero 13 y0ej:»e,bom 
at Ashwell^HortB. 

VULKEH,Capt,3dward,a2}d hie eon-in-O^w • . • 
J01IBS,made eoarch at the GtiBtom Hooso 
for the lading of tho ship the "(roldon 
Ang9ll"»pipos of Oaiiary and ohosts of 
eu^r. (Signa), 

JOKES , Mat thow, of Stepnoy, mariner, aged 26, 
has lived there 12 years, "bom in that 
oity", (Signs). 


PRAHOE. irablija and the English Parliaisent. 


164r6. TOSSON,Mary,of St.ilary ,Whitechapel,Middx. , 
widow, aged 42. lias lived there a year 
and a half ,bof ore that at Dublin for 
Bix years. Was bom at Cambray in the 
Boininions of the lUng of Spain. (Signs). 
. AMOULT,StGTr©n, lived in the sanie house in 
Dublin as Mrs.TOSSON. An adherent of the 
Parliament of England, it was arranged 
that his goods v;ore to be sent to Roan* 
ABJjXU,l6aac,liVfcf<l ia jLyuKLm^n^&x the iiey. 

.3>3PBnwJ?eErs*iai6. (253) 


LOiqDOH & 

vol* 2. 


tTogtimo^ay as to Records . 


1637. maQ2T,3tophm,of I*ijioabi,but living in 
Gmy*8 Inn.,a^^ 21; bom in Lincoln, 
where he has lived all his life oxoopt 
those 4 years tdeposos as to records 
in the Au^nentation Offioe,Chancery,etc. , 
roferrlng to Willlngham vicaj^age. (Si^s). 
OaiiLEDGB,Hobert»aged 18, servant In the family 
of iir. Samuel FRLiTCKLYlT of the Arches Court, 
London, these two months., and before that 
in the family of Honry DUHHAjH, notary public 
in the city of Lend on, four months or more; 
bom at Harrow-on- the-Hi 11, also dejposes, 
• (Si^is). 

1638. THffiAJ!IB,JiIatthaw,notary--publia, proctor of the 
Arohas Court, dopes es that Mr.VffiB wa^ sued 
in the Arohes Court by Mr^BAX^IARB. (signs). 

Ibid, v^BAYlIARD. 


DranwPero. 19 16 . 



vol* 2. 


1634. BMOKBimiW.Heiiry^of Lcmdoa^^jaotaiy publio, 

agod 30, 'Ms llred thoro 14 jrears; testifies 
aa to records in an office near Loadmihall 
called Auditor PHUJ^IPPS office for the 
cotmty of Horoford and in tho First Finiits 
office in tho Strand, conoemin^ the rectory 
and vicarage of Clifford. (Si^s). 
DEYER,or DI]iLR,Aloxandor»helpod examine the 
documents; aged 22, in the family of Thomas 
GESEES , notary public, of the Arches Court 
these 6 months. (Signs). 

DEVON. Ibid. HOmu v.BUHGES. 


1634. H0IiMAlT,7/alter,of Plymouth^merohant»aged 26;bom 
there. (Signs). 
" Jane 

BUilGES,Frid)egv7ide,wife of ©lomBjand George^er 

DEVON and Ibid. HOLE v. HOLE. 


A.D. DRAKE, Edward, of G oly ton, gen t. , aged 53;has lived 
1635. there 20 years ;deposes as to copies of records 
in the King's Bench. (Sigas). 
HOLE, Edward, of E£eter;Mary , alias WINDHJS^and John. 
HERBERT, Gregory, of Lyon's Inn, St. Clement Ifetnes, 
Middx. jgent. ,aged 35;has lived..there 12 years; 
deposes as to records. (Signs), 
DramJPers*1916. (255) 

A ialBOollaiiy. 



1635, PIEHOB,:Edward, proctor of the ArohOB (kmrt, 

aged 33;has "boen so five years. His house 
in St.Grog^ory 's next Paulas Chiirch. (Sig^a). 
FBAira/YlI,S8jnuol»8ervant to Richard ^YAIT, 

aged 23;oight years in the city of London. 

SiilTHtGoorge^witnoss to a protocol. 

HUimT. (Ibid, BBOOK v.LYNIT. ) 


1635. :?DMLY1T30K, John, cleric, root or of St. John's in 

Huntingdon, these 18 years, aged 52. (Signs). 
BBDOK,Jaines,B.I). , inducted 14 Sept. 1634 into 

Mowlesworth rectory. 
PASSHELER, Oliver, of Itovlosworth,co. Huntingdon, 
yeoman, aged 50;'bom there, deposes that Mr. 
BROOK, rung tv/o of the hells and o^obrat^ 
both morning and evening prayer. (Signs 

A2I0ELL, John, present at the induction. 

Dram.Pers. 1916. (256 ) . 

BUBRSYtNORTHD, , Coala from Newoagtle> 



C0SSKS5Hobert,of St.01aYe,Scut}i\mrlc,oo.SturTey,mairLner, 
264:2. aged 44, has liT©d there 17 years, bom at Oraabroolc, 

Kent , testifies as to the o"ustom and oooket charges 
for ooals laden at Nevjt^^tle aM Stmderlaoad, (Signs). 

COLI)GOLL>Bobort,of Step!aey,I4iddx,,nm'iiier,aged 36,}^ 
lived there 13 years, born at Leeds , Tories. Was ma-s^r 
end part owner of the 'K3hristopher" in 1639, in a ooal 
voyage to Her^oaatle,and did transport his lading of 
ooals to 2>un}dLrlc, (Signs). 

1!HOBE*S,Ho"bert,of Kings ton-uponr-Hul 1 , mariner , aged 3S^,has 
lived there 22 years, "bom at .Anlaby,bred a seaman 
and has been master of several ships. (SJLgns). 

DSYON Agnes DYBR'S Portion. 


(Ibid. ,vol.3. DYERv.DYEH). 

1649. SOirTHWOCG[>>Aa^rander,of the city of London,,gent, ^njotary 
public ^aged 60; bom at Hemyolce, Devon. (Si^s). 
jyXKR^ have £500 for her portion. 

l>raaJPers^ 16. 


L01TIX)N & HIDJK. , English SMps and Spanish Soldiers . 
DEVON, SUimy, 

SPAIN, BAimRY, (BLLBGA:SS' »vo1.2. ,WHIGH? v.M^TON. ) 



1643. -tSBWIN, Henry, of Stepney,Middlesex,marinor ,aged 40, 

li&0 lived there 20 years, bom at Plymouth, Devon, 
waa pilot of the '^Assurance** some part of the 
voymge in quest ion, but left the ship at Passage 
in Biacay^and came home In another ship the 
"Hope" in ponrpany with the "Assurance" almost 
to Ihe Downs. She was frei^ted by Benjamin WHIGHT 
with soldiers to Alarache in Barbary,aad from 
thenoe brou^t old soldiers back to PsLSsage,near 
St. Sebastian's. Mr.Jobn MAESSDN had hired her 
from the Master and owners for so much per month, 
and employed a young man, one !l!horaas CHAPLM, since 
dead, who did wholly dispose the ship whither he 
pleased. They all with one consent put into Ply- 
mouth and would have been las^ful prize to the 
Holland Fleet had they been met with, and with the 
first fair westerly wind that happened they put 
forth for Dunkirk. When she came to the Downs two 
or three Holland ships were in close pursuit of 
the "Assurance". Fourteen Dunkirk ships with 
soldiers in them stole away in the night out of 
the Downs and got to Dunkirk. The Spanish soldiers 
were so full of sickness and infection that none 
could live any longer among them. (Signs). 
PEKIUNGTON,Sir John,pre8t the "Assurance" into the 
King's Service, and set the broad arrow upon her 
mast. ana on all the laasta of the rest of the ships. 


DranuPers^lSlS, (258) 

English Ships and Spanish Soldier s. (con td, ) 

BBOLT^/ELLflsaao^of J^odriffe, Surrey , mariner, aged 60, has 
lived there 2 years ;bof ore that at Stepney ,Uiddx:. , 
5 years ;hom at Ipswich, Suffo 11c ;went as master of 
the "Assurance" in the voyage in question. (Si^s). 
CZ^V/PEH, John,niaster of the "I^aynbCA-'Sand 
BKSiUXiAKSjTliomas, master of tlie "Prudence", went "before 
with soldiers from Calais to Dunkirk and were taken 
by the Hollanders. 
BBDIK/ELL, Isaac Junior, of Redrif fe,mriner,aged 23, has 
lived there 2 years, and before that at Iioveroourt, 
Essex, 5 months ;bef ore that in lianvich, where he was 
boni;v'/a9 one of the company of tlio "Assurance", 
throughout the voyage. 
CHAPI.iAN,T}iOiras,John LIABS^ON'S servant, received the frei^it 

for the voyages. 
\VHITB, Peter, of Dea 1, Kent , gent. , aged 55,ha3 lived there 
4 years, before that from his infancy at Redriffe in 
Surrey ;bom at Lee in Essex. In September 1639 he was 
I^ter of His Jilajesty's Ship the ♦Unicom", under Sir 
John PE^n^IIKGroN. T^vo Foiglish catches laden with Spanish 
soldiers put into ^.largate road, but about noon a Holland 
frigate, having put up the King's colours to deceive the 
I oatchraen the better, seized on them, though they were 

I shot through and through by the fort, and escaped away 

* with the soldiers. Deponent was employed to the Holland 

Yice-Admiral to demand satisfaction for their wearing 
I the English colours. (Signs). 

I BROTOS,William,of Stepney , mariner, aged 41, bom there; was 

I master of the "Royal Exchange" in the voyage in question 

I and agreed to carr^/ the soldiers when he saw no other 

\ remedy. (Signs). 

^ Dram.Pera.1916. (259) 


Eaglieli Shipa and Spanish Soldiers, ( contd . ) 

A. 3). 

1643. ZAGICaY, Robert , of St.Olave ,3outiiwark,mriner ,aged 40, 
hag livod thoro 30 years ;bom at Dorer in Kent, 
V/as at the house of BGnJamin '.7R1GH0? in Madrid ,T??ho 
became Papist and suboeot to the King of Spain; 
made contracts with the King of Spain for the 
transportation of soldiers. Deponent saw his Com- 
mission written in Spanish, which he veiy well imder- 
stands. (Signs SACI-a^I2). 

PASFri:L3),Georgo,rrs.ster of "The Content". 

CKAHvIAH,0athorine,v7ifo of 'Ihoinas,of St ♦Leonard, Shore- 
ditch, aged 66, has lived there three months , before 
that in St. Catherine Creechurch 3 years, before that 
in St. James ,Duko*3 Place, years ;bom at Gedanian 
in Prussia. 2iat "Tlaomas CHAKIAII, dec eased, was her 
son, who was bound apprentice to the produoent for 
ton years. Her husband has been absent from her 
in the Barbados this 8 years past. Her son wixjte 
that Mr, Henry irJLiBOLD,a very honest ii!an,h&d entei^ 
tained him to be his partner in trade. (Signs). 

MAHRI0TT,EiOT!S.8,of V/hitechapel , marine r,aged 48, has 
lived there 20 years, bom at Bradfie Id , Suffolk; the 
ships were released frm Hobedeau in Gallicia only 
on condition of their conveying soldiers to Dun}dLrlc. 

HEATHER, Thomas, of St. Andrew Undershaft , merchant , aged 24, 
has lived there ten months ;bom in St. Margaret 's ,17ew 
Fish Street; !SionB 8 CHABiAI'^ father of the deceased, 
wrote letters from the Barbadoes. T^iq deceased, Thomas 
CIIAMAI''T,was bound an apprentice to the produoent in 
1632 for ten years, and wrote letters in 1641 to I^. 
William LIAjRSTOIT, brother of the produoent. (Signs). 

ANDTOJ/S, Samuel, of V.'hitechapel ,msriner,aged 32, has lived 
there 5 years, and before that in Bristol ;bom at 
Yarmouth^Norfollc, deposes that he was master of the 
**Katherine" and v/as in company with the "Assuranoe" 
and the whole fleet of English ships when they put 
in to Plymouth. 
Dram. Pers . 1 916 . ( 260 ) 



S3EX, ghoroaa Leventhorp^s Administration, 

IHT3. , 

^'OEKS. (DELEGAT}:S» iSAIiS. ,vol. 2; BH0GH4V3 v.ICTEIiTHOBP). 


1643. VIir5rOR,(xOorgo, of 3)uiimov;, Essex, gent. »ag 18,has lived there 
^ 17 years and v/as bom thore,went to the PrerogatiTO Coiirt 

I to see the entry of administrationjwas household servant 

to Mr. GAKLL^and seirved him as his clerk, Mr.GAELL proctor 
[ for lars.BBDGl^TO. (Signs). 

LHreN!r!HOIlP,Thoiiias, deceased, administration of his goods granted 

12 July 1642 to the I/idy LSlYHtri^DHP and Mr.2dward LSVEIT^SIOEP. 
MORLEY tJames, of Alhany, Herts. , gent. , aged 29,1b^s lived there 8 
year8;bom at Sabridgeworth; is servant of Mr. John BBOGBIVE, 

BROGRA.VE,Mr, John,80n of Mrs.BIK)GIU-\rS,the producent in this 
oause, procured the Commission of Appeal at York. 

HQSSIA, A Parliamentary Gommission to Copenhagen, 



645. JEI^KES, Richard ♦of Pantzig in Prussia.Esq. ^aged 63,ha8 lived 
there 24 years ♦bom in co. Radnor in Wales. Is secretaary 
and agent for the Eastland Company. Went as a Commissioner 
to Copenhagen for the Parliament of England about September 
last. (Signs). 

SKHTXBR, jjhomasjof St. Pe t er-le -Poor, London ^merchant, aged 33, has 
lived there 6 months .and before that for 6 years in Old 
Je7/ry. \7ent with JE1TIS3 to Copenhagen in 1644 as his oolleagae. 
Snployed by the Parliament of England. (Signs). 

OLElTCH,Sdmund»the producent , desired a true copy of the Sentence 
of Confiscation of goods in the ship of Timothy GRIM3LB. 

liUEiaaUtbir ^redoriolc^the iUng of i;enmark*s i>ecretaj:y,jnade the 

Dram.Per8. 1916. (261) 

^ BUCKS. ,GJ/)UC. ,CO_I:Tw\ , 
1 IJORTHT. ,L1KC. ,Y0:i:{3. , 

I L0ND0N,H0LL4JS)» Quoat ion, abou t Lad3^ Orane's Will , 


i/ 1645. GSA!,ffi/vVilli£im,of LovrtOiwBucks. , (? ^lJssqx) ,^Jsq. ^aged 35, 

1' has lived thoro and in the city of London 9 years; 

f t>orn at lIewton,co.Korth' ton. Visited Lady CH^iE at 

I StokG Lod£^o with his wifo ^:ho was niece of Sir 

j Francis ClikilB. His ho-uso on :i?ower Hill , London. (Signs ) . 

i CrJAinj^IJary ,I^dy,vvidow of Sir Graft on, IJortJi*^ 

I ton>about 9 years since, riad a hoxise in Norfolk, 

j Said she had VG17/ sweet lodgings at Stratford Langton. 

I Died at Stoke .Lodge 16 Aizgust last and v;as biiried at 

I St. Christopher's behind the liicchan^e in August last. 

^ BUl'TITU'CTl-OEBs, lived in Lady CiuUTil'S house as chaplain 

j ^ and preached her funeral sermon. Was curate of Graf1?on 

and a priest in orders. Suspected for a spy and im- 
I prisoned in the Fleet. 

I v;iLL30l4,Ilart}mnna, lived in Lady CRal^ijl'S house;she and 

j BUITITIITG gave vor^'' fair respect and were very court- 

j eous one to the other. ilrs.'./ILSGI^ /»7idow of one lir. 

\7IL30H»a minister. V.ould sit at Gleeke with visitors 

for mny hours to gat her, 
CLHAVI:I/,;illiaiiitdemnded some of the deceased's things 
j for llarthanna vaiSOII. Lived with Iir.IIA^TCOCIi at 

{ Perry Lodge 5 or 6 years. 

* BOWIiilS , Dr. , physician to Lady CHAITE ,\vent to Higham.-Terrws , 

/ lived at Oundlo. 

j a?BS3IlALi,Hr. ,his house at Ne.vton,where Lady Cl^ftJffi staj^ed 

on her way to London. Uncle to V/illiam CiiAI^iJ. 

prm^^S^^^ie.. {262} 


Question about Lady Crane's (oontd* ) 

VM5« 0B41E»Sir Franois^whon ill of tho sickness of which 

he died wrote a letter from Paris to Ilrs.WILSOlT^who 
lived in house as a Borvant^and loiovT^ing she had 
great power v;ith his lady ^ to desire her to "be care- 
ful of his lady*s honour in case she should marry 
again. Grafton Kouse made a garrison about two 
years einoe and afterwards was burnt down;deceaaed 
said she lost thereby one v/ay or another near £^,000. 
COOKS t Wolf ran, of LoY/t on, Buc Ics. , yeoman, aged 50, has lived 
there 5 months , before that at Graf ton,co.Horthaji!plK)n, 
12 years ;bom at Slater ,co.Glouc. ^as servant in hoxisB 
with Sir Francis CHAE and his lady full 13 yeax^. 
Hatli knovm Mr.HM^COCK and his wife ever since their 
ooming to Perry Park in rTorthtonshire about 5 or 6 
years ago. lip.HAITCOCX and his wife.Mr.BUimilTG and Mrs. 
WILSOH are loving friends each to other, feast and play 
aly cards. Sir Francis CK^ii sent for Islary BPi^Effi and 
Susanna COOPEH out of Holland, who were entertained with 
much love and respect, and after Sir Francis' death Lady 
CPAIJB sent for her uncle and aunt also out of Holland^ 
the father and motbier of the producents ,who came and 
"brought servants with them. Ivlrs. WILSON took occasion 
to affront them often at table and presently after they 
were all paokt away on a sudden by h^or means and paro- 
ourement. One Mr.STUGlQ: said that Sir Francis CHjUIS 
built Stoke Lodge. Uartlianna ^{IIBOIVS husband died alxmt 
9 years slnoe and about two years after she bought a 
lease at Potter's Perry which coat her £1000 or £1200. 
OBI*S or HOBIiS,Mr. ,hi8 house in Koney lane. Chops id e, where 
Lady CliAiia resided before she returned to Stoke Lodge. 


I>ramJPer8,1916. ' (263) 

Q,uestl on abo-gt Lady Cra ne's V/ill. (contd. ) 

1645* H^COCK^Lir.Riohard^and his wife, lived in Korthampton- 
ohiro»kopt a houso and servants and converBod with 
the better sort thereabouts. 

BRABIIS, rir jcame to Hewton and offered to salute 

Lady 0I]iU^B;8he put him by and said that was no time 
to kiss. Mrs.Bi^aKLIS was one of her nearest Xins*^onon. 

B3C)\VlvE,IIartin>of St. Gregory .London ^maeter of surgery, 
aged 63, has lived there 32 years ;bom at Louth, 
Lincoln. :.• rs • H^TOOOK gave him some ill lan{fuage at 
his house in Creed Lane. (Signs). 

LS Il^lS,John,u}icle to Lady ORAIJii^and his daughters her 
cousins-eeman,camo from Holland to bo preferred by 
her in marriage. Lived witii her at Grafton and at 
Lothbury in London. After the producent'a marr5.age 
she sent them several loads of household stuff to 

COOPER,:lr.V/illiam»v;as beneficed in Sussex and after- 
wards employed as chaplain to the Queen of Bohemia; 
went over into Holland and resided at the Hague; of 
good affection to the Parliament. In the will artic- 
ulate a small diamond ring is all the legacy given 
to Urs.CCOKIB there in; she was of Icindred to Lady CliAJlS. 

OOHITKLIUS, Jane, wife of Gilbert, of St.Botolph^Aldgate, 
London^biskett baker to the King's Navy, aged 40, has 
lived there 5 y^rs;bom in the city of V/estminsterr 
Her hTJiaband was servant to Sir Francis ClUJCtHl above 
20 years ago; has been married 18 or 19 yearB ; managed 
Sir Francis and Ladjr CPJilfiil'S affairs here in tOvm. 
Mra.WIISON confessed that the Lady CHiU^S being in 
xmich pain she judged there might bo pigeons' feathers 
in the bod, which might cause that she could not die. 
Ihey were removed and yet she di^ed not, and having at 
last betho\ight herself of the cap on deceased's head, 
she caused that to be taken off and then she iirmediate- 
ly oLiea. 


J)Tam.^W8-1916. (264) 

QuGstion about Lady Crtixno* s (oontd, ) 


1645- 2AXC0T!r,LIr. ,a (^cntlorGan of Colchoa tor, pretended lovo 
to yirs,V/IL301T and sont hor a letter. 
CEAI?iiI, Franco s ,Y7ife of -./illiara^f^ent. ^a^ed 28, bom in 
Comv/all; lived in houso \7ith Uidjy CHiJiDjiTjarried 
MrcWiliiam G?iiini) 9 or 10 years since. Hoard Urs. 
iTILSOlI actoo\7lodge she had some skill in palmistry, 
Mrs.BliAJillS and Llrs^CCOPUR, tho producents ^camo OTor 
out Of Holland about 11 or 12 years since and were 
acooropted to be the cosen-gemans of the Lady Cl^AI^* 

CO RIISL1U3, Gilbert, of St.Botolph Aldgate^aged 48, has 
lived there 5 years, before tliat for ten years in 
St. Stephen ' s ,Coleman Street; born at Lazoclc, Corn- 
wall. Deposes that ilr.COOPlilc left the benefice 
at Ringmer esteemed worth £120 per annum. (Signs). 

MOULnj, Lewis du,of S t. Anne, Blackf riars , London, M.D. » 
aged 42, has lived there eleven years; bom in the 
city of Paris. V/as at 2dr. T^US HAIR'S and at Stoke 
Lodge as deceased's physician. (Signs). 

JACKSON,';/ ill iam, of St . IXuis tan~in-the-^v^ est , cook, aged 
35, has lived there 4 years, before that at Parsen- 
ham, Norfolk, 3 years; born at Rullington,yorks. 
Lived in house with Lady C?JilT£) for 3^- years as 
cook, and went from thence to Sir Robert BAITNISKH'S 
about 4 miles from Grafton. That Jlr.BUIHOTG v/ae 
taken as a malignant and thra-m into the Fleet. 
He v/as since stepped at the Courts of Guard about 
London ipon suspicion tliat ho \vas a spy. Deponent 
keeps a house and shop and maintains himself by 
his trade. used to preach most Sundays 
in the forenoon at Grafton under juj:.i».USj?i:; the 
parson. Deceased wr.s buried in St. Chris topher's 
behind t!ie SixcliarLge near Sir Peter LS IdAYPiil her 
brother. (Signs). 


Draiii.pers» ,1916. 


Q^J^^t%(Xs P^-^"^ Crane's \7ill. (contd.) 


645. Judith, of Quaint on, co.Nortlaai!ipton.j/idov;,agod 38 , has 

lived t>aero 19 years, born at Bo\7nest Bmy,co. Bedford. 
Fr8q\2ontly visited Lady CI^Ai^ at Graf ton, about four 
miles from Quainton. Lady Cr^Fii asted her v/here hor 
son Edv;ard was,T/ho had gone cut of those parts. As 
soon as the spiced cap was taken off hor head Lady 

died in a violent and painful roanner. (Signs). 
LEE ,Mar rot j^'ilf e of Hi chard , of Stoke Braen , co . North * t on , 
yeorran ,agGd 37, has lived tharo ten months , before that 
at Grafton 20 years? born at Alseley ^co .V,'ar,7io'.:. 
a servant in Lady CHaNE'S house 20 years. Ilre.V/ILSOlT 
used very much to play at tables and cards and did 
frequent Llr.BHESDOlI to learn of him to calculate nat- 
ivities or the like. iurs.IMCCX proposed the Antimonial 
cap for the deceased in hor illnoss and gave her an herb 
called Ashery-bacchae in the garden; five leaves stamped 
and strained in a vine-glass , but it v/rought not at all. 

BOURICB, Elizabeth, of 3 t. Bo tc Iph jAldgate , London, spinster, 
aged 33, has lived there 6 months ;at Stoke and Grafton 
18 years; bom at lN7ickonham,i:iiddx. ; lived in Lady CI^IE'S 
house as hor servant 18 years • lady OIUIIE said to her, 
"Bess, I perceive you wish well to Tom YOUNG;I have done, 
v/ell for hizD. I have given him .£100 in my will, and to 
yoxirsolf as much more", but she desired this deponent to 
keep it private. Mr.BUNIsIlIG came to London to bind a 
brother apprentice in Miohaelms last and was apprehended 
as a spy at his lodging in Lumbard Street, but vindicated 
himself so ol early that he v/as acquitted and keeps his 
living at Grafton. Sir Francis gave Llr, WILSON the benefice 
of Green's Norton and sent for Mr.OTLSOH»S father and 
mother down x'rom London, so that Hrs.V/ILSON might be with 
Lady CHAJbJE. iirs. WILSON v;as the daugliter of Iir.m:i]3,a 
Doctor of Divinity in Essex, a man of good quality and fame. 



I£)ND0N , HERTS . , CA:.3S . , 
?SM3 . , S T/lFJ^ , , BUCICS . , 

V.aI?;/. ,SUIiE3Y,S0MT. , Richard Aldworth, merchant of London , 
SADDP. ,OXOH, ,KEIT?. v;orth £28,000 . 

Jl.D. (PELEGAKilS' il/IAliS. ,vol*4. ,BOVEY v.SOUSL ) 


CIIAHl{E,Sso>:iol,of the city of London, gen tl^nan, aged 24, 
"bom there and has lived there since his birth. 
Nephew or sister* s son of lUchard ALDW0.RTII,deoeaf5ed, 
and lived with him as his servant or apprentice for 
aboiit y^rs "before his death. (Si{itis). 

ALDWOHTH, Richard, deceased ,v/h 0 30 will is in question. Of 
St.I^ry I.!agdalen,:uili^ Street , London; died at F^tanlakes, 
Berks. , aged 75 or more. Decayed in his moaor^- ho 
•fould pray to Goodman God and Goodman Christ, and mention 
.Liaeter Parliament and liaster I.Ioney tmd other nnch vain 
expressions. Had -near upon a hundred liiasfolk at the 
time of his death, as expressed in the schoduLo-Jiovr 
read. Was worth £30,000. 

STtLITa, Thomas, of St.LIary ^lagdalon's ,Hil}c Street , London, 
scrivener , aged 67, has lived thero 40 years ;Y/a9 bom at 
Newbold-upon~Av on, CO. Warwick. I'lhew Mr. Richard ALD-^RTH 
and lived near him in the same parish 40 y ears . (jsi^s ) . 

LE?/7ES ,i/ir. Edward , and 

MOHTGOIiffiRY, Richard, servant to Sill HI, witnesses to a dc^cnmont 
dated 11 Jan. 1644. 

SR^,ElizabGth,v/ife of Zachary,of St. Giles ,CripplGgat^, 
London, sawyer, aged 40 , has lived thore 6 months ,bof ere 
that for 3 months in St. Olave, Silver Street ;bof ore that 
in St.Botolph,Aldgat6,3 months , and before that for ton 
years in St.liary Magdalen,i.lilk Street. Was bom at Reed 
in Hertfordshire. Mr. SOUTH dieted for a great whil^ in 
Lir.ALDV/OHTII'S houso aad affirmed that Ur.ALr:S70RTI{ had 
made an honorable will, but that it was all done by 
SOUTH' S directions. Mr.ALD;;ORTII made his will bofrre 
going to Stanlakos. He was much displeased wlthjlr. 
BOVEY because I>.:r.30VIiY'S Aunt ,Hrs.HEL ING, had made him 
her executor and given him her estate, which was very 
great, and had passed by Mr.Ala:^VORTH,who was her brother. 
Dram. Pers. 1916. B.TU.DW 


v/orth £ £8,000. (contd. ) 

1650v BIUDlTi;Y;Joh2i,of St. Bride 's ,London, skiimeT,aged 31, 
has lived thore three years; before that for ten 
years in St.Iiary ;.ldermary, v/as born at Hethor 
Perme^in Staffordshire. His v/ifo v;as Hr.ALD- 
\«"ORTH*S dciijestic servant for about nine years. 
Had rao"urning given him by the v;ill and attended 
the funeral. (Signs). 

DliXj* , Bl iz abe t h ,v:i f e of Art hur , of S t , Pan eras , Sopor 
Lane , skinner, aged 40, has liv-jd thore eleven 
years. V/as born in the tov/n of Heading,Berlcg^ 
IS'./SS said that if .Ir. SOUTH had been earnest 
with Mr. iLLDwOHTH, deponent might have had £50a 
for }ior legacy instead of £100. Knows iir. 
SuL}3Y,I.Irs.iJ'ny and i;.nne LLDliOllUll and imne a^J^TDH. 
V.-as at a feast at Reading at her brother's hous^^, 

BR/kDlCT,i;iizabeth,v/if 0 of John, of St. Bride «s ,aged 
28, has lived there three years and before that 
in St.LIary Ilagdalen's ,i.Iilk Street , nine years or 
more. V/as born at Lambeth, in Surrey. V/as of 
kindred to the deceased Hr, AUX/OR'IH and serrcd 
him in house nine years until she \ms married 
&v/ay. Is the daughter of -Elizabeth J^JjD.rOR'M 
ali^.s TRIPP. 

SOUTH, ZhoffiSiS, party in tliis suit,v;rote his vail and 
lived in house with I.Ir.^*LIX<OHi?H,v^io thought 
neither hira nor LEr;<i;S fit persons to trust with 
his estate. 

ALD.V0HT5I ,i:i is ab eth, of St . Hartin ♦ s-in~ the-Flalds , 
spinster, aged 26, has lived there one year, before 
that at ilev.-ma rke t , 0am br id ge , f or 9 months , bo fore 
that at Ilortlalte and Putney in Surrey for ten 
months, before that in St.IIar^.^ I.Irigdalen ,IIilk 
Street, 6 months jbcf ore that in S t. liar tin' s—in- 
the Fields t\7o jrears and a lialf ,and before that 
at HarlILOnd^vADrtJ^.,^xiddJ^ years and three 

months. V.'as born at OoljibraQJc^BucXs . The 
deceased v/as iicr near kinsman. (Signs). 




Ki chaixl ^ ivldv; o rt h , mp rc^>n t , o f Lond On , 

v;orth £28.000. (ccntd 

CHAiffij,^bco}ciol,of St. Lci-arence , Heading, aged 24, has lived 
thoro years , "before t]iat in 'st.:,iary Llagdalcn^IJilk 
S trect, London, f cur years or more; born in St. Andrew 
Undershaft . Snat at the timo of his death Richard 
ALL?:;Oa^d[ \7as about 7^ years old. Llr.Balph BOWJY is 
sister's son of the deceased by the v/holo blood and 
noarc;st Mndrod. Llrs. HTl'^-LIiTG and lirs.BOVBY v/cro 
his sisters; hoard him say ho would do v/oll for his 
kindred when ho died. His estate amounted to loss 
than £28.000; the executors expended in funeral 
Gxponses and lav/ cmrgc-s about £3,000, Deponent 
T/as the deceased's sister's son and lived with him 
for five years. Was told llrs. E'ALIIIG Imd made a 
v/ill and given this deponent ,his brothers and 
sisters £4,000. (Signs). 
PRETTY, liai;^^ ,v;ife of George, of High '..y combo ,Buo]cs. , 

yeoman, aged 41, has lived there most of her timo and 
was born there. \\as a coiisin once romcved of I.Ir. 
AI<U:/OH?H,v;ho al laved her and her children three 
shillings a v/eck. 
i*lti>jiOriTH,i^lbert ,of St.Dunstan's in the west , gilder, 
aged 33, lias lived there 14 years; was born at Ooln- 
brookjBucl: s . 9 is a ne ar Icinsmr.n of the docoased. 
(Signs "Albortus ALI^.VOH iH'*) . 
i*JiDityOxl?H,i:iizabeth,ap:ed 30,v:ho formerly deposes, says 
that Richard ran out of his house in Milk Street 
into the street vithout his hat after John BHi'^DITHY, 
and rallied upon him and told him he vfould make him 
mo.rry his kinsv;oman. Her father and the deceased 
\7cro oousin-g'ermans,t}iat is, brother's children. 
(Signs iaulDO?.Td). 
DB^' ^Arthur , of S t . Pancr?. s ,Sope r Lane ,me rchant ,aged 50 , 
has lived there about eloven years; v/as born at 
Reading in Berkshii'o. Lived in house v/ith Ilr. 
Richard j^Lu-iUnTn aooui} 17 y^a-rs huiu h m^jS^uuz 
wont from him about elovon years ago. (Si^s). 

Pii chard ^J.dv>'orth >rri or chant of Londo n. 
Y/orth £28, OOP > (contd. ) 
A.D. ' 

1651. WILLlAiJ3,l<irir27,of St. L3onard»Shoreditch»v7idcnjf ,aged 56, 
hfis lived thore about t'vvo years, and tofore tliat 
at Woet ^^iolchaia,\vhoro she was bom. Was a near 
klnewoioan of Ur.ALDwORTII. Is a daughter of Arthur 
DjUC/I^ and x.Iary JdJJUOIiW^ who was deoeaeed's oousin- 
gorman^that is.thoy \vero brother's children. Has 
Bovon children livin{^. 

KORU'JH, Thomas, of St, Gilos-ln-^tho-Fiolds ,gcsnt, ,ag©d 40 
and moro^has lived thoro 4 yoara;v/a5 born at Stratton- 
upon-tho-Fosee, Somerset, In i'.iarch 1647 »at Ms house, 
Ilr.ALriWOR!j?H asfe>d him/^'hat novfs?" Deponent replied 
that tho nev«rs on the Hxchango v/as ttat th^ Scots 
wore coma in to invade England under the Buko of 
HA^ilLTOlI^and the decoasod in a sudden passion did 
earnestly call for his oword* Said it was no tim® 
to Bit there to have his throat cut, Mr.BOVSY was 
to hsrtre married Lady SIISHIi^IlD'S daughter, but she 
dlod. Mr.ALD'^RTli sat in the outer gate at Stanla3cB'g 
House until BOVBY camo^and v/ould not be got in, and 
wept oxcoedingly for joy as soon as he saw him. ( Sl^is ) . 

BOWiAJT,gaorflac,«f St, Leonard ,Shoreditch, distiller, aged 26, 
bom" there, was of kin to Hr,itLDV/OHTH and called on 
him to borrow *£5. (Signs). 

HX4!r?,HQnry,of Lamlx>th,Surrey ,y©oman,has lived thore two 
years ;bef ore that at UapledurhamjOxon. ,about a year, 
and before that at Eusoombe in Berks. about 3 years. 

S^ESS^TS, Caleb, of St, Peter , West Cheap, London, apothecary, 
aged 45, has lived there 28 years ;bom at Bishop's 
Cast lo, Salop. Prepared physio for Ur. AJMORTE and his 
fsiaily. (Signs). 

DranuParB»1916, (270) 

1651 ESAD^lizaboth^alia^ iUHIMl^vsrifG of Zachary IffiAD of 

St.GiloG,CrippIogato,has lived thoro a yoar,and "before 
in Olave Silver Gtroot for three months. Ur. U^-^Rm 
prayod oxtompore in his family v/ith good senso and 
•ondo re t aoidin^^ . 

CHAL£BEBIAI13IS .John , of St . G i lo o-in-th'o-Flo Ids ^ oaachrnan , 
aged 34,haa livod thero 4 yoars ;lDOf ore that in Mary- 
tone parish 7 or 8 years ;hom at >Iarroww)n-the~Hill. 
Drove lir.JiLDWlVBi ,to Reading, to a feast at the Liayor^s 
hoiise^v/ho Y;as a kinsnan of his. 

BIilTH»iIarj%v/ifo of Bdward,of St.Androw Holbom^aged 60, 
has livod thero 3 years, hof ore that in St* Liar tin's- 
lo-Grand above 30 years ;bora in Llaidst one ♦ Kent • Was 
icarried out of iir.ALD^/OHTH'S hotise about 40 years 
ago, l^T.^JSDXiOimi told her he would procure her to be 
the matron in Christ's Hospital and that he had done 
well for the Hospital. 

BA TKLTAN , Thomas > of Heading, gcsnt. .aged 58, bom there,was 
kinsman to Ur»ALD\.70HTH,\^o dined with him at his fea^t 
at hie llayt>ralty. lir^AIIfJOHTII was bom in Reading, and 
was urged to leave a bequest to the poor in his will. 



t INC . , 3UHR3Y , Westminsiipr I^qX^^^^xJ ^Q > 

WOBC. ,33?JIS. , 

nsfvON. ,S'IIiVFFS. , (XraLBGAOSS' E:uU:S. ,vol.4, HUTTTLEY v.HmTTL3Y. ) 

^50, B£LL,Williriia,of St.^Iargarot *s »</e3tninster,ap<ytQKK>ary, 

5i^od 60, has livod thoro 40 r.nd moro;v7as born 
at Kin(j-3rby in co. Lincoln. One of tho appraisors 
of V/illicim irUi-TZLijY'S goods aftor his death. ITov&r 
had tiny intention of marrying xirs. Sarah Wll^hZY, 
tho"Ugh thoro was a flying rumour in V/ootminst er to 
that of foot. 1-Iight have lent hor an ang:oll or tho 
liirojhut roceived it back again. "^Yas a witnoos at 
Croydon Assises abo-at land in Gayton {?Gatton). 
CrOing to Bandars tod on business ho inquired for 
Nicholas ITulTTLIiY at tho Qiite R^rt at Croydon, to 
give hirn a subpoGna,but fomid him not. Gr:ivo tho 
people thoro a false namo tho bottor to got accx>9s 
to him. was a Burgoss of Parliament for vVoatminstw, 
but dosortcd tho ho"use long sinco. (Signs). 
HU1T!DLEY t William, doc oas od , was for some time before his 
marriage an inhabitant of V/ostminstor,and found to 
"bo v;orth £4500. Llnrried Llr. John ALI^I^S daughter 
a little before I^y, 1649. His will dated 21 Aug. 

Mrs. Sarah, mot her of V/ i 11 iam, re quested 3BLL to 
appraisG his goods, Hor second husband v/as B£LL*S 
v/lfe*s father-in-law. 

ALIKPI,ilr. John Cvved HUITTL3Y ,£1000 as his wifo's portion, 
man of efficiency and .quality. A Justice of the 
Peace and High Sheriff for co.Berl<:s. 

PAKGALL,JamGs ,of St.:iarga,ret *s ,vve3tininster,gent. ,aLged 60, 
bom there, and has lived there since his biriih. V/as 
for about IS years a linen-draper, but since has 
lived upon his means. Has toio^'m LIrs.irJITTLEY 38 
jr^rs. (Signs). 


PriuzwPBra.1916. (272} 

Vo3imurbsJ^»rJ »^^ (contd • ; 

A.D. ^ 
1650-* iJLUi^K,Jo£.n,v'ifa of Geo<rco.,of St^Iiargarot ♦s , 
i;/o8tiriizi8tor,£;Gnt. ,aged 53,]xis lived thero 
30 and more. Was "bom at iUddernujiatw> 
Wore. Mor house io a victrualLij^ house in 
King Street i:;t th3 sigxi of the ^'Fox", which, 
she and her husband hold of .Irs.HUiTTLijY. Ur. 
A.TJ.Anii told her he }iad bought all the eatate 
of old Llr.f/illiam JIU'^ri?L.i>Y, father of ^/ill^iaKi 
IIUN'ilLEy.tho •♦Fox" and all from Nicholas ^raFTIKr^ 
and heir at lp-",^md had boon at Carshalton and 
given him £100 to supply his occasions at law 
against his sis tor, the produoont ;and had agreed, 
to give him £20 a year for life and his diet 
t^t Bassledon in Barl?:eshjuro,at ALLJlllT'S houpe, 
, v/hon he v/ould come fcr it. In ••.Irs.irirN'TLEY'S 

Ca3rdon,on the Tuesday before IvlidsiiiEimer Day 1649, 
she moved ■jr.V/illiam HUITTL^Y to settle something 
upon the three children of his sister , seeing that 
his mother had left iiim all and }iad done noth^ing 
for her daughter's children. His chamber in tii^__ 
Temple* He died foiirtoon weeks after his marT'lag^ 
and v/ithout issue. Deponent married George ALidJ^lioi^. 
in June last in St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street; 
hor name before that was Joan JORY. She can read 
printed books but not ;vritten hand, nor can she 

ALlAaUjIir.Fvalph, brother of John, brought the nars of 
HUiTTLEY'S death, iirs. HUITTLTrf sent a copy of jsho 
^vill to her daup;hter--inr-la\v Anne hlllTZLEY. »IIr^chard ,bro ther of John. 7/illiam HUITTT.FIY 
lodged v/ith him^his wife's uncle^in Loudon. 

W.ostrainstor Neighbours . ( oontci > ) 


1650. IWCi:.EUAnn0,v/ife of Goorge,af Hfizxfp0i>ead^ididdx^ 
aged 24. was bom there and has liTed ther© 
ovor Binco. V/aB present at King Street v;h.en 
William said that he had made hie 

v/ill and that ho would never alter that vrill 
till it should please God to send hira ohildjim; 
whioh words ho dolivered in a very soriou^i 
roannorjhixving his eyos and hands erected icwards 
hoavon. Ho said ITicholt^s HUIITLBY v;as an idle, 
debauched, man, and ho h^^d given him £10 in his 
vrill,and v/ould give him no more. Deponent livBd 
for one year with the Lady SPRIGIIELL at Highga/be^^^ 

SHSMOIT ,ill io e ,of St.Liargaret ' s ,^ est minster, v/idow, 
agod 68, has lived there 44 years. Was bom at 
Tiverton in Devon. ;^ery intimately acqnaintod 
with LIr.7/illiam hTJ}j:?L3y from his infancy and In 
his riper years ,and v/as very much of his ootmaoL, 
Was v/ith lirB.HUi?ZL2Y v^hen the unhappy news of her 
son's untimely death v:rt,s hrou^jht and advisod hor 
to search for his v;ill in his desk. He and (leponm;^} 
Called each other '^cosen". Richard SYAIISON is a 
housolGooper in V/estminster and hath a wife and 
children, hut v/as in the King's Buttery under Old 
Mr. irUITTI^JY, dec eased. (Signs). 
EVAIiISON»Hichard,of 3t.:.largarQt 's ,\Ves tminoter,y^oniaja,^ 
aged 50, has lived there 30 years, V/as bom at WeJU^ 
pall in Staffordshire. Was sent for by Nicholas 
HUKTLKY to come to him at the house of Bichard 
HOGGIIIS in Three Glove Yard in v/estmin3ter,an4 -^'^^ii^ 
there Riciiard aslcod him to speak fcr him to 
William HOTTLaY,his cousin. Lives upon a Collage 
lease and is no tradesman ;has lived in the sama 
house in Sea Alloy in King Stjroot for 20 yeara^pa^rtv, 


J)raowPwB^1916. (274) 

Weg tadiaflt or ^eX^ ^^^j^;^. . ( oontd, ) 


1650. iUli^yn^Wiiliam.of jyudley ;:ixyT<i . ^:^^Q€maXyB.^ 42, 
T>om thoro. Bolongod in 163^^1 to tho lata 
KLu^'b Co-urt £it wliitehall. iCnow Joan JO-HT for 
a hi£^ling v;onian,"biiylng and oolling rss?; boef , 
»'^"^^"fctor,otc. ♦and addicted to lovTd and \m- 
• civil lan{jU£Lgo. Has cau^t hor stealing wood 
drom tho '^70 0dyard.,sv:earing that tho Co\irt rauat 
keep and icaintain hor and her ohildron. Belieros 
hor husband is living tmd at Dor^l^in Kent. lilr. 
BULL, tho apothecary, lived in Piling 3troet. 
OLiFFfl >3emard , o f St. IJar gar o t * s ,V/o s tiiiimrt^r , ^nt . , 
agod 51, has livod thore ahont 30 yo&rs;v.'aG "bom 
az Ox:rord,dorx>ses. (signs). 
FITGlIHrr,Will^s,of n'eBtminstor,£^ent. ,aced 6:5 ybs^ 
Hvod thoro 30 2/ cars ;\^:as "bom at Barford St. 
Martin's ,v/ilts. ydopos OS. (Signs). . 
HT J JipS , Franc ia , of Croydon^Burrey ,£:ont. ,aged 51,has 
ivod thoro 22 years jv^as "bom at Abthorpe in 
roost or ,ilorthton. Is en r^ttomey of tho Co-urt 
Coinrrvon Picas. In July 1649 Nicholas EUiraitSY, 
hoir at la^7 of william nUiTQ?LSXttha oldor^?K)ld 
.t Oarshalton of tho yoa-rly value of 
land in co^Kontjto vVilliam of Baall« 

tho use of lir.ALLIiIiv. (Signs). 
^amoo,cf Croydon^oornan ,agGd 60, lias lived th^rd 
'8 20 years ;bom at Blicl<:lon,Forfollc. Is a 
ror and innkooper by profession. Has Icnown Mr. 
nearly 40 years, the first occasion by his 
)nting the ilarl of KOTTIIJGHiJi'S housflL,whom 
.B deponent served. 

» J ohn , of S t •Llargare t ' s ,7/estniinst er , gent* ♦aged 45 , 
.s lived thore 20 yearaib^m in St..Poter*B ^Com- 
hill. Lives next door to the "Fox" in King Street. 
V/ao schoolfellow of William HUIIOILSY at V/e^tminster>, 
a^uth of small understanding, (si^s). 
FRAMra)N,Uartha,of Si^Jllargarot 's /'/ootmln^t^a^^ 

aged 60, has livod there 40 y^ara^bom in StUXi^wa* 
_ Back6hixroli.^d0posesu (SignsJ. 

SUKEffiY, Tho Podd Family of ^dridf^o, 


MIDDLESEX, (DaLBGA?B3» >JXu'uiS* ,vol. 4 ,13Y?Jil v.IUi'iUTIS. ) 


1650. HOKBjHidholD Q ,of TfindridgOjSurroy ,yooirim,agGd 58, hag 
livod thoro 35 years. 

DOIQ), John, tho oldor,dGcoasGd,pia'cha8ed tho leaso of 
part of tlio tithos of Tondridgo rootory of Ildivard 
HUHTLSY. Had a son John,'v:ho died before him. 

DOPD,John,nephGv; and noxt of kin of Handolph DODD^do- 
ooasod,v/ho Was the "brothor of Jcmes DODDyaleo do- 
coaacd.tho oldest son of John DODl) the older, all of 
whom lived and dlod at Tendrid£;o. Jamos and Randolph 
died bofort) thoir raotlior; James leaving a son John, 
tho minor no^.Y concomed^and tho othor tvvo "both died 
ohildloos. John, tho minor, was horn ahout 14 years since. 

liEiUTIS ♦Edmund, eon of tho last wife of John I)OD,Y/hioh she 
had hy n formor hnoband Rsnry MIil/LUa?IS. Mary iC^AUTIS, 
wife of John DODD the oldor,and mother of Bdmnnd MEAUTI3. 

EYHS, Edmund, tho prodwent. 

i2y]?t:,aihomaa,of St.Uartin»s in tho Piolds , London, g«mt. , aged 
63. Randolph WW v/aa the son of this deponent's own 
sister and John DCUD the elder. James left two other 
eons boaidoe John I>ODD,the minor. Deponent is brother of 
Edmund BTJ"E. (Signs). 

AENOU), Thomas, of Ofendridgo, husbandman, aged 35, has lived there 
sinoo hio birth; lived as a servant in the house of John 
DODD the older in !ft£ndridge. Is cousin-german once re- 
moved to John DODD tho younger, party in this cause. 

BYHG, Susanna, daughter of Edmund, aged 26;now dv/ells with her 
father in tho very same house v;hore John DODD the elder 
and James died, and v/hore John DODD the yoimgor now' liveth. 
Jsonos married this deponGnt's sister and had three sons. 
Jldmund U'uL\J?l3 is cousin-german to this deponent and son 
Of Henry :.!J.^UT13 ,who was the former husband of his mother, 

jidZiXy mMJtJJ2iti uliuB i)UjuV» (bigliB;. 


Dram. Pers. 1916. (276) 

Ttio Dodd Faraily of !iSmdrid,^o > ( oontd« ) 


1650. I)QIXIMjmo>of Wostanlnstor^Erpinst er^agod 40,ha8 
livQd thort) 7 years or moro;was bom at 
!Ifejidrldge» Is dai3^tor of John lODD the elder 
by a fortnor wifo; lived in hotiso v/ith hor i^&th&r 
at tho time of his marriage v/ith Hary MEAUTIS. 
By her ho liad t\'/o sons ^ John Vrho diod leaving 
his wifo with child, a girl v;ho only lived a 
few days^and Randolph DODD v^ho also died with- 
0"at issue, John DODD tiio minor is son of James 
. DODD,this deponents brother, who v;as son of John 
1X)DD the elder ,by his former wife Llary CX)VSK1?, 
also thia deponent's mother , married above 30 
years since. Randolph A^as 20 years old '^^hen his 
father died. Mary I.r^UJTIS alias DODD survived 
her husband John DODD the older about 6 years. 
He was buried at the care and coats of James 
DODD, his son and executor. Margaret MEAUTIS is 
wife of Henry. (Signs). 
IIJ5AUTIS»Henry,of St.Andrevv ,Holbom, gen t. , aged 44, 
has lived there 9 years ;was bom at Farley in 
Surrey, son of Henry and Iviary ^^l^iitlJTIS who married 
John DODD when deponent was about 11 years old. 
She survived John DODD three or four years. (Signs 




BE3KS . , DBVOK , Jo^jn CharaberlajLae lt\st Trip to London. 

oxoN. ,aax)p. , 

1650, COOIQjl, J05oph,of St*B^irtholoinGV7--by-.thD~Ib:ch£mge>London, 

ci"cisGn and sorivenor ,a{^od 29,h;is lived thoro 4 
yoarv^,and boforo tli^it in S wdiichaol ,Oomhill for 
8 yoari? or* raoro;bom at Tv;ic>raaharnjJ^id(ix. Lived with 
ilr.i.lOB3ii,a scrivonoi' in Oorrtliill^as his approntico. 
Wrote Iliv.C:'IAL3BHL'.liIi:*3 will, Fi-ancis MOSSii a vdtness. 
{Sif;ns )• 

.CHAxiBEIlLaEnOjLIr, John, deceased. His will oxooutod 3 Feb.. 

1645 in i.S3SSS«S houoo in Cox^nhill. V/illiara B^!ffi^ 

his oxeoutor. 
CHiJIBSHL^'i.II^E,Jamos jto v;hom m'.John gave his land. 
iiLLIS^John^to v^hom ho gave £200, 

BEiTT,Si9cphili:i£},Hi3 ho-uce in Roading,Borks. Died sinco 
! 15 Oct. 1645. Ke and 

CLkKKE V James , since doceasedytho residuary legatees and 

KNlGH!P,John,of Scnning,Oxon. , husbandman, aged 34thae llred 
there 20 years ;bom at Kingsclere, Hants. V/as serrant 
to Mr. John CK^lBIiRLkllTii; about 20 years. Ris inaster went 
to London in Kovcmber 1648 and lodged at Ur-OTOLBY'S 
I house on Ludgato Kill. On Thui*sday»the 23^. November, 

I hd supped fet Llr.xlLL13*S house and eat his meat rery 

I heartily and well .and was very merry and cheerful. He 

i lodged in bed with him at Ur.WOOJ^iiY'S and left him 

j well on Friday morning, but found him dead on his return. 

\ He had intended to stay a month in town. (Signs). 

MA^N^4nthony, lived in 1650 at I'^lrs.SNOV^'S house in London, 
an oils}i op, said he v/as appointed executor. His cousin 
I BElfT*S hi3s>>and^y;x^:aited /^-fi executor, v^as dead. Nr. Alan 

j SITCF;*,his late maater. 

I I)raiaJP©r8*JL916. (278.) 


Jolm Chapborlalno^s lost Trip to London^ ( ocntd^ ) 


1650. Bl!rai^IT»Ur.W'illiain,v7hcm Hr.CIiaiBSHL^inJE vory veil lavod 
and respected as his kinsnian by tho marriago of his, 
tho doceasod's ,nieoo. 

SHHILIPOXDIJ ♦William, of ^7h it church, Hants. ,gcynt* ,agod 65,has 
lived there 40 years, '"bom at Basing, v^ae kinsnsin to 
iir. CRiUBEHLLIir^. 

WOOUJSYjlUcholaSjOf 3t/I.Iartin,Ludgato,ha'berdasher,aged 62, 
has lived there 50 years, rsid v;as "born in tho same parish. 
He married Ur.OHAHBiiriL/iliri^'S klns'^r:^r3an. 

BA!IELIAII,Anth-ony ,of St^Dunstan in the East ^merchant, aged 35, 
horn there and has lived thoro most part of his time. 
After tho death of James CLrUlrCrJ and in 1647 ,:ir. John 
C}L'iMB3HIAIiI3 came to London to make up tho niatoh botwoen 
his 'k.inmfcmm Slizaboth daughter of James, and 

William B^lHrS^sAN^and came to this deponoat's mother's 
house, where ho thon lived. This deponent atid William 
BASviAIT'S father were cousin-ger-mans ,or brother's children. 
©10 imrriage was solemnised 18 I^y 1647, at Mr.HAJHDT'S 
church by the comer of Lime Streotlthis deponent's brothor'f 
dau^tor was married the same day. Words "f^er^ spoken in Mrs. 
Elizabeth BA.TI2iAIT'S house in Llinoing Lane, in the great 
parlour, about the beginning of May 1647. (Signs). 

3URBERVILE ^George, of St.Dunstan-in-the*-East ,sugar-bak8r,aged 69, 
has lived there 40 years, bom at Credit on, Devon. (Signs). 

KBl"G)RIOK,Matthow,of St. Catherine Or eeohoroh^ London, sugar-baker, 
aged 50, has lived thoro about 30 years, bom at Care in Shi-^oj)- 
shire. (Signs). 

George, of St. Bartholomew Exchang9 .London ,merch^t, aged 35, 
has lived there 3 years and before in the parish of St. Helen's, 
London,? or 8 years, bom in the oity of St. Helen 's , London,? 
or 8 years, bom in the c?ty of London. Has known LLr.BlSlliK 
10 years and has dealt with him for divers thousands of pounds. 


I>rKswPor8,1916, (279.) 

Johi T^ Chainborlaine *B lg.3t trip to London. ( o ontd > ) 


1651. BH)OICE,John,of St, Christopher »s ,London,scrivoner,agod 50, 
has livod thore 20 years ;"bom in tho city of London, 

SICiS,Tlio]T2a3,of St.Andr^j^^Holhom^gont. ,aged 22,has liv:ed 
thoro a do^on yoars^horn at Coloshull in V/ar^viokshire. 
(Signs). Il3 rxnd 

SLLIS,v7illiara,of Staplo Inn,Holbom,a clorlc in the Six 
Clerk's Cffico,agod 18,boi'n fxt St.Alhan's ,Horts. ,oxain- 
inod copios of a Bill and ^aiswor in Chancory. (Signs). 

UIDIK. , Simon Gibhon s of ^/Qstminotor. 


CirSSKIHE. (D3L3Gii2:::S» ETJuvIS. ,vol.4. ,CHA33 v.GAV/OOD. ) 


1650. SLU.TfiiIl,Willir.m,of St.llarcarot 's »V/ostmin3tor ^victualler , 
agod 68, has lived thore 35 yGars;hom at Botholds, 
StisB0X,\vaB intimatoly acquainted V/lth GIB3CKS. WslMn^ 
v/ith him in ?o thill Fields GIB -30^3 told him of v;hat his 
©otato consisted. (Signs). 

GIBBOUS, Siinon,doceasGd,acco'untGd his noiglihours to he 
worth £1000 in personal ostato. Plad houoos in Potty 
France, Tothill Street, a Thooving Alloy. 

ARGHSR, . . . son-in-law of GIBBONS, had £100 of his. 

Xa:^LlU)Y,John,of St4l':Iartin-in~tlie-Fields,LIiddx. , labourer, 
aged 36, has livod there 17 years ;\7as bom at Poaver^oo. 
Cheater. His wife, while she lived ,v/ac sister of tho 
said GIB:^0KS. 

LEUkIT, Frances, of St.Paul *8 ,Covent Ga r den ,\7ido^v, aged 40, 
has lived there 10 years ;v/as bom in St. Clement Dane's 
I)arlsh. Questioned tho tenants and foimd what houses • 
GIBBOH h-ad the rents of. 




I)EVON,CTJMBHIlIiAlTI), Lord Dirlton*8 IiOttam of Admlnistrat5on> 

E3SiSC,SUS3K:'; and 

KBINT, (DBUiO^TIS * KULS . , vol . 4 , CHiUTBOIU^IL v . DIXLLTON ) • 

1651. S0UZ^rt700D»Alc)xand'jr»eont. »nov; rcgidont in the Old 

Bayly, London, r.f^d 63, bom at Honiyook.oo, Devon, 
Has boon a clork in tho offico Of tho Act-uary of 
the ProrOiT'ttivo Co-art those 36 j^'oaro; deposes as 
to praotico of thu Cornet not to issuo lotters of 
i5.druiniBtrf.tion/..*ithin fourt'.icn dr-ys of c docoased's 
doath, (L>i{-"^is), 

i:;Ji;/OOB»ixnn,of 3t,:iartin'9 in tho Fields ,:-;liddl0sex, 
spins tor, a r;.-?d 40,hr.\s lived thoro 18 yonrs; bom at 
Chi&'^7oll,:i:ss:jx. Liv. d in ho\i30 \;ith tho Ikxrl and 
Coon to JUS of Dl.r.'iXDI' 18 yoara. Is v/oll able to 
r-iaintain horoc'lf, (ai^^-na), 

DIHL1Djf?,:-:iiJ2;ab^ith,Countcns of,''/i<^.a7 of Jainos,iiarl of 
DI?J.TOi:,r:id TAothrT of Dimifi,Lady Cii'JIiSOlalli. OSie 
llarl died on i.Ionday 28 ilwpril li;.3t,at Kolyrood 
House; in 3:)dinburf';h. 

C'U!<BO;mIi,Dinna,Lady ,t'.mdorly brought up by hor 

CBOOICB.u'Tj:*,'l'honL.a,of St.ilr.rtin in tho Fields ,gont, , 
aged 50,hao lived thoro P.O y.fC-rs; bom at Carlielo 
in Cumberland. Pho servi-nt to tho liarl and 
Count::3 3 for 13 yrars and up.mrdB, (Signs). 

THJ:3L::TT, Phonic- 0, of tho saTTTO.yf^omanjCScid 37, has lived 
thorc oi:v ybar3,c.nd bc-'for^ triat in Long ji.oro six 
yoars; born v.t Boaomci in yussnx, Vaa aorvant to 
tho Karl and Count-'iss. (3i^:;ns). 

V;iLCOXOII,rhonvia,notary-publio,scal-]coopor to Sir 
Hathaniol Bii:C7i?,depo3 0a that lettcro of adminis- 
tration of tho coodc of JiirK-'s,lat»3 :jarl of DIRLTON 
were, on boliaif of Lady C.iii^'30Iu.' -si.paaoQd under soal 
on 6th.Iir.y 1650. (Gigno). 

% FlSHI^* 

DranuPore. ^1916. 


Lord Dirlton^s Lettr^rs of Administration. 

1651. PI3HIuH,V;illiarn, notary-public cf tho prorocativo 
Court ,ri-;(:d 44, bom in 3 1. Sepulchre *s without 
ItoTgatn , deposes th^^.t ho was clerk to Llr.John 
FI3H,one of the Proctors, for 12 yecT3,and has 
practiced r.s Proctor for 14 years ,d op osr-s as 
to practioo. (3igna). 
ALL>aN, John, notary -public, proctor of thf> Preroga- 
tive Court,a->(:d 52,doposos aa to practice. 

COm^,i:ark,of London , cent . ,aeod 40, has lived 
thero t^.'onty years fuid up.vards; bom at Ilorth 
Ta\7ton,co.Dovon. Has been a cl^^rlc in the 
office th&so tv/cnty ycarc past; dcpoaos as to 
practico. (EJi^iio). 

i-I*uv'r3;iLL,John,of St.IIartin's in tha Fields , I^Iiddle- 
8ex,aG(;d 21, lie- g lived there five yGaro,boforo 
that at Audcr.viclc in Scotland t\.'0 and a half 
yoars; bom at Kirkhousc ,oo, Galloway, 3orYcd 
thci I]arl and tlio Coinitoss of DII^.TOIC 
about oovon and a half yoars. (Siffny). 

SLiLIiHH, Charles , notary-public, proctor of tho Pro- 
roG^tivo Court, aged 55; has lived twenty yoars 
in St.Bonodict 'a ,Paul *s -iharf; born in tho 
oity of Oantorbviry ,dopo5 JB aa to praotics. 

TH0?^J.U,Ihoma3 ,of St. Pot or, Paul's V/harf ,publio 

notary, agod SO.doposos as to practice. (Signs). 

HUL:j?i\ Richard, of Gt.ilary ;.Iagdalcn ,01d Fish Street, 
public notary, aged sixty ,doposos as to practice. 

rl/\S:a:,Goorgo,of St, Bonot^s .Paul's V.harf, public- 
notary, agc?d 37,dGposos as to practice. (Signs). 

Dram^Pors. ,1916. 


LOHDOIT 2md }lO\7 Ura,AYS30UaH m^. de hor V>ill,a '^M.}VJj^LL" note. 

(KLKGAl^i^B' I2L6u.lt5. , vol.4, OI^LH^^ v. BOLD. ) 

1651. ICBiriTOIT,Bioms,of St. Clement *s l^no,London,f ishnonger ,agod 35, 
has livod thoro throe qpLirtc'.rB of a yoar; forraorly in Fan- 
church Str:?^i}t for 2 years. Harrir^d a niece of Hrs, Elizabeth 
AY3C0UGH. Is a platv—v/orki^r in liis ordina.r^'- trado and lived 
for 4 yoars in ot.i^ichatjl ,Crookod Lano, (Signs). 
AY3G0IJGH,IarB. ■Qi2;ab 3thydGCoaaod,of ..'ilk 3tr<^,ot5 London. 
ilAPJ/lwLL , Joan •. , sa id , o ,nK-; an ing hr. rs elf and Ilr • BOLD ^hor co- 
exocutor, "'cannot give- mourning to any but to iIrs.AY3C0UGH*3 
best friendc",and that hor oatatc \/as to go for the laain- 
tenanoG of Ilr.Johji AY3G0UGH»and after his death to Sir 
!Ihoinas CL.rLC Joan Iii!.K\r;:LL v/as niaidsorvant ,and livod in 
house v/ith i-:r3.i..YSCCUGrL 
i ililii^, Francis , of St.Gr:::ory near St .Paul's ,br.cholor,agod 40, 

I dcTpor>os that ho was in the Dining Hall of Doctors* Cornmons 

I > vhon *:r.Art}).ur BOID docl€;.rrid th&^t he followed tho old will 

1 in setting dcvm the rosiduo. (Signs). 

j SiilLLL.Il,C}iarlos,of St . B:)nodict ,Pi^ul »s VJiarf ,gont. ,a{;od 54, one 

j of the proctors of this Court ,daposes thr;t Llr.BOLI^Tas a man 

! of middl(j agj"; aixl staturo and inclined to a sang^^ine com- 

pioxion. (Signs). 
1 MOSS-'], Ellis , of St. Giles, Crippl3gat;3,7/ido\7,agod 68 , has livod 

thoro 30 years jdoposcs that i-lrc* AYS COUGH dictated her will 

by v/ord of nouth to Ilr^BOLD. 
j J0Ki:S,Roboccr.5kinsv;oi]run of iirs .AYSGOUGII,logatoe for £20. 

I PAllT?aDG'0,Eannah,of I'histlov-rorthjMiddx. , spinster, agod 28, has 

I livod thoro 2 years, and boloro tliat in tho city of London 

I • . 14 years, waited upon I^Irs > AYS COUGH ,v/ ho died about 2 years 
j and a half ago, at hor hous-ri in jlilk Street. She had brought 

j up John AYSCOUGII from a diild^and declared that she had 

^ givon tho house v/hercin she then lay sick to Sir Thomas 

I OLEI^;. Joan 'JLIJITS^U^ uiado a thankrul ackna/zl^^dgmont of the 

I groat favom* and respect hor mistress had done hor in 

I making hwi- executrix and giving hor £100. 

j John 

I I)ram,P©rs» ,1916. (283) 




Hew; llr8>AY SC0UGH made hor ViU.tx "IlARTi)LL»» notQ > (oontd. ) 
A.D- i 
1651. John AY300UGH was not fit to bo oxocutor,for ho was a 

prisoner and disabled in his censes and imdorstanding. 

SHORTIIR,iiary,of the same, spins tor, aged 30, bom ther0,d8pae«»* 
JOYHBii»AliGe,\Tifo of (Thonas.of Hal ing, M iddx. ,yooii2an, aged 53. 
Has been imrriod to J0YITE;R about ton years; has toiovm Sir 
Thomas CLSBIffl t?/enty yoaro ^rlrs^AYSCOUGH'S plate had fon^ir^ 
ly been her father's ^Aldo man Rogor GL4illC3*3 plfite,and she 
said that after hor depoased Sir Thorns CLBRKS should have 
it. Dopon<2it >ms given £3 for moximing,v7hiGh v;as so little 
to \>^xy mourning v/ith that she had to v/ear coloured olothea 
to deooasod's burial. She dined with Sir Thorns CLEBffi at 

MYWSLL» Godfrey, of St. Clement's Inn,co.Midd3:. ,gentleman,Ag©d 
59, drew up a will in writing for i^s.AYSCOUGH about a dozen 
years since, appointing F*r.Anthony BUCKBSHRY and Ur.iiYSCOUGH 
her executors. Mr.BUCKBUHY died about five years since, (si^?^ft^. 

MAfiYSLL,Iiatthew,Leiftennant of Coll.BAX^TSH'S Hegiinent^ed 
about 38,d6pooes he is brother of Joan. Was present in the 
Dining Hall of Doctors* Commons bofore Sir Nathaniel BRSN!? 
when Ilr.BOU) declared that he follov;ed the form of her fona— 
er will in disposing of the residue of Urs. AYS COUGH'S estate, 

1^0Uin)Bi!X)IlD,^Isry,of St.itory lir.gdalen's ,ilil]?: 3 1 roe t, widows ,aged_j89, 
was a neighbour of Lirs.AysCOUGH for noar 30 years, urged to 
romembor Sir Thomas OLBHKE,hor brothor's .son^JLuJj^r will. 

DrBxiuPer3*1916. (284) 

lOlWOYi & i^IDDX. , V;ar v ith Franco ? cap tnrQ of tho *^3t.PQtor^, 
!BliLGIUX,ICSITT, and t ho "iiam aoi". 

{lyiiU^^Z^* lyj-u^IS. ,vol*4r,C0Lj: v.SOU'JK/OOD. ) 


1651. Aii^S THONG » John, of Stopnoy ,Mlddz» ,mrinGr ,agod 19, 

sorvod ao approntico in tho "SpjuugI". V/alked 
on foot v/ith Bii::iiiSBY from Dmilcirk to Ostend. 
BH5IlT33Y,JoGoph»!nf. oter of tho ship ^»Sainuol»*, taken 

by tho Gulliott Hoy. 
G4UVjiliniii,Jaooh do ,oom:nandor of tho G&lliott Hoy, 
sent tho "3r.rauel'» to Ostond.iind took BIltiNSBY 
and AIliS?RD-:G to ]>unlcirk, A tall ^hi^^, fat jhnrly roan. 
I KIjRCOCX, Leonard, at Ostond had tho tar rind live goats, 

i taken from tho '»Saimiol'», in & yard thoro ,"bof ore 

i hio door, lie v;as a ner chant and part owner of the 

ship ^•St. Pet or", arras tod by tlio prodnoent in tho 
Admiralty Court. Livod in a honso beyond the prison 

yon go into tho town, in a turning on tho left 
£,B you go to tho rnaa^ket place. Something tall in 
statnro^and of a palo, whitish, complexion* 
AiVIffi,Tliomria ,of St. J<£!.thorino~by-tho-To^7Gr,London.^ixm-inar, 
j ti{^d 24, wont, in Nov. 1649, in tho "St.Potor" in a 

I voyage frcra Ostond to C«l1os in Spain. (Signs), 

i SOU'HyOOD,llr.Jdin, party to suit. 

i . OOXE»yilliaiii,of OBtond;ho and iOItCOCK ownors of tho 

I »*St. Peter", and tho main mon there for sotting out 

fl and employing ships of v/ar. 'J3he *'3t. Peter" hath 

1 Binco boon employed in taking and surprising our 

I lingliflh ships. CO Li;) a tall, swarthy ,Eaan. 

I BliJNITIi?T,HGnry,of St. tratherino-by-the- Tower, mariner, 

I aged 24,doposOB. (Signs }♦ 

BSI^lTIiTT,Liatho\v,of IX)Vor,co.Kent,raar inor,agod 40;bom 

there. jSnev/ COLi: and KiLBOOCIC in Dunkirk till that 

taTn was taken, and then they removed to Ostend. 

Brought the "St.Peter",a3 pilot, into tho Port of 

London. (Signs). 
BT)IIA:LI, Thomas, of Ot.TIary !-'-nrtalen,3outhv7ark,Tnarin(^r, 

aged 35, 3ms lived there 24 years ;bom in Scarborough^ 

Yorkshire, deposes. (Signs). 
Pram.Pers.1916. (285) 

XNDOK cc iimili. , The Hano r of Bro w^^^ton Vo^^F:^. 

.BSD3. , 

:.!a)ug. ,lii:c» , (Dr.Lnavim* ufui.^. ,voi*4,godph::;y y.godfhiiIY. ) 

^GUT. ,OXCN.. 

1651, PBIOHAHDjValGntinQ ,of 3t. I)maBtcLn~in--thc>-\/ost ^London, 

sorivonor ,af;od 48, has lived thoro 6 years. Jas 
born at Llanfo^rs ,co.MoninotLth;dopo3 0s ao to a copy 
of a Docrco in Ohanoory. (Si^niB). 
GOBPHIuY^John^party to suit; son of Kenry,whOGO will is 
in dispute. 

HA.YiTS^OKi:,John,of yo Savoy in the Strand ,:aiddx. ,gontle- 
!nan,acGd 5 2, has livod thoro a yoar»"boforo that at 
Bristol for sovon or oif^ht yoar&;'bcm at Philipps 
Korton,Soriioroot. ..r'-rriod a daugjiter of Honr^^ GODPHSY* 
docoaood^and siat :r of tho produoont. Doooasod so- 
noxumod at this d vr>onont*s ho\i30 then in Patomoster 
Bcw, London, ^ae mnor of Broughton Poug^js was recover^ 
/rom tlio docoaGod "by tho widar ALOJH by a final Dooreo 
tn Ch^^noory and ^.700 \7ae paid to him. Hy had it in 
posDOQsion 12 or 14 years. (Signs). 

G/iPiEH, John,of BleteoG ,BodD. 4yooiKin,aged 64, has lirod 
thoro 32 years ;v7as "bom at Potton. Is oouain-«(^*UTmn 
to "both i^artioG litigt^nt. H-^nry GODF^llilY the eldor vroro 
u Boal rin^; V7ith "H, G. " upon it. (Signs). 

IX)<;^^LiI!, William, of Uff i2ic^n^.IJLncoln,i:sci. ,a£;od 51, testifies 
to th'3 hand-writing of Jtme lX)VLL'JT,who was his mother. 
2he produoont and hi moo If aro oou^in-g^rmans . (Signs). 
^ TR^TB^tClmrlos ,01 Kol-roll ,Oxon. ,gont. »aged 54, has lived 

thero about 24 yorr£j;bom at Barnes Icy yCO*.-GXouc. D©- 
poBOs that the raanor of Broughton^Poggs was \7orth_X200(X 



KORFOIiK , A Frau d ulent ixltGration;Philip Bra7ne*3 r/ill> 


(DxlLKG^^rilS • m^aS • . vo 1 • 4 , GI^IIIL V . PAllTIH^ 

1650. 8IiISON,Willia2n,of Littlo v/alaing-ham^IJorf olk^gont. 29, 

has livod thore 5 ^nsarc ;bof oro that in Ponbroko Hall, 
Cambridco , f or 6 yoara or noro* bom &t V/alBinghain. 
'ih\3 a witnoss to certain schodulos and a deed oigaed 
by Philip BiW.IIii. (Signs ). 
BlJOVrin*;, Philip, d3CGa30d,unole to V/illiam SIIISON. k legacy 
of £1500 given by him to his sister GRjTJTliJ and her 

LODiilStRobert ,of Littlo .walsinghs-jn^loaksiuith, aged 44, has 
livod thoro 24 y oars; bom at Horringlmn. './as a v/itnosa 
v;ith SIIISCII to tho doouments referred to. (Signs). 

U00HSl,FrfLnci8 ,of Seaming, Korf oik, yooiBan,a^ed 50, has lived 
thoro 13 yoarssbom at Shipdham. prosont at th« btiri&l 
of Philip BxiDWiTiii on iiastor Monday, 15 April 1650. Livos 
v^ithin a milo of tho placo whore ho diod on ISaster evo. 
(Si{:?is;'. ^ 

P^COOK, Richard, of 3hipdha2n,yoorattn,ag0d 29,has livod thora 
two years ,boforo tl-u-.t at Scarning for 6 years and moro; 
bom at Finohara. V/as ono of BrJDV/lTrj'S next noighbours at 
Shipdhain. Hoard tho boll go for Mm and sa-j him doad. (Si^s). 

TjiiiO , will ir'JA, public notar^/ cjid ono of tho proctors of this 
Court, doposGs as to an alteration in a v;ill. 

SU0KL;:iY,Ha3:>ho,ono of tho proctoro of this Coui't , deposes as to 
a fraudulont alteration of £1500 to £1300. (Signs). 

ALLiiliT,Johjn,of St. Gregory , London, notary-publio and prootor of 
this Court, agod 52,::lso doposos. (Signs). 

v:AL3S» Tho Soizuro of the "Gmvo von j aifaGtin ". 


KOILAI^JD- {DZl^ai^TJd' liLnlS. ,vol»4r,JaiiiiIPE^ v.ST.AITEiOITY. ) 

1651 . JSHKIl'IS >Waltor , of Lan^ondaomo » co . Carmarthen ^ gent . ^ 
agod 23>bom at Langoneoh^was on board the 
♦niolona'Sin October last. {Si{pao). 

WILLIi»I;IS, Cap tain Hoovo,had Letters of Ilarquo for 
tho "Helena" frig£-to,to seize the ships of thG 
Fr^inch King and his subjects. 

■^ILLKI'IS, Cap tain John, of tho 'Helena", seized tho 
ship "Grave V&n Klfastin" of jams tordam, near tho 
Bay of Odiomo upon tho French coast. 

WII*LIA:JS , Dennis ,ordorod to take tho "Grace" into 
Plymouth ,v7as oliased and seized by throe Dutch 
mon-of-vfar. Tho Vice-Admiral toolc a glass of 
■wine and drank to JHITKIITS* telling him that he 
oould do no less than what ho had done, unless 
ho would be hsngod vrhen he came home. The 
**Hollandia"»one of tho men-of-war. 



HER!C3 . ♦OOi^iVON ♦ Prrmcis Sl rin^ ton's Estate , 

1650. PA?a^ELL,Vailiain,of UtandoUjHerts, ,agod 55, 

has lived thoro 3 years of oi^c tliat in 
!I!hoydon,£scox,9 yGaro;\vas born at Awbroy, 
Herts. BolievoD ho io v/orth £500 and lives 
upon a fam. (Signs). 

ELRIlIGION,Francio,doooaGod,hi9 v/ill in tho 
Prorogativo Court. 

SUI TA , O^hoinas >and 

KAitB2H,ltory,sorvcnts to Francis /JLHIirGiXDII. 

iUjHlNGTON,Idr. Edward, his wifo oanQ to doponont 
PiilKSLL'S v/ifo and proosed hor voary muoh 
to porsuado him to say doooased in his lifo- 
time promiood that ha,I^vard liLHLTGaW, 
should l-iavo all his estate, 'hut PiJllffiLL told 
hor h9 Imovv no suoh mttor. 

AlJDH^H^ES.Owen.or Gray^s Inn.iliddx. »jiioq. ,agod 39» 
has lived there 20 yoarG;wao bom at CamiLr- 
von,co.Camar7on» As ho \ms coming from Sir 
Kdvrard Hi'vSSHii'S houso in Hortf ordshire, 
ELHIKGTOH»S sorvants ,Sfa!m and EtVHBBIl,cam9 
to tho coach side and said Francis i^LiaiTGODH 
had directed that likiward i:LHIKG^ION should 
A.D. not meddlo with his writings, (oigns). 

1651, COOICa, Robert, of St. Gregory 's ,London, public notary, 

a proctor of the Prerogativo Court .deposes as 
to a paper found in the deceased's pocket 
after his death. (Signs). 





lj01OX)M,DiilVOiT. . Tho Solgure of the *' 31esslnfr ". 



1661. C}S;SOIil,Tinothy,of St. Holon ' s ,London»nor chant ^agod 57, 
has livod thoro 30 yoaro idopoaos as to negotiations 
for tho purcl^so of a ship. (Si^s)^ 
WIKDSOIl,llichard,prvrty to this suit. 

yL*IMT0i;,j^r,jVnthony,part-.o\m3r of tho ehip tho »»Ble38ing»\ 
I filiag tho *^7illi!^i and !Dionr,s**. 

I HISY'rHUY^IItitLlr. Garrett v^m^ongacod to %tr it© to F&lmouth, 

to byy the ship in for tho ownorG,out of the handa 
of thoso v;ho >iad taken hor. 
MELHUISH^1hora&o,who livod at Pcnryn, requested to buy 
the ehip. 

MSLHUI3H, John, tho youngrir,of St.llary AldoRiairy,Lcndon, 
drapor,aged 24;bom thoro and has livod there evor 
»inoo,8on of iir.Jchn l!i:LI2JI3H,^7ho was csked to writ3 
to his brothor (D-iOEas ,£*.t Falmouth, to buy th© said 
ship. (Signs). 

I IIISR01i,Jo3oph,of St.llartin's Orgar,merohant,agod 35, 

1 has livod thoro 4 years ,boforo that at Oollego Hill, 

London,? yoarQ;bom fet Uodbury in Devon. Was part 
owner of the goods on tho 'Villian and Thoitas". 
I (Signs). 

1 raSTOHan, Thomas, part ovmer of the same ship, 



Ditun.Pers.1916. (290) 




Aimi. Tho '^ ;/llIlam & Riehe -ird" i n Coll ision 

w ith tho "Grogory". 

(DijiziiGkTBG' ,voi.4.po:i?:L:ri v.c^uj^i^. ) 

!iX)T3?y,Johii,of Gtopnoy^Hiddx. ,KF-rinor,r.{>od 44:,hao 
livod thorc- 26 ye?>jri3, V/aa Captain or Coiamandor 
of t2i8 sliip ♦William and Richard" in the voycgo 
for Guinoy and the prji'ts thoroatoutG for a 
14 months voya^o. Shu v;as damao'od by a Dutch 
ohip,tho "3t.Grogory**. Sho v;cig 240 ton and 
carried 36 mm and no 2noro;froight £70 por month 
and no irtore, 'i^ioy had to onploy the 'benjamin" 
whon the ""v/illifLm and Richard" was diaablod by 
tho Dutch ship. - The •♦Benjrnin" of 3S0 ton and 
43 !non;froie}it i:92>103.por month, Iho "Grogory" 
and tlio ^''iV'llliiin cc Hioliard*' foil foul and drove 
down tlio river togothor tov;ards Bow Oroolc. Tho 
»Villi£m and HicJ^.ard" waa dosigaod to the port 
of Wiincombay in Guinoy; tho "Bonjr-min*' v/ont from 
Tilbtiry Kopo and novor let fall anchor till she 
oarao at Guynegi,v;hare thoy found tho »'Star" and 
wl Bristoll nan and oomo others ^linglish and Dutch. 
(Signs 1D!r?EY). 

BASSIil,Wllliaia,of St^noy^narinor^a^od 27, ^as luaster* 
inato in tha 'William and Hichard". (Sigas). 

mST» John, mas tor of the "Star" frigato. 

CUIvTI3,John/of 3tqDnoy,mrinor,agod 48* V/a3 meter's 
chief niate during the whole voyago in quoation. 

CIAHH:SON,Georgo,of Stopnoy ,iiiarinor,agod 63, deposes 
that ho built the **3onJaniin",and v/as part ownor 
of hor. (Signs). 



I BUCKS. • Sgta t a of William Long of Woobum^ 


f i:S3:iX.. ' (DIILSGU.'KS • ii^iaiiS. ,vo 1. 4:,ROBBni3 V. I£)1IG. ) 


j 1650. SLIKGSBY^i^rk^livod in llovrport Pagnoll for 20 years 

past. (Signo). 

3LlITGSBY,BJd:iTund,of Huobomo Crav7loy,Bodo. , gent. , aged 45, 
has livod thore 6 yoEtrs^bom thoro,and ia an inhabit- 
eait and froeholdor thoro. 'was foreman of tho Jury 
\9hioh brought in a vurdict againet tho supposed ^ill 
of William XOls'G* Livod at woobum 9 yoars. (Signs). 

TILCOOIvhl,iMichaGl, plaint iff in a trial at Bedford Assizes 
in July 1649, for the validity of tho will of William 

LOKG,V/illiain,docnaoGd,hia alleged will doclarod against. 
TILC0CK3, Elizabeth, siater»a dau^tor of tho docoagod. 
!I1£lYL0H, Lionel, of V»oobum,gont. ,agod 76,has livod there 
40 years, bom at 2horpo in Usaex. 'i^as an intiisate 
aoquaintrjico of William LOirG;vioitod him the n^xt day 
but one prooeding his death. Found him sitting in 
his chair in the hall of his houoo at v^oobum,and his 
-wife on a pallot by tho fire, ^/as unwilling to dis- 
oourso muoh because his w'ifo v/as so noar,who had beon 
but a oross T/oinan to him. His v^ifo presently aroso 
and rotirod farthor off in the room,and doponont asked 
hlia if ho had mado hie will, •whereto he fell a v/oeping, 
• and holding this deponent fast by tho hand,said,^1To'*, 
ho had not. Doponont after sorao littlo talk promised 
to como again, but tho second morning after, I/)NG do- 
part od this life and doponont saw hivfi no riioro. ^t the 
Assizes tho jury foujid tho supposed v/ill to bo no v/ill 
and gave in their verdict on behalf of Christopher LONG. 
Tho house called tho Woolsack is freehold and only pays 
twopence a year quit-rent to tho Jilarl of Bedford and 
fourponoe upon aay cjiarge oy death. Deceased held a 
victualling house, lands in the occupation of one SGAR- 

1 BOROUGH and leases of Crouoh Close and i)eadlands which 

I doBoended to Christopher LOKG. ^Che V/oolsack was burnt 

abofut 5 or C years ago by tho late Kings forces. OSmt 

I 3!I16IJNT0N and GUHISY v/ere ancient and intimate frienda 

I one to tho other. (Signs). 

( Dxm^rs^l^lG, (292) 

S'JRllSY, ^ro^Snolling and hor IJ.nd rod> 

1651 }^Hi>i,;»HIlon»of Kinf^Gton^Siirroy^v/idc^v.agcd 60, has 

livod thcro 12 yci'.rojboni at lliohmond^dopOBOD. 

SI'CSLLIl'Gt/iarGnrcttdiod at iCiiigs ton ^ about Ij^ years 
ago fin the houco of x.:ary CIUj-AiLIj./COi)* Hocoivod 
£5 annuity frori hor coualia SP^TC-^UU 

3Pi2?0^-^l,I^r[^*rot» cousin to UrcSr'ilLLIHGjlivos at 
HarVory in wars.'iclcahiro. 

^a!3:;O0I2;>Diiiah>v7ife of John, of iOncoton^coopor, 
agod 60^hr~e livod thoro 15 yo or a; was "bom et 
Wollaston in L'orthtonshiro, Kor dau^htor laia- 
aboth V,}i:0'BXO/L^ and lY^roolf noighbours and 
frionds of .irD.SITluliLIKG. 

*UiU-iras%John»and his >7if .'jrto v;lion ilrG»^:r.^IirG (T-vod 
money. :irs./i>U^?12! said ..J:•G•'J•^^i^,Il•G♦3 '^ndrod 
would do nothing f or hnr; **iio ,not tho C0{r{?l'>^- 
oyiid Iady",inoanins Lr,dy ^X-UniHTwVa-LOx^hr'r IdLnsroraan. 
Such wox^e struck so to hor hoart that sho thought 
it would bo hor doath. 

SCUBAllOi^, Joanna poor ^noody ^v/orian^of littlo or no 
reputation, mid much given to tippling and drinfc- 
ing;a blaok,thick»ahort vonan, 

WiSTBIKKDiai^IilisabothpOf Kingutcn.apinstor^agod 19, 
bom thero. 2ays that^hor godMthor, 
■ diod in Pobruary 1649. Doponont'o brothor- in-law 
was eont for to writo a will^but -nona tmu mado. 

CHUtL}2iVX)0]),iIar:7,wifo of HQnry,of Kingo ton, chandler, 
a^d 54, lias lived tiioro 12 yoars r.ras bom at 
Wootton. Urs.SKrlTJilNG livod four years in her hous« 
and diod thore. ;.lr«31SH0P vas fetchod to imke hor 
will. Sho 2*ocoivod £5 of an annuity fr<Hn TJiomas 
SPSI<CiLR'3 v7ifo. (Signs). 

BUTL!2R,John,of Harbury ,\ya}^'\ ,{>ent. ^aged 4o,iia» lived 
thore 20 yoars,bom at 3trp,tf ord-on-Avon^daposes 
that Llargarot SPBTJOEH io dau{:^ter of 'Bioraas SPET0B3, 
a near kinaoon of :iJargaret SITIILLIITG. Deponent re- 
ceived tho r(3nt3 of tho manor of iUngv/ood from which 
Mrs.SiniLLIHG'S annuity \Ta a paid. (^igns;. 
Dr»m.Por8.1916. (293) 

KiJIDON & ♦ Jolm ?afton,distmotod In hia vats > 

Joni^. ♦NOHTII!?, , (DKIJiG^.^/^' :^.I3. , vol.4, TUF'ID:: v.TO^ , 
£10. ,SmFPS. 

,650. KU>ii,iidward,of at.Olencnt Danos Jiiddx^ ,agf>d 23,haB 

lived thoro 7 wee'krs , before tJiat in tho i>aris}i of 
n Salloon,oo. 0$imbridgo,5 yo^^rsj'bom r.t \/intorbiirne, 

n CO. York, (Signs ). 

l\- ?QFTON,Sir Hmf roy ,pro3ont in Court when tho ^rant of 

Aduiinistr^ttion v;as mado, Co\irt hold in tho dining- 
room in Doctors*' Oorajuons, 
HUI)DL?i:3T0IT,Lady & Sir Hob ort, attended in Court by 
doponont KIDil. 

2UFT01T,John»docor,sGd. Adnini strati on of his goods granted 
in tho ProrogutivQ Court to liro. Fr^.ncoo KJF^O^bl. Y/as 
^ dictrtictod in hie witti. 

a«alR10??,?iOgindd,of .laidtjtono^Kont ,agGd rS^has lived 
thoro 6 yoar6,bom t^t Biulor's ?ur5',co.lTorthi;mpton. 
Is doraootic servant of Ijir Humfroy ITQFTOH r^nd rooeivos 
i..D. £6 por annuia. (ciigns). 

1S51 P32>L3y,Huinfroy,of tho Chartorhouso Ya rd, London, gont. ,agod 

53, servant to tho Countess of Itat land, with v;hoin ho hath 
i • lived 2Z years ;bom in tho town of Stafford. V/as omploy- 

od by tho Countoss to look &ftor John TUF'IOII,v/ho diod 
» in Jan. 1649. He lived and died at tho Millb&nk in 7/oat- 

I lainstor in a house which wao hie aTn and v;as oxoooding 

! troublooome to all that camo about hiin. Ho had a oon, 

and hi3 wif e ,Lirs. Frsaicos aOTTOH,v;as big v/ith child, but 
! no provision v;as made for the children in tho pretended 

1 will, The Cotmteas of HUTIAIID was aunt to the docoased. 

I He wac of lumpish, melancholy carriage ,iiir. king otrang© 

j faces, and but little discourso could ever be drrivm from him, 

i (Signs), 

■ OTHirilR,Dr. ,\vho lived about Drary Lano,decea3ed»s physician. 

_ PKilGSOli.Dr. ,v;ho livod in the Old Bailoy ,dQCoaoGd physician. 
' A!iS:iiT,Johi:i,of the Ch?.rterhouse Yard, aged 22, servant to the 
I Countoss of »JJ!rL*kIiJ,Y/iiere he iiath lived eleven years; bom , 

j at Kaythome 6n Leicostarshire. Visited the deceased 

j freq^uontly,by order of the Countess. (Signs). 

I Dram. Per 6. 1916. (294) 

;K3X)N & lillXDK. , An Usher of ■^/OBtrfiinator School, 

^ICiiSTEHSHLaS- (HDw'i; DliPOaiTIOrTS. Bundlo 1674* ) 

PIDIX)CiQi vorsus 1^23. 

i A.D. 

1756. GIl4'^jmTH3i:^rd t^gont to iiir.HILL of tho Six Olorto* 

Off iCG, London, G 31 tlori3an,aged 40,dGp<:»os e.G to 
oopios of a ilortga^o datod 28 Llay 1743, and tho 
Hogistor of Burial of v/illicm KY2a in tho parish 
of St.Goorgo,3outhi7arlc. (Signs). 
l!EB^K\JTl}fl'£^rir9Vfi(X(y:ita(^od 60, living at tho Horso Perrjr, 
liillhaaik:, in tho parioh of St. Jobn,v/03tnin3tor. 
Knovro hor huslxmd paid rent to Daniol HBAL^il ^who 
diod in 1743. llae soon williani KX'I^ and iiary his 
\fifo;"boliovos thoy aro df)ad. Hor husband took tho 
prornieos at the Horsoforry in ^.liohaolinas 1742. (Sigao). 
'aUimilLL»Pot<3r,of Garliok Hill in tho parioh of St. 
Jmnoo ,Garliok Hi the , London, surgoon^agod 60,kno?fa 
Mr. Thomas IvY!I5i,an uahor at Voctminstor Sohool^&nd 
Sarah^daughtor of I^aiy ICf!na^eac>a©ed. (Si^ao). 
BiLUJOHAlLlP, John, late of Birohin Lano ^cutlor^deooaeod, 
msLrriod Potor S^^IITTHILL'S sietor and diod several 
years sinco. Had. tv/o dau^tero Mary and Margarot. 
Km »Mary, wife of William, dau^tor of John BKAUGEAUP 

by Peter SklllZ-iILL'S sistor. 
OE£a,jrohn,of Molb0umo,3>3rby9. ,aohoolraa8tor,agod 36, 
new/ "Inning" at tho sign of ^'Ben Johnoon's Hood" 
in Witch Stru0t,'^orbniin0ter, Knows John PiraX)QKEl, 
the complainant , trad has known him for 20 years, 
iaiovf V/illiam KYIE and I^ry hig v/ifo,thea of Ashby- 
d^-Ojk-AouchJLi^lc^ ,^b<mt 14 or 15 years ago ^ond saw 
& dood soalod and dolivorodjby th^^and jOoonard 
-p-UXDOCiCa, - (Signs). 

i>ram,J>WP»^916, (295) 

BEHKSHIEB. The :-Ianor of 2: i It on, Berks . 

(Exchequer Depos itions ,8 V/m* 1 1 1.. Trinity 13) 

GAJLm»Paul,tho elder,son of RobDrt G/i.LTON, of Milton, 
. Berks. Vvas Beir^ed at Abiiigdon for dobt which 

otight to havo boon paid by Paul G/^LjOOit*,the younger. 

YAmiAlI paid the Sheriff out. 
(3AL!K)N, Paul, the youngor,took possession of the mnor 

of Milton 5n 16a8,r;hich Y/'.TE.IAIT ^nas esmployed to 

eoll for £14000 v/ith tho r.dvwocn of tlio roctory. 

\7illiam JI^xNEl^IJ l^isq. ,bid £11000. 
Piiyi'Q,John,of Abir^ don, apothecary, acred 68,]mew ■Dhome 

HDLT Esq. ,aiid ^,,illla,n BHIDG:3S and John FilSJIlI^all 

since dead* 

KaTCHi:SID3,Jarrx^3 ,of ^.utt on Courtney ,yoorGfin , aged 4-0, 
on 8 December 1694 purch5;<jod of Paul G/OiTOK the 
elder and Paul CALTO)? tho yovLagor,a piece of land 
in Hilton calloc. Tne' Bo^'n,and paid £430 for it at 
their direction to ilrs.Uary HOBBY. 

SPICi2H, Augustine, of Bast Hend. red, yeoman, aged 60, 
Imcw the Upper Farm and Great Hale raeadov/, 

FULL}jR,Thoim£j,of LLilton,yea:iin ,aeod 24. His father 
John FULLiia purchased ground called Horsobrook 
pioco of Paul a'JiK)N the elder. When tho goods 
were seized Paul CALTOH tho younger \vont to hia 
mother in lav;»s house in Hilton and there dwelt, 
but Paul CALIDN the elder's v/ife continued in tho 
roanoion houBO. 

CX)OIIB,Ja^-s,of Uilton^7oaran,agod 60, says the re- 
version of his brother lEhoiDas 000133 living was 
sold for £265. The whole estate in ^iilton 
settled vtpon Paul CALQD21 tho younger v/as worth 
about £450 per annum. 

Dram. Pors. ,1916. * (296) 

The luanor of UiltQn,Ber]a3> (cont^ > ) 

1696, Y^I!BL£AaT, Francis , of Iiarwell,gent. ,a^'ed 45, says that 

eboTit St.Andrev/'s tide in 1694, when execution was 
levied upon Paul CALTOIT the elder's goods , ho was 
not in the house, "but his wife sent for deponent 
and desired hirn to iDuy of the Sheriff's officers 
the bed and hc^dding upon which she lj:iy,\7hich he 
did end lent tho same to her. Her husband vrq 
BlraliCing up and dov:n in the neighbourhood and 
often lay there aiid tho wife conbim;ed there till 
after Cliristrnas. It was said tho son turned his 
fathar and mother out of doors* Iladam a^LTON and 
hor husband had neither victuals nor drink but 
what v/as sent them by their neighbours. One day 
in the £Toat house at Mi It on ,vv hen v/itness ^vas 
present ,IAr. GAL TOir the elder took up a copper pot 
in his hands and tlie son took up a chair ^ on which 
the father said the son v/as a co^vard,and dare not 
fight hiia v/ith a sword. Upon which ho ran upstairs 
to fetch his sword and the son reached a rusty 
sword from the bacon rack and went to v/hetting it 
on the side of the chiraney,ran after his father 
to tho stairs* foot find said ho v;ould prick his 
pudding ,but was prevented b^;^ John irV7JIS,a bailiff 
then in possession. Tho father Iiath been since 
maintained by the charity of the IXiko of 30L10IT, 
and his wife by hor sister tho Lady EVSLYIT. Sia 
son has sold £600 \Torth of timber and £5000 worth 
of land since coining into the estate. 

GK)Vi3»Thoi2as,of S te ve n ton ,yecr;an, aged 50,deposes. 

UIikLLB0!T3,Henrjr,of Steve nt on ,ye onTvn , deposes tha.t in 
1694 his brother, novv dead, purchased the Middle 
Pari!) and land for near £1700. 

SHKHiVOOD, Richard, of Gilbomes (in Sutton Courtney), 
gent. , aged 67 knew Robert Gb.LK)H the father of 
Paul, the elder,and the Manors of Milton and 
Sutton,and tlmt Paul, tho eldor^settled £500 per 
ennum on Paul > tho j/cunger. 

Dram.Pora. ,1916. 


I*B1CESQ!ER. Sufferiiyys of Pr.HQldon . 

(iffiLEOLIEiiJS' EOMS, vol, 8, HDLDE^f v.OMT) 

1662. EOLDEU^Dr, John,l]ad axcooding groat siifferings 
and exponsos in suits of lav? occasionod by 
Sir John 0*/Jl]. Ko was administrator for 
John H/iViJ}^, 
?IIO}^3Y,v/illiam,of the Middle Temple, London, 
Esquiro .aged 32, son of Chriotophor,to whom 
Dr»II0LDI21I a/od £300. V/as born at Holt,co. 
Loicester,and is a comcillor at law, resi- 
dent in tho LlicidlG ?emplo and worth £5000, 
(Signs TI-IURSBY). 
GOUGH,Francis,of St. Botolph^i-ldorsgato, London, 
8ilkraan,citizGn and morcc r,a£3Bd 60, has 
lived thoro aovon years. Dr. HOLDl-iHI, after 
tho stirrGi^or of Oxford ,v;as arrested at the 
suit of Philip I JjSOK, servant of John 
HaVBHS. Deponent was bom in St. Giles, 
Cripplogato,Loi:idon,and lived in Choapside 
niany years before ho went to live in Alder^- 
gato street. Is v/orth £100. Dr.HOLDEK 
his mother's sister*s son. (Sifpis GOEFEj. 

Dram^Pors. ,1.916 


IjONJX)H , y/itnesa to an Indenture . 


(Delogates* Ikams^vol, 8,fo.39,H0LT v.BAlTICBS ) . 


1663. VI0L3T7» Thorns, nav decaased, sealed an Indenture dated 
1661, to Mr. Alexander HOLT. 

BULLM,RaiidlG,of St.I^ary V/oolnoth,London,goldsmith, 
aged 29, has lived there 6 years , deposes as to 
Tiiomas VlOIiiTT. 

BKIS3.%^Ji:iT, Nicholas, of St.l-lary Abchuroh,merchant~ 
taylor,ae:ed 50, has lived there 6 months, and before 
that in the parish of St. Edmund the King, seven 
years or more; deposes that the Recognizance dated 
2 Coto^er 1661 is on record in Chancery. (Signs). 

SCAHISBHICI\jil,Thorr£is,has served in the family of Ilr. 
Alexander HOLT of St.M arj' Vioolnoth, those two years, 
is aged 20,andv/as born at Scarisbriok in Lanca- 
ehiro; deposes as. to the Kecognizance. (Signs), 

GOLDSTOIT,Heniy ,of St. Mary V/oolnoth,^;oldsmi th,agod 24, 
has lived there 14 years and was born in the city 
of London; was a v/itness v/ith John v/EDGvVCOD, to the 
indenture named. (Sig^is). 

HANTS. Procrastination of William WI LTSHIHS. 

(Dolegatos* ji!caras,vol.8 ,fo. 565 ,mLS v. v/ILT3HIH3) . 


1666. 7/ILT3HIIG,7/illiaia,deceased,put off the execution of his 
will "UDitil it was too late. The la^Tyer called several 
times, but he was too ill to see hlfB,or he was re- 
fused by the people of the house. 
BAL3,Williarii, cousin to V/illiam V/ILTSHIHB, appointed his 
oxecut or. 

TIU.FFli:3,Ildv/'ard,of v;inchester,no taiy public, aged 51, 
took instructions for the will of V/illiam WILTSHIHS. 
Believes Mr.i:}ALjj,thin.lcing the will would be to his 
disadvantage, did not desire the perfecting thereof. 

Dram.Pers, ,1916, 


lOlTDOH, Sir Jol) IIA..RBY and his Holations . 

SUHHUY. (Delegates' Ibcams ,vol.e,ff.597,516,}UPj3Y v.ILlRSY). 

1664. HABBY,3ir Job ,dol iverod a papor to ri03S:-Mdated 28 May 
1662, declaring it to be his last will, written with 
his avn }iand, sealed and declared bofore witnesses, 
and rcalcing his Y/if e,]Oa!ne ;::)li2abGth,his sole execu- 
trix, Pie sent his servant Jiobert 35.UIBB,for it on 
or about the day on ¥;hich ho died. Ho v;as a person 
Of veiy sound and solid judgraent. (Signs). 
M03SS Jienr^r , of 3t . ichaol , Cornhi 11 » Lend on , notary public , 
aged 50, ins lived there 40 years; deposes as to Sir 
Job WuWi'S will bein/^ lianded to him at his house on 

SQ.UI33, Robe rt , of 'yallington, Surrey, f;ent. , aged 25, has 
lived there i?!7Q years. Says that in I>jceo2iber 1660, 
Sir Job lodged at l^lr . DOV/LjJS * house in Great Wood 
Street , London; deponent lived about four years with 
him as his servant and witnessed his will. In L'lay 
1662 Sir Job was in his house in Colemn Streotjin 
his study. (Signs). 

P000CK,}1o^er,of Bas sis haw ^London, mar chant ,aGed 37, has 
lived tl-ioro 4 years jsays that Sir Drasmjis HAPJiY was 
only son of Sir Job,snd Hebecoah was daughter of 
Sir Job. Ho died 3 April 1663. He and his wife lived 
together in a voiy affect ions.te manner, as rmn and 
• v/ifo ought to do* Kho.'7S Henry MOSSB ia a person of 
good and honest name and farne. 

COLLADOKjSir Jto, first pliysician to Kin^ Charles II. 
and the Dowa^jer Queen, aged 50, transacted several 
affairs concerning the estate of Sir Job 11/iPBY and 
received a general acquittance from Dame lilizabeth. 

WEDDBLL, Robert, of St. Olave ,Hart street ,fishinonger, aged 
42,has lived there a year,to6w Sir Job H/uxBY and 
Daiae Elisabeth about seven years. (Signs). 

WILD,Hicholas,of St. Catherine Cree church, merchant, aged 
45, lias lived there ten years; is a inember of the 
conrpany of Ironmongers of London and knew Sir Job 
to be a member. (Signs Y/YLD}i;). 

Dram. Pers^ ,1916. (300) 

LOIIDOH Sc MIDDX« , Captain Roger Garland o f the ?/est Gountiy. 

1X)R3ET,DUHFJJ.I, (Delegates' Ejcains, vol, 6 ,ff .371,447,467). 



1664, GARL/UQ, Captain Roger, of Stopney ,rQade his will 20 toy 1664, 
the day before he died,ment ioning his nephew Robert, 
After t}.io V/t5st Country langmgo when he approved a thing 
done to his mind, he said,"^i/hy it is right". A man of 
considerable estate. Robert was his brother's son. 

GRDilTCS ,Abraha'n,of LiraGhouse,in Stepney , shipbuilder, aged 48, 
hao lived there 47 years, and was bom there. Says he 
called on GARLAND at his house in Stepney, the day before 
he died. (Signs). 

\7ILLIAidS03T,ivIr. r;drn6nd,the scrivener , present in the room when 
GlBi;VrlS called , taking instructions for GARLAl^'D'S will, 
who told him and GRoAVITJ and Mr. William WILLIAiiS to go 
dormstairs and the servant maid Mary OLI^KR would set 
out the gsinmon of bacon, which they did accordingly. 

BAYLY, Captain Simon, of Manuden ,};;ssex,aged 44, has lived there 
nine months and before that in Stepney 20 years, born iH 
Lyme Regis , Dorset . V/as present in the c?iaraber when GAR- 
lAKD died end Y/ILLIAi.iSOiT brought the sheets of paper to 
bo sigiiod, GARLAITD was accounted to be worth £6000 or 
£7000; several bags of money in his house, said to contain 
£800 or £850, all of which, ho believes , came into possess- 
ion of Mr .William V/ ILL LUIS, party in this suit. Robert 
GAiU/JH) is accounted to be eldest son of deceased's 
eldest brother. Walkiiig with v/ILLIiL5.IS0H tov/ards Stepney 
the latter said , "Sure ,0a pt. GARLilTD was not in his right 
senses when ho gave his br other, Capt. WILLS, so much I". 
Hrs.V/ILLS feared the Captain would die before he ratified 
the alterations in his will. (Signs). 

Dram.Pors. ,1916. 


Oaptaln Boger Garland of the iTost Oountry. (contd> ) 

1664. BAYIiY,Hachael,v/ife of the said Gimon^aged 40, has boon 
laarried 20 years; lived noxt door to Hogor G/J^LiUH) 
at StGfpney, and hDA a door leading into his houso. 
YIG^J^, Catharine, of 3t gpney , spinster, aged aOjlia.s lived 
thero 3 years ^bof or o in South\va,rk for 6 manths^.bom 
at i^aby in the Bishopric of Durhaia. Says that when 
YflLLI/JISOIT cario to Hogor GiUUA^D'lj house to mako 
his will ho was sent for by lirs. B/*.YLY without GAH- 
lAITD'S lQicw;led{^. Robert GLlFtldllD v/as at that time 
at Lisbon in Portugal. Hi's.V/ILLS was sistor to 
Francos GAPJiUTD. Doooased often sent fruit to hor 
and suoh thing-s of small value and throe pair of 
old gloves which \rerQ his late wifo's* He paid Llrs, 
lAKCASTI'IR £75 due to her out of a £100 br^, which ho 
said was all in half-orcrms; called ilrs/wIIlS a dis- 
sembling jado. 

OLIVliiiwIaary ,of ^topnoy, spins tor, aged 49 , has lived there 
25 years; born at I>unstor in Somerset, Says that the 
apothecary's man camo v/ith some things, ordered by 
Dr.BURNi3T,and brought a bill with him. Ulie room in 
which GkPJJ-dlD lay was a very la rig e room and liad 
v/ooden window shutters , which wore all open. l^ie 
scrivener lives in Gracious Street, 

Drain. Pors. ,1916. 



MIBDIiSSSC, Uarried at th-3 Towor of London loy a Homish Priest. 

NOHTIIUI^BLD. (Deleii-^^tt^s • >:xams ,vol. 8 ,f f • 29 ,158 . GIBBS v. Dlil^lSHDDS ) . 

1663, 0OLLUF?,i:iizalDGth CIBB alias, hor husband , Dr. J olrn COLLUP 
alias BOSo.VfILL, utterly/ disclairaod any interost in her 
goods after her death, saying that they pi?.rtGd long 
before and ha loft hgr fr3e to dispose of her goods 
at twT c»7n will and pleasure. 

HUM:di,A2ma,of St.Martin's in the Fields , London , spins tor, 
aged 4-0, has iivod thero 23 years ,doposos as to Dr. 
COLLtJPP atid Mrs.GI":iB3,th(jir alleged marriage. {Signs}. 

H&JLLY, Col Olio 1 William ^witness to the separation. Of tli© 
City of Lend on,. H)sq. ,ag3d 54, has lived there 3 months , 
bofcre that in Kensington. Lodged in her house and 
accompanied IvIrs.GIBBo to Dr. COLLUPP'S house to demand 
a release from hL^n as to the pretended marriage , she 
haying found hew she had been abused and deeelved by 
him. Hot him at the "Hose" tavern in Covent Garden. 
2hqy said they hs.d been married in the Tower of 
London by a Romish priest. (Signs W'lLY). 

DE[.0j5K)Diil, Mr* J cto, engaged in the King's Service, a credi- 
tor of Slizabsth GIBSS. 

ND/jKOUSS,x-'iary jT/ife of V/illisan,of St^Martin's in the 
Fields, gent . ,aged 35, has been rsarried 6 years and 
has lived there with her husband 6. months; before 
tliat in Goodrann's Fi8lds,V/hitechapel,2 years, before 
that in St.Andi'ew,Holbom,4 years, before that at 
Hull , CO. York, two years; born at Morpeth,lTorthd. 
Deposes that at Bartholomew time last she went 
with IIrs.rrO"i£E to Dr. COLLOP'S house in Well ClSse or 
Well Y ard,near Christ Chur oh Hospital. Dr.COLLOP 
said to Ivlrs. HCMH, '^Madame ,it is long ag'O since I 
disowned » her", meaning the said Elizabeth GIBBS, 
•♦and all tliat vras hers, and if she had left £10,000 
I would not desire to possess one farthing of it". 

Dram. Pers., 1916. 


Married at the Tavor of London by a Homish Priest , (contd^ ) 

1663. *W6 gavo oach otlior roloaao in tho presonoo of Colonel 

Bolievos they wore accounted "both Papists and 
were mrricd by a Homan Priest. Br.COLLOP formerly 
lived noar Blactooll Hjill and moved to the place 
aforesaid. (Signs). 

lONDON, The Relatives of El izaboth Acton . 

SUFFOLK, {Dclegatos* libcaras ,vol. 8 ,fo. 567 .B.^ND versus BIRD). 

1666. Bl-^I^lDtWilliam.j-iisq. ,iuicle of "Slizaboth AC!IDN,deooasod,that 
is, her mother Anne*3 brother. 
AOTOH,j^li^ab0th,died in "mir minority. Dispute about her 

BBHIiVE.Honiy ,agod 23, in the family of John ALI^/ORIH of 
All IIallavs,Hon8y Jjano ,LoiKion,for 8 years. (Is sister^s 
eon of Henry BIl0K3), crO3sod out ), (oi^^s). 

BIRD, Thorns, married into the fa^iiil^/ of \ailiam BROND. 

BIRDjJanx s ,5on of Elizabeth ACTOH*S aunt. 

BA.CX)N,Abrahaii,of 0 BQs:ford,auf fol}c,c loth i or, aged 30, born 
there. Deposes that he knev; Elizabeth AG'TOIf fran 
childhood. (Sisas). 


LONDON, !ghe Codicil to Jchn Barker^s VMll. 

SUS3I2X. (Delegates • *^:a!ii3,vol.6,fo. 557,BkPa':BH v. YAHDLIiJY). 

1666. BLRKLIR,jQhn,of St. Saviour 's jSoutlavarlCjiJurrey. His house 
on St.llargarot's Hill. Testimony as to hav he made a 
Codicil to his will. 
3URFLj:TT,v;illiam,of 3t. Saviour '8,3 out jx.mrk, Surrey ,agod 20, 
living \'7ith Francis BUNTING of tho same, scrivener, these 
three yoars, before that in St.Olave^s pari6h,\vhGre he 
was bom. Says tiicvt he was desired by Ivlr. VAICij to come to 
the house of Jolm Bi\.RIGH,in the p^irish of St. Saviour 'e , 
on Srd.Jcnuary last, to write a Codicil. (Signs). 


Drain.Per8» ,1916. 


ghe Coiicil to John Sarkor's vail , ( oontd, ) 

1666. BAIUGi3Il,GoorcQ,prosont \7hon the Codicil to John BA^MR^S 
Y/ill was mado. John caid ho had run him out £200 
alro/idy ami would £;ivo him no moro. 

B0UCKIj::^,J(5in,of St, Giles ♦ ,Cripplegato,London,oitizon 
and cutlor,a^cd 33»hae livod there 4 yoars; beforo 
that in St.LIary Abchurch,5 year a , and bsforo that in 
St.Miohael »Cornhill,4 years; horn near 3t.I-Iagnvi3 , 
London. Dro\v up John MBl'^ll'S will 31 Doc. 1665. 
(SiS'US Ba.CK"jH), 

YiuiDLiiIY,iUchard and iiidward* oxocutors of John BAEKSIi, 
Helped him very much towards the raising of his 
^ ostato. 

B11IiJT,Bornice,of St. Saviour *s ,s^'od 25, has livod thero 
11 months,* before that at Croydon a yoar.aiid before 
that at Lowes in SussQx,sinco sho \7as born; born at 
Alton^IIants. Livod in house with John B^l^IlR, John 
ilYLLZTT and Robert DALE v;oro in tho roan v/}ion the 
Codicil was mado. It 7/ as handed to hor^this de- 
ponent, to put av/ay. 

OOLLIlIS,Ihoms,ae*od £3,hfi8 been in the farnily of John 
30^i/CHirilH those six months; beforo that at Chiches- 
ter in Sussax,v/horG he v.tis born* ToOlc tho engrossed 
copy of tho v/ill to Jdm B/Jli;:ivil*S house, who exoou- 
tod it in the prosonoo of iir. Mward yAI^LKY and 
Pxndonce his wife. Sittin^^ by tho fire ho signed 
and sealod it. (Siens). 

DrsE2.Pors. ,1916. 



V/K3 , IIJ jpj;:F , GLOUO , A Oloxd of v^itnegsOB. 

N0RI'HD,HU1JTIT,BUCKS , (Deloc^xtos ' Zxama ,vol. 0 , f f . 43 ,157 ) . 
NOBFOK , YOmiB , CAIvfiS , I^JOR ve rsus JQll?.S . 

1663. PlYIO,iiJnoa,formGr husband of Anno JOIlIiiS alias PAYITE, 
on his bad of sicloiGss v/horeof he cliod , expressed 
his great disliVie of Thorns JSAJ0ri,hi9 son-in-l3.w, 
&nd advised his v/lfe to rnarry an honest rmn whom 
sho might trust with hor estate and hor small 
children. Anno was a v/idov/ 10 or 12 months and' 
Harried Humphr^T- J0K:-;3 who was gone into the coun- 
try tov^.xirds Dcnbi£:hshiro whon sha foil sick and 

BIHC>liA>s\Villiam,of 3t. Giles ,Cripplof{:p.tQ, London, citizen 
and goldsmith ,s,gGd 25, lias livod there 6 years? born 
in Ackenbury jHurefordsh ire , deposes as to Amos PAYIIB 
v/ith v/hom he lived as ser-*/ant 6 or 7 years. Works 
at v/ire drav/ing or flatting of silver and is worth 
£60 in ready money. (Signs). 

MAJOH/Siomasia man whose v/ays were not right. Ho and 
Jonnan iI^JOR,his father, endeavoured to overreach 
PAYITi] in £1000 in the Articles of Marriage between 
Ihoraas iJAJOR and Sarsih PA^B. 

YiiMlkX ilHr. a scrivener,v;a3 always employed by 

. Anne PAYlf-i in the mar^ement of her affairs, and did 
over deal very faithfully and carefully. 

PLSTOHEB, Mark, not likely to be employed in drawing up 
a ^ill; v;as on apprentice to the trade of heel- 
making. Game into a house in Moorfields where 
Humi^hrojr tTOITES was with other canpan3r and declared 
that Anne JOMS -.vas not compos mentis when she mado 
her preteirided vdll. 

^nCiilLEH^Arthur ,of Cle rkmv; ell, gen t. , aged 54, Ms lived 
tliere 16 years; bom at Iver, Bucks. Keeps a vie- 
taualling house and is a servant to the jQarl of 
Not t inghara. (S igns ) . 

Dram.PerB. ,1916, 


A Oloud of Witnosseg^ (contd. ) 

1665. CORI^I'iLIUS»GilbGrt ,an a lohouso -keeper, with Llark FLETCIISH, 
drov; up the will^sliutting tho chiiiiibei^ door and deny- 
ing e&i trance to all persons. 
HILL, John, of!iclia6l,\7ood Street ,citison and gold- 
woa,vGr,aged 4 9, bos livod thero 20 years, boim in the 
city of London. Dined at IH-ioima AyiA.JOH'3 houoo v^hon 
his brot/icr~in-lav;»Hr. lhoma.s SV/;U\^/viCK,camo in* 
GILL,Clmrloe,of St. Giles ,Drary Lano ^ gent. , aged 54, hag 
livod there a yoar and boforo that in the oity of 
V/ostniinstcr for 7 years; bom at 3hGlf ord,CaiDbs. 
^Valking in iJoorfields with FL}^TCH:i:^ and COI^^l^LIUS, 
.FLdIKJIIKII produced a quaJitity of go Id, about 20 or 30 
I piocos,put up in a purse v/rought v;ith bugles ,v/ith 

I tasGols at the corners and linod v/ith rod aillc, which 

J ho declared he h'-id for making tho will of Urs^Anne 

I J0KI:i3,and did applaud and glory in his . own \^it and 

oontrivanc0,aiid doclarod he was to roceivo much moro. 
Deponent is v?orth £500 or £400. (3ij:,ais). 
PStUi ,^id\7ard,of Hawteston.Cambs. ,innholder jaa'od 30,}ma 
livod thero 8 years; was bom at Oolcho0tor,Essox, 
I Was present in Long ii.ll(^ , Mo or fields ,\7hGn tho gold 

I was Bhewn. 

I HAIiHIG.Hiclmrd.of St.aicliaol ,\7ood Straot , citizen and 

I • 6rocor,aged 64 , has livod thero 40 years, bom at 

I 2borton, CO. Gloucester. Harried a sistor of tho said 

I Anno J0Hi:a alias PAYri::!. (Signs). 

I J0NB3 ,Hobert ,of St. Giles ,Cripploga.te,gont. ,agod 22, has 

I lived thero 10 months; befoi'o that fo-^ three years 

I in Norwich; born in co.iJlerioneth. i)epos0S that 

I T^iOinas 3'/»;A1^'/ICK imoi John WOOD mrriod !Ehoraas MAJOR'S 

I sisters, and AmOB B^Yli;.' is M^JOH'3 wife's brother, 

I (p. 69). Amos HiYirK being in Humphrey J0Is:I3* Icitchen, 

I declared ho would have his life, or ho his, although 

I he should fiy so von years in Hell for so doing, 

except JOKiiS would f^ive him a piece of plate. 
I Ilumphrey JOllJiiS is this deponent's father's brother, 

t I , . TSNIUITT, 

- 2)ren.Pera.,1916. (507) 

A Cloi3d of witn0830Sp (coiitd, ) 

TJiUTIM'r 0711118,111, of St. Giles ,CripplGe;ato,cordwainfjr » 
agGd 45,^15 livGd thoro 27 yo&r3,born Higli 
Bamet ,co. Horts. Is ono of tlio Shoriff of London's 
officers. (Signs). 

H/i.m<j:iy,:^d\vai'cl,of St. Giles ,CripplG£,,citison and 
h?.bordasiior,af^:ud 40,lr>.s llvod thoro 7 yetirs^bom 
at Bristol. feintains hl^nsolf by his trad© of 
w 1 re ~d raw in^:, ( 3 ir;;tis ) . 
. EUJo , :31 la B , 0 f St. ! Ja^nus , lond on , c i 1 1 z on and mo rolmnt- 
taylor,a£^ed 60, Ins livod thoro 12 years; born at 
Llandannucic,co.Mor ionetri. Is second cousin to Mr* 
J01Txi3,the part;^' producont, (31^:113). 

BivGG-ilOT»G'30rco,of tho Inner T-aiplo ,London,gont, lOno 
of the attornies of the Kin(^*B Beni^h at V/ost- 
minstortagod 27; hr.B lived in St,Alphagt),London,2 
years; before that iu St.Clomont Danos,5 years; 
born at Hovro^co.' Yor3:. Beliovos that tho protondod 
will V7as framed by fraud and \mduo practices. Is 
v^orth £1400 and is rated in tho- Subsidy Book for 
Middlosox for £1 in larjis, (Signs). 

CRilBBIii,jQlin,of V/appin^- ,Hiddl03OX,gQiit. ,aged 36, has 
livod thoro 16 months , before thi^^t in Jiorton Fol- 
gato, London, t\7o years, and before that at Bodmin, 
Corn^7all,24 years; born at Killing ton, Cornwall. 
Was on 7 Octobe:.'r,1662,at tho ♦*Blev7 Coat Boy" in 
Norton Polgate v;hon LIrs. PAr^f^'S maid came in and 
dosirod FLKTOKSH to imka haste and coma to mak© 
her mistress' will. Accoinpaniod him as 77itnes8 and 
rooornmondod C0J.^dJU3 as a scrivener »thon in tho' 
sarao house, and they all v/ont to the house of Mrs. 
Atino J"0Xi3 al las PAYIl":; near the Postei^ Gats. 
iiAJOH y*as sent for, and they went upstairs , leaving 
this deponont in the kitchen, 55\o will was madd 
Siid they v/ent to the Pope's Head 'ifc^vorn in Hocr- 
fiolds where it ^7as proposed t>iat tho will should 
be read over to the said iuine tho nezt morning ig 


Pbrs. ,1916. (308) 

A Clotd of Witnoseos, (contd. ) 

1663. phe Bhoiild live so loiig? but FLil^CKVd passionatoly 
declarod it TTas woll enoiogh aiKl v/orth £600 to him. 
OOmi.-iXrJS and PLi:'iCJli::H declarod thoy would thonco- 
forth "be s^:om brothers. Deponent keops a vic- 
tualling houso,ia one of tho l^night ilarshal*© 
officors»and is v/orth £60, his debts paid. (Signe). 

V/mtlNSOIT , 3 tophon , of ^ t . llargar e t ' 8 »Lot hbuxy » c it i 2 on 
and Vint nor, aged 32^h&.B lived thorns 3 y oars, before 
tljat in Gt. Bride's a year; bom in the city of 
London. Dopes 9S that Lieut. wIIi?ON of tho ?iminQd 
Bands, at the King^s Head 'J?avem v/ithout Bishops- 
gate, declarod that FLKTOIHilli and 00?JI.iLIU3 foil out, 
fearing that ono should have a greater reward than 
i.D. the other, (Signs). 

1664, WINKR,Jano,of St. Giles, Cripplao'ate ,sGrvant in tha 

fjimily of iilr* H\impm^ey JOrriuIi .a^-od 30,hci.8 lived there 
5 years , before that in -St.LIichaGl ,''*ood street, four 
yoars; born at 31egull in V/estmorland. Mrs.JOIIES 
lent KtxJOK £200 in tho presonco of h^-r daii^^hter 
Mary PAIif.-iJ and this deponent ,v7ho is infoiiiiod thiit 
MAJOR }ms since destroyed tho bond and donied 
borro\7in/j tho money. ilrs. JOlTIiB was a weak and 
sickly v/omn and took cold £Oing to the .'^icohequor 
Office to see if proceedings heA been entered, as 
i^kJOR said, against her husband. Was much incensed 
against hha on finding it was not t mo, and fell 
sick of the sickness whereof she died. v^'hile the 
will was being written ^lA JOll , FliS'l^CPIfiil and CO'aiNTSLIUS 
kept the door of the chainb or shut and would not 
permit any of ilrs • JOiri:iS * friends to come to her. 
The neighbom^s in tho kitchen advised I'OOH'S \7ife 
to go up and give her a cordial, or anything to 
comfort her; said they would break open the door 
and feared there vnis not fair dealing touching tho 
making of the vvill. 


Dram.p ers. ,1916. 


A Cloud of VvltnossGs, (contd> ) 

1664. JOinJS,i(£ithorine,of tha city of London#^A^idow^ (St, Giloc , 
Oripplegato, crossed out),a£$od 6G,haD lived there) 7 
years, born at Hvuitington. Is tho v/idov; of the 
produoont's brother, and livoth upon tho Iovg and 
charity of her relations »a plentiful estate being 
lately taken from her. (Sic^is)* 
GHIlElTv/AY,KebeGca,of London,spins tor , aged 22,hae livod 
thore 10 years; born at iVIor t la }^o,co. Surrey , deposes. 

i)/iVI"CS , Hie hard , of S v- . Llagnus , London , c it i zon and pow- 
teror^a^^ed 2G ,ha3 livod thoro 11 years, born in St. 
Cloraont jXinesjiJiddles^x. Sr^rvcd AldciTiian PHILLIPS 
eiz or soven years since, is a dry sal tor and ratod 
in tho book of :?ubs idles at £1 in lards. (3igns). 

JONFjOji-Iaiy ,vYifo of John, of Gt.Gile3,CripplG£,"at3,cQ^t* » 
atjcd 15 (sic), his livod thoro 7 years; born in St. 
John '^achai-y, Gutter Lajio. Anno all'sae 
v/as her motlior, ;^.;y £200 paid out to L:u».JO:i before 
her mothor's raarriagG to Ilr. Humphrey J0N/i3. Amos 
PAYl"^ is her brother aiil iunos PAYluJ,decoased,';7a3 
her fathor. 

BODmmi,Griff ith»of Lincoln's Inn^jisq. ,acod 39, has 
lived there 11 years; born e.t 3odui'da/co. Carnarvon. 
Had several meotin'js v/ith Humphrey JOKa aaid ilaric 
FLi:)TCHr.n at the "Globe" in Fl^jet Street, the ^'Golden 
Lion'Sin Fetter Lane, the "lanf^-'s Head'* without 
Biohopag8.t;o,aiid the ^ILing's Head Iim'* in the Strand. 
FL]^TCH2:iK declared what he said v/ao true, v/ith several 
dreadful oaths and execrations. He lodged in tho 
house of Capt.'i^lLCL^:?. in a lane in King Street ,V/es t- 
minstor,\vhen the Captain died. (Signs). 

LlVi:IiTD}3H,0\ven,\7as present at a difference between 
FIJCTCima and C0HI[::U.IU3 v/hon it was declared that 
one received greater bribes than the other. 


I^i^em.Pers. ,1916. 




A Cloud of V/ltnessea, (contd). 

I A.D. ^ 

r 1664. BLIi3KD.dtLuc5',of Wapping In Stopnoy ,I<IiddloBOX,v;ida^, 
i agod 42, ha 8 livod thore 20 years i born at Ted- 

j' diiiGtcn^Middlosex. Paid FLUTCIL-lIl £12 to {^ot her 

J a liconco to sell v/ino by rotail»but ho fraudu- 

? lontlj'- ^'^B hor a writ of oubpoena o\it of dato 

Instead and sworo it v/as as good a v/ine-licence 
; as could bo procured. 

J THDTTtSamuolfOf St . Leonard, Shoroditch^cit is on and 

; cordv;ainer,acGd 40, has livod thcro 13 years, born 

\ in tho tovm of Hartford. Anno v/as married to 

Himiphroy JOIT::^; about 5. or 6 vvooks boforo her last 
sio">oioss and to A^nos Pi.YlT^^i about 20 yoars* Lives 
in the sanio street as rlarlc FLu:il*CIL4H,^v]lO said he 
D ' was ixistorod by S'JAJ^/ICK and w00:;3 , brothers of 

I LIUOR. Llark FLJ^CH^.n lived at Kev/castlo-on-Oyiio, 

I romovod to Kin{-ston-upon-ThanYJ3 ,from thonco to 

I Wostmins ter.and from thorjjo to Lon^; Allay- in I»Ioor- 

I fiolds, dealt in vrinos. Was at the "Co ck- in- the- 

I V/all" in Moorf ields. Gilbort OOraTliLIUS doth now 

I koop an alehouse end dray/oth bonds and other suoh 

I writinrss as a scrivoncr, (Signs). 

Dram.P ers. ,1916. 



DISYOH, John Bre wer»a Tmdor in V/ool imd Gloth, 

SUM3Y. (Delegates* a£aiTis,voX.6,fo.571,C0PL£Y v«BHD-Vi;il). 

1666* BHj237IuR, John, traded in v/ool and cloth. Eis wife Anne, 
party to giuit,his rt.dininisti^trix,v;i th the will 

.GH3^^^DIi2r,iUchard,of St. ThomaB Apostle , London ,0 it i sen 
and skinnor i^/jGd 56; has lived thoro four montho, 
"bo for 0 t hit in Gt^lTicholrvS ,Co1g Abboy,sovon yearsj 
bom Tvt Okehanipt on, Devon. Ho n^uiaged tho affairs 
of MrD.BHi'^.l'IR after her hnr. band's d oath, end v;ith 
Mr. Bdv/ard 'JOOUiiXi^J) paid suins of nionay in discharge 
of his dohts. Is a trader in the world and thore- 
foro not bound to discovor his estfitte.aa ho be- 
lievoth. Mrs, B:;':J.;ER traded in Spanish wool. John 
BRil'^TIi:^ had ^ods at Battorsoy. (Giens). 

WOODV.'A?J),lM.v;ard,of Friday Street , London, citi 2 on and 
vintnoriar^Gd 27,dopOGOs. Ho was servant to John 
BUIi/iiR at hia death. Piiid :ir.3:iITII,hGrald-.r)4iint9r, 
for escutoheons at Hr. BJT JVEirs funoi^l,i:5, 18a,0d. j 
to ilr*BHi]X/lj)R,aonior ,to \7hora ho allowed £24 per 
annum,^6,and sovoral other ©"uma. Dwponent is by 

• • trado an oilman and v/aa born in St.Botolph^Bishops- 
e&te^ {oi^u)* 

2)wun.Pers. ,1916. 


LONDON & A Qp-nimanier in the xlmy of KXnp; Charles I . 

b*UHRi^Y,YOHi:S. (DelQ^ates ' li-caras ,vt)l. 8 ,f f . 224 ,275 ,345 ) . 

1664. GilYil':)3 jColone 1 HiQhard,dCiceased , expressed much fraternal 
Icvo and affection for i'lrB.Llritte v/ B^lGGPcW'j his sister, 
Ke was a Commsvnder in the Arn^r of the late King Char- 
les the First of blessed memory, in the late unhappy 
wars under Sir Keni^.^ 3. ^.ro, afterwards Lord BliLL-^I.IOITT. 
Ho v/as unkindly used hy his rela.tions at Pecldiam, 
meaning' 3ir Cthoinas G^r/iLl3,a 3^un{^ man of about 27, Sir 
George GPiYi.BS ,d9 ceased , and his lady, the father and 
mother of 3ir Tliomas. JUchard v/as addicted to vain 
swearing and cursing. . 

3}^lJGJV^.V:u,Hrs.IvIathev/,and her son Thomas. 3hew was sister 
to Colonel GPXri.3 and lived at BecKenham in Kent. 

LJuOiV^HD, Stephen, of Uest •./ ic kham, Kent ,3s q. ,aged .^5, bom 
tliere. Deposes as to his acquaintance v/ith Colonel 
G^RYIU^^S. (Signs Li:.I]ITAHD ) . 
• FL0w"Ii3H,'<Villimii,of So. Nicholas 01ave,Tov;er Hill,^ondon, 
gent. ,has lived there 3 months, iind before that in 
All Saints ,C rut Che d Friars, 12 months , deposes as to 
lU'/LinS' proceedings. (Signs). 

}1AV/LIHS , Lev/is , at his lolging near Covent Garden , de- 
clared th^it Colonel Richard GHYl'Ir'.S aved him £40 for 
diet , lodging ,phy3 ic ,3tc. j^amost ly asked itirs. i•.^athe\7 
B?<DG?u*Vli, in the presence of ivir . 'Thoraa.s BROG'RkT}-. and 
.his wife, to give him a release. He shup up his doors 
and left his shop and is na.v a prisoner. 

MOOIij, George , of Kor30d07,-ne in Soutlivark, Surrey ,5sq. 
aged 59,)ias lived there 3 years .before that at 
Poc>:ham 30 years ,doT) os es . (3 igns ) . 

CAJxa;; , 

Dram.Pors. ,1916. 


A Conma^ndor in the I^my op Kin{^ Clmrles 1. (contd ) . 

1664. CA.IJiQ;.^, William., of St , ClQnv3nt 's Inn, Mid dies ox, gent. , 
aged 35, has livad thoro 10 years; sa^-s that Lewis 
H/ivVLIHS came to his cliambor in Clement *s Inn and 
declared Colonel GHYII'JS was insanc3; ho had lodged 
in Hii;V LIi'13* hoi;3a. BrJ.YLIUS was not a freeman of 
the City of London and so was not permitted to 
keep open shop; he is n(^f a prisoner in the Fleet, 

GIiGGGjFrancis ,cf Clonent^g Inn, gent, jaged 58 , has 
lived there 18 years, was attorney-?vt~lav/ for Mr. 
^omas ^WG^iiiVu, (oisns GliJGG':)). 

CL j^HLCu , Sarah ,v/ i f o of 'ildraimd , o f nev; ing t o ii , S ui' r o y , g on t . 
aged 35, has livod thoro six months; born in St. 
Peter »s ,Paul*s Wharf , London. Lived at Pecldi^-m as 
attendant -upon Sir Thom-as GRYl.oS* lady. (Signs). 

AHiSTlK)jTG, John, servant i^o Sir Thomas GHYIvLiIj of Pock- 
ham, aged 33, lias lived there 4 years ,1)0 f ore that at 
Ainsford (J^jmosf ord) ,Kont ,3 years; born at Horton 
in Ribblesdale, Yorkshire. Served Colonel G'Til^ILS 
all. the: time he v/as at his nephe\7*s house at Peck- 
haTi. (Signs). 

Dram.Pors. ,1916. 


LOUDON , A Diamond Ilatbani? Sir l^ioioaa QiuMBJ^L^S Ba rgain. 
yO?J{S,HDH:C3. , (Delegates" :-iaims. vol. 8. ff. 593, 611) 



1666. BHIDGKSjIlobert,of Clay Hill in Barkingjl^Jsaex ,aged 57, has 
been in the family of Dame Idary CiwIB-riLL four j^ears, 
V/itnossed deeds exocutod "by Sir Thioraas the day before 
his death. {Si^ns). 

aiLv!BI:3LL,:^iir Thoims , deceased , settled his estate by deeds 
or v/ritinf; on ilrQ.I?achaell CiUIBjjLL,his daughter , party 
to this suit. Kor land in Kg sex worth £90 per annum, 

SA.IiaiOIT5iJine,'vvife of John, of Barkin£^husbandimn5a{;;ed 42, 
has lived there six 3^ears. Sa.ys that v/hen Hester 
CA]^iBLLL,forirer v7ife Of Sir ffliomas , lay d;^^in£;,sh9 gave 
her a key to a little trunk wherein were several 
je^v6lg and piecee of go Id, but Mrs.Bachaell took the 
key while llrs. Hester lay senseless and possessed her- 
self of the same. Believes Sir Tliomas liad a good 
estate v/ith her v/hon he imrried Hester OORSKLLIS. 

FAlTSliAl/, Henry, of 3 1. Andrew, Kolborn, Kcq. , aged 30, believes 
Dame Ilachaell GiJiBJJLL settled on Mrs.Rachaell O^vii^rSIuLL 
landa in Stambourno ,I)ssex,*^orth £40 a year, and she 
had lands in Yorkshire given her by hor father worth 
£400 or £500 a year. Ihat Daiao Kachaell survived her 
husband 3ir James and made Sir Ihonias one of her 
exeoutors. She gave Sir Thoraas £1000 to^r/ards pur- 
chasing the manor of Woodgrange. Has heard there 
^va8 a suit touching the lands in Yorkshire between 
Sir :ehcma8 GAI-IBliLL and Sir axioms ABDY. (Signs). 
* . QTJIIITIH,Hichard ,of Hii.m,i:.3sex ,citlson aod goldsmith of 

. London, a.ged 4-8, says that at the time of his marriage 
to her Sir 7nomas settled the riKnor of Clayhill upon 
, Dame HaTir as her jointure, and upon his heirs after 
hor decease. Sir Thomas took the diamond hatband 
from his dai^^htor Hachael in exchange for some other 
Jewels. It might be sold for about £50, being cut of 
fashion. (Signs QUINTYinul) . 


Dram. Pars. |1916, 


A Diamond Ilafband: Sir Thoioas CdJ/IBijllL * 3 Bargain, (contd, ) 


1666. SMI5IH:,AlicQ,of \7an3tead,x)ssGX,v;idov/,aged 60,ha3 lived 

there t.velvo yoaro; born in tho city of London; eaya 
that Sir Ti-iom^iS often declared that Hester COi^HLLIS, 
his first wife, mother of Hachaol ,v;as worth to him in 
portion ah out £6X0. (Signs). 
B0CCAIlD,Doroth^',ag'6d 28,vifo of Luke, of St . Ja»noa MXik©»8 
Place ,hop-rQo reliant , has lived tliore 4 months , before 
thfit in St. Stephen ^ s ,Ck)lernan Street, 2 years; born at 
**Godl iinan *' in Surrey, says tliat Sir Pnoinas asked Raohael 
to part with the hatb^.nd of diaraonds to raalce a ^ewel 
thereof to present to Dame I,]ar3^,to whom he was then a 
suitor in the way of mai'riage. Ke promised to give her 
. in exchange a diamond jewel , a pair of diamond pendants » 
t\vo diamond lockets a ten pound piece of cold,tv;o paira 
of amethyst bracelets ,tv7o watches, five rows of pearls, 
two china basons and a china e\765,an amber cabinet, tsvo 
* dozen of pearl buttons and sane china didhes. 5!h9 
promise v;as made as they were going in the coach from 
London to Olayhall in iSssex, V/itiiesses husband's 
father's sister was grandmother to the producent. 
• PR33TON,1!horQas,cf '.Vest Ham, i::ss ex , gent, , aged 63,ha9 lived 
there 7 yoaro; born in St.Liichaol 's next St.Alban's, 
Herts, was in possession of the mnor of '/oodgrange in 
Essex which Sir Thomas purchased , reputed to be worth 
£150 per annum. He is vvorth in goods £300 or more. 
SOAME,Anne,of Yately , Hants , spinster, aged 34, has livod 
there 30 years, and was born t]iore. Says that about six 
years since Sir Ihomas came to the house of her sister's 
husband ,LIr. ;^o be rt YiLH;/AY,in V/ood Street , Lend on, and dined 
there. Her mother is sister to I^chael's grandmother. 
(Signs SOUS). 

ELao:B30K,Ruth,of Barking, 3s s ex ,w id 07/ , aged 26, lias lived 

there five years ,v; as born in St.I/iarj- Magdalen,ililk Street, 
London»deposes. (Signs). 

^.Pere. ,1916. (316) 

P32IBKOKE, SUSSEX, John V70QA2T and Catherine SIMOKDS, 

IjONDOIT & MIDDX. t (Dolegates* 2xanis. vol.8, ff. 599,621) 



1666. JiIA.UGHAJT,Heni7,of Caiy ,co. Pembroke ,yoon]an , aged 63, bom 
. there- L^vod with tho fathor and ^and father of 
John WOG/iJT for about ninotoon years. Pie wac 
nursed by doi:>9n9nt*s v;ife. (Signs). 

¥OGAN,Jo]in,aged 21 or 22 in 1654 ,dosoended of a very 
ancient and 7/orshipful faiiily in 3oulston,oo.Pom- 
broice^of whrni there hath been several kni^^hts. 
His grandfather Sir John f^'O GAIT, lived in a very 
good garb and fashion in his time. John had £100 
per annuia sala^ry from Dl;^' House and is next heir 
to an estate of £50C or £600 per annum. 

SDIOlfDS, Catherine, of Westminster, daughter of a mriner 
or ooLnmon seajiian,in 1654-1660 a poor v;id07/ who had 
6s. a week from >>ly House and 5b. from Vvliiteliall or 
the Coclqpit from Oliver Ci^Dli^ViaLL. Seriously de- 
clared she v/as not mrried to John «VOG^T,nor ever 
would be; he was too young for her. She had a 
son, Samuel, who was to be admitted to Chart erhoxise, 
and a sister Ivlary SHallPii. She lived in .1660 and 
1661 in Siissex. !Ihree rings v;ore sent her and . 
WOGAI* said ho would see her no more; would have her 
whipped at the cart's tail if she worried him. 

GHIFPITH,iirs.Anne,a lady of very good fashion, birth 
and fortimo. In 1659 John WOG«.N was a suitor to 
her in tho way of njarriage,but his pension ceased 
with the King's coming in. 


Dram.p0rs. ,1916. 


John WOGA]T and Catherine 3B10IID3 (contd, ) 

1666. IIICKOLLS ,aunt to Jolin WOGAxT, lived at li^ast Sheen 

in Surrey where he always went from feturday to Monday. 
BA.GGS,/^acliary ,of St . Benet *s ,?aul 's Vv'harf ,London,citisen 
and v/oodinoncer .a^^ed 52»has lived there seven years, 
deposes as to the ciiaracter of Catherine SYllOITDS and 
Captain STON-:, (Si^^ns). 

IXK-m , DUBLIN , . ^tlie FaTnily of Hercules Burlei^^^h . 

T£Wl\B ,SOOT- (Chancory ProcoedinGs ,1758-1800 ) 

UKDJ^^GE. BUIlLji:iGH v. PI-:AK3QI?. Bundle 508. 

1747. BUBLi;iGH,Horoulos,;jstx. ,deceasGd,of Killcavy ,Co. Dov7n, -jsq. 

His will recited, dated 17 October 1740,pix>vod at York. 

He died at x*llindale in Horthumhorland in July 1743. 
FIKIAY,Hev. Bioms ,his son- in- law, and :,iar.-aret his wife, 

third child of Hercules , married against his consent 

and never reconciled afterwards. 
BUHLEIGH,v7illiam his son. 

CAI^3BLL,l7lary, alias 3U1L:aGH,hi3 daughter and oldest 
child , carried off from her father several valuable 

BUI^LS IGH, Henry , his second child , behaved very ill and 

married without his consent. 
WILLSON, Janvjs ,one of the v/itna sees , died in Scotland. 
BUilLElGH,IiIa-rsaret ,otherv7ise P:u^lRSON,diod about 54 years 

ago, wife of Hercules, by vvhom she had three sons. 
BUi*(L5IGH,Cathorine ,othorr/is3 GOZLIN, subsequently his 

v/ifo,whora he inarried in 3n<;; land, wished hiir. to leave 

more to John, but he becaine very angry. She no\7 of 

Culloavey,Co.Dcr;/n,ac;ed 50. 
BUIUi:, IGH, John , youngest child of Hercules and Margaret , 

behaved very v;ell. 

Draa.Pors. ,1916. (316) 

!Die R^ily of Hercules Btirloifch, (contd. ) 


1747. MJ-;iiCliI<,Jolin,of Hillsboroii(;Ji,Co.Do=A'n ,inn>ir3eper. 

SIIrx//,'7illiaiii»of Mills borouch^gont* ,a5ed 43, deposes. 
BURLBIGH, Go or^,^^f?ri other soa,diod before Ilerculos, 

educatod v;ith Henry at tho Collogo at iXabliii. 
lAHGFORD.Sir artliur.l': ft £10 a year to all Horculf3»s 


0L-iiEIir23,';'/illiain,of ]Cillin,Co. lin^one, (^-ent. ,a{^^d 68, 
laie^7 Horcule-s BU;C^'.IGH u;a7aixls of 40 years, lived 
with hir:i in tho year 1740. 

•niYLOU^illoxandor, of ^.lonoycroo ,Co.Arm£i{-;h,£:ont. ,a{i'ed 
_ upwards of 60,doposos tljr. t KcDnry BU.Uj.IGH was 
oxpellud from tho Collof^e of Diiblin and otolo his 
father's titlG-de;ds. H3 h?.d boon kept at a 
Latin school at a cost of -"10 a yoar,aiid £40 a 
year at Gollo^o, 

BU:iLiiIGH,Goor{;c,of ^rrx,pih,Co.Ar.aaeh,c^nt, ,aged 59, 
nephew to Horciilets,3r^s he \^'as not rmrriod to 
Catherine GC2;LIH,but callod hor by t}iG name of 
BUiU^IGIL He had nine childron by iiar{-ai^t,vi2. 
V/illla/a,Isiary C4UiP3 JIX,Hoiaiy ,I'Ii:.r{j,'arot IPTuU^Y^ 
Goorge,HorGulc^s,xJin,i.Iartha and John, of ^7hom 
GoorgOjKarculos .iom aiid i^-rtha aro all dead. 

SAU]7DZ133,r.Iar{;^tson,an eninont merchant of Belfast, 
to v/horn John BUPJOL^IGH vrac appronticod for five 
years. Ha, aged about 45,dapoees. 

KG ICI33Ij.:,JOGOph,of C^rJ Icavj^Co. Davn^gont, ,aced 60, 
deposes tJiat ilarsaret BJjLLlllGH died thero up^'aixis 
of 30 years tyj^o. Horculos l<i:3pt his childron 
gonteoly at a school at Lis burn in thoir infancy. 

Dram.Pors. ,1916. 


DEKBIGHtl^lCPi. ♦ {Dolf;^Tites' iibcams. vol, 8. f f . 4^13 ,467 ,532) 
Km'S! and £S3H:C. MABBIIALL v.LElAKIi:, 


1664. ODlITOSlOJ^tHichXird, in Octobor 1665, said to have mrriod 

IZAKB,John,in October, 1663 , said to liave mrriod ::i;ilzal)eth 
ilAl^SIi/iLL , t ho ro . 

BOLi;,\Villiaia,of St. iiaviour^s ,3outlT?;ark,'baktjr,£fiGd 60, 
has lived tharo 40 years ^ of ton throatenod to lay 
JUD/JiY in Brido'/rell. Teotifiod at the rocjuoot of 

KU33iuD,Hr.nichard,f,aaardian of I^iary ond laizr^beth 

JUB/kl vi, Hie hard, boimd appronticu to BOLD for four yoars 
cjiCl behaved hiinGolf very idly. fcid ho ha,d been to 
tho rnarriago of t.vo young v;omt»i. Ono of them said, 
*To8",but ho coMld not hoar tho othor. 

LOCK, Cap tain 7/illiani , of St. Go or^o, Southward,© itiscai and 
fislimone?>r of London, and captain of tHio trained bands 
in Soutlyverk,c^i;ed 37, bom thoro,uay8 that no credit 
should bo given to tho sayin/js of l^xy K'XiP* Ris 
mothor«in-la\r,ur S.Sarah LOdt. Ho is v-orth £3000. 

KBLIPiU-iry ,wait^jd at the ch\ir6h door for tho coming out 
of th3 bride and bridoG'roora to goo if sho could got 
soiol; th in{; of thoia; doclarod sho did not swoar at all, 
but a ms^n in Ba" Church bid hor Kics a bo ok, and 
nobody? said cin^rthini;: olso to hor. 

LOCi^:, Sarah, of St, Goorgo ,Southvv'aryw,'7idO'7,acod 44,has 
lived thoro 27 yoars ; bom in St. Chris topher's by 
tha 2xchangc3. Says she was pros^mt at the p'O tended 
raarria{^-o and boliovos ths.t th^o youn^' gentlev70i-nen,by 
thCiir abundant shedding of tears and the sorravful 


DranuPers. ,1916. 



1664. ^lisD they woro than in,w^ro deludod or forced into 

the action. Thoro v7oro about 12 persona 'pros ant and 
the cliurch doo^ was half ohut; tho coroinony performed 
by I.o%7i8 G.HIFFITH. Has heard that Pdoh-nrd IIUSBAITDS 
cau8*:?d LI^IK and ODIIIGSlJLo to bo indicted at the 
Scssiona for tho force put upon the said tv;o sisters. 
Aft(;r^/anls Ilr.DIXCIT one of tho i^iastors of tho parish, 
told KiilJ:^ she v/ao a naughty wanan and doservod to 
loso hor pension from tho parish for boin(^ such a 
notorious l5'3r,v7heroupon liary ICJl^iP said she wished 
she l3ad not inoUdlod in the businv-^ss. 
£LLISOH,Konj^',of Lordon, citizen and vintnor ,a£^ed 32, has 
lived there 16 yoars,born at Chardloy,co. Leicester. 
Says that in October 1663 ho v/as a servant at the 
King's Head Tavern at 3 a.'/ aaid throe men csine in a 
coach about t\','o o'clock in the af temoonjL.itVKK^ODIlIG- 
SIiJljLS end John G;.:IDII^3]al,rind three young ^ntlewomen; 
Klizabeth Ji^iAO, sister to the said John , and Elisabeth 
and Mary i'lAf^IuLXL, daughters in law of llr.Hicliard 
KUSBAKDS. Ttioy wont into a roaa, ordered several 
dishes of meat , and several musicians v/ore appointed to 
attend the company, v/lien they had plcyed two or three 
lessons Kir. HUSBiUiDS cane in with two men and ordered 
the musicians to depart. He v;ent to the end of the 
rooin,si30ke to Mary LI^vHSHiUJu^and said to 0DII7GSSLLS 
that if he pretended to any inteixsst in her he would 
advise him to along with him to her mother. 
ODIXGSHLLS ref us inG\Mar;7 wept bitterly aad begged Mr. 
HUSBAl^DS to take her home to her mother; believes 
' that llary was brought thitlier against her will. One 
of the sisters ate nothing at all at dinner and the 
other only tho gizzard of a fcwl ,and afterwards they 
all went in a coach together frcm Bow towards London. 


Dx^.P ers. »1916. 


A Clciiidestino ilarrlano* OP IKG3 • II^LS ^Li:^.::^ :iA}t3>I/aJi . 


1664r. Doponont nav sorvos r.Yjcard t/iti *Oianond'* frif^ate,one 
of Kis Llaje sty's ships, as Dt^-./i-rd's mate and is T/orth 
£500, Kg sorved his apprantic^ship naar v/hBr3 Richard 
HU3SuUD3 and 21ar^' li>C\^UiSl, livo. Tho £:ontldmen who 
ccrnt? with "*HUJI;.UrjS to tho taveni iivA mvords by 
thr;ir sidQS hut uaod no violonco. Iir. Fn-ncis BIGGS 
then Vzspt tho houso. Sie company wont ixito & rooax in 
the said house called tho *'Oro.m'*,and one of tho 
nueioians sang a song. Llr. HUSEiUOo rofusod to sit' 
davn to d iim.-< r ^: i th t hora ; d oc larci d t ha t produc ent ' s 
mother v;as dan^'^jrously ill vjad half distracted , and 
she inust -^o homa vvith him if sho would seo }icr befors 
she diod* (Sisi^s). 

1665, IIk?kL}ri, Ihanas, of 3t. G-oorgo 's ,Soutlj'7ar:^,^ont. ,^^d 53, has 
livGd tli^rc thro.3 y^ars, before thet in Sovenoaks ,Kont # 
. . for sovon jrears; born at Stratton-on-tJxo-Fcsse, 

3omorsot jbolieves thi.::.t 3arah LOCK and \yilliam LOCK are 
groat en-xaios of Richard OjDI/^GJxiLLS. Lcr/;is GRIiT^'IlT, 
clor}:,on 14 Octobor 1665, at once CUHL.u'fj house in 
South.vark,deolarod tl2;t ha hrid married the said 
Hie hard and ]^lary,and that ke h& thoy wore as lawfully 
married as any rrjan and v/oroan could bo. Lives in St, 
G'Sorf-^o's iJf-irish next to Sir John LBITTHiiJ J- ' S houso. 
Lives on his estate in land and money, pays subsidies, 
scot aiid lot €:nd piiblic rates. Is now a prisoner in 
the King's Bench upon a judf;r.'ient to perform a Deoreo 
in O^ancer;,'' ,but for no duo debt, as he ooncoiveth. 

{Signs ho?j:.:3). 


Dnm,Pers. ,1916. 


A Claud eg tlno Marr ia^. 01) III GSSLLS Jxi^ilKE & I.uUl3HA.LL> 
L.J). '~ ' 

1664, GOUC2IIviA.ITtJohn,of Christ ChUrch , Canterbury , gent . ,aged 59, 

has lived thero a year, and "before that in St.UildrGd's , 
Canterbiiry iten years; born at Cranbrook. V/as at the 
"Le^C" inn, in South^.vark , in a lower room called the 
Orcv/n .with ivIr.John liDBIlTSOII , Cap t. Luke BKADLi]y,1homag 
FHITII and John CURTI3 ,dr^kinf? a g^ass cf wino 
together ,v7hen two men caiue in and threatened Lewis 
GHIFI^Iil and offered him IZO to take his oath that it 
Y/as no lawful n>arriage. Is in the Kin{^*8 Bench prison 
by reason of his sufferlni^ for hio late Lliijeoty of 
blessed neraoiv, (Sie^^s). 

S!riiiYiilIS,Eli2aboth,v^if e of Richard, of St.Si^viour's ,Soxith- 
vark,a£^d 31, has livod there a year,before that in 
St, George's for five years; born at Hixara (Y/rexham), 
co.Denb^h. Saw Sarah XPCK v;ho said it was a great 
pity tMt she, this deponent, should be put in the 
pillory for what she had deposed on behrvlf of ODIltrG- 
S3LLS. Her name before she rcarried was luli^abeth 
JOlTiS and s>io then served one Jeffery TH0IiIA3,a but- 
cher in SouthT'vark,"v7hioh employiDont her husband now 
follaveth and is v/orth but very little. 

EDBIlTSOK,John,of St. George, Southvvark, vintner, aged 57, 
has lived thero 5 years; bom at Withara in lilssex. 
Keeps the "Leg" in Southwark. Heard HUSS^TO offer 
GRIFFIN £20 to disa?n the marriage. {Si{pi8). 

BRfiLDLEY»Luke,of St.01ave,Southwark,rDercer ,aP:ed 50, bom 
there ♦was told by Ilr^FRITII at the '♦Leg'* tavern that 
there had lately been young gentlev/oraen stolen out 
of Corhhill,LoMon,and married v/ithout their parents' 
consent. Is a merciiaait of the Staple,with leases in 
South7?ark and pays all parish duties. (Signs). 

Dram-Pers. ,1916. 


BEDFOKD.HOT!IN. Mrs > Sibyl., GRAY. 

(Delegatos* ilsams. ,vcl.8,fo. 235. Bi^IlT v^GSBSAJiD)* 


1664. GBlY.i'Irs.Siblll, lamented the death of Ltogaret STi^V/AKT, 
aad declared that if she had lived ^ ehe would never 
have parted from her. She died in her house at Por- 
tenhall. Desired LIr.John EAG'IDiJ to call for her rent 
at Kimbolton. Ato part of a pigeon the day she died. 

HAJ{VSY,Judith,wif e of John, of Raince^next Kig:hain Fer- 
rers ,00. Northampton, tail or , aged 44, has lived there 
' 20 years, born at ClapxTv7ell,co.B edford. Was present 
at the death of LIrs.Sibill QI-J^Y. The party producent, 
and this deponent's mother, and Llrs.GI^Y ^vcre sisters. 

STO^^T,iIargarGt idau^^hter of Geor{;o,died about 20 or 24 
years before Hrs. Sibill GRAY. 

FAlios.Mrs.LIartha, present at MrB.GRAY*S death-bed. 

Wife of Robert FALiOlD.of Oaklqy , Beds. , gent. , aged 62, 
has lived there 9 years, born at Starton Parva. Ker 
brother T7as }Irs. Sibill GltAY'S husband. 

HBRB3HT,Anne,a visitor there, in a little room at the 
foot of l^e stairs. 

PAINiil,Mv;ard,Y;ent to Ximbo It on on the day a Codicil was 
BRid to be added to Mrs. GRAY'S will. His v/ife was in 
the house and he was appointed executor. 

S^!PON,John,at the laaking of the will, and Llaiy his wife. 

GSBSi.HD,Juiith,r;ife of Colonel Richard, of Scuthworth,co. 
Lane. , a god 39,}b,s lived thore 9 years. Is half-sister 
by the mother's sido of the party producent and of 
Sibill GRAY, deceased; lived for sorae years at Per- 
tenhall,in Urs. Sibill GRAY'S house. (3i{^s). 

Bram.Pers* ,1916. 



KKNT.PEMBBOIOl, The Will of Robert, Earl of Essex, 


(DelegateB* Exams* ,vol,8,fo. 1. SOLISHSST v.NOKTirTON) . 


1663. ESSSX,Rcbort ,33arl of , died at Essex House in tlie Strand, 
14 Sept^.:iber 1646, in the presence of deponent liikQSW£f 
learing £9000 in ready money. V/rote a paper and 
sealed it at Bit ham in Kent, 6 or 7 weeks before his 
death in :.Ir.PUDSKY'S presence • 

M&.G3BY,Thon3a3, of St. Clement Dane s,Uid dies ex, gent. ,&ged 
54, has lived there 30 years. Was yeorcan of the ward- 
robe and groom of t>i0 chamber of the late Earl of 
Essex for 15 years. (Signs). ' 

SOilSRSEx\Frances, Duchess of , (late Marchioness of Hert- 
ford), sister of Robert, late Sari of Bssex, deceased , 
and wife of William , late Duke of Somerset. !Ehe Earl 
of Essex did dearly and entirely love and affect 
his sister and her children. 

HOHTHUxiBj:RL>*ND,AlGemon,ib.rl of,) pretended executors 

VZ£.H;yiOK, Robert, late ]£arl of, ) of Robert, Earl of 

S^.JOHIT, Oliver, Esq. ' ) Essex. 

PUDSEY,!nhcma8 ,v, itness to a writing at Eltharn, chief 
eentlorcan of the chamber of the Earl of Essex* 

VVRElliT,William, deceased, domestic barber to the Earl of 

ISH/iM,Zachaus , dec eased ,so lie itor to the Earl of Essex. 

S2&ITH0PE,John, of St. Clement ganes , Middlesex , (Grims ton, 
CO. York, crossed out) Esq. , aged 50, has lived there 
20 years, born at Edlington,Yorks. Is stwrard to the 
Duchess of Somerset. (Signs). 


Dram.Per3. ,1916. 


The Will of Robert, Earl of lilsgox, (contd. ) 


1663. OOUSIFS/fhoiiae ,of Robcjston Wop t ,co. Pembroke, gent, ,aeod 
43; box-n in tint county and has lived there t^/elvo 
years. Was Secretaiy to the late Farl of Sssex. Says 
that Bills were filed in Chancery concerning the 
Earl of Essex's v/ill in Hilary Tern 1646, in Ilichaol- 
roas Term 1347. ar.d in 5)a<)ter Terra 1649. (Signs C0Z31T). 
HAMPDBH,John,:::Dq. ,died in the lifetime of the Earl of 

HEBEFOBD,Sir •<7illiJMi3 DEVERElDClato Lord Viscount, 

exiiibited a Bill against 
HERTFORD , Tlio Marquioss of , and Lady Prances hig v/ifo,and 
SHIRLY,Sir Robert. 

MERICKjSir John, knight) trustees of some of the lands 

) of the late Efirl of Essex. 
SCRB.5SRIRB,JohJi,S9q. ) Sir John died before Dec. 1662. 

lOIIDON. A Vestry at St. Chris top|Ter~le>»3tock3. 

(Dalegates' 2::aras. ,vol,8,fo. 623. EA.im5RIGa v.GOODSON), 


1666. WA. TKINS, Robert , of St. Giles ,Oripplegato, London, citizen 
and leathersoller,aged 4C,has lived there 4 months 
and before that in St. Christopher ♦s , Lend on, six to en 
years, born there. Being at a vestiy hold en 28 July 
1665 in the parish church of St. Chris topher, Henry 
Efi.lNB?IGG and others signed an order, as appears in 
the Vestiy Book. (Signs), 
COLOLOUGH, Thomas, of St. Chris topher »s, grocer , aged 47, 
has lived there twenty ye are, deposes to the saioe 
effect. (Signs). 

Dram.Pors. ,1916. 


lOlIDOlT & lilDIK., The Rectory of Ainersham^Buokg. 

S^J/3P, BUCKS ♦ (Delegates' £l£ams,vol-8,fo,257) 


i6^. TERRY, Edward, olerk^roctor of Ameraham in 1658, put into 
it by means of Dr* CROOK. 

.FKBOTD,John,of St.Katherine "by the Tower of London, 
brewer , aged 64, has lived there 38 yeai^ajbora at 
Ohlarley,Salop. His daughter mrried John PHIL- 
LIPPS- (Signs). 

MBTSBAXL^Sir Hichard^his house in Lincoln's Inn Fields. 
PREIND'S servant carried £100 to him in June or July 
1660, and proffered it for the loan of the de^ of 
advowson of Amersham rectory, but ho refused it. 

PHILLIPS, John ^Bked Sir Richard MIN3HALL to lend him 
the deed of advavson of the rectory of Amersham. 
In possession of the rectory from 1659 to 1663. 

EKBUHY'.,Edv;ard,of St.Liai^inr<in-th0--^1j9lds,i^ddleaex, 

gent,., aged 42, has lived there 5 ^Bars,bom at Westcei, 
Somerset , says that !IERHY preceded PHILLIPS. Witness 
was a cleric in the office of the Commissi one irs for 
Approbation of public preachers. PHILLIPS was 
presented by Richard CR0IJ:\V3LL 26 January 1658, then 
styling himself Lord Protector. Elidad BLfi^CK^i'ELL 
■ and Edward XEIQiY were presented by Oliver OROIifirtiiLL* 
(Signs EAHB'jIRY). 

FEIRCK, Jonas, servant to (IhoinaB C0L3 of V^hitechapel, 
brower,aged 39, has lived there four years , born. at 
AwershacL^heard that J)rsOi^KiI^d5^ J:n.JIjr^^ 

pr8nuj?©ra*>tl9 16 • 




A Fiohery in the hoyno. 
(Chancery Proceedin^'e ,1758-1600} 
B-aiK3,le8 508 an-d 509 > 

BmrsKii^;; v.buckley. 

1754. BHAI)3K4S/,'^iillmin,oorapliiiriant. 

F0STER,B''^^l9y»one of tho defendantG. 

OI^DSIi, George, of ^arrlngton,LanGs. tgent. ,aged 27, deposes. 
EEaAOOCK, John, defendant, son of John,who died 18 Dec. 1746. 
PEACOCK, Thomas,\mcl 8 of John, deceased. 
PEACOOK, Isaac. 

BSCKSTjKioholas ,of Lanca8ter,husbandimn,ag:6d 70,deposes» 
Knows Gernnny Bridge and Smoclc Bridge, near toioaster. 

F0S!nCK,Siom8,decoased,defendant Buolcley FOSTER'S great- 
uncle ,and 

F0SEER,(?hoinas , defendant Buckley FOSTiiH'S late father, 

tenants to tho iLiLTOlTS of Tiiumham,had Skerton fishery. 

aAKDEESOIT,Thom6,of orth,mi Her , aged 47, deposes. 

WILLIAIvISON,Henry ,of Lancaster, gent. ,aged 59jdeposes. 
Son of 'Ehorna.s WILLIAivISOil. 

ClARU3,2ir. Christopher, of Ealton and his ancestors o\m6rs 
of Skerton Mill, and George, his son,v;ho died about 
1715, and Thomas , George's eldest brother. 

KUOV/LSS, Henry, of WyerBdale,inillv;right ,aged 69, deposes. 

HOUGHTOIT, , John, son of William, died many years ago. 
William loft issue five s ons, John, V/i 11 iam, Robert , 
Richard, and Edward, and two daughters; John assumed 
the name of BOLTON, becaus e his mother was the sole 
daughter and heir of Robert DALTOIT. He married 
Frances , daughter of Sir Piers MOSTOIT,and had issue 
three sons ,\V ill iam, the eldest , John, tho second son, 
and Robert, the youngest. William, the eldest son 
died unmarried and without issue about 10 years ago; 
John the second 8on,raarried but died without issue 
about 14 years ago, and Robert is still living. 


Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


A Fishery in the Loyne (oontd. ) 


1754. SiVilTR, Henry, of Scotforth, miller and mi llv/rigjit ,a^ed 63, 

deposes, (m. 5). 
HA.LIj,Hiohard,of I/mcas to r, miller, aged 78, deposes. 
B^TTY.Vrilliam^of I/mcaster.tidesman^agod 44, deposes, 

(m, 7) he was onployed in repairs to Horton liill, 
a!A.YLOH,Hichard,of Lanoaster^yeomn ,a{^.d 78 .deposes. 
KITCHIN, Barnabas, of Scot forth, mason, aged 46, deposes. 

(m. 8 ) . 

OARR, James, of Ashton with S tod day , husbandman, aged 49, 

BAROK, George , of Hishton,near Blackburn ,millwright, 

aged 45, deposes. 
DIXOIT, Bryan, of Caton,oarpGnter,aged 78, deposes. 
LiL^/SON,Robert ,cf Sunderland , gent. ,agod 64, a ^ualcor 

mato3B solemn affirmation that Joshua lAV/SON of 

Lancaster, rosrohant , was his father, (m.9 and 21). 
DAJLT01T,Klizabeth,of Talairo in Flintshire,Horth Wales , 

was widow ard relict of Robert DALIDIT of Turnhaa, 

Ssq. , (m. 9 ) . 

9AULE,Williara ,of Lancaster, husbandman, aged 67,depose6. 
GIBSOH, Richard, of Lancaster,hus"teindraan and cartor for 

hire, aged 77 .deposes. 
BAi'LINSOlJ , Robert , of Lan caste r^stonemason, aged 44, 


HSLtI,Anthoiv,of Lancr ster, yeoman , a god 72, deposes, 

BRACKEN, Henry, of Lancaster,phys io ian and surgeon, aged 
57, deposes as to the stream which arises from Stone 
Well near St. Leonard's street; Rosemary Lano end 
Stinking Lane. 

B0La?0H,J6hn,of Preston, gentleman, aged 4O,dopose0 , (m. 13) 
BAilTON, James, of Halton,gGnt. ,aged 38, deposes. 
HAamiSON,a:homas,of Laver Ke 11 et t , husbandman, aged 72, 

depos es , {m. 17 ) . 
Wlin)SR,Robert ,of Lancaster, gentleman, aged 63, deposes. 


Dram. Pere. ,1916. 


A Fiehory ift the Loyne (contd, ) 


1754. FiuIKBBOT^UiH, Ralph, of Laijcastor jhrasier ,agod 77,doposes, 
(m,18). Remembsrs the diversion of horse-races on 
the Green Air and about 20 years ago the Lady Ducheso 
HAlvlILTOH gave a £50 plate to the town to bo run for. 
SI]IPKIIT,John,of Lancaster, tay lor, aged 76,deposes , (m. 19)i 
HBi7A TSOH, Robert , of lIillorn,C-amberland, gentleman, aged 59, 
deposes. lias frequently como over to Lancaster to 
eee his relations. Green Air v;as part of the wastes 
and the property of the Corporation. 
V/ILLIAlaSONfRicliard, of 3>;erton,hause~cari:ientor,a^ed 72, 

lAYLOR, Richard, deposes that John Houghton DALjPH was a 

IvI£LSON,Jo}in,of Lancaster, husbandman, aged 62, deposes, (m. 20) 
COCK, Thomas, of Lancaster , butcher, aged 63, deposes. 
SiJITHjThonaas ,of Lancaster, butcher, aged 73, deposes. 
BRQC^N, John,of Keys ha'n, husbandman, aged 54, deposes. 
. WALKER, 1?hoinas ,of Lancaster, joiner , aged 75 , deposes , (m. 22) . 
BOLaDN,John,of Prest on, gent. , aged 40 , deposes, (m. 23) . 
THO£.iPS0rT,Williarfl,of Lancaster, gont. ,agod 20, deposes, 

. HARRISON, Richard, of Lancaster,weaver,aged 66, deposes, 

ABBAQ?T,Robert ,the older, of Pres ton, chaprsan, aged 69, 

a Quake r,affirm9. 
BURROUGH, Robert , of EeyGham,f isherman,aged 64, deposes. 
BUQ?T]ia\0R"i]5i,John,of Clay ton- in-t he-Moors in Blackburn, 

millwright ,aged 42,deposes, (m. 27 ) . 
FISHHR,TiiO]mG ,of Grcssin2^iam,miller ,aged 60, deposes. 
RDm/iiILL,John,of Yate Bank in Rossendale, millwright, 

aged 40, deposes. 
BRADSHAW, Thomas, of Great Har\vood,miir/7right ,aged 56, 


GART£lR,[I!hoiiB.s,of Ste rton, husbandman , aged 69, deposes. 
K)LLARi),John,of HolkDr,miller,aged 42, deposes , (m. 30). 



•3)i^.Pers* ,1916. {^) 

A Fighery \n the Loyne, (oontd. ) 

1754. OIK)OK,Ann,of Skerton,77ido\v ,aged 72,deposes. 

GRirf,Georgo ,of Lanc?vster ,land survoyor ^a^ed 42, deposes. 
A'i!lCINSOx\*/Ihomas,of oKor ton, carpenter, aged 62, deposes, 

ADDISON, John, of Sl^rton,dr^'stor ,aged 50,deposeg , (m.32) . 
SIMPSON, John, of Lancastcrjgardener ,a{^ed 39, deposes, 

HOUSSiJi^iT, Thomas, of SK:orton»yea!ian,af^d 84, deposes. 
CLiiHKjChristophGr, of Lancaster,niason,a{>Gd 60 .deposes. 
S2AiiMTHv/AlTB,T}iomas,of Oxol iff e, fisherman, aged 59, 

PELL, John, of Gray's Inn ,«iiddle sex, gent. ,aged 40, deposes, 

SH'JGLIiijiXDN, Francis, of. Lancaster , clothier, aged 83, deposes. 
ASH!ION,John,of Out Hai/clif f o^husbandnian ,aged 67, deposes. 
BRyijJH,John,of Lan cast or, gent aged 51, deposes , (ra. 37) . 

Bxmdle 309. 

R^LWLIIiSON, Isaac, of the "Bun" in Lancaster ,inzihold or, 
at T/hoco house the depositions v/ere talJien. 

BIRKETT,Rohert ,of Lan cast or, innkeeper, aged 71, deposes' 
as to the mLTON and HOUGK'IOIT famlies. 

!K)Vi'NS0IT,GQOi^e,of Lancaster, labourer, aged 53, deposes. 

HOUSjj^MiLM, Robe rt , the elder, of Skorton,nialstor,,aged 64, 
deposes , (m. 4 ) . 

BMl!IDN,Elch?ard,of Whittingt on, miller and malster ,aged 62, 
deposes, (m. 5). 

W00DH0U33, Jennet , of Lanoaster,widov/ ,aged 59 .deposes that 
her hiasband Thornas,vvho died 20 years ago, old Joshua 
SlfllTHjSavryer^also doad,and Jaraes FJiiTGI£:IR,nav of 
Lancaster , agreed to faim in partnership the fishery 
in the Hiver Lo^me belongiiig to the Corpoi'ation of 


DranuPers, »1916. 


A Fisher:/ in the Loyne , (c ontd , ) 

A.D. ■ 

1754 . CHOOK 5 He my , o f 33^e r ton , hus bandman , aged 39 , d ep os e s . 

LI\n["ffl,laargra'Gt ,v/if e of JcsephjOf Iancaster,lDaker ^aged 67, 
says she v/ae niece to Clement iOVyHoOir, late of Lancas- 
ter jlessoo of the fisheries in the River Loyne. Ahout 
ZZ years ago Tl^cms 3UT'iyRPIELD,nav deceased, son of 
Ohr i s t ophe r ,i:iay or of J^nn ca s t o r , pr oh i b i t ed 'lO;/ !IS ON 
from fishing in Sandy 3ed,(m.6). 

HA-lHOHlTTH;i/^J/rij,Jo]in.of Stonyhurst , gent. , aged 45, deposes. 

MNKII^BOn, Tlioraas Jo}m,of Sice r t on, land- survey or , aged 28, 

GAJ12.'IEL, Ihcrras, of Lc'mcastor , innkeeper ,aged 47 , deposes , 
'vm. 7 \ . 

HARHISOII , Ri c3iar d . of Lanca s to r ,v' eave r , ag'o d 66 , depos os , 
(m. 10). 

BRAJ)L3i;Y, Jchn,of Heysh??jn,iniller 5a{ced 50 , depos os, (m. H ) . 
TOMLINSOlTjV/illian, of Lancas ter, shoemaker , aged 78, a 

Qualcer,af f imss. 
.JCEI;TI)4I<L,v/illiarD,of the same, aged 61, affirms. 
WI^KAIi ,iJith0xX7 ♦of the same ,c arte r , aged 40 ^deposes, (ra. 15 ) 
BIGG, Isaac , of the same ^shooriiaker ,agod 46, deposes. 
W^LTOiT,John,of tlio 3ans- labourer , aged 64, deposes. 
TH0MPS0K,William;Of the same , gent l^ari^an, aged 20, deposes. 
HOLLalTD yknn , of the same , widow, fig-ed 70, deposes. 
.iKIIT,V/illia.rn,of the s aiae, hus )ja ndrran , aged 73, deposes. 


BH]33»2R9.'Ralph,of Ilavertl-i^vaite ,f annor and fisiie nniin, 

aged 33, depos OS. 
JEFFERSGlT,i.lice,of Keaton ,7/1 dov; , aged 64, deposes. 
PROCISR, James, of iKoncas ter ,aged 34, deposes. 
TQ^flTSOlT, Thorns, of the same ,shoenr.kor^ aged 47, deposes. 
SKELTOK,lTicholas, of the same ,geatl onan, aged 64, deposes. 
Y/ILiIvIklT,John ,of the same jShoeruakcr ^agod 35, deposes, (m, 17 ) 
GUn)lGR , Robe rt , of the s r*ine , s ho ernak o r , age d 4 5 , dopes e s . 
THOMPSON,\Tillis:n,of tho seme ,gaitlornan, aged 20, deposes. 

Dram^Pors, ♦IS 16. 


A Frafflient:. Soldi ors and a Woman In a^Hoxise. 
(Delegates » Sxama. ,vol. 8, fo. 509. V/HITE v.OiiW^) 


1685. TO\TOSEIITD,Jolia,of St.V odast,FoBtor Ijcaio , citizen and 
merchant taylor ,aged 45, has lived there 14 yoaro, 
born at Henlov; in Beds., pays that Goorgo WHITr: 
frequented the company of Blizaboth CI-HoAHSLSY. 
CHBABSL3Y, Elizabeth, lived i^ the sariie street as 
TOv/lTBExID for the last 14 years, and accounted, he 
Bays, of iiTimodest life and convorsat ion,and very 

WHITE, George, affected the c<^F.ny of Urs. CHSLJi^SLEY. 

SOOFILL, Elizabeth, of St.Ii^iy, Islington ,wido/7,a{red 33, 
bom there and has lived there all her life, says 
that iilrs . CKiL'i.RSL2Y stayed in deceased *s hoxise tvv'o 
or three days after his death. Her mother desired 
her to return home to her husband and childji^en, 
which she re fused to do. The deceased's children 
were debarred by the soldiers and Mr.V/KITIC from 
entering deceased's house. Kiiov7s 

H)K3H,Siirah YOUNG, Elizabeth ^ 

BYilSS, Catherine TOKEN, El iizaboth. 

HAJIGHOVE, Jasper, servant to V/illiam llAi^K of IsHn^n, 
brick lay or, aged 25, has lived there 7 years; bom 
at V7ilford,lIottc. Was servant for t-o years v/ith 
Mr. and lylrs.CHhiiU'iSLHiY. Has hoard that she was in 
the house with George Wdl'JUu and the soldiers. 

Dram.Pere. ,1916. 


3X)ND0N & MIDISX, , The PerBistont Suitor. 

j DENBIGH,WAHvICK, (Delegates* ilxams. ,vol. 8 ,ff . 295 ,507 ) . 

I A.D. 

I 1664. G0ODKiT0UGH,iMmoncl,his v^ill dated 15 Jan. 1657. He died 
about Shrove tide, 26 Fobruary,follo-vvin{j,v;ithout ever 
again seeing or speaking to Elizabeth BYK'i. He v/aa 
a TOOllendrapor and she v/as judged to bo a match 
for a person of greater quality, having £2,500 or 
£2,600 for her portion. 
Ll^^rFJl, alias DYJ-a > Elizabeth, re fused to admit GOODI^IOUGH 
as a suitor in the v/ ay of marriage. She was con- 
tracted to Tliomao IJulSTiiiil Esq., whom she aftenvards 

HIXVABDG,Hobert ,of St. Gregory , Lend on, Esq. , aged 69, has 
lived there t//o years. In 1657 Elizabeth DYKE lodged 
in his hovise and G00DEIi0UGH,\7ho often attanpted to 
got in and see her, v/as sued for trespass by witness, 
V/itness v/as born at r/rexhaiii,co. Denbigh, has knovm 
Elizabeth DYIuj 26 years. 2d?-rried her sister. (Signs) 

BERHY,Heboccah,of St. Clement Danes , spinster, aged 30, 
has lived there a year, before that in Stanv/ell, 
iiiddlo30x,16 months; born at Adderstovoio in Warwick- 
shiro. Attended upon Mrs. Elizabeth DYICE as her 
Bervant. Liveth as an attendant upon Sir inhomas 
LITTLE20U»S lady. (Signs). 

DYKE, Sarah, of St.Andre^v , Ho lb orn, spins tor, aged 35, has 
lived there 3 years, bom at Horsham, Sua sex, is sister 
of the said Elizabeth and lived with her when GOODS- 
KOUGH persisted in his pretended addresses as a 
sruitor in the way of irarriage. (Signs). 

FUilBY,Anne,v;ife of Robert, of St. Bride's, Lend on, citizen 
and haberdasher, aged 30, has lived there 5 years, and 
■was bom in the said parish. Lived in the same house 
• "With Elizabeth DYK3,who would not permit GOODENOUGH 
to speak with her and always endeavoured to take 
frcm him all hopes and means of prevailing in his 


Drazn.Pers, »1916, (534) 

Tho Porsifltent Suitor , (o on td« ) 


1664. addroBses. Ho got into tho hcuso several times 
but v/as opposod by the household a errant 3 and Mr. 
EI?.<i».HDS and his v;ifG,and SUv.AilDS onco put him 
out of doors by forco. ^ho lovo which he bore for 
Elizabeth DYKii v;as not the cause of his death, as 
she verily bolieveth. 

lalDDL^i^H^C , Y/illir?.n SH/i.V'S Docc ase. 

SCO^TUiiD. (Delegates* Kxa^s. ,vol. 6 ,ff. 302,359 ) 

Sjlc^'V V » Li^^^v 13 . 


1664. SIi^VV,V/illiam,died at tho house of Samuel Ic^ulS 
before he could execute a certain deed. 

ICX;RI:::SuX)K,Jolin ,of 'uostoiinster, notary public, aged 
54, has lived there 10 years, born at Gogor near 
Edinburgh in Scotland. Attempted to visit 
William SH/^w but v/as prevented by LiIiI3,hi8 
landlord. (Signs ) . 

LflJJv IS , . Samuo 1 , an d iir s . Lim 0 , in \Th cs c hous 0 V/ i 1 1 iam 
BUiui lodged, 

S[aTH,Abra}iam,of St.i'^rtin-in~tho-Fiolds,8adler, 
aged 42,ha6 lived there 40 years, and was bom 
there. V/ent \7ith L^UHi::i)S iX)N to see SHavV on 
Important business, to take up and receive some 
bonds and pr-por in ^/hich ho had engaged, but a 
physician £ind a divine being there they wore 
not admitted. Slla^w raved and sang and knew not 
v/hat he said. (Signs) 

Dram.Pers. ,1916. 


tOBHALI , Ooalminss &t St.ixndrev; Auc3cland. 

Y0RPC3KIBB, (Chanoor;^^ Proceedings ,1758-1800. Bundle 309) 
KORTHD- mi 23 r.mVGJJS. 

175^ BOWES , Tlicmas ^gontlemrm , complainant . 
3X)UGLAS , Ro'h ort , gont leman , dof cndant . 

IlAJ^HaLL,John,iiinholder,of tho Green Dragon in Old I^lvet, 
Bar^ianijWhore tho depositions v/ere takon. 

STixBFOOT, Thomas , of Woodhotises in St.Androw -kuclcland, 
Durham , hus bandman , age d 61 , d op os e b . 

3)IX0N,Geoiigo,of Cockfi eld, gent leman , took lands.&o. ,in 
Wocdhouses and l.Ioorclosos about 24 years ago to farm 
of the complainant , exclusive of the colliery tlierein. 

RICHAIIDSON, George, of St •Helen Auolcland^yeansji^cLeceaBed, 
became tenant of the farm, and after his death Richard 
his brother. 

SlIiiPSON,ChriBtcphor,yeQnBn,aftorv;ards tenant, agod 36, 

IjU^GSTkFF, George, of But to rkn cv;l , viewer of collieries, 
aged 51, depones that he has knc^m Thomas BO^YIiS 26 
years »and Robert DOUGL/iS seven «r eight years. Was 
employed about 25 or 26 years ago with George SPAISC 
and Georgo HUN !I5iiH, both since dead, in sinlcing and 
boring for coal under the lands at Woodhouses in 
tho parish of St.Androv/ Auckland. Has been employed 
for 30 years first as a ^vor}man and then as a rlewr. . 
in several collieries in co. Durham, &c. (Signs) 

O0PPSRm/^ITC,John,of Marriolc,co. Yor!c,gent. ,a^ed 68,- 
deposes . 

PATTISOH, Thomas, of Brancepoth, parish clerk,aged 59, 
deposes as to the manner of \70rking the colliery. 

FORSTl!:R,Pexall,of Durham, aged 26, deposes. 

PARROV/,Cuthbert ,of Brano op eth, gent aged 60,deposos. 

WHELER,Bra€3ns,of Durham, gent. ,agod 46, deposes. 

CUM:'iIN,Robert ,of Bi^nc ope th, hus bandican, aged 37, depose-. 

GILES , Isabel , wife of Joseph, of Durham^usbaiidjriaii^ged 
37, deposes. 

DranuPers. »1916. 


A.D. ^ 

^752^ ' -BOWL'S, Eioms, of I)TarhanijcaLinet>-rnaker5agGd 26, son of 

complainant , dep 03 o 3 . 
BYiiRLEY-, J chn , of Durliam , gent le iiian , agod 50 , dep os o 3 . 
GHEIYSi Jacob., of Du.rhcim.gGnt iGimiijaged 27,deposos-* 
HAH}USOlT-,Balph .of IXirharrijgoiit leman,a^"od 34, deposes. 
JOHITSON,Ch'^:*istopher, of Durham, gentlonnn, aged 34, deposes. 
OSTLlilyV/illiiLmjOf Jicwcastl^-on-liaie, linon draper, aged 40, 


PIil/j.COOK,John,of Gat eshoad, glover, aged 48 5dGposG3. 
SIi!ITH,Bobert , of Hev/cas tic-'On~!Iimo ,gont loman^agod 20., 

BHOCKSH',V:illiara,of I>arhciii,pl'um"ber ,aged 31,doposes. 
\V:^Tirii;R'iLL,Mchard,of J>urhain,gGnt Ionian, agod 3 4, deposes 

that ho sent a iDill to his "brother- in- lav/, L-Ir* 

IFnonjas DIXOK at NGv/oas-clG-on-'lime. 

LOUTON, Hloh ard MOR-;)OI?^\FT-S ,3eqi3.est s to St. Paulas. 

YORKS. (Delegates* Ez.ams. ,vd1« 9 ,1:01499. UOriECH^VF? v. SHAICHOSS ) 

A, d: 

1655. MOBEOI^^T, Richard, deooaeed, left "bequests to St.Paul»8 
church and Dr. GHIFPITII. I3ad a hrother John. 

GRIFFI'?H,Mattho\7,S, T.D. , rector of St.lvlary Ivlagdalen,01d 
Fish Street , London, aged 66, of whicxh parish ho has 
■been rector 40 years. Going to dine in the Middle 
Temple Ifell he met PrL.ncis DUFFKLD.v/hOjWith other 
persons of tlio Society of tho Middle Temple requested 
him to forbear to depose v/l^at ho knew. (Signs). 

P]30K:.VITH,^i?illiarn,Gf 2t. Bride »s .scrivener, aged 43, has 
lived thoro six years. His hoiose in Hew Street, Fettef 
Lane. He vnxB horn in the Archdeaconry of Hichmond, 
CO. York. Hai3 knov/n John iiOH^GilikFr 20 years and Henry 
SH;?.LCB0S3 five. Wont about Christmas last to the 
Prerogati^/e Office in Warwick Lane. { Signs )^ 

lAHELIAIJ, Henry ,"bro-ught instructions as to ],I0HLX3I^T»S 
will,to BSG1C;<1TH on 16 Fobruai^j?- 1662, lived near 
M0RBCBi.FT and BECI<5t7ITH. 

Parte* ,1916. 


IRBLAl-JI),IXar70N, BiQ Gcuttlinf? of the ^«:;aterdOf?". 

(Dologatos' i^iicame. ,vol,6,fo.351. In ro SAIvDIFQIS) ) . 

1664, OHOKK .Alexander, of Lon donderry^IrG land, ge nt. , aged 20, 
bom at ixvin^ton,Borks,8ays ttet in June or July 
166iS,BonlclJ H/xirici and his oompany ontorod the 
ehip '\<atcrdog" alias *'?rovidoncG",rig{;od hor and 
triod to carr^/ hor avay from tho port of London- 
derry, but v;as prevented by Col.Jolm GOHGi^S.thon 
Governor, v/ho causc^d the rudder to bo taken off and 
brought a shoru jX-zhoroupon Ili-iITIS ran hor aground 
and cut a hole in her bottom. (Si^s). 
SiUvDIFO 'ID, Captain John, party produocnt ,took tho ehip 

CLKPiKi:, Richard, of Londonderry , aged 2G,oGrvant in tho 
family of John GO -fco, Govern or ,&o. ,has lived thoro 
tv;o yoars ,born at Hon in^j:ton,Dovon, says that he saw 
the "MatordC{;^" lyln^; a(;ro\md with a {^reat holo 
noar hor stem. (oi{^s). 

GC'HGr^3,John,of Londondorr^; ,;:sq. ,acod 39 , has lived 
thoro seven yoars , born at BattcombjSomorsot. 
Ib Governor of Londondorry and tho Castle of 
Kilnioro. Beliovos that t?ic company of Dtitohmon 
ran th-a ship on shoro of set pi^rposr-:. (^ifpis). 

NORlIKi^J.IPTOII. Richr.rd SLOUGH in I^orthcjapton Gaol . 

(Doleeat^s' J'>.ai>js* , vol. i8,f o. 25. SLOUGH v. CUHTI3). 


1663. SLOUGH, Richard, lives and koops a f.'?i/iily in tho ta7n of 
Davontr27,and possesses houses and lands or roal 
ostato of tho valuo of £20 yearly. Eo avod Joano 
SOU'BI at hor doooaso £40, and is v;orth £150 to £200, 
but now lies in ITorthnrnpton e?.ol for a bond ra£ by 
his fat hor. 

Dram. Pers. ,1916. (358) 

Kiohard 31oiif>;h in ITorthaaipton Gaol» (contd. ) 


1663. }IiIR3ii:RT,Ricb?.rd ,of Stare ton, co. Northampton, husbandman, 
aged 40, born thore. rlag "knovm Richard SIjOUGH 20 
years; he mrriod deponent's a.*n sister. Ho lives 
by asriculturo and is worth £300. (Sigas IL\R?ARD). 
CURTIS, Anno, party to suit,-;.'ifG of Thomas, is sister of 
HI::HB;!;HT'S father. 

CUI^IBEHIAilD , k Porson of Yor y Hosorvod and Retired Hnraour; 
LANCASHIRIi. (Dolegatos- Sxams . ,vol. 8 ,fo. 547 ,P:2i:3aON v.^THICKUOT) 

1665. PRESTOI'Mur, Christopher, deceased, lived v/ith Thomas PKPJSION, 
his oldest brother at Ci^rtraol till two or throe years 
before his death, and then moved to;alter STRICK- 
L^idJB'S house, where ho died. Often complained that his 
brother had not dealt kindly with him. A porson of 
very rosorved and retired humour. 

HU3)DLE[iT0If,John,of Kutton John, co. Cimiber land ,^Gnt. ,ae:od 56, 
has lived thoro since his birth; born at Paringdon,co. 
Lancaster. Is domestic chaplain in ordinary (sic) to 
Eer Majesty Queen Kathorine, (Signs). 

TARBUCK,v<illiam,a very faithful and deserving:; servant to 
PRB3T0H, whoso friends urged him to remeraber H/iRBUCK in 
his will. 

WBSTBY, Bernard, of ^Vindftr,co. Lancaster, gont. , aged 33, has 
lived thoro 16 years, says that the father of Thomas and 
Cliristopher PlT^iSiDK lived in Gartmel. 3TIiICia>Vi;D vms 
not of kin to PHI.'i3T01I,who did not like the usa^^e that 
he had of STRICKIAI^D and his -vife, and, save an annuity 
of £50 to his brother, intended to givo all his estate 
to the poor. (Signs) 

Dram.Por3, ,1916* 




At th«^ Cheq uors in Ga n torb ury , 165 7. 
{j>3lOi^Tctc3s ♦ Vicconis. , vol, 8*, ff. 23, 315, 365). 


1663, BA:OT^.:IIJ),Ui% Philip, at Gant(>rb\iiy 22 Juno 1657, and dinod 
with BOVIJiL and others fit tho sign, of tho "Cheoquer", 

BOVILLjS. illia^i , of 3t . Gilc s-in-tho-Ficilds ,..iiddlosoz ,g9nt . , 
fv^od 50, has lived there soven years , .^'is ct Cantorhury 
with B-u-iPFliiUD a."nd took horse to cone to Grtwosend 
about one o'clool: in tho riitomoon of 22 Jimc 1657. 

DUlTCffill i 1 1 , 0 f St. IJa r t i n- 1 o - Gran d , j owc 1 1 c; r , r..{>'od 54, 
}ifi8 lived 'frioro Z5 yor.ra.born at Loimhiu'gh in Geriiiany, 
cold a diamond rinc, value £36 in 1656; to l:.r.John 
SOUi;IIwOOD,a little :van and a inorchant thon livin^j in 
Aldorsgato Stroot,Vvho died about 4 yoare since. (Sifpis ) 

EUrAIlDS , ihornas, of 3t.3o|:ulohro*s,London,citizen and 
morchant taylor ,a{c^jd 47,h.'?.s livod thore 23 yoars, 
born €.t Stratford,v;ilts. Bo3ng at tho house of ivlrs. 
SOUTIi'.,OOD,mothor of Jolin,in i-ldvUSi^ato street ,?)bout 
five yoarD since he hoard hor doclarj that hor son 
John on his deathbed confessed he had i^rocurod one to 
pcrGonato ilr, Philip E'x^LpMlIDjan exaninor in Chancery. 
Ho,'::J>':;AilJ3,dinGd v;ith B^^> H^FrJILL at Cant orb ury 22 Juno 
1657, jmd rodo v;ith hiw thithor fran Groat Chart, ton 
miloB distant. !Fney lodj^ed at Great Chart at Mrs. 
BiiiST'S houce,aJid retui'nrjd thoro tho samo ni£;ht. 
FiD.»:.:;iD3 ^r^orkod at lir. B .Bl^'S house in Great Clmrt and 
vms frequently in comra/ny v/ith BAii?5'I;i:LD; knows ha 
v/as not in London on 22 Jmie 1657, or for somo dayri 
before and after. 

Dram.Per3. ,1916. 


DJUli.^TI3 V olisne I.Janug.ry to Jun>3 1916. 

l2idox of Porsons, 

ADDIKGTOi;, 30,199 

AIJ^^Kt44, 272,^75 

AGAR, 167 
ACTON, 304 

A?x-Li:YAi?D,l f 

AHi0: 3.JI1i,15 
267 AIIii;:LL,45 





AND.M:iSCn ,90 , 122 , 155 

;^-wul:3 , 132 



. 260,269 




ALPORT, 233 






AD-fJoiTi' ,22 
ARUND:.L, 28, 188 
Arundol .r^arl of ,32,49 
AY3C0UGH,60,26 2,284 
A Tillis 30il , 6 lb , 7 1 , 33 1 










A3 TON. 144 





AMU ,294 






'BkrBUi Ot- (oontd. ) 




BAJB DIG lOH, 253,234 
Banbuiy ,C'tosa of 

MOON, 304 










B^HD-BA.V;- (contd. ) 






MBS 11,291 




Bodford,::arl of, 51b 








Bm, 125, 272, 275 







BEATON, 168, 169 

E^(>B:JLLi> (contd. ) 
BSLFOURIj , 190 
3i:i:-L3,247 . 

Bim-BID t- 










BKT^TS, 174,175 



BilST, 210.340 

Berks, liarl of, 241 




jDuvuiLBS ?^li:jOM:> ^, Volume I. Index of Porgons > 

. BIHi:i^.l09 

B DIG, 244 

BIGGS, 322 

BUr-BQN :- 







BLOT?, 87a 






BIAIV-BOK:~ (contd. ) BOY-B:i: t» 




BO i::), 263, 284, 320 
Bolton.Dulce of, 2 97 



3av::S, 1,336, 337 

BO. CHJH,19 
BOYUY, 37, 2^7-271 
BOOK?., 59 
BOYS, 101 

B0}ii3roN,129 B ?J«BKO >- 

boy:l^^,3 - 

Bru.DL::Y, 8, 153, 322,332 

B:-1^ T^,66,312,332 
Brazonose Collogo,98 
BJ^J;;iK^i:i; , 1S3 ,328 ,330 
BRlBiS, 230, 262-266 


BOO 21, 166 





BimiC(Jii), 12, 28, 40, 57 
211,218,237 ,259,264, 
287 ,330 

B £€0KES , 25 , 73 , 98 , 235 



m'Jvii'iTIS PJJlSQl-IAvVtVolwio I, Index of Pore ons , 

Bia-BBD:- (contd. ) 

(contd. ) BUHG~BYJ- (contd. ) 

3R0I:FI1uLD, 35,64, 116 

BUHGOriT::, 227,228 


BUCK, 81 



















BYTJRS, 341-344 






BHOOlCi , 109 , 18 4 , 23 6 , 















BU:^G:ivj. 3, 162,175 














BrlBtol.Bp.of ,242 






BROGR/i-Vd, 26 1,3 13 


CAGE, 101 









Oountoss of. 





BULL, 2 





CANHOK, 222, 223 


BUSH, 114 

CALLOW, 227, 228 ,314 


BURT, 161 









I>;.feLV^i?IB ?>:HS0ITAl::>V ol>I.I ndQ2: of Porsona . 

55a, 97, 97a 1 149, 

atjip::urri-i, 46,51b, 






Q^ai?.V RIGHT, 157 





Om;-CMIg- ( contd. ) 

ChandoG ,lnik.; of, 106 


CFAP;^.K , 2 18 , 256 -260 



OKAS::, 280 















C LI? 1011,134 

OHO- OLi- (contd> ) 
CLO 1^.0 -c^IY, 232 



coach: lAH, 40 
COCK, 63, 118^161,330 

col::, 79, 167, 188, 28 5, 

COBB, 198 

C0H-C0^ :~ 





])BiL;.;k?i a ?:::a30 NA:-:>Vol^o I. index of Persona . 

yj. V li^w X J. , 0 Del 

0 7IT*V1"<] P^O 

PA'^ PA4. PA^ 

V< J UvD DtJ , JL 'r O 

OTJO i ^ Vl. '^17 "^27 

n-V<rl^ 149 "^Oft 

r V A TiriO OT ' 170 

07?/ T)OOK inP Ifi'^i 

OOU'i^l^ ";Tri P04- 

V/CU- V X.'.4.-ii.i — i , ^-v* r 

IVvVTS 11 103 222 

"n/vVTH^ IS 22S 310 

X/ck I XiJp , XO 1 f^f^O , «JXv/ 

307 rSOO 309-311 

OOT'>'?-w? PPS 

TvVVTTlOl^ 19 

HOP'S: Q4. 

on; f.''' P4.'> PAP AA 

nOLTTTT* 109 

OOTTT'T't/ir P'>7 

ftOOKSOTT 11^ 

0'--" la M i^O ''■I ^ P ft 1 — P 

TlA P tT' AO 

co^N^rr< IP 4. 

C-^M^T.^'Y P91 

OQPJJlY 129 

OOT TOH / J ? P 

TV^L'iT)TI AS 32fi-31 • 

GOlUJv*! 137 

XXMai x^x/ , ^ 

CO S T^^.07. J T 1 9 A 

DAT.'^niu S2 


vi^L'iiyi Alb 

SIS ''ilA 

wr AO 9O AO 

O'^ITi^'-iPY 10 

TJi. T UY fl 1 

ni'^'? ifl 

CTirjrJryr? S-i 

T\wvr»ON 12S 

CO V T T J 7. PS P 

mv qA?^ ISS 


1 WT?Y 1 A 1 
i^(*»> V m , xu X 

COPT V.Y "^1 P 

OTI~?rnTc; Q7 PQT '2;pp 

Xiffc^lUVlL 1 X DO 

"HPi^TJ? 1 QA 

OT^nOKV 101 '"'^ '>7 

1>JIY POA 2S3 

C0U-C7?0T^ 1 - 

■nAWinci 037 

GOV.! 2 

01 n J T Nrm '\ ) f 104. 

COV#?rr"R P lA AAq 

Vjj.vUi.Lt , XV r 

OK) FT, 7 

CULIB'^'.TiPCRD 114- 24-4. 

COX, 19, 225 


CRISPS, 76, 93, 203 






PBO-jmit- (oontd. ) 








DS PLEUI13,166 
DOTEHm, 235-37 
DBri, 260-270 
Dirl ton, Earl of, 



W-Mt- (contdj 
PiUJ^ ,18,255,327 
Dubl in .archbishop 

of, 26 

1) U1T,29 


Dovor,HGni^'' ,Earl 
of, 50 

2) UN1GLLING,58 












W-DXt" (contd. ) 


DUBLIN, 196 
DU imiK,247 






iilLiliilS , 9 
•^£.0^:3, 14 
ELLIS, 22, 39 ,396, 



Kgremont ,Earl , 29 

:'i:ocL>:3 '1011,51 


TON, 154, 162, 206 


3)H4iAA.gIS..PE1^0IUL?, Volume I.Indox of ?or30ns. 

(contd. ) 




BLRING:iDN5 289 
S/i2Kii.^l5 2?3 

Essex, Barl of,39» 



EMa3S0H,79 ,316 

107 , 297 
ETON, 140 

m-LZ:- ( contd « ) 










227 , 228 
FELL, 122,331 


FIL:i: -.1^177, 178 
FIIOD 1150,195 

(348 ) 

F^t-FIlIt- (contd, ) 






FLAT, 123 

FLL'iTOIIP:;l,14 9,233, 


F03-FY ;- 









miaTIS PHRSOIIAjjl.Volmo I.Indeig of Persona, 

F03-yY:- (contd.) 



FOX, 91 
FRY, 222 
FRITH, 322, 323 
. FUB3Y,334- 

• G^UDSY,5 

GAYS, 70 

(Vit- ( contd. ) 







GO LB. 19. 61a 


GO }llX)rT« 28 




GLYin^' • 29 



Gi WinirjR » D*-'^ * 26 5 

GOD V IN 50. 8 9 

G^*3LAI'D ,301,302 

GOxTli 2LL. 51a 







G0DDA"^4 92 






Earl of, 104 



GILL. 55a. 307 










Glii^ilUJlD . 8 6a . 1 19 . 






GIBBOUS .97 .280 


GLA.ISB'^O'^CE . 120 


GLillo !r::l?. . 12 1 . 12 2 


GIFF0BD,200 ,223 












PH4Lam KB30Ii;.E,V'Qlme I^I ^dex of Persona 

G03-CtHB :- 




GREY, 68 ,331 
Gm, 103, 104, 




GBI-GY;- (oontd. ) 


GUY, 88, 191 




a, ILL IX.;, 164, 165, 




Hal if ax, Lord, 29 











HL.~1IAH:~ (contd> ) 
Hainilton,Mce & 
Duclioso of, 

H/...IL:Y, 29,228 
















DBALL&.TIS ?}jlHSOITAj: 4 Volume I. Index of Persons. 

HMI-nHD?-- (contd.) 




HILL, 10, 16, 22, 

HARRIS, 7, 9, 13, 







HAY, 132, 133 














HASELFOO 111:1, 39 ,39a 


HIC/.S ,41,80, 




HILL, 307 















HARRY, 140 



HAH\r.:Y,148 ,324 










H3Y. 132,133 

' HAR!I\VELL,215 



HAYSRI3 5 298 



HATHORl] mViiITi.4 ,332 






HID:k;,189 , 294 

HAWKINS, 8, 11, 29, 









' H3BBS,33 




Marchionose of, 









Viscount, 326 




ram4??IS H!lI^HAI3,VoIumo I^Irdox of Persona. 


HO LLAifi), 15, 22, 6 lb, 
, H0I>GKI1IS,41 
Holland, Earl of ,55a 
HOLDER, 114, 133 
HOLS, 255 
■ H0GGIKS,274 
HOBBY, 296 

HOOKER, 4, 210 
HOLMES, 11, 35 
HOLT, 13,^9 

HOM-HOR{-> (contd.) 
ID RLllR, 37a, 270,322 
HOPS, 61c 
HOPKINS, 76, 98 
HOLMES, 110 
HOOK, 158, 161 


HOW h;^, 16 

HaVELL,47 ,175 
El JET?, 71 
HOUGH, 121 
HOUSE, 189 



HUl^TLiiY, 45, 272-275 » 

HULL, 124 ' 
HURST, 129 
EUliBLE, 189,343 












DRA H/t.TIS PSJ^NA^^Voltane I.Indax of Persons , 

II- I^:- (oontd, ) 
1 IHBLAKD,157,203 



JA-JB :- 

JACK, 14 


I ia,145,154»158, 





1 JAUNCY,132,133 
^ JEN0UH,133 

? JE[ITGHEIS,14r9 
I JEMINGS,180,227 
I JAC0BS0N,206,207 
- JEHiIE[iJ3,296 


113, 125, 132, 168 » 









JCMKLL, 141-143 








KA-KB!- (contd.) 

KI-KY s- 

KING, 3, 11, 60, 


Kildaro, Bishop 

of, 26 

90a, 238, 239, 278 





of Persons. 

1 KI~KY:- (contd, J 

lA-LSB:- (contd, ) 


7T^ A r»ir 1 PA 

XiAuikuti 9 X 

T ni^ArvTr 7 »y 
XAJliUUi\>9 X f 

1 Jliri LrO JLUiH 4 IXU 

Xm-W lUii 9 xO*x 

XrJr(U9<^X 9OO 9 

TAPr'^V 1 Aft 5>A9 
X»ti.i\Lrili 9 XDO 9 ^^^^ 

T^A 000 

ill J L/;v J viliO Xia I ) 1 ^ J 

XttUi UxlnX'i. , «uUO 

rnptr OA AO 

JLiflx IXixv, cUO 

'>^on '^00 "^O*^ 

JUN A V x" J J>i ^ J. ^ D 

XiiivXxiNXrjIl , c>XU 

T Tin?Q OA Af* 

'err U sXiJ 9 0 X y 

X/Xv»*)li5 X/;tuiJ 9 0 X 

Xixngsay 9 

X''v,YoUI'i aO^^ 

jiarx 019O0 

ixti.uJlXi:ji3 jLUi< 9 OOD 

X/JJ:* X 9 *t\) 

X'£iiiJJisiiivI\ I 


T 7 nVTk A 0 7 A 
X*XlUliJ9*<i9 /U 9 

T^^Q T AA OA7 
XO^ 9 x'kSj 9 ^4 r 

1 JLl'J ► .'cy 3 

XiXj Tiii Yiti'j 9 XX 

XiXMlSllhX 9 bX 

' TrTfr»OTTTTT "^S^Q 

XtLiV^nji* 9 Xo 9 10^ 


XibVXi^Zi 9OU 

T T TiTTT P 7 00 


XtbLrlT 9 

T/M»in7AV 7 OQ 
X/Ji^uri^X gX^ 

7-nA:kTA "QiYl 7 A 
XiiiUiiiLilUU 9 i 0 

T TT>TTDA rnrrrp 7 '?7 
XjXX xri&X LLt 9 xo r 

jLs&as , X J /COO 

7 7 r;WT?T T 7'M 7 '^Q 

Xa»r/ailgUXiXjt 9 XO^ 

1 JLi.i.ife. » JLD 

X)il>JuiiLXlHur 9 Ov> 

X^ilXiiif x%o 

t JUiiJ!>J Ufl.»D liijit 9 f 0 U ^ 

Xu1<j:j 9 X LO 9 X<^4 9 

7 TTvn>Q'PV 7 A7 
XiXJHjJqJCiI 9 X* f 

"i 97 7 '^'7 7 AA 
Xc,i y XO < 9 X*tO 9 

T TT T? 7 A7 
XiXX«i2i9 XDX 

704 57 "Z *>AA 
XO'Sr 9 iiXO 9 COO 

T TTir'Ti^Kr 7 AA 
XiXliU-jbiM 9 XDO 

XtlttAXuii I 9 XO X 

T/^AWfAATl 7 AO 
XAJOKy/UUi^ 9 XD? 

< -aiiVf xU*jJM f 'irO 9 9 

Xt.'*jriiJrL 9 XO *t 

XiXiiUUXiHi 9 X r ^ 

71?PT7 7'^A. 7 A7 
JUlL'lril 9 XOD 9 X4X 9 

XiJS i^Ji:^ 9 X7 0 

±*t4C 9 X^D 

T TT>T?'D'n OAA 



7"PniTPTyT3TrDn 7 '217 

XiD IxiJiiXtDUrCU 9 XO / 

7 TTvTrmrAA'n 07 a 

T A. "hTI A 

Xi.a*Xuli 9 X 7 D 9 «lUO 9 


; jj&uii vx/ 9O / 90/« 


XtXVxU!lt9 00^ 

T A in*' Q 7 T Q 1 

Jjfi-rLtIi 9 t7 f ,X^7± 

XirjYij -L i 9 Xy f 

XiXixbX 9 #qOD 

X^ixJVoi.^jJll , J.U<i9 J.1 J. f 

TT? 7i 'A"D">? OA 4 OA A 

JbX I X JxCiXUlit 1 00« 

XluWKD 9^0 f 9 41^0^ 9OOD 

hOiSi b-b xxiU 111 9X11 

JU<'' vjrO r 9XXX9 

XihUIJAxlL) 9 0 XO 




P3ES0HAS, Volume !• Index 

Of Persons. 


ilAD-IiAJRC:- (contd. ) 

MARK-BED:- (contd. ) 

LUCAS, 4, 85, m 



LOWS, 7, 196 




MYO, 127,232 

M'^m/ELL,? 1,150, 






MARSHALL, 174, 320, 












]ylAR3'IDK, 226,258-60 










LOVE, 106 




MAJpH, 306-311 









29, 38, 38a, 59, 





Earl of ,64 

MASON, 6, 60, 119, 215, 


" iaBB,76 





MAC NlUGH!rON,80, 



80a, 152 





MILLER, 7, 227, 228 




MC iaB3IN,319 

MARRIOTT, 43, 260, 294 










MARLY, 64 












PBBSOME,Volme I. Index 

of Persons* 

KEB-MILt- {contd. ) 

MIM-MOKR:- (contd. ) 


M0OKHiH,238 , 239 













MILES, 163 











MILLS, 211 












of ,35 














' K0DY,16 


MONEY, 18, 29 




MOSS, 154, 276, 







56a, 125, 231 

MITCHELL, 53, 125 




MUM, 208 











MOBS, 113, 132, 143 




MOULIN, 265 



• M0Uia)EFOHD,284 

NORMAN, 86, 86a, 






NOEL, 93 







DmMkT13 PFJB0ILiS,7o li Bne I. Index of Persons. 

KI-NY:- (contd. ) 











PAGE, 17 


No 1 1 ingham , S&rl 



of, 275, 306 



No rt humb erland , 



Earl of ,3^ 


P2AC00IC,179 , 287, 










PSimHTG TON, 258-9 

222a. 298, 333 











OZBLSH, 53,53a 
























OWENS, 152 








PERKINS, 38 ,89 











PAYNE, 296, 306, 

PHILLIPS, 74, 126, 


PAYNE, 307-311 






PAIN, 324 



I)BMII^gI 3 . PEI^IUJ S . LJ ixdax^ of Porsons . 

PEH-PIG;- (contd. ) POM-PHS^;.- (contd. ) PRI~PYs- (contd. ) 

PmCE, 91. 256,327 














POii-PHE ;> 

• P(MELL,13,23,39, 
PHE^ODN, 63,316, 













POTTS, 143 




PH3TTr,227 , 269 

PO 1*0^5 290 



PRI-PY s- 
PRIOR, 45, 155 
PRIGS, 49, 79, 232 
PQLLEIT, 86, 86a 
PRICHkRD, 219,286 
PRldCE^RD ,222, 223 


QUIN TIN, 9^,315 




E4DK)RD, 18^176 

mm, ZIYIS'? 












RICK, 10, 20, 60 





EES KIN, 35 



RIGHLIOND, 117,236 






HIGH, 205 








ROGiSRS ,34,61b, 






ROBERT, 140 



ROACH, 231 







ROY, 89 






51b, 229 



RUFFE, 73 
Ratland ,Comit6S8 
of, ^4 




SUB, 26 






SADLER, 102 



SALISBURY, 13 9, 140 







^mMk'£m_^^^S^M--J ol'^^ 1' l3xlex , of , Person s 

(contd. ) 
ST. JOM, 219,3^ 

C'tess of, 241 


SCOTT, 14, 25, 36, 

• SEBJAUNT,17,169 


' SEPPEIm^3,23 




akV;LGE,47 , 50,134 

SSLLSP., 51, 282, 283 





S^y-eiKs- (contd.) 
SEFTON, 217,218 

















SE3> SH3s> (contd. ) 


SKIie02H, 86, 261 
SKSLTOK, 122,332 










DTthMJUlS FS3 30Wi>E,'7olvm^ I. Inde x of ^Persons. 

- i nr piiii «■■■ H I - ' ' r " i n' i H ii m i i n i f l -■ - - 



















Somarset ,Duk0 and 
Duchess of ,325 

SLOUGH, 338, 339 

SOUTH, 37, 37a, 92, 



sou->-sm:i2- (conta> ) 




STONE, 19,45, 






STILL, 124 































D H4Iiy^.TIS , PHBSOFJJDtYol'ume I, I M^^ of Persona. 



Sxissex,Sarl of, 





!aY10H,9, 13,52,44, 






O^SiFBST, 111, 165-6 

UOmSLL, 131 









TE0I.i;i3, 11,91,^523 


. 2}|0H?SOK,13,24, 






87a, 193 





TITO, 105 



TH-TIs- (oontd. ) 
iSSHHY, 151,183 











Ta^a^SKID, 11,333 
TODD, 22, 61b, 249 



TOOT, 291 
TO^KSOK, 331-2 


X)Mi'»U.TI3 PKiiSOlUiS,Val3;an0.I. af Persons 


EIPP, 21,268 





OU-TY ;- 





lIfc.~U% ;- 

VIGi^, 7,302 


VY TTSH, 17 









Vi.U>:, 241, 243-44 

WALLA.CE,.14 ,104, 

WADS, 23 , 252 

(contd> ) 
V/AIiffiH, 15 , 17 , 21 , 55a , 

60, 79a, 111, 234, 238, 







WAK), 9, 77, 126, 208 


^vilATTS, 23 ,31,99 





' \7AT'?LS,84 


^ WATi:ilTS,107,326 

\l'arwick,Earl of, 325 





W3SC0 1^,111 







1#H6.HT0xI, 11,39a 


WHIS^TL2Y,68 , 242 

WizIHK, 133 

(contd. ) 











miI1E,3, 52,62, 75, 

\iIGKIi;3 ,37 





. whii^d;gxn,168, 









WILLS, 44, 301-2 
W ILKIN30N , 55a , 90 , 90a , 



WILLIS, 61a 




WHS, 132 




WILLIS, 215 









II I I I m iMi n iiii M - m ,m ■ *-i -■ II I ■! i n I n^T i II innii- tfHB »iii <ir iii i m iiiiii h i < n n i» f 


W0M-y/02s- (contd.) 

X.Y.2. {oontd. ) 




wish;, 55, 126 

















SOUGH, ;^3 








WINS -^Oirj. 150 
















m)M>W02:> 175,184,223,238, 
W00Il^ikHD,7,189,312 258,259,260 
TO0D,9,29,79a,85, ;7I^TT,64,177 
128 , 134 , 176 , 184 , ViTOai , 75 , 256 

219,^9,242,307 TOLFikH.,137